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  1. We are sort of agreeing on the first point, in a roundabout way. In regards to the smaller stadiums in Canada: CPL needs 4000 fans to break even, so building or using a 3500 person stadium doesn't do it. If you are losing money even when you sell out, your business model isn't working.
  2. Of course, if MLS took your idea and eased up on their requirements in 2007, then TFC and the Sounders, for instance, wouldn't have built soccer stadiums and we would still have 10-12 MLS teams with 3000 fans per game in 12 Rose Bowl stadiums. Or a new version of the NASL, which went the way of the dodo. Before this league started there was talk about 4000 fans per game being a break-even point for the clubs, which is why the CPL wants stadiums with a 5000+ capacity. Building a 3500 cap. stadium is economically unfeasible unless you expect, every game, a full stadium of people paying $40 a ticket.
  3. Santos is from Limon and they're playing the game in San Jose. They probably want to get home by bus tonight to save money on a hotel.
  4. Could they buy Altidore down? His salary would have to be low enough that they can cover it.
  5. So TFC will have a forward line of 32-35 year olds (remember Altidore) and drop players like Soteldo, Akinola and Achara? This reminds me of the Leafs from 1995-2015. Why get a decent 22-24 year old who can be a star for years when you have a 34 year old who's best times were 6 years ago? Add in all our sprightly youthful starting XI next year in 30+ year old Pozuelo, Bradley, Gonzalez, Mavinga... yep, looks like old time MLSE. If this happens, I will not be impressed.
  6. I just checked. It's his birthday. But it must be more than mere coincidence...
  7. So did Jamaica. The difference is, we became the first team to get points off both Mexico and the US away in the same qualifier.
  8. He's set to be the first person to coach in both a Men's and Women's World Cup, and it be the same country. No-one else can say that. I don't think Herdman will feel his job is done here until we make the World Cup and play in it.
  9. If Canada can weather the first ten minutes here, I think they can catch Mexico on the break.
  10. Very well written piece. Thanks for the link.
  11. Marcus Haber has 3 goals in two games for his Cambodian team, including 2 yesterday in a 5-0 win. His team, Visakha, is in a four way fight for top spot in the Champion's Group stage of the league.
  12. Yes there are : Cavalry vs. Edmonton: 8 wins, 2 ties, 17 for, 4 against. Cavalry vs. Valour: 6 wins, 2 ties, 19 for, 3 against. If the question was rhetorical, I apologize. But you are not alone. And I have more faith in Pacific turning the tide than those two. Excuse the pun.
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