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  1. So because everyone else in MLS is becoming Something FC, they decided to be radically different and become CF Montreal. Which in English is Montreal FC. I'm going to miss the Impact name. I do like the logo. The colour names always crack me up, though. Impact Black? Black is black. And the blue is called... well I guess we now have a Canadian Classique between the Reds and the Sacre Bleus?
  2. Unfortunately I have to agree with this. I watched the U20's this year and they looked bad. Jamaica played them off the field, Guatemala actually had better scoring chances in their tie, and even in their win over El Salvador, they barely looked like scoring even though they had something like 70% possession. I didn't watch after the prelims, because I didn't expect them to beat Cuba. A sidenote: All the teams they played in the tournament (including the US, who they lost to in the quarters) have national leagues and a lot of the u20s play in their respective leagues. They are little
  3. It would make sense that some don't send teams to the CCC. We're talking about a group of 30 Caribbean countries each without a professional league. Most of these islands federation's need CONCACAF's help to afford to play in the Nation's League and WC qualifying. Their amateur clubs definitely couldn't pay for a trip to another island for a two week competition, since their players probably all have regular jobs at home.
  4. So York U is playing at York U... 馃槑 The crest looks nice, and even the gold fits in well with the colour scheme. I like the rebrand. Though I think the United name can be overused, this is one of those times where it is appropriate for the area.
  5. He also let two Marathon players move 5 feet ahead of his spray line on a Bekker free kick in the first half. It's pretty bad.
  6. @Canadian Soccer FanThanks for putting up the link. It was very informative. Listening to it, I don't think the CPL will have any problems with MediaPro. There are a few differences that I noticed between Ligue 1's situation and here: MediaPro have already shown their strategy works in Canada. They have CBC on board, and got individual TV market deals with Shaw, CHCH, and other local networks for the Island Games. They even got Fox in the US and broadcasters in places like India and South Africa to pay to watch us! The CPL is easy to market, and is cheap. In France, Canal+ and BeIn
  7. When he first moved to Lille he was commenting on having to do more weights, so I guess it has had an effect on his build.
  8. Good pickup by York9 for Giantsopolous. I will miss him in Calgary. I always considered him and Carducci 1A and 1B in net, so it was only a matter of time before he moved. And yes, I think he's better than Ingham. He's better than a lot of the starters on some of the other CPL teams.
  9. Yes it does. Forge is Can2 for CONCACAF league seeding purposes, so the better that Forge does, the better seeding the CPL champion has for the next year's competition. It'll be Forge again next year. Canada 2 is at the bottom right now because we are the newest team in CL and don't have 5 years of coefficient points yet. Good luck to Forge tonight. This is traditionally Panama's biggest club, so it'll be a tough test.
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