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  • The Red and Green Show is the unofficial official fan podcast which encompasses all things Cavalry FC. The podcast features guests who are connected with the CPL, upcoming opponents, as well as current Cavalry players.

    It is hosted by Joey Cavilla of Lethbridge, Alberta. Joey is a huge Juventus & Italian national-team supporter with a degree in political science from the Univeristy of Lethbridge. A current high school football coach, future teacher, and recreational soccer player, Joey is conversationally fluent in Spanish and looks to bring a fresh jump to Cavalry's course.


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    • I wonder where Lilles debt is at and how much that will help a David sale? Most recent reports are from 2021 and had the debt at around 130 million. However, they have been killing it the last couple years on the transfer market. So far this year they have made 81 million, nearly 50 million the year before that,  60 million in 2020, and 50 million in 2019, 60 million in 2018. This team knows how to sell snd should have every motivation to do so.
    • Champions League Qualifiers Scott Arfield starts against Union SG
    • Admittedly I probably have a soft spot for MacNaughton after he helped us win our championship in Victoria, but that seems like an extremely harsh assessment of one player, and an extremely lenient assessment of others involved. I think it was Akinola that was marking the space on Zimmerman goal, and completely missed the header
    • Oh yeah, for sure, there are few teams harder to break into than England's, so he'll have to take several steps forward to get on their senior team radar. Just hope he doesn't become a tweener, the type of guy you pencil in as a end of roster type player (their version of like, joel waterman, raheem edwards, etc.), and he prays that he'll get his shot some day. He'll be 22 in 2026, and he'll be 26 for the 2032 WC, so I really hope that he doesn't get called up by Canada in '26 as his career is really taking off in the premier league, and he chooses to wait until '32 so he can play for England or something.   My gut feeling is that he commits to us in the run up to the 2026 World Cup, but if he does go play for Everton, kills it, and in a couple years you have the big teams calling for him... might make canmnt fans sweat a little.
    • In fairness Zimmerman is the best CB in the league.
    • He's got a goal contribution every 100 minutes, which is MLS All-Star level output.
    • Johnston will surely play a position that he's spent far less than half of his recent, and career, appearances for both national and club teams playing?
    • He's still eligible for Canada which is why I included him.  Not that he is anywhere near our National Program.
    • Looks like Caden Tomy, Winnipegger and one-time Valour bit player, has popped up in Spain. https://www.instagram.com/p/Cgw50vlIvGy/
    • I would assume the decision will probably be before the 2026 WC he’ll have to be a top 5/6 striker from England to get a cal when there’s guys like Tammy, Kane, DCL, Toney who will still be around in 2026 but if jebbison can become a average 10-15 goal scorer in the prem, which I believe he can he’ll likely get looked at by England but you never know.
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