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  1. The Friends opened a smaller version of this in North Van. They wanted to do something bigger, but had trouble finding a warehouse with the right zoning at the right price (land is a bit scarce on the North Shore). When I last chatted with them, the North Van place was pretty much fully booked by academy teams and gold level teams from the local clubs. I suspect this facility will be a scaled up version of the North Van one, will get excellent community use and probably has a solid stand-alone business case supporting it.
  2. That game looked like a lot of fun and was basically a home game for Haiti. Played at 2 pm in an empty stadium in Texas and I bet Haiti doesn't win.
  3. Labbe should just try a Quillan Roberts. Christ this is awful.
  4. Your point is bang on. Unfortunately for Canada that first injury was key to them winning the game. Guardado came on, was fantastic (as usual) and was in the middle of everything dangerous they did. Gutierrez isn’t a special player like Guardado is and he was not missed.
  5. Were we still down a man with cornelius injured when they scored? Mexico seemed to put the pedal down as soon as they realized we were short a centre back.
  6. Agreed. Not missing Noel Butler sounding like he has a bag of marbles in his mouth while muttering banalities through his snaggle teeth Just rewatched the highlights of Norway 12 - Honduras 0 from the U20 world cup and can confirm it is possible to run up the score for goal difference purposes without over-the-top celebrations.
  7. Honduras down 9 - buzz. Aland with 7 for Norway! Fantastic!
  8. Not looking good for Concacaf at the U20 world cup. The US lost to Ukraine (slava ukraina!), Mexico has lost its first two matches and Honduras lost 5-0 to New Zealand! Panama did manage a draw...
  9. Pretty simple I think. It is a business and there is no team in Quebec, or anywhere with a meaningful Francophone population (with apologies to the 50,000 Franco-Manitobans and the good people of St. Albert). Once there is a team in those markets, things will change. This isn’t a government subsidized entity with cash to burn.
  10. All of Haiti’s players are from the same team! I have no idea what that means, but they seem to be doing well in this tourney.
  11. This seems to be a case of resting players for the must-win games.
  12. I wonder if we will be able to stream via the City of Langford webcam.
  13. I'm not sure if this was posted on here (I think it was), but the stadium had a mysterious weeks long delay while being shipped from Italy. It left Italy on time, but apparently there was a backlog at the Panama Canal or something like that. These are events outside of PFC's control. I suppose there are those here among us that expect an hour-by-hour status update on these type of things, but I think things are moving along remarkably quickly in the circumstances.
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