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  1. Re Cavallini. I don't think Cavallini has shown any form at all since he arrived. I struggle to recall a stretch of play where he has shown the potential to be worth even half the money they spent on him. There just hasn't been much good play at all. I think what we have seen with him is what we are going to get. As you state, not good enough.
  2. I don't think there is an appetite in Vancouver for another new 'nobody'. With the exception of Teitur, the Caps have hired exclusively from the former assistant / lower level ranks (Rennie, Robbo, Dos Santos). They might be able to sell Kah here based on his recent role with the club, anyone else similar, will be treated with skepticism.
  3. BC Derby is a horse race. With the odd exception (like last year), it has been run every year since the 1940s. To capture the west coast feel, go with the Weed / Granola / Dirty Hippies Derby?
  4. Website says they do - not sure who they are playing these days. Ray Ferraro's kid plays U15s and one of the Sedin twins' kid (Valter Sedin) plays for the U13s. The Caps also posted a story this month about some of their Academy kids getting attacked at a house party, which kind of suggests the academy still exists.
  5. Transdnistria is a fascinating place - a gangster state right on the fringe of Europe. Probably not the most enjoyable road trip for visiting teams. The guys who own Sheriff seem like a real couple of gems. They seem to have some cash, although they probably wouldn't pass a source of funds test. If it doesn't exist already, we need a Jonathan Wilson article about them.
  6. The bigger head-scratcher for me is Andy Rose. I also hope Pedro Vite doesn't become Deybi Flores and block Habibullah. The club has always seemed willing to take a chance on marginal talents developed elsewhere rather than letting their own youth players get a decent run. Maybe it is starting to change (see Baldissimo), but with all things Whitecaps, I am a bit skeptical at this point.
  7. Christian Karembeu. Not sure why I remember that.
  8. Amazingly, the Caps have zero draws this year. Also, when they lose, they lose by a lot. Not really sure what MDS's strategy is. I guess that is what happens when you can't score and can't defend.
  9. Well, with 90% humidity, a non-existent midfield and an rapidly deteriorating 2nd half performance in the first game back after 4 months, I can't come up with any scenario (except I suppose the MDS dreamworld) where you would leave 1 sub on the bench, let alone 2.
  10. Cornelius was the best option. Head scratching that he was left off, especially with all of the corners being conceded. He might have made a tackle or two as well, unlike In-Beom who was atrocious.
  11. 2. Both are pretty peripheral and are certainly not key pieces. David's Gent teammate Yaremchuk is the first choice striker now. Ukraine is on a bit of a run and are sneaky good - they haven't lost in a year.
  12. Winning goal by Angola was also from a dumb foul.
  13. Indeed. Next level stuff - Herdman is so illuminating you don’t even need to understand what he says - you just look at the fire in his eyes and know what to do!
  14. Theoretically. Except North Surrey is pretty much crap, unless you want your car broken into. Way more $$$ and families in South Surrey, Cloverdale and Langley.
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