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  1. I wonder if One Soccer will give some short of subscription extension. Seeing as my membership expires at the end of April, it is not much but I was hoping to watch teh first few weeks of the season before needing to renew.
  2. Haven't been around in a while, but was happy with the new jerseys. Was also wondering if PFC had announced who is in camp?
  3. I think it is a bit harsh to totally rag on VWC for their development structure, as developing players from their early teens into the pros is incredibly difficult in any sport. They have definitely made the effort and had Whitecaps II for a bit there. I think the issue comes on pulling the trigger on actually entrusting first team minutes. I think that they and TFC both (do not pay any attention to the Impact to be able to comment) have a tendency to discard some of their academy developed or signed talent for fringe MLS talent players from the US or beyond. This is the frustrating part
  4. I didn't say they would go😂😂. I feel they could use a few of those guys right now!
  5. I think it will be interesting to see how it all plays out. Looking at the young core, Chung, Legault, Baldisimo, Al-Ghamdi, N. Verhoeven, Z. Verhoven, Hojabrpour, Hernandez, and Campbell, I think there are, at this point, clearly a few guys who may want to jump up and have mutual interest from higher level teams. Right now: Campbell and N. Verhoeven seem the most likely to want to move up/be coveted by teams like VWC. Based on how their season is going, both these guys could be useful depth addition. I could see Baldisimo and Chung wanting to move up, but hopefully only in the right sit
  6. Good win today. The defensive resolve was better today, and well hopefully the injuries were more precautionary then long term. Blasco said as much.
  7. Definitely good points, and why I think we won't see a manager gone, pending a surprise/surprising reason before mid-season two. I think all the managers come with experience and/or backgrounds that show they are capable of self-reflection and improvement.
  8. I do think this is a bit early, and I do not expect any manager, pending a promotion or some non-performance related issue, to be out before the middle of next season. These guys are either doing pretty good jobs, have ties to the team/ownership/community, or have enough pedigree to be given another year. I voted for Gale, as I think, performance wise, he is the obvious candidate. Wheeldon is clearly at the top, and Smyrniotis is clearly second. After that, I think it gets really hazy before you get to Gale at 7. Hart, Paulus, and Silberbauer have shown lots of promise generally, but als
  9. Quite a frustrating half from a PFC fan perspective. Firstly, because aside from one moment of brilliance it was pretty even, and probably the most stable defensively they have been, but still losing. Secondly, because the set pieces continue to be pathetic, and not at all threatening. Thirdly, because of some terrible (lack of) movement and decisions with the ball. Blasco has been awful.
  10. It was nice to see Staro back. I felt his first few touches showed the rust, but with him and Gonzalez back in the line-up, I expect them to be much more composed. If nothing else they are very entertaining to watch. Since I have returned to Canada and have finally used my season tickets personally, there has been 18 goals in 4 games. Not that goals are what makes it entertaining, but the chances have come quite fast and furious.
  11. PFC's stadium is basically new, but not downtown by a long shot.
  12. I think it will be interesting to see if MacNaughton and Staro are ready for the start of the Fall season, I think Staro was held back once the spring season was lost. Well now that the mid-season break has come, it is definitely a good time to do some, meaningless, but interesting, roster grades! Keepers- C-: I will elaborate on this more below, but generally, I would say we received at best the 5th best goalkeeping in the spring season (With HFX and Valour being the two teams we could maybe debate about it) Village- D+: has mostly been solid, and has not made any glaring erro
  13. I also meant to ask Cavalry fans who their assistants are? The one assistant seemed to be up and down and running his mouth.
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