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TFC - 2022 Season Thread


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Correct, I think, convoluted rules from the MLS website:

Transfer and Loan Fees

The revenue share from transfers or loans for clubs is as follows:

A club shall receive 95% of the corresponding transfer or loan fee revenue from any transaction involving a player that is NOT a Homegrown Player or a U22 Initiative Slot Player.

If a Designated Player is transferred or loaned, the club will receive all amounts of the transfer or loan fee revenue until it has recouped all out-of-pocket cash payments made by the club in connection to that player prior to any sharing arrangement with the League. After such recoup, the club’s share of the revenue may be used to fund a club’s discretionary spend (e.g. player development costs, TAM Players, Designated Players, U22 Initiative Slot Player) or may be taken as cash and may not be taken as allocation.

A club shall receive 100% of the corresponding transfer or loan fee revenue from any transaction involving a Homegrown Player or a U22 Initiative Slot Player.

Usage of Revenue

The club's share of transfer or loan fee revenue may only be used as follows:

The club may assign up to $1,050,000 of the transfer/loan revenue as General Allocation Money. In the case of Designated Players, transfer/loan revenue may not be assigned as General Allocation Money. In the case of U22 Initiative Slot players, please refer to the section on U22 Initiative Roster Slots.

The remaining balance of the club's share (if any), and which cannot be traded, will be distributed by the League to the Club as cash.

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You can’t read this, and not think Bradley Jr isn’t an assistant player coach. 

I’m interested in seeing his minutes this year too, because his clock is ticking just as fast as some guys whose timed out. this might be a smooth transition to be under his father, and takeover when his time is eventually up.

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38 minutes ago, Big_M said:

Giovinco is listed as invited to train

Preseason Roster

Hmmm, some unfamiliar names there.  Wilson Harris is homegrown from SKC, Viader was USL-1 defender of the year from Omaha along with the usual draft picks and TFC2 guys.   i wonder if a guy like Chung or Petrasso might stick with the team for FB cover?  And TFC suddenly has multiple CDN options for a back up keeper.  Any word on moving one of the established guys?  

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2 hours ago, Ozzie_the_parrot said:

Find it interesting that they don't have him listed as a trialist or an invited player. Could they sign him on a short-term DP contract until Insigne arrives after buying out Altidore? Mista's DP deal with TFC was only for a few months.

No thanks.  He will always have a place in the club's history.  Bringing him back today would just take minutes away from someone who will be around for the future.

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13 hours ago, wallflower said:

TFC is looking shakiest of the Canada teams. Thoughts?

At the moment, yes, but TFC is doing an active rebuild.  So not a "we're focusing on youth and it will pay off in three years" but rather a "we're rebuilding on the fly so we'll be fine by the end of the season but we're going to start soft because not all the pieces will be in place on opening day".

I expect the team will finish mid-table but will have acquired a disproportionate percentage of their points in the second half of the season.  If they make it into the playoffs as a lower seeded team, they will definitely be the "underdog" that no one wants to draw.  They should come together in time to challenge for the Canadian Championship.  And, with half a season to oil the parts, they will be looking good for 2023. 

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