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  1. I’m not a fan of not having each team home and away. That gives some clubs different advantages that could be solved by having each team home and away. The Europa League used to do this. But moreover, you can’t call it a Champions League and the then let so many teams in. There’s the risk of having nearly half of Liga MZ, and a third of MLS. This is not a champions league, it’s a continental league. Which is fine, don’t call it champions and then let in a (potentially) sub .500 team. I do like the regions though. It’s a lot of travel saved for some smaller clubs. And sorr
  2. Is soccer called Foot in French?
  3. I love that we do this. I love also that it is transparent. I respect everyone's choice - of course - but it will boggle my mind for many years is Davies doesn't win unanimously. 1. Davies 2. David 3. Arfield
  4. Oh man, I remember that feeling. But seriously, knock it off. My hope died with our 1-0 lead at Honduras. Or was it the capitulation against Haiti? Or was it when the let Herdman call the shots for the CSA? I knew better too than to let any seep in after beating the USA. It’s freeing to let it all go and accept our position at the bottom of the barrel!
  5. My Dad used to tell me that things won’t change in Canada and I used to get super offended. I’ve been through cycles of this and I don’t think things will change at the CSA level. I’ve given up frankly, and just have my fingers crossed every WCQ cycle. We’re a minnow in concacaf, have poor leadership, but hey maybe things will work out one day! But now I’m my Dad and have lost hope. There’s always 2026, the World Cup we bought into with Canadians money. Too bad BC was smart and didn’t sell our soul to FIFA so I’ll have to travel to see Canada play
  6. I think this type of a response is quite dismissive, and not particularly helpful. Perhaps it would be better to explain why using a trans persons previous name is wrong. My original post was speaking more in the present tense, but I do think that @SthMelbRed made brought up some reasonable points relating to the previous name - or dead name. The trans people that I know are not famous, and don't have their previous name on World Cup team sheets, so it's easy to refer to them using their preferred name in stories from when we were a kid. But Quinny is famous - like Caitlin Jenner (OK
  7. This player will continue to be eligible for the CWNT because their sex remains female to my understanding. And so this is a good example perhaps of the difference between gender and sex. I think a big part of this is that they have only recently come out publicly, and that privately - presumably including teammates - people knew about this for some time. And so that kind of makes the matter of whether they should be eligible further moot. Good for them. These are important conversations to have and it's so great for others to have a role model setting the example going forwar
  8. I know that this may be an odd question, but how does one 'apply' for a job like this? Is it as simple as saying "hey, I'm interested," or do they have a resume and cover letter? Surely there's no form on the website! I'm just imagining Ranieri updating his resume...
  9. There is no reason at this point to not have a female coach. I expect it, and surely there are other good Canadian candidates. If there aren't, then that's a failure on the CSA, and they should hire a foreigner,
  10. Because now that I really think about it, the three MLS clubs now have two countries from which they can qualify for their continental competition. If they don't qualify via the USA route, then they can try again in Canada. Is there any precedent for this? And what if they qualify in the US, and win the Voyageurs Cup? Who gets Canada's berth then? PLUS! If TFC, Impact, or Whitecaps win the MLS berth in the tournament, then would they be a Canadian entry in CCL, or an American one? I'm not entirely sure that being defined as an American team is something they can really come back
  11. Our CCL spots are given to the federation who decides which competition winner gets them. CONCACAF gives us one each, then CSA slots to the the vCup and CPL as they do. I think they should be reversed and the three mls teams either go that route(vCup) or via their domestic league.
  12. And the LA teams together. Some “draw.”
  13. There is no need for a team from an American League to take the place of a canadian team. Perhaps you’re right that their results have earned us the direct berth, but they should qualify via the league they play in. Perhaps it made sense when we had no league, but so long as CPL exists, the league winner should go.
  14. Given that a "Canadian" team could get an American berth only makes the three MLS teams in Canadian cities claim to a Canadian berth in the CCL more tenuous.
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