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  1. I know that this may be an odd question, but how does one 'apply' for a job like this? Is it as simple as saying "hey, I'm interested," or do they have a resume and cover letter? Surely there's no form on the website! I'm just imagining Ranieri updating his resume...
  2. There is no reason at this point to not have a female coach. I expect it, and surely there are other good Canadian candidates. If there aren't, then that's a failure on the CSA, and they should hire a foreigner,
  3. Because now that I really think about it, the three MLS clubs now have two countries from which they can qualify for their continental competition. If they don't qualify via the USA route, then they can try again in Canada. Is there any precedent for this? And what if they qualify in the US, and win the Voyageurs Cup? Who gets Canada's berth then? PLUS! If TFC, Impact, or Whitecaps win the MLS berth in the tournament, then would they be a Canadian entry in CCL, or an American one? I'm not entirely sure that being defined as an American team is something they can really come back from... let's wait and see!
  4. Our CCL spots are given to the federation who decides which competition winner gets them. CONCACAF gives us one each, then CSA slots to the the vCup and CPL as they do. I think they should be reversed and the three mls teams either go that route(vCup) or via their domestic league.
  5. And the LA teams together. Some “draw.”
  6. There is no need for a team from an American League to take the place of a canadian team. Perhaps you’re right that their results have earned us the direct berth, but they should qualify via the league they play in. Perhaps it made sense when we had no league, but so long as CPL exists, the league winner should go.
  7. Given that a "Canadian" team could get an American berth only makes the three MLS teams in Canadian cities claim to a Canadian berth in the CCL more tenuous.
  8. Not much to disagree with here. I meant more that we didn’t embarrass ourselves, but you noted that.
  9. I admit to not having watched the games, but based on the score lines I think we gave a very good account of ourselves. If that group were to happen today, we could very well lose by some larger margins.
  10. But that’s my point: what are you planning to do about it @neuker? You’re saying there’s a problem - and it’s a reasonable concern - but what do you plan to do to contribute to a solution?
  11. Oh, so when @Lofty called us the Voyageurs Corporation he wasn't being flippant.... I guess I've missed more than I thought. Look, we've been down this road before. And each time there seems to be a lot of support for formalization, but no one is really willing to do anything about it (myself included!). I'm not the most active member and am happy with the status quo. So, for those people that aren't, what would you like to change, and what are you prepared to do about it?
  12. I seemed to have missed a lot... but I must admit, @Lofty was clearly not interested in dialogue. This was about lashing out, otherwise your original post wouldn't have called us the Voyageurs Corporation. I should know, I've used this tactic before Now, I actually think that there is always a good time for this conversation, assuming it is civil. You have not been civil, and your actions that followed were a little embarassing. I should know, I've done that before too But now I'm old and I recognize that everything in life takes a lot of time and energy. I'm not sure who our one director is (if your post is in fact correct. I'm embarrassed to say I don't know who's in charge here), but I can assume that they are a busy adult. As such, even making moves to add directors or respond to this thread take time and energy that they probably don't have. I think what would be more productive is if you came forward and offered to start a proper dialogue, and then offer your time and energy. It's petulant of you to be sour about a person who volunteers and gets all persnickety because they haven't volunteered to your standard. I am content with how the Voyageurs are presently run. What would you like to see change about the Voyageurs, and most importantly, what are you prepared to do about it?
  13. That we are going to miss out on the Hex should come as no surprise. The surprise to me is that anyone thinks we deserve to be there. I think the format is really lame, but our results mean we don’t deserve a spot. Even with all the match days we were needing to schedule a batch of friendlies to try to pip El Salvador. I know I’m in the minority here, but with the exception of the USA game at home in the Nations League, I have seen Absolutely nothing from this team to suggest we deserve to be in the Hex. Remember Haiti? Or USA away? If we truly belong as a top team, then we’ll run the table against non-Hex teams, then we’ll beat the fourth place team. But it’s likely, we’ll struggle against teams like Panama, Guatemala, T&T. Maybe it’s just old feelings, but I still lack confidence in us against those teams. The format doesn’t really matter. If we’re in the Hex, we’re likely fighting for fourth anyway. If we aren’t in the Hex then the way many of you on this board talk it should be a bloody cake-walk to get into the playoff.
  14. Corazzin-Peschisolido-Bunbury Hutchison-De Guzman-Hastings DeVos-McKenna-Samuel-Stalteri Forrest Subs: Mobilio, Dasovic, Davies, Aunger, Radzinski, Valentine, Dolan Hastings for the goal. I met Craig Forrest as a kid at soccer fest and I grilled him about getting beat short side at Azteca. He was awesome about it, even though I was probably a jerky ten year old (or thereabouts).
  15. It’s the three stripes for adidas. I’m being a bit obnoxious. That said, I do find it awfully gaudy, but hey, I guess it’s 1994 all over again. When a design like this comes out, where there is such a dominant feature of the stripes on the shoulder, it makes having the same supplier/designer for the kits really stand out. And not in a good way. Every single team in the league has that on one of their jerseys. It makes the league look amateur.
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