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  1. If you're looking for a deeper dive into Lille past & present/on and off the pitch, Football Today had a good podcast this week: https://podcasts.google.com/feed/aHR0cHM6Ly9mb290YmFsbHRvZGF5LmxpYnN5bi5jb20vcnNz/episode/Y2Y3MmZkZjMtODQ4MC00ZjIxLWEwMDctM2ZmOWQzYzNlYmRl?sa=X&ved=0CAUQkfYCahkKEwiYqoG2sPLvAhUAAAAAHQAAAAAQ-_wB The video they reference where Lille fans storm the pitch and attack the players is this:
  2. Two things were created in the past 3 years: Nations League & covid 19. Post 2000, either Canada was living off winning the Gold Cup or we were more interested in glory hunting vs having camps. Post 2022, Nations League will again take up some of the windows. But not having to qualify for 2026 will mean friendlies will make a comeback.
  3. Lille is a team I find Lille is a team very comfortable playing without the ball. It's actually quite soothing to watch them. Their defending is quite cerebral. They don't get into serious trouble too often. Maybe if there were away crowds, they would get more nervous and anxious being under pressure so much.
  4. OneSoccer has been Concacaf'ed. They'll be showing the Gold Cup. FS1/2 will show it in the US. Maybe some US matches on Fox?
  5. He's a Gold Cup pick. Not being ever in the national team set up, only viable match for Ayo is vs Aruba. He also hasn't played for a while and unknown when he'll play. If he isn't playing in May, then the Gold Cup is also off. If he plays but doesn't show any form, then it depends who else is on better form amongst the non WC qualifying strikers.
  6. If it is like VAR in South American WC qualifying, the ref will be going to the video screen 3-4 times during a match to confirm his decision (after waiting for a while for VAR to tell him to go the screen). And the ref is going to take double the screen time an European ref does. Likewise, for VAR on offsides, it will take longer. And don't expect the right decision to be made 25% of the time.
  7. DAZN isn't a specialized soccer streaming service. It started off with NFL in Canada and now carries rugby, basketball, hockey, cricket, boxing, darts, college football along with a bunch of soccer. Moving second or third tier soccer in terms of tv ratings to a soccer only streaming services doesn't really matter for the sport. Other than when TFC made the CCL final, not too many were watching. Beyond TFC/Forge matches, TSN barely showed CCL anyway. Some were streamed and some were not shown at all. The two most viewed soccer properties on Canadian tv - the World Cup & Euros - a
  8. For presentation optics and better match day facilities, if they're playing in Florida, it is better to go with Orlando's stadium again. It's available since MLS is on break in early June. Big match needs big match surroundings. Cayman Islands wanted to play in Orlando but stadium price was too steep for them. So, likely Aruba match is at IMG.
  9. Canada's soccer band is coming back together on onesoccer.
  10. Both A) & B have been answered already. Some US states are out of lockdown mode - though not every business has followed their state government's decree. For B), the paradigm has changed because central bank thinking has changed. J Pow and other central bankers have said they won't stop with the printing presses until CPI is nicely above 2% or whatever target rate each bank follows. Before they would preemptively clamp down but J Pow said last month, they are in reactive data mode. So this implies the core monetary policies will continue post end of lockdown.
  11. Yes, Spanish women's league has Spanish language commentary. Two were shown today and the replays are already up. When first shown in year one, ligaMX had English commentary. Wasn't that good as it seemed to be done by someone located in Canada. I partially blame ligaMX because if they actually functioned as a league, they would supply or get world feed announcers as nearly all top 10 leagues do. Some clubs sell their tv rights themselves as they're owned by media giants who don't want to share.
  12. Second goal in a week for Beckie - what is going on?
  13. The way American sports media describe black players vs white players has been studied quite a bit especially in terms of the NFL such as black vs white quarterbacks. It was a big problem in US basketball but has improved in the past generation as more black analysts started being used on broadcasts. So, not a surprise a black athlete is sensitive to how people see them and how they don't.
  14. Canadian supporters are more neurotic than overconfident while American supporters overconfidence is a top 3 trait. They even have developed a genre of extrapolating success in a small sample size to infinity. Americans do dominate a lot of team sports, so they assumed, same thing would happen in men's soccer. There are threads on Mexican forums highlighting the dumbest posts of Americans - this forum made it for the first time with the "When will Canada overtake Mexico" thread. Credit has to go their sports media who are experts at hyperbole. There was an article this week on espn f
  15. Bayern Munich's head of player development or academies has said if he wants a player from North America, he wants them to come over at 16 (if eligible) or soon as he is 18. Reason is North America has shown it can develop a player's technical and athletic skills that is near Europe's system. But the play in the MLS is too slow in terms of player and ball movement, which is needed for the next development stage. Some Americans have cited this as a reason why the US has struggled at the u23 level while doing more than okay at the u17 and u20 levels. Young American prospects who stay
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