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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if the facility is initially more profitable than the team! It is a great move. Good advertising and a way to further connect with the community. I imagine it will be heavily booked, as not just football, but baseball, rugby, American football will all be interested. Even hockey teams in the winter could consider it as an off-ice training facility if it is in their price range.
  2. Finally, back in Canada and saw the game yesterday. Loved the environment and the set-up. Just minor things to tinker with to further improve the fan experience. I think the biggest issue was the fact that there was no way anyone could reasonably expect to leave at the half-time whistle, go to the washroom, grab a drink/food, and be back on time. But that of course is an issue at many sports stadiums. As for the best player, that is a tough one. There are a few guys that you can make cases for, but I'll stick with Verhoeven. I think once the spring season ends we should all go into more detailed thoughts and rankings.
  3. If PFC was being more physical that is a great sign. I think one of the big issues this year, especially for the younger guys, is they tend to too cheaply lose possession in any physical battle. So nice to see some push back (not debating fouls here)
  4. Good game and nice to get a win again! With those couple of goals called off for offside, I was thinking here we go again, we will find a way to lose this, despite deserving a little more, but great goal by Campbell. Couple thoughts... -Nice to see McCurdy banished. He works hard, but just does not seem to offer enough, and the more telling thing is that he has seemed to get worse. His first game or two, I did not find him too bad, but I think other teams realize they can pick on him. Unfortunately, MacNaughton is hurt now, so he may be back Sunday, unless Staro returns. -I am curious as to what exactly is wrong with Issey. He has played spot minutes here and there, and they say he is hurt, but no comments on it. I think with the Spring season lost, they may just be holding Issey and Staro back until the Fall season. However, if the young players continue to improve there may be no spot for Issey. -Good to see Hernandez return -I will finally get to use my season tickets on Sunday, as I am back in Canada. Please let it not be another 0-0 snooze fest with Edmonton.
  5. Thank you for pointing that out. I do not doubt the injury issues and reliance on some youth for Valour, but no one can complain more on either front than PFC. De Jong before the season, Staro after one game, Issey can barely stay on the field, Haber injured here and there a bit as well, and consistently rolling out a line-up that is u-21 heavy. As for the game, it was definitely deserved, and they probably deserved one more. That one play with MacNaughton, at least based on the camera angle, did not look offside.
  6. That defending was ugly, but also helps with being optimistic. The comedy of errors uhh. I did not like the rotation. We have to go for it. I also agree with the obvious, as many have said, the backline needs work and we should use more actual defenders there. I know Herdman is qualified, and is trying to field the most talented guys, as he sees it, but you can't fit a square peg in a round hole, you just have to take the best of shabby round pegs you have. Johnson, who, at one point, was a guy I saw as top 3 on the line-up card for Canada, seems to be now close to being sent to the pastures.
  7. Coming off serious injury and needing playing time, wonder if he would consider CPL? I know he will want to stay in the UK, but probably worth a shot for him.
  8. I think squad rotation is important, but I do not think any line-up decision for this game should be based on "resting" players for Cuba. You have to go for every game. I do hope Henry is ready, as I think we will need him.
  9. It is definitely a different era for this team in terms of caliber and depth. I know we need to raise expectations as we get better, but we still went through two Gold Cups with 0 goals, including a loss to Martinique, so I will take it! I do wish we had James or Straith here. I know those two aren't world beaters, but Straith is in good form and played significant minutes in 3.Bundesliga. James also had a decent amount of playing time, and has looked solid with the MNT before.
  10. One thing I will say about the Summer/Fall season, is that all the other teams will have reasons for optimism. Clearly Cavalry and Forge are a cut above the rest, but the gap is still not awful. The goal differential really shows that it has been tight. I think every team has a lot of what ifs so far, which could change the total view of their season. Thinking for PFC (I am sure fans of other teams can do the same), they really only lost won game handily, vs. Forge. Otherwise, a few more inches here and there, a made play or two, etc. this team could have 3-4 wins instead of one. Just to preemptively respond to the "this is how all sports are," I have played and coached many sports at pretty high levels, and I know that the team that deserves something, doesn't always get it, and everyone can look at missed opportunities. However, if I am a PFC player, coach, or fan (YA!) it is easy to see A LOT of missed opportunity this year. 2-1 loss vs Valour, Haber's double post, and a deflected late winner 0-0 FC Edmonton- Extended time up a man. 2-2 York- own goal and dicey penalty 2-1 HFX- Up early, few missed chances 1-0 York- Missed penalty, own goal, and great goal-tending by Ingham. These five games they earned 2 points, when it could easily be 8-9 and it would not have taken much change in tactics or game play. All the other teams can probably say similar things because of how close it is. Even Cavalry needed a FK that should have been stopped, and a 95 minute winner in games 2 and 3 to win.
  11. I love how the coaches heights are coordinated into a perfect smile. Did they plan that when hiring?😂
  12. Any word on whether or not Staro traveled for this game? Would make a huge difference for this team to have him back.
  13. I was just going to say you jinxed it! If they just play and Garcia stays up, they are in full control.
  14. The last 25 or so minutes is going to be painful, as the Halifax dive and act hurt parade is beginning. They are the only team in the CPL that have shown this tendency, much to my disgust. I wish they crack down on it.
  15. I definitely assumed it was the fall and spring season combined. I think putting that pressure on for a ten game spring season would be unfair as the league starts. However, there is no official clarity on the point @Ozzie_the_parrot raised about the CC and these minutes. I would hope that it doesn't count, as some teams play more, which would actually allow them to play less u-21 players/game.
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