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    The Red and Green Show

    The Red and Green Show is the unofficial official fan podcast which encompasses all things Cavalry FC. The podcast features guests who are connected with the CPL, upcoming opponents, as well as current Cavalry players.

    It is hosted by Joey Cavilla of Lethbridge, Alberta. Joey is a huge Juventus & Italian national-team supporter with a degree in political science from the Univeristy of Lethbridge. A current high school football coach, future teacher, and recreational soccer player, Joey is conversationally fluent in Spanish and looks to bring a fresh jump to Cavalry's course.

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    • Ignoring those who are fixated with an MLS vs CanPL rivalry that only really exists inside their own heads at this point, here's how the latest CanPL announcement ended: https://canpl.ca/article/cpl-announcement ...The next step will be to engage with the fans and partners as the Canadian Premier League with its Clubs work collectively to find a solution for a 2020 CPL season Judging from what I see on Reddit and Twitter I was far from the only person that expected the announcement to outline a solution that had already been found collectively. If anything, that snippet of text makes it sound like a 2020 season is still no sure thing. Guess the issues that could still be lumbering over the horizon at this point are to what extent fans get a refund on season tickets and how keen Mediapro are on this island tournament concept. The league would probably also welcome clarity on where exactly they stand on federal government subsidies related to the pandemic through to mid-October. 
    • https://www.lafc.com/post/2020/06/05/message-america-mark-anthony-kaye A message to America. My name is Mark-Anthony Kaye and I am a proud black man. I am deeply angered and saddened by the tragic events of the last few months, events that are infuriatingly all too familiar. My condolences go out to the family and loved ones of the victims who were killed at the hands of murderers who carry a badge as a symbol of protection. I will not stand for injustice. Too many black people are dying by the hands of those who are supposed to serve our society. I want to live in a world where I do not have to fear for my life when I go outside, a world where I don’t have to pray that I can simply return home safe and sound. To live in that world, we first must ask some tough questions, because too many black people are dying by the hands of those who are supposed to serve our society. How are people supposed to feel safe in this country, when the ones who take an oath to protect and serve our community abuse their power and do not face consequences? What kind of message do we send when we allow those in positions of authority to patrol in an indiscriminately racist manner? Why should I feel more scared about my life than my white teammates? I entered the world the same way as they did. Why is this still an ongoing issue in this country and the world? Why can’t we just coexist with each other? This is supposed to be the land of the free and home of the brave. But there are many who are not free, and way too many who are not brave when it comes to taking a stand on social injustice. Too many people don’t care. Too many people simply stand by and watch. Too many act like they want change, but they won’t actually speak up for change. Too many think this all will pass -- but it will not.  It shows the lack of unity and the lack of progress in this country -- and enough is enough. We need real change. We need to accept that the country is not where we believe it is, acknowledge that in this moment some of us are moving backwards and not forwards, and only then will we be able to truly move forward. I am utterly disgusted with the lack of leadership and accountability from these so-called peace officers. There is a target on our backs as black people and although you may not understand it, we feel it every day. A wrong look from a cop, an unlawful arrest, a random stop or seizure. We experience this on a consistent basis. We don’t have that privilege to live our lives in peace. How is this okay? This fundamental issue is NOT just a problem for the black community. This is an “US” problem – a human problem. We are not asking for a lot. We are asking for equality. Equality which serves all. Stand with us, speak up and use your voice. Be part of the change or stay part of the problem. It is that simple.
    • That might be functional in Ontario and bc. Where they have well established standards based leagues with many quality clubs. But it certainly would not in other provinces like Manitoba or Halifax. Even Alberta because you would have a single entity beating everyone handly. I don’t agree with private academies hand picking players from local clubs as some sort of super team. I don’t believe it does anyone any favors. There should be a means to first grow local clubs and local leagues or create regional excell leagues 
    • Obviously they are still deciding on the location, every article about it says so.  This looks like a response to the stories a few days ago from the players saying they hadnt been consulted etc etc.  They put out this release to say they are all on the same page, everyone is being consulted, kumbya sing along, we arent being mean to the players etc etc.  But we get the typical usual BS from certain corners, MLS releases a statement without dates or tournie details etc, just we are doing something in Orlando (which has been rumored for weeks), thats cool but the CPL announcement is dissapointing.
    • Only played 84 minutes today, sad day for Canada and therefore the world. 
    • Serbia Milan Borjan starts against Radnik
    • Hub city, start date and tournament format are the obvious ones. Sounded like it was further along than it turned out to be.
    • Godinho goes 90 in a 5-1 win for Zwickau. Straith the final 13 and IT in a 0-3 win for Hansa Rostock.
    • ^ Curious as to why that has to be said.  What exactly were you expecting?  A full playing schedule?  Hub city? 
    • I like the stripped down Y9 logo, only the cool kids wear that.  
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