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  1. I think the way Herdman is working in Theo is great. He is giving him a taste as a sub, and letting him prove himself/gain experience. This is a different time for us. We can recruit young talent, but we do not have to pander to them. The best way to recruit is to win. When new players come in they need to earn their way over the 2-3 guys in front of them, not have it handed to them. Gutierrez and Paton (in Paton's case probably due to COVID) haven't played yet and that is totally fine. If they do not want to come back after, so be it, but being in the environment and seeing the success, will hopefully make them more hungry to up their game and get a shot in WCQ.
  2. It was definitely an interesting time in the bubble. Lots to be happy/positive about. Points wise it is a good start to the year. A few players, like Heard and Bassett have been better than I anticipated. I think it is also important to point out that Blasco should be back at some point. Baldisimo, Aparicio, and TMG all missed most of the games with injuries (all are regular starters). So, there is still a whole next level if everyone can stay healthy. Lots of squad competition. My main concern, as is always noted in relation to Pacific, is the soft goals, poor game management, and just wild inconsistency in form. Similarly, I used to blame it on inexperience, but kind of hard to do that now. I also think that we need more from Diaz and Campbell consistently. Hat-trick aside, Diaz does not really seem like a threat to score. Campbell has been so snake bitten since year one, if he gets his touch back though, watch out.
  3. Now I know how to get some reactions to a post on here! But I do stand by that point. Yes it is a great match-up. One I have also been hoping would happen... But the nature of the "draw" is just so hodgepodge/frustrating. It would be nice to have some semblance of connection between league results and the placement in this. Hopefully, if the BC League 1 gets going soon that will add a dynamics that will help. I will say that it is too bad that this game is on a Thursday night. I would probably be able to swing it under normal circumstances, but my wife is away and it is past my kid's bedtime.
  4. Pacific getting absolutely the worst start. I get doing it regional, but wow.
  5. Buchanan looks great. I know it is 20 minutes, but imagine Davies and Buchanan on the left.
  6. Well this is going well... First goal of the whole Goal Cup kind of sums up CONCACAF
  7. Nothing at all. Hopefully second half is a sharper one.
  8. It is a team's social media account, what do you really expect? That being said, if the score was 1-0 Pacific, 0-0, or what it currently is, I don't think anyone would blink an eye. Really not much happened at all, so that is far from the most bias post I have seen😂 (that account has a few more totally unbias posts this game;)
  9. Not the most exciting half. Kah may have made a few too many changes. Chung on the left is not working so far. Samake is such a noticeable drop from TMG. Would not be surprised to see Haynes in for Dada-Luke and Chung back on the right.
  10. Really nice start to the season. Cannot wait to be able to see a match live in August!
  11. I wonder if One Soccer will give some short of subscription extension. Seeing as my membership expires at the end of April, it is not much but I was hoping to watch teh first few weeks of the season before needing to renew.
  12. Haven't been around in a while, but was happy with the new jerseys. Was also wondering if PFC had announced who is in camp?
  13. I think it is a bit harsh to totally rag on VWC for their development structure, as developing players from their early teens into the pros is incredibly difficult in any sport. They have definitely made the effort and had Whitecaps II for a bit there. I think the issue comes on pulling the trigger on actually entrusting first team minutes. I think that they and TFC both (do not pay any attention to the Impact to be able to comment) have a tendency to discard some of their academy developed or signed talent for fringe MLS talent players from the US or beyond. This is the frustrating part to me. Why did the soon to be released Terrance Boyd get minutes at all when TFC had Hamilton or other young Canadian attacking options? Why did VWC sign a mediocre over 30's defender from Switzerland (Scott Sutter) when I am sure their was a young Canadian who could play the role (Kadin Chung)? The argument is probably that they are proven players, but proven mediocre or worse does not justify not giving them minutes. This is the development gap and the CPL will hopefully close it, as many Canadians will now have proven pro minutes and game tape. The other aspect of the problem, which is general to all sports, are the clear issues in development and bias/socioeconomic factors. I am more familiar with hockey, as a player, coach, and scout, but certain points should apply to both. Hockey in Canada is incredibly inefficient at developing players. Firstly, early streaming leads young kids who have developed physically quicker (size bias) to get greater attention. The early streaming can also just leave kids, who have more talent behind, and they never catch up. The best player I grew up playing with/against, NHL star Jamie Benn, would never have been considered a top 10 player in his age bracket on the island until he was 17-18. This is primarily because he was small. Secondly, wealth is also a factor. The kids who can afford the fancy camps and academies are more likely. The kid who needs a high school job, not so much. Not easy issue to fix, but hopefully having the CPL and a league 1 BC will at least give more chances to be seen.
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