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  1. Maybe they're loaning them to Ottawa! 😄
  2. I agree. I would have preferred a little more colour on both Forge's and Valour's uniforms, but I like the overall individual designs.
  3. Nope. The only time TSN even mentioned the MNT was when they were talking about Akinola. Even then, it was just in passing while explaining their lineup.
  4. Lots of info here too. From TSN, of all places: https://www.tsn.ca/source-canadian-premier-league-to-play-2020-season-in-charlottetown-1.1501390 Some notable points: first game will be Forge vs Cavalry; players can opt out, though none have yet; and there may be spectators, depending on conditions and regulations. Also all games will be on OneSoccer, but they may have games on other networks. I'm so happy. Finally it's happening. 😁
  5. You're right, I was quoting someone else. I apologize for that, and will edit my post
  6. I will stay out of commenting on the rest of this post, but there are studies that already show Covid causes permanent heart damage, brain damage to some people, and potential permanent lung issues. That includes people without symptoms. The economy is tied to our health, and if you're sick, you're not contributing to the economy. If you're dead, you definitely aren't. Someone else in an earlier post here wrote how a few people died a few years early, big deal But 97% of people survive. Now you have thousands of people under 40 who will be burdening our health system, because they caught Covid in 2020, for the next 30 to 50 years. And, because they have health issues, they won't be working as much, putting a strain on our economy. Never mind the people over 40 who would have been fine for decades suddenly developing decades-long health problems. Sweden, for one, stayed open and their economy still tanked. I'd rather a bad economy for a year because Canada tried to keep it's people safe than reopening now and deal with decades of health costs which impact our economy.
  7. That was the only Cavalry game I didn't watch all of, actually. At half I went out. I think it was already 3-0 at that point, so I kind of knew it was over. Don't worry, Cavalry probably won't get more than five if they get to play each other this year. 😉
  8. The way the third place spots are turning out, unless Vancouver beats Chicago tomorrow, I have a weird feeling TFC will be playing the Sounders next round.
  9. Now, now, be nice. What did Calgary ever do to you? I for one, would welcome this if it is true.
  10. My phone app shows that too. Every time I go in it's right at the top with my favourite leagues. Valour was supposed to host Forge today. I'd say no. League and cup double, right?
  11. I would agree with this. The only two players who looked lively for either team last night were Taider and ZBG.
  12. To be fair, TFC started at 9 am one day, 8 PM three days later, and 9 am again 3 days after that. Playing 3 games in seven days is hard enough, without the start times. I've worked jobs like that (8 AM start one day, 3 PM the next, etc). Within a week you're working through fatigue, even if you're awake. He might be a little tired. It did look like all of the starters were fading after halftime.
  13. At least the Canadians brought in during garbage time didn't allow a goal? I know it was Seattle today and they're missing a lot of players, but that was pretty hard to watch.
  14. I'm pretty certain Canada will be in the World Cup. There are three hosts, but with 48 teams, I don't believe FIFA will change the format to make all three host countries qualify for their own tournament. Of course, it is FIFA, but on this point I don't think they would. With regards to Nigeria, I do follow African soccer, and I believe that the top African teams are much closer in overall comparative talent to each other and to their "second tier" nations than the top European teams are to each other. Nigeria also has had a couple hiccups qualifying for the African Cup of Nations lately (two in the last five), so again, there's no guarantee. You are right, we don't know if Akinola will continue progressing or take a step back and disappear. But he is an exciting prospect in an exciting time for Canadian soccer, and if he does progress as a player and does choose Canada, I will be happy.
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