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  1. Actually willingness to show up is a values test. International competitons are in part a values contest. Under Herdman, there is a values test. He has said he wants players who really want to play for the jersey. Notice that of all them now sing the anthem from youth to senior teams. And for every country deemed a football nation, it is why you regularly see players cry as they stand for their anthem for their first time at the World Cup.
  2. As a English US sports tv network, I would be cautious about overpaying for MLS tv rights. With the younger demos, MLS followers are the most likely to stream matches. So as a stand alone sports streamer or a combo tv/stream package like ESPN+/Disney +, MLS rights are more appealing. But still shouldn't overpay since rights can't be leveraged worldwide yet like Netflix does, ligaMX & EPL have higher US ratings and MLS is local interest driven league like the NHL in the US. Better for tv networks to overpay for NFL, NBA & college football given lots of inventory available, good engagement beyond the local team and showing the least decline in tv ratings (some cases, only thing on tv showing increases).
  3. Caldwell & KJ latest podcast. Given Caldwell is an assitant, lots of tidbits on recent camp which is about half the podcast. https://kj-caldwell-podcast.simplecast.com/episodes/mls-inside-canmnt-camp-tfc-search-for-a-dp-inbeom-the-whitecaps Caldwell liked Brym for being fluid; Bassong for being quick and can play either side, Nelson surprised him given his age but started off shy; Borges first camp, a bit quiet and needed time to learn system but came on towards end; Didic had advantage of being in second camp; Fraser was exceptional and Vanney must need to see this - Fraser chewing out Akindenle shows he has what it takes. A lot of the debutants and other u23s now need to make a mark at the club level - become starters. Crepeau showed good leadership. Miller one for the future for true leadership - could be one of the best MLS CB down the line. Tesho & Tos helping to bring along Nelson & Schaffleburg. Cav says culture is now real in team to KJ.
  4. "Athletic" is used by another club in laLiga. No way they'll using that.
  5. Given how they played in the second half, more subs would have disrupted the flow. To beat teams like Iceland, you need players who have the skill and/or speed to unlock their defensive structure. So, Nelson was an ideal sub. Borges would have been only other player to consider but not as energetic as Nelson. Speed wise, there wasn't a choice up front off the bench beyond Tesh & Ricketts. Bair would have added more freshness if subbed earlier but otherwise not a difference maker. This camp further proves the latter two are firmly in the lower range of 23-40 of our player pool while Brym has moved up to the upper part of 23-40. Fraser also needs to make sure he is playing regularly somewhere. Likewise, Adekugbe didn't do much to move up to 1-23 while Bassong has. For Didic, I'll have to see if sticks with the Caps and how he fares against players with pace. The backline was never really tested in these matches. But we do need to improve our set piece defending.
  6. But Bayern losing 5-1 but it's a friendly.
  7. Stream on Canada Soccer now up https://www.canadasoccer.com/live-men-s-national-team-friendly-v-barbados-p162537
  8. Casual fans have never driven the growth of sport. In fact, they have been more of a hindarance. MLS only started advancing beyond 1.0 when they stopped catering to soccer moms and North American pro sports sensibilities such as having no ties. It's the old 80/20 rule. If business cater to the 20% who drive 80% of the revenue/profits or stadium atmosphere, it will more likely succeed. With DAZN having NFL, it does attract a segment of the casual sports fans. Based on Canada twitter trends in the fall, EPL & CL are still always trending in the top 10 when matches are being played. Driven by the hard core followers, even CMNT matches on OneSoccer were trending. People aged under 30 forming households for the first time aren't signing up cable. Unless they're sports fans, they aren't signing up for DAZN either. Either way, the only casual viewership lost is maybe when a Canadian MLS team makes the MLS Cup. But the truly interested will find a free stream somewhere. For the national teams, there is even less viewers lost - casuals would only watch when Canada is playing in the World Cup or Olympics - both still on TSN or CBC. The women's team reached into the causal market post London Olympics - even then, TSN failed to capitalize on it. Casuals nowadays consume sports through social media and video sites. All the juicy moments in any given night are available to anyone. No need to watch the games in whole or wait for Sportscentre. The only league in North America that still benefits from the reach of network or cable tv is the NFL. All other leagues are seeing decreasing ratings and all sports networks are seeing falling ratings - less than entertainment tv shows and networks but still dropping. After the initial growing pains, streaming is also a better viewer experience than watching sports on tv. Restart match where you left off. Watch full replay when you want. Or just watch 5 mins of highlights. All matches are available. Goal Rush stream is available for Saturday morning EPL which shows all the big chances and goals from every match a la NFL Red Zone. Lots of preview and wrap up shows from the UK. If you're a NFL fan, DAZN is cheaper than the NFL Sunday Ticket offered by the cable cos and you get other sports as a bonus.
  9. Why some here can't seem to get on side with pro/reg and other things seen in world football leagues, mainstream North American sports writers and the NBA have started to lean towards the Euro model. The CPL should heed not to make the regular season meaningless with too many playoffs and no pro/reg pathway. Cathal Kelley in the Globe: The NBA is acknowledging what the rest of us have already figured out – that the regular season is fading into insignificance. For most leagues, they’re more like an extended preseason. For six months, teams pretend-fight each other. It’s more slapping than punching, and too often it’s tickling. Under those circumstances, what is the purpose of the regular season? It’s not to determine advantageous positioning. It’s to wring as much cash as possible out of ticket buyers and cable-package-having viewers. Their new model is European soccer. All top leagues there run two parallel competitions – the league and the cup. It’s a good idea. It’s the reason people feel they must watch Liverpool vs. Manchester City in November, but no one thinks it is absolutely imperative they watch Washington vs. Colorado in January. People have already become sports grazers. They’ll tune in when it’s compelling. This is how a few hundred thousand regular Raptors viewers ballooned into several million bandwagon jumpers over the course of their championship run, and why the numbers dialled back down once the regular season restarted. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/basketball/article-the-nba-is-far-ahead-of-other-major-sports-leagues-in-understanding/
  10. She has been named Canada Soccer Player of the Decade. Christine Sinclair has been named the Canada Soccer Player of the Decade after an unparalleled 10 years of world-class performances in which she continued to build a legacy as of one of Canada’s greatest athletes of all time. A Concacaf champion in 2010 and back-to-back Olympic medal winner from London 2012 and Rio 2016, she was the 2012 Lou Marsh Trophy and Bobbie Rosenfeld Award winner, the 2011 WPS Championship MVP, and seven-time Canada Soccer Canadian Player of the Year.
  11. Whoscored for the Guardian picks Davies in best eleven young players of 2019. Davies is highest rated by whoscored in the eleven. Tomori also picked. Left-back: Alphonso Davies, Bayern Munich When Alphonso Davies joined Bayern Munich from MLS club Vancouver Whitecaps in January, he was seen as one for the future. But the Canadian teenager has performed brilliantly this season – and has done so as a makeshift full-back. The 19-year-old joined Bayern as an enterprising and exciting winger – earmarked as a future successor to Franck Ribéry and Arjen Robben – but injuries to defenders have given him a chance at left-back and he has taken it with both hands. He is still dazzling with the ball at his feet – he has made more dribbles per 90 minutes than any other player in the Bundesliga – and he also ranks third for tackles – a remarkable feat given he plays in a team that boasts almost 63% possession. Rating: 7.38 https://www.theguardian.com/football/who-scored-blog/2019/dec/18/footballers-enjoying-breakthrough-season?CMP=share_btn_tw
  12. Yes, it should have been 0.5 spot for the 7-35 route. But Canada hasn't proven it on the pitch, it is a top 3 team. On paper, we're approaching it while others are falling back. So we're climbing the hill but we haven't reached the top yet. In the end, I'm not all that fussed about either route ex the HEX would have brought more mainstream attention.
  13. You're assuming Canada has a very good chance for the 3 auto berths. But in reality, that is not the case. I would say in the HEX, Canada is realistically playing for 1.5 spots vs 1 in the 7-35 playdown. Non-Canadian Concacaf watchers would say Canada is playing for 0.5 spot in the HEX since Canada hasn't demonstrated in the past 30 years of being a top 3 in the region. In the HEX, Canada has out do Honduras, Jamaica & CR but not everything is under our control since results against Mexico & US come into play. In the playdowns, it's likely vs Curacao, Panama & Haiti. And it's all under Canada's control but it also means less forgiveness if there is a major stumble.
  14. When you lose 6-0, "great" is not the first thing that comes to mind when describing a keeper's performance. fotmob rated Borjan at 5.1, only the four in the backline were worse.
  15. I watched the CEBL finals coverage on CBC Gem in the summer. Games didn't start on time. Stream production had vibe of local cable covering sports. It seemed the crew was associated with the league rather than CBC. So, unless there are plans to improve the coverage, it won't be a good look for the CEBL. And CEBL has made the regular season basically meaningless as 6/7 teams make the playoffs.
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