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    The Red and Green Show

    The Red and Green Show is the unofficial official fan podcast which encompasses all things Cavalry FC. The podcast features guests who are connected with the CPL, upcoming opponents, as well as current Cavalry players.

    It is hosted by Joey Cavilla of Lethbridge, Alberta. Joey is a huge Juventus & Italian national-team supporter with a degree in political science from the Univeristy of Lethbridge. A current high school football coach, future teacher, and recreational soccer player, Joey is conversationally fluent in Spanish and looks to bring a fresh jump to Cavalry's course.

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    • Today is (In my opinion) 1 - Liga MX 2 - MLS 3 - FPD - Primera División de Costa Rica 4 - Liga Nacional de Honduras 5 - CPL 6 - Liga Nacional de Guatemala 7 - Liga Panameña de Fútbol 8 - Primera División de El Salvador 9 - LDF  - Liga Dominicana 10 - National Premier League (Jamaica)
    • Watching highlights of Saturday's game ..... it did not seem good. Marking grass  on one goal. Missing the header clearance on a second, IIRC.
    • I'm not sure I follow this...did Tabla have a post sub incident with Henry??  A Murell style table kicking freak out??  If he got pulled because he wasnt doing what Henry wanted...embarassing sure, but that doesnt seem like something you get shipped out for,  Especially when as others have mentioned, the coach is probably on his way out ASAP.  Maybe Henry is trying to shock the team, but that would be a dick move to make an example out of a bench player like Tabla.  
    • HEHE, so did I....but usually I get jumped on when I do.  If he is nursing an injury then Vanney should let him heal up 100%....trust in the kids, 90 min of Fraser or even Okello wouldnt have been much worse than bradley played.  
    • The Whitecaps have been very bad in all but 4-5 matches, regardless of wins or losses. They have played 21 times, winning 8, losing 12, and drawing 1 (which they subsequently lost on penalties). They have lost games in comical fashion (blowing a 2-goal lead twice before conceding a 98th-minute winner) and embarrassing fashion (6-nil, 3-nil while barely getting a touch in the opposition half). None of the losses, bar the aforementioned SJE collapse, have required the opposition to work very hard to walk away with 3 points. The wins have come against very bad teams, for the most part (6 of 8 against teams that are out of contention or on the playoff bubble). Even still, they have had to rely on good fortune for those wins (3 wins against teams who had a player sent off, getting a win against LAFC's youth team). Even their one draw relied on a 20-year old 'keeper in his 2nd ever pro start making a hundred amazing saves to keep it scoreless. The only impressive win against a good team was against TFC at BC Place. I don't say these things because I'm a rival supporter looking to score cheap points at the 'Caps expense. I'm a lifelong Whitecaps' supporter. I watched games at Empire in the NASL days. I used to sit on the grass at Swangard most matches in the CSL days. I've been with the team through every stage of its evolution. I'm not one of the pathologically anti-Bobby/anti-Kerfoot losers in the Southsiders. I have advocated for a balanced and reasonable stance when it comes to the front office, managers, and players over the years. It gives me no pleasure to point out the stark reality of this team and manager. At this point, qualifying for the playoffs can only have a negative effect. It can be used as a shield against the massive flaws that need correcting before next season. It's not even going to generate much-needed revenue for the club to reinvest. Getting embarrassed in a one-off elimination game against Seattle or Portland isn't helping anybody. It will only potentially delay the inevitable. If you want to argue against the facts above and try to make the case for the 'Caps not being an atrocious team, feel free.
    • Matt Doyle is effectively calling for the benching of Bradley in his latest column: https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2020/10/25/armchair-analyst-philadelphia-union-seize-supporters-shield-lead-more-week-20
    • Henry is in way over his head, it is plainly obvious and has been for a while. The reason he isn't getting wrecked by the media is because he is a living legend and likeable. But ever since he took over Monaco, it is clear he has no idea how to manage a side. Still, that does not absolve Tabla. I didn't watch the match so can't comment, but just because Henry is a bad manager doesn't mean Tabla gets off scot-free.
    • In this league, for the lower echelon of teams, you're sometimes never as bad as many of your losses but also never as good as some of your wins (depending on your opponents and context).   I'm looking foward to some good performances vs Seattle and Portland, regardless of the outcomes, before the final match vs a visiting Galaxy, who they should beat, based on what I saw from both teams in the previous game.  Winning % might be the playoff determinant, considering Colorado has bunch of games to make up, so making the playoffs isn't my metric for this season.  
    • I appreciate anyone who covers Canadian soccer. There’s no need to downplay anyone’s good will work. Preference is preference. However I do wish there was a lot less, and more collaboration for quality content.  I’m still trying to understand how this website is named Canadiansoccernews.com but the last news article was posted February 7th. This is specifically a Canadian soccer forum - can’t even call it the Voyageurs anymore as there’s no connection that states so.  But back to Choinere, I hope he continues his form in the next game. He’s staking his claim for a U23 spot - maybe his brothers ha
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