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  1. I’d like to see MLS teams based in Canadian cities qualify for the CCL through their domestic league. I’d like Canada’s berth to be given to a team that plays in Canada.
  2. Whoa... that's some statement. Do you think we have Lenarduzzi coaching or something?
  3. I'd love to see Haiti beat Costa Rica 1-0 to put a giant logjam together in group D. I think it would then come down to tiebreaker 7 (maybe), or tiebreaker 8!
  4. This has to be the worst WCQ format ever. Honestly, has there ever been one that was so lopsided? We havent done enough to make the hex, that’s just the way it is. We’re flirting with this idea that we are a upper team in CONCACAF but the fact is that our results say otherwise. I like our chances vs the bottom teams in the region, but our beat case scenario was always going to be the intercontinental playoff.
  5. This is just further evidence that the TFC, Whitecaps, and Montreal should qualify for the CCL through the league in which they play. I eat that the TFC won the Voyageurs Cup, but if the American League goes on strike and they go with it, there’s not much more argument those three are representing MLS. Also, wouldn’t Forge be the CPL representative as the best team because they won that one game at the end?
  6. What kind of salary was he on with the Whitecaps? Maybe it’s just as simple as a 26 year old going where the money is? I know that I sure would if I was him.
  7. John Herdman has always been his own biggest fan. He pats himself on the back any chance he gets.
  8. Seattle won two out of those three, so regardless of "how" the TFC played, Seattle proved themselves to be better - more "clutch," more "chutzpah," more "desire," and all the other ridiculous descriptors. Let it not be lost that the TFC finished ninth(they had a GD that was ONE better than DC), and had an average season. And then they won two games away and are in the running for best team of 2019. Herein lies that problem with playoffs, that they not only devalue the regular season, but they mislead fans into thinking who the best team is. And while I'm here, Seattle was only six points better. It's a disaster in my opinion that LAFC is going to be considered a failure this season simply because they didn't win in the playoffs. They set the record for points in a season, but will be an afterthought.
  9. Then what’s the point of playing a long regular season? What you’ve said above is true, but only because we say it is. It is not objectively the case. Playoffs are there because in North America they make more money, and we are all complicit in that with our expectations. They make no sense in terms of picking a league champion. Obviously they’re fun, but you can’t tell me that if The TFC wins MLS cup that they’re a better team than LAFC. “Champions,” sure, but the best team?
  10. The TFC has a mildly above average season: 9th. If they win, it will be a darn shame given the LAFC was dominant. If MLS cup is just a cup and not a league championship then it’s NBD. Just don’t call it league champion, that’s LAFC. Same with CPL, Cavalry is league champion, Forge won the cup.
  11. No way. Why not be the outlier and just have a single table. That Forge wins when Cavalry was the best all season is such a shame. When you have playoffs, average teams inevitably win, and great teams don’t get what they deserve. At least in CPL Forge wasn’t average, but anything more than two teams is silly (and playoffs themselves are silly, as they discredit the whole season).
  12. Not getting a result in this match runs the risk of nullifying our win in Toronto. If we lose, we almost certainly finish second basically making the win moot, save for the good feelings.
  13. While this would be great, we need to earn our spots. I agree that it’s a shame for Cavalry that they were the superior team all season, and there season could be deemed a failure if they lose out over two legs. Is there away goals rule? Imagine if they tie both legs and lose the title!
  14. I think it's worth bringing these back up, given that I thought the exact opposite. This Canada team surprised me, and were full marks for the victory. I was heartened by how well they played, and thought in many ways the score flattered the USA. So now that step one is complete, they need to take points in November. I risk be a downer here, but if they lose in November, then don't win the group, that really does negate the progress we've made here. Unlike this game however, I'm immediately encouraged to think that in fact they can succeed away.
  15. Fair enough. I guess what would I should have argued was that he never waivered - unlike ********** - and said all along he wanted to play for the Netherlands. I have a hard time seeing it as nation shopping when he didn't nation shop. ********** did, Begovic did, and perhaps even Tomori too.
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