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  1. Certainly a star of 90. Didn't know that he's Roger Miller, I learned something!
  2. There's a lot of talk about rotation and about needing all six points. I think that taking it one match at a time and simply ignoring the Mexico game until we're past Costa Rica is the best approach.
  3. Disagree. The points we need is dependent on what others do. Ideally we put space between us and those behind us, but that can happen based on other results. This window is the best window for taking it match by match. We can't look past Costa Rica and have to play for everything there to put space between us and them.
  4. Honest question, because I don't watch as much club footy as I used to, but how close is he to being called the best player in the world?
  5. The bigger issue at this point is that we need to win at home. The draws away - especially two draws against our toughest opponents - start to look a lot better with wins at home. We have three home games in a row upcoming, and putting some wins on the board in those three will go a really long way in punching a ticket to Qatar 22. I don't like the idea of must win because anything can happen. But I look at our schedule and want to see as many points on the board as possible before our last game. So many people here are calling some games must win, but I don't care as long as that last game away to Panama is not a must win. Because I don't like our chances away to Panama with everything on the line. So, keep it simple and run the table at home. Tough, yes. But as I've said before, if we expect to go to Qatar, and fancy ourselves a top team in CONCACAF, the the expectation should be that we beat Panama at home. They are a top team and we want to displace them - no better way than to beat them.
  6. I think they do a great job. What's the alternative, some English guy getting the job just because of his accent? I like the way they call the game, just like I liked Dobson, and hey, I like Vic Reuter too!!
  7. I don't think attendance really gives much insight given that we remain in a pandemic. I think the goal should be to keep teams operational, and when it hopefully ends then start to judge the attendance numbers. Right now, they don't mean much.
  8. The importance of 3 pts in this match can't be understated. Our next window of matches will be very difficult, and so we have to rack them up!
  9. "But 1957 comes into focus too – the only time the neighbours from the north beat the US in a competitive game on American soil" Wow.
  10. As a show of how difficult we should expect to get points away, consider that since 1980, we've managed 7 wins away to our opponents in the Octo. That includes friendlies. 7 Wins, 23 Draws, and 32 Losses. See the breakdown below, and feel free to correct me - I just counted off the wikipedia page. It's also telling that our last away win at one of these nations was in 1996. This is what makes taking maximum points at home so important. Our record AWAY vs. the other seven teams in the Octo since 1980: Mexico 0 W 1 D 9 L USA 0 W 8 D 7 L Honduras 1 W 3 D 7 L Last win 1985 Costa Rica 2 W 2 D 1 L Last win 1993 (other one in 1985) Jamaica 1 W 4 D 5 L Last win in 1988 Panama 0 W 3 D 1 L El Salvador 3 W 2 D 2 L Last win in 1996 (other two in 1993)
  11. This is the type of match that I feel like Herdman has built himself for. We've been disappointing in the last game, and so now it is on him to prepare the squad and have them come out and perform. I think that a win is unlikely if I'm frank, however a draw would be the type of result that a quality coach can help to earn.
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