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  1. Bojan scores on a long range skipper, and Waterman starts the play with a nice break-up slide at the centre line. Good to see.
  2. @yothat2 FC Montreal was the Impact's version of TFC II, from what I can recall. Basically the old Montreal Impact Academy, so his job would have been to develop the Impact youth, as opposed to winning USL. They played in the same division as TFC II, and pretty much had the same record as them over two years.
  3. Last year Lille scored a whopping 35 goals in 28 games, while allowing 27. After watching a few games this year, Lille seems to have an issue with midfielders continuously letting fly from 25-30 yards away, and barely playing into the box. Last year, their midfielders scored 4 goals, 3 by one player. It's almost the exact same midfield this year. The fact Lille has scored 6 goals this year is almost in spite of their midfield. Lille's best midfielder this year has been Bamba, who's technically a forward, and that says a lot. To put it into perspective, Lille's defence outscored their mids last year 6-4. I worry for David that Lille doesn't really have a midfield player who has an idea what the centre forward/striker is there for. If the defence cracks, this team goes from 4th to 14th, and David may unfairly get the blame.
  4. Exactly! Without Laryea, Pozuelo wouldn't have had the ball to pass to Jozy, or to shoot, or to... wait, the 3rd was ALL Richie. I knew that he had some moves, but what Laryea did to the Crew (and to NYCFC the game before, when he ran through three players to the middle of the box just inside the 18 before passing off) have shown some world class control, combined with speed. He also tends not to miss either. When he shoots, the keeper better save it, 'cause it's not going wide.
  5. It's more in the interest of the CPL to be as stable as possible. Growth will come with stability.
  6. So basically, instead of sitting at home for 6 months collecting EI, Galan took a job over the winter where he can get paid, keep fit, and it will be finished just in time for spring work to start in Winnipeg. Pretty smart.
  7. Hasal is out for the Whitecaps because of the Beckerman kick. Hope it isn't long term.
  8. The MLS website has Tajon as their MOTM.
  9. I don't disagree with you about him being a good coach, but Kah basically said that if the CPL wants to be looked at as a Tier 1 league, they need Tier 1 referees. I watched it. I wanted to rewind it to hear it again, but OneSoccer. Making use of the media is one thing, but you have to use it wisely. Employee of the year awards aren't given to the guy who publicly trashes the whole accounting department during the shareholder's meetings. I'm pretty certain Kah would have been easily nominated this year otherwise.
  10. I think his outburst after losing to Forge had something to do with it, otherwise he would be in there.
  11. TFC can't seem to concentrate for 90 minutes. They control the game for a time then suddenly switch off. Either they get complacent on back passes, or the defence gets caught upfield on a counter, and lets face it, Laryea and Mavinga aside, they're too slow for MLS forwards. What's most maddening, is when they score to take the lead and instantly stop pressing and let the other team back up. Both games against DC this year it's happened. But you can point to the game against San Jose, and even a couple that they won over Impact and Whitecaps, as examples. For a team with this much talent the fact they can't seem to play a full 90 bothers me.
  12. I almost fell off my chair when I saw that. First time for everything.
  13. Hasal looked a lot more confident. On Saturday he looked extremely nervous on the ball for some reason. He had a much better game last night.
  14. Look at the team, not the league. Ludogorets has won the Bulgarian league ever since it was promoted. 9 years now. It has played in the Champion's League twice, and only once didn't make it out of the group stage in Europa League. Bigger European teams notice their players. Yankov started and scored for Ludogorets last game. He's 20 years old and can play for Canada. I'd be excited.
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