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  1. Besides trying to leech off the Mexican national team and ligaMX, SUM also has been charging probably the highest ticket prices in the world for mens' friendilies involving Mexico and also the US. Maybe charging US$300 for Mexico is warranted but not for the US. They were charging more than world champions France this past summer. They also benefitted greatly from hosting Copa America 100. They tried again to host this tourney but fortunately was slapped down by CONMEBOL.
  2. Was outdrawn by both CFL playoffs. But outdrew Sunday night NFL which usually means it outdrew Sunday day NFL (but not reported). People who watched on ABC not captured since it was not simsubbed on all cable networks. Given the population differences and being on cable vs ABC, this makes the US English number of 823k look bad. But including digital & Spanish, it totalled 1.7M. The pro-MLS US crowd is happy that the total number beat Liverpool/Man City by about 500k.
  3. Yes, but there are differing ways to do it. MLS is doing it the vampire squid way - wrapped around the face of soccer in the US, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money. MLS would never pass an sports ESG investing screen.
  4. Davies all touches video set to Pas Contente by Vaudou Game. https://streamable.com/gy7bz
  5. It's about love and marrying someone rich. He tied the knot with a family member that runs Dillard's (292 department stores) who are based out of Little Rock.
  6. CONCACAF says Fury blew it. "We have recently been working through an incomplete application for Ottawa Fury to compete in the United Soccer League in 2020. We will not comment on the details of that application, and given today’s announcement we now consider the matter closed." 2/2
  7. The Eddies ran it like a turnkey operation. Instead, they should have done things to change it from the NASL match day experience. They also went with too much of the old guard in terms of players who weren't that easy to watch - now at least they got rid a bunch of them.
  8. “No one here thinks that the USMNT is cool anymore,” stated one league executive. “In order to be cool you have to be exclusive, and in order to be exclusive you should be expensive. Cheap tickets lead to cheap fans and we would rather have 10,000 expensive fans than 15,000 cheap ones. The United States has long had the ambition of winning the CONCACAF Nations League since we came up with it approximately 6 months ago. We want to win this in front of our passionate fanbase who can afford the ticket prices that we set for this competition we invented that will be abandoned as soon as we can come up with a money making opportunity with CONCACAF and CONMEBOL.”
  9. SUM revenue isn't included but Forbes says half of the value of the lower valued teams are due to SUM. Forbes values MLS teams like tech stocks. And MLS expansion fees are like another tranche of funding from overly excited venture capital. It's all about the future promise of growth because nobody's making real money. They could end up like Amazon or it could be WeWork. In the meantime, for owners with other businesses, it is a tax loss write off. As comparison, only 7 MLS teams generate more revenue than the average English Championship team.
  10. Vanney said the Canadian players need to be more challenged more - which the u17 provides. That tell me, the Canadian MLS academy teams aren't delivering the adequate training environment. It creates the big fish in the little pond scenario. This is similar to Americans complaining MLS makes senior American national team players too complacent. Canadians are second-class citizens in the MLS, so all that scratching and clawing to get playing time means they worked hard to get there. So, the CSA does need to look beyond MLS and into Europe and other Canadian academies. My crystal ball gazing for this group is that Habibullah is the next Borges. The MLS isn't kind to this type of player unless he starts scoring more. We haven't really had a Nelson type player before. Hopefully, he doesn't fall into the trap on relying on his paciness which gets neutralized as he ages. Russell-Rowe is the next Jordan Hamilton. Scorer but often disappears for stretches. For all the smallish midfield & fullback players, the MLS is too brutish for them. They'll need to look at the CPL. Canadian back lines tend to have the most mature players for their age group but this gets neutralized as they age. Only one of them is a physical specimen that MLS favours, so they'll have to look at the CPL or become defensive mids.
  11. The NY Times article is an actually from Reuters. So anybody in the Canadian media could have picked it up for a fee or as part of their package with Reuters (if they have one). Though not a typical article TSN's website would carry but something Sportsnet has done in the past. But did anyone else pick it up? Didn't see in the Globe or Toronto Star websites. Google search says National Post was only Cdn media to carry it.
  12. As MLS 1.0 showed, catering to casual sports fans doesn't lead to sustainable success. It's when they went back closer to how football leagues are run and catering to the harder core (like TFC first showed) that they were able to advance to MLS 2.0.
  13. Then you just make July - Sept games quasi unmeaningful. Basically what you see in the MLS during the summer - a lot of generic matches sapping away the passion and intensity gradually over time on the pitch and in the stands.
  14. David is a more rounded forward than Cav or Larin.
  15. Cavallini doesn't do much except score.
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