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  1. Indeed. Next level stuff - Herdman is so illuminating you don’t even need to understand what he says - you just look at the fire in his eyes and know what to do!
  2. Theoretically. Except North Surrey is pretty much crap, unless you want your car broken into. Way more $$$ and families in South Surrey, Cloverdale and Langley.
  3. Sorry, I read your comment to mean that you believed Rose had to get his minutes. So, we are in agreement! Except with the bit about MDS being in the hot seat. As much as he should be, I don’t think he is. I think the Caps have an honest (if not naive) belief that the new technical director and some scouts will be enough to turn things around. Anyway, best to David Norman at PFC and Miami, I was looking forward to seeing him play for the Caps.
  4. No one worth noting has been calling for his head. Why did Rose have to get his minutes?
  5. I think the 2011 Vagenas, Thorrington, Khalfan, Salinas, etc + Chiumiento midfield was worse, just. The fact that Vagenas ever played for the Caps was an abomination.
  6. My understanding is that Verhoeven bailed on them.
  7. Sadly not. I know he was injured for most of the season, but surely could have topped Andy Rose’s mediocre performances of recent weeks. Especially with the fixture congestion. The lack of opportunity for youngsters at this club drives me crazy. It is no wonder an ever growing list appear to be choosing to leave rather than stick around. It will be interesting to see if a kid like Khabibullah walks rather than sign an MLS deal. I expect he’ll follow the path of Froese, Adekugbe, Chung, Campbell and Verhoeven and get out of town.
  8. I believe he was just coming off an injury that kept him out for a few months.
  9. He was on as a winger on the right.
  10. Aramis Kouzine did not make the 18 as SC Dnipro made a victorious Ukrainian Premier League debut in a 2-0 victory over Olimpik Donetsk. Highly-touted Buletsa and Supriaha, fresh off Urkraine's FIFA U20 WC victory, scored for SC Dnipro.
  11. For all their efforts, those extra friendlies don’t appear to have benefited Panama much from a points perspective. I see a whole bunch of losses and two draws.
  12. I have just been in Ireland for two weeks and it is amazing how little people care about their football league. It is wall-to-wall GAA football and hurling coverage, some EPL, some golf, horseracing, greyhound racing and then maybe some local football if there is enough time.
  13. I used to follow quite closely, but not lately. The war in the east has thrown the whole league off kilter. At least three teams don’t play at home and are based elsewhere. Traditionally strong teams like Dnipro (relegated due to financial fair play penalties and now in the amateur leagues) and Metalist Kharkiv are in turmoil. For some reason teams that should be strong like Chornomorers Odessa and Karpaty Lviv can never get their act together. Karpaty is a real mystery - they have a great stadium and great fans, but are always garbage. The league has contracted down to 12 teams (I think they used to have 16) to create more parity. There is at least one club folding or merging every year it seems. From a quality perspective, Dynamo and Shakhtar buy up pretty much every quality young player in the country and then loan them out. They dominate the league in a way the Celtic and Rangers do, so the comparison is apt. On a whole, I would rate the Ukrainian league above Scotland and Shakhtar and Dynamo are certainly better than Celtic and Rangers have been lately. Ukraine also continues to have excellent youth teams and Shakhtar and Dynamo (in particular) are starting to play more young Ukrainians and less Brazilian imports. At the recent U20 world cup, Konoplia and Buletsa were outstanding and are ones to watch. Sorry for the Ukrainian soccer blather.
  14. The Friends opened a smaller version of this in North Van. They wanted to do something bigger, but had trouble finding a warehouse with the right zoning at the right price (land is a bit scarce on the North Shore). When I last chatted with them, the North Van place was pretty much fully booked by academy teams and gold level teams from the local clubs. I suspect this facility will be a scaled up version of the North Van one, will get excellent community use and probably has a solid stand-alone business case supporting it.
  15. That game looked like a lot of fun and was basically a home game for Haiti. Played at 2 pm in an empty stadium in Texas and I bet Haiti doesn't win.
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