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  1. I wonder if One Soccer will give some short of subscription extension. Seeing as my membership expires at the end of April, it is not much but I was hoping to watch teh first few weeks of the season before needing to renew.
  2. Haven't been around in a while, but was happy with the new jerseys. Was also wondering if PFC had announced who is in camp?
  3. I think it is a bit harsh to totally rag on VWC for their development structure, as developing players from their early teens into the pros is incredibly difficult in any sport. They have definitely made the effort and had Whitecaps II for a bit there. I think the issue comes on pulling the trigger on actually entrusting first team minutes. I think that they and TFC both (do not pay any attention to the Impact to be able to comment) have a tendency to discard some of their academy developed or signed talent for fringe MLS talent players from the US or beyond. This is the frustrating part to me. Why did the soon to be released Terrance Boyd get minutes at all when TFC had Hamilton or other young Canadian attacking options? Why did VWC sign a mediocre over 30's defender from Switzerland (Scott Sutter) when I am sure their was a young Canadian who could play the role (Kadin Chung)? The argument is probably that they are proven players, but proven mediocre or worse does not justify not giving them minutes. This is the development gap and the CPL will hopefully close it, as many Canadians will now have proven pro minutes and game tape. The other aspect of the problem, which is general to all sports, are the clear issues in development and bias/socioeconomic factors. I am more familiar with hockey, as a player, coach, and scout, but certain points should apply to both. Hockey in Canada is incredibly inefficient at developing players. Firstly, early streaming leads young kids who have developed physically quicker (size bias) to get greater attention. The early streaming can also just leave kids, who have more talent behind, and they never catch up. The best player I grew up playing with/against, NHL star Jamie Benn, would never have been considered a top 10 player in his age bracket on the island until he was 17-18. This is primarily because he was small. Secondly, wealth is also a factor. The kids who can afford the fancy camps and academies are more likely. The kid who needs a high school job, not so much. Not easy issue to fix, but hopefully having the CPL and a league 1 BC will at least give more chances to be seen.
  4. I didn't say they would go😂😂. I feel they could use a few of those guys right now!
  5. I think it will be interesting to see how it all plays out. Looking at the young core, Chung, Legault, Baldisimo, Al-Ghamdi, N. Verhoeven, Z. Verhoven, Hojabrpour, Hernandez, and Campbell, I think there are, at this point, clearly a few guys who may want to jump up and have mutual interest from higher level teams. Right now: Campbell and N. Verhoeven seem the most likely to want to move up/be coveted by teams like VWC. Based on how their season is going, both these guys could be useful depth addition. I could see Baldisimo and Chung wanting to move up, but hopefully only in the right situation. However, for the rest, I think they will all be back if they are wanted. They have all shown flashes and played here and there, but next year (especially if the ones mentioned leave) their roles could increase. Z. Verhoven, for example, has shown real flashes lately, it would be better for him to move up to a full-time starter for his development.
  6. Good win today. The defensive resolve was better today, and well hopefully the injuries were more precautionary then long term. Blasco said as much.
  7. Definitely good points, and why I think we won't see a manager gone, pending a surprise/surprising reason before mid-season two. I think all the managers come with experience and/or backgrounds that show they are capable of self-reflection and improvement.
  8. I do think this is a bit early, and I do not expect any manager, pending a promotion or some non-performance related issue, to be out before the middle of next season. These guys are either doing pretty good jobs, have ties to the team/ownership/community, or have enough pedigree to be given another year. I voted for Gale, as I think, performance wise, he is the obvious candidate. Wheeldon is clearly at the top, and Smyrniotis is clearly second. After that, I think it gets really hazy before you get to Gale at 7. Hart, Paulus, and Silberbauer have shown lots of promise generally, but also areas to improve on. Gale has just not maximized the use of the players available and has not necessarily deployed the players in a useful way. I think he also can take some criticism for his roster design. I think the three losses in a row are probably why Silberbauer has taken so many votes, but he has actually done quite a good job keeping this team patched together. I have watch week in week out a team look pretty organized and tactically solid, despite having so many young players and players out of position. The real test for him will be when everyone (if ever) gets healthy, and especially after an off-season where they should be able to fix the depth issues and perhaps jettison some of the dead weight. Hart has the community connection and pedigree, but I think his performance, given a roster that has been mostly healthy and was picked by him, should be judged more critically. After all, a win by PFC tomorrow, and their cumulative records are identical. He shows many of the faults that he showed with the CMNT. He seems to have curious line-ups at times, and certain guys who look like they should play more do not, at the expense of veteran guys. For example, JM Williams has certainly looked second rate, and I think Oxner has probably earned more games now.
  9. Quite a frustrating half from a PFC fan perspective. Firstly, because aside from one moment of brilliance it was pretty even, and probably the most stable defensively they have been, but still losing. Secondly, because the set pieces continue to be pathetic, and not at all threatening. Thirdly, because of some terrible (lack of) movement and decisions with the ball. Blasco has been awful.
  10. It was nice to see Staro back. I felt his first few touches showed the rust, but with him and Gonzalez back in the line-up, I expect them to be much more composed. If nothing else they are very entertaining to watch. Since I have returned to Canada and have finally used my season tickets personally, there has been 18 goals in 4 games. Not that goals are what makes it entertaining, but the chances have come quite fast and furious.
  11. PFC's stadium is basically new, but not downtown by a long shot.
  12. I think it will be interesting to see if MacNaughton and Staro are ready for the start of the Fall season, I think Staro was held back once the spring season was lost. Well now that the mid-season break has come, it is definitely a good time to do some, meaningless, but interesting, roster grades! Keepers- C-: I will elaborate on this more below, but generally, I would say we received at best the 5th best goalkeeping in the spring season (With HFX and Valour being the two teams we could maybe debate about it) Village- D+: has mostly been solid, and has not made any glaring errors, but has also not really made a single save that you could really say went beyond something he probably should have had. I also find he is slow off his line, and this has led to a couple of plays where he was caught a bit in no mans land. Wirth- C After watching today I think it might be worth considering giving him more time. He did make a few strong plays today, and seemed more willing to bust off his line. But more time would tell. Either way, I am not strongly confident in the keepers. I think our D gets a C-. I may be generous here, but I think our lack of depth has crippled us. I think finally moving away from McCurdy and trying out Baldismo helped greatly. McCurdy- F: Tries hard and has size, but is useful only in a deep bench role. Smith- B: He has been solid both ways, but not spectacular. Staro- A: Too bad it was only one game. MacNaughton- C I think he will look better with Staro to command him, when anchored to McCurdy, it was definitely not easy. Chung- B: Similar to Smith, he has seemed solid both ways, as the problems on defense have been primarily in the middle. Legault- C+: Useful and it surprised me that it took so long for him to replace McCurdy, but loses a bit in the air. Baldisimo- A: He was solid as a d-mid, and honestly has looked passable in the middle of the back, I cannot imagine where we would have been without him. Mids- C+: They show a lot of promise and can dominate possession, but still have a tendency to be cheap in possession, which has cost us many times. Fisk- B: He has been pretty good and has a great work rate. I do not think he lost his starting job the last few weeks, but was rather being used as a bit of a second half ringer, while also saving his legs for the Fall Season. Issey- D-: His goal today was great, but he has been the most disappointing to me this year, He looks slow and kind of just floats around. It doesn't help that he is surrounded by a bunch of speedy youngsters. N. Verhoeven- A: Similar to Baldisimo, he has held the team together. We could have hoped he'd be useful, but not like this. He has areas to improve, but he is our engine. Z. Verhoven- C+; Has been very useful in spot appearances, and was surprising solid at the back today. Definitely a nice depth addition to havem who can possibly grow into a starting role next year. Hojabrpour- C-: Honesty I almost never notice him, which is I guess not good or bad, but you would expect him to have more of the ball. Blasco- B: Am I being harsh? Goals aside, he often creates chances only to get tunnel vision. I think he started quite poorly, but is hot now, and could be a one to watch going forward. Gonzalez- B+: I like his commanding presence. Watching his mannerisms, he seems to be a bit like the Papa in the mid-field since he arrived. He also helps improve the toughness of our mid-field. I know that is not a big thing, but he clearly doesn't take ****. He is one of the guys that gives me confidence in the Fall season. Forwards: C-: Great moments, but not enough sustained success. Campbell- C+: Great in flashes, invisible for long stretches, pretty much sums it up to me. Haber- D+: Really just needs people to bounce the ball in off his head. Hernandez- C+: Needs to stay healthy and try and have a consistent impact, even if it is just holding up the ball or moving off it. Manager- B: I think he did a great job of keeping this team together considering the injuries. He has also trusted the youth and, albeit slowly with McCurdy, made changes that seem to be needed. As a final note, many of these rankings were made vs. expectations. i also think, if Staro and MacNaughton get healthy, we have a great chance in the second half. Some key questions going forward: How will some veterans react if they truly do lose their starting spots? What is the best line-up if everyone is healthy?
  13. I also meant to ask Cavalry fans who their assistants are? The one assistant seemed to be up and down and running his mouth.
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