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  1. TSN's Sportscentre & Sportsnet Central have become promotional venues for their own sports tv properties and properties owned by Bell/Rogers/MLSE. So, CPL is way down the pecking order for them. But anyway these nightly highlight shows aren't seminal viewing anymore for many segments. You can watch any specific highlight anytime you want rather than waiting up. And certain leagues like the NBA are basically highlight driven - a core part of their audience rarely watches a game but do keep up the league highlights daily on social media. But local sports tv like in HFX not showing match highlights seems strange. Even more than sports network highlight shows, local tv sports reporting has become less relevant. So if you're not showing local sports, why even bother?
  2. This is so typical of US-based pro leagues. They think they're the centre of their sport's universe. But it's always about making them more money rather than the good of the sport overall. And if you don't play ball them, they'll pick up their ball and move away. Everyday, they're using their closed systems to beat down anyone who will hurt them financially. They do this to get corporate welfare for stadium deals with cities/states, parking/concession deals and allowing their players to play in Olympics/int events while leaching off basically free player development done by college/junior systems. MLS has solved this thorny control issue in the US since the USSF is part of SUM. They don't have the CSA in their pocket. And now the advent of the CPL is looking like a prickly problem for MLS.
  3. Yes, nothng too much was said at the Canada match. I was actually talking about the announcer for the Cardiff match who provided this new info - though didn't mention anything about his goals for Canada (while he went on a couple of times about the long journey taken by a Curacao player). And Hoillett also played well for Cardiff after coming on as a sub - like a few national team players this weekend. Good to see now playing for the national team doesn't lead to taking a step back.
  4. Adams is not his guy - at least in the midfield. GB wants to play Adams on the back line. Anyway, he's injured - not likely to be ready for October at least.
  5. The announcer for the match said he had a death in the family. Just showed up on match day and played very well. Set up a few chances.
  6. I assume this was a translated version ? Do you have the link? It took the foreign press to produce the first definitive article on David while Cdn press basically produce cookie-cutter profiles. And they got new details about the Cdn system - national youth coaches pressuring players to play for MLS academies (maybe that's why nearly all youth players selected are from MLS) & Whitecaps pursuit of David. He wasn't as unknown as the Cdn press makes it out to be but instead missed because he wasn't part of MLS system like Davies.
  7. Not a senior team goal but it was at a youth World Cup. Hume's goal against Spain in the quarters.
  8. I shouldn't have forgotten the commentary - that was the worst part. He said Huelva didn't provide their lineup till just before the match. So, he was quiet at times in the first 15 mins as if he was memorizing Huelva's lineup sheet. It took him past 30 mins before he started saying players' names regularly. Otherwise, he was boring. Said the match time way too often as if he was calling it on radio. Not sure of his background as he pronounced the stadiums name in full Spanish glory many times but spoke a non-accented English.
  9. And both made fatal coaching mistakes that contributed to the teams' not advancing. But this was about the time was Oz was let go, so any comparables going forward are out the window. I think Oz is perceived as a better tactician than Herdman since Oz is in the mold of a classic football coach. His style was a breath of fresh air on and off the pitch compared to Floro. Oz was our best hire since Holger. Herdman has shown he is better at the off-pitch organization and building the strategic foundations beyond a cycle. A common complaint as a CSA weak link by many but doesn't seem to be appreciated since actions are taken off the pitch and results won't be seen for a while. His tactical acumen is discounted because he didn't do with a men's team. He talks like a corporate CEO rather than a football manager which also turns some off. His hiring wasn't done right but add that to the litany of balls the CSA has dropped since inception.
  10. I saw parts of the first half. Given At Madrid is far and away the superior team on paper and was playing against a bottom rung team from last season, they didn't look like it. They weren't dominating at all. So, it was a listless first half with minimal clear chances. As I have seen with nearly all Tier 2 stadiums in Spain, Huevla's stadium looked good. It looked like it is in the middle of nowhere though. Atmosphere was sorta like Valour's. Nobody on camera side on the pitch. But the crowd that was there was into the match like a real football crowd vs the screaming girls you hear at US women matches. Production was not fancy but solid.
  11. It worked for Andreescu. I would get very negative thoughts going through my mind. I would smash racquets,” Ms. Andreescu said. “So I started seeing … (here she paused and decided against saying the word ‘therapist’ out loud) … I’ll say I started seeking advice from other people.” She now practises meditation. She is to visualization what Novak Djokovic is to the war on gluten. She ritualizes positive thinking (which sounds much more exhausting than playing tennis). She talks a lot about breathing, as if that’s a pastime rather than a biological fact. She calls all this “working your mind.” At this level, everyone knows how to play tennis,” Ms. Andreescu said. “The thing that separates the best from the rest is the mindset.”
  12. Most of my football watching has now become through streams rather than cable tv. People complaining are a bit too clingly towards traditional media. Look at this weekend. Friday: all CNL, 1 NWSL & 1 Euro qualifier were live streams. 2 Euro qualifiers on tv. Saturday: all CNL, 2 EFL, 1 laLiga women's, all African WC qualifers, 2 Euro qualifers, 1 NWSL & 3 MLS were live streams. 3 Euro qualifers & 1 MLS matches on tv. Sunday: all CNL, all African WC qualifers, CPL & 3 Euro qualifers were live streams. 2 Euro qualifers on tv.
  13. Nothing new here. He's done this for many Canada's women matches.
  14. Here's the setting. Do they have lights and if no, lights rule only applies to League A only?
  15. Ya, it's gone from tsn direct's schedule. Like onesoccer, they don't do a good job in providing a timely up-to-date schedule. But this is unusual. Canada Soccer tweets today aren't mentioning it is on tsn.ca either.
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