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  1. Disappointed but proud. Keep playing like this, we'll easily be top 2 in the Octo. I think we can even take first.
  2. Good news. He's one of the better Concacaf refs that I've seen.
  3. No newsletter, paid on June 30. @rob.notenboom I tried to change my password for my account about 20 minutes ago and have still not received an email. Usually I'll get one within two minutes, so it may be an issue on the server end.
  4. Hey, we have the experience of winning a tournament after a coin flip. I like our odds.
  5. I'd say yes. If a player or two stands out, why not? They'll be playing games, which Herdman likes.
  6. My high school was in Brampton. Paul Stalteri, Jason Bent, and Atiba all went there. In my time, which is when Paul and Jason were there, the makeup of the school was exactly that: mostly Italian, Croatian, Portuguese, and Caribbean immigrants. There was only one sport they knew. Brampton also had indoor leagues during the winter. They were a lot cheaper to join than hockey. I don't know how it is now, but soccer was always accessible for everyone.
  7. I was going to ask the same thing. The CPL teams have 28 games in the next 5 months. Plus playoffs and Forge in Concacaf league. L1O isn't even playing, though it looks like PLSQ is. I guess they'll do the same thing as last year?
  8. Why would Paderborn fit for Larin? They're in the German second division. Both Parma and Koln were demoted this year too.
  9. It will be both. One each half. It's Calgary.
  10. Henry is starting in a back three for a Suwon team that's right up there competing for the Korean championship this year, and he just played some monster mistake-free minutes over the last two weeks for us. His composure and maturity is miles ahead of where he was in Vancouver. I think the Doneil Henry we always knew was in there has arrived, which is great news for our back line for the next few years.
  11. There's a lot to be said for chemistry. Canada has it, Suriname doesn't. As long as our defence doesn't fall asleep like it tends to do the odd time against lower competition, Canada wins 4-0.
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