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  1. It's done all the time. World feed for FIFA and other international tourneys have only 1 person. It adds more intimacy since the announcer is talking to you rather than having inane jabbering with his analyst. It also allows the match to breathe. Granted, they are usually better than the 3 used last night.
  2. I think Cavalry has a good chance against the MLS teams given their physicality, intensity and most jelling as a team. They are a hard team to break down and can nick a goal off a set piece. Certainly against the Whitecaps & Impact, it would be a toss up since they don't have any game breakers (unless Piatti returns). TFC is a different story but they tend to rotate their roster for the Cdn Championship.
  3. For CMNT, I'm now at 26. Canada Men u20 is 2. CWNT is 7 which includes 2003 & 15 WC. Canada Women u20 is 2.
  4. I'm more inclined with aloyol's view given what I saw and seeing the end result of qualifying. 1) I watched all the matches and didn't see just hoofing the ball as their primary mode. Our pass completion rate in Costa Rica match was 83%. In all matches, they scored most of their goals from open play due to individual brilliance and some great link up play. In fact, they didn't really get Nelson involved in the play enough with the long ball as there were times, he disappeared for long stretches. 2) The team basically played Herdman's system but execution wasn't always there. There were a number of times Olivieri could be telling the defensive mids to step up to close gaps. Except for Ferdinand, they didn't have fullbacks to play the system. 3) I didn't see much of a high press in any of the matches. At times, you heard Olivieri shout "Hunt" which is a classic Herdman tactic to pressure when a vulnerability is spotted. We were actually pressed more in the group stage and by Curacao. Good tactic since our back line played nervously. 4) Playing with a lone striker fits in with Herdman's system. As I mentioned above, the rest of the team didn't involve Nelson enough to chase down hopeful balls. His goals were largely of his own making. I do agree having game breakers helped but having this gulf in talent also seemed to have created the disjointed play that was on display at times.
  5. I would call it an even match. Canada largely controlled the first half but didn't create too many good scoring chances. Omeonga scored a goal but called back for offside. Costa Rica did dominate the first part of the second half but then they tapered off. Thereafter, it was largely an even match. Colyn scored on a free kick but ref seem to have whistled for a foul in the wall. Altobelli got a yellow for simulation but then hit the post. Possession was 50/50, corners were equal and shots were close. Thank god Cuban ref didn't fall for Costa Rican dives as there was about 2-3 close calls in the box. Back line played better than they did in the previous matches - played nervously only in the early part of the second half. Kouadio had about 3 straight mistakes including the one leading to the penalty. But then he redeemed himself with a penalty save. Nelson as a striker didn't have much an influence and when he did get the ball, he was often shut down by 2-3 Costa Rican players. Good overall team performance with no individual player standing out. But there are a number of potential pro players and CPL should help them stay in the game longer. And as mentioned already, there are about 3-4 really talented players with good football iq that should make the u20 and then we'll see if they can progress to the senior team. Congrats to John Herdman for putting the system in place to get back to the u17 WC and whatever influence he had on this specific team.
  6. Yes, I believe 4 played in college at one time. But either they were too good or realized they needed full time development to get to the next level such as making the u20 team. Roster looks like an equal mix of MLS and Euro based players.
  7. There are actually two non Cdn MLS academy players: GK Kouadio (Florida prep school) and MF Dunning (Feyenoord). As comparison. the US roster has 3 non-MLS academy players and nobody playing in Europe. On another note, Colyn reminds me of Bekker in both a good and bad way.
  8. Not a surprise since it was trending this way but US u20 team announced for u20 WC has no college players.
  9. From watching all the teams so far, Cavalry and FCE play the least interesting styles and most suited for the laissez faire style of reffing. For the sake of the CPL and the development of our players, I hope teams like Forge or Valour win the league. Or the reffing has to get more tighter - upper body contact such as shoulder to shoulder is fine but more of the lower body contact needs to be whistled.
  10. Only embarrassment is that Calgary roads, Spruce Meadows parking and game day ops couldn't handle 3400 people.
  11. I agree about Colyn - seemed to be frustrated with Guatemala's tactics and seemed to get tired in both matches (maybe not match fit or nursing something?). In Guatemala match, he seemed to get upset when he didn't get the ball but then he never did anything with it. Against Barbados, he took corner kicks and a free kick but nothing to note. Nelson also didn't do much after his hat trick - not sure why he wasn't rested. I disagree about Habibuallah. Not only did he score a nice goal but he played give and go with Russell-Rowe for the first goal. He also made the defense splitting pass on the fourth goal which is rare sighting for Canadian national team players. Due to Nelson, Habibuallah, Russell-Rowe & Omeonga, this team scores really good-looking goals and all from open play (ex 1).
  12. Strongest lineup - yes. But they don't look as good. Anyway of the 3 players as ones to watch, Nelson & Habibullah have lived up to their billings. Colyn hasn't shown much - had a lot of ball against Guatemala but didn't do much beyond short passes. Russell-Rowe (who is listed as F with Nelson), Omeonga Nkoy, Ferdinand (at times) & Catavolo have also caught my eye.
  13. I watched the match. The tactic was to lay back and try for counters. It worked in the first half. In the second half, the US scored on 3 set pieces basically due to lax defending. The third goal came from the most shambolic wall I have ever seen. One goal was due to a bit of luck ping ponging through 2 players. Once the third goal went in, they switched tactics and played to tie. One of the three noted best players was put in and he hit the crossbar and had a beauty of a cross that was headed wide. So, having Neslon in the starting line-up instead of Rowe would have helped. But Rowe did have a good match and scored a wonder goal. Otherwise, nothing would have changed in terms of the result. The defending was too lackadaisical to avoid the 3 goals (the US defending was also soft).Based on the two matches, the back line is the weakest area and Colyn didn't play that well against the Guats (got subbed out).
  14. It was forner Cdn international Mary Beth Bowie. She sounded like it was her first time doing this. Only good thing was she was too scared to talk too much. Just having Gareth would have been better.
  15. Petrasso was the last to score for Canada a hat trick at the youth level. Jayden also had an impact in the US match when he came in late. Hit the crossbar and delivered a cross into the box that was just headed over or wide.
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