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  1. The US has a lot more warm bodies in the striker position. But that is one position where a warm body isn't good enough. Better to have just one very good striker in form and no depth. Dike has been the most consistent in showing promise in the past year. Sargent has flat lined but is good if the US wants to play with a false 9. Siebatcheu comes in if Dike doesn't deliver. Zardes/Altidore are just last minute plug ins such as due to injuries. The others aren't yet ready to be a starter in WCQ.
  2. ESPN FC used to be carried by TSN. So for that audience, the podcast is now the only way to hear it in Canada. It's 7 days a week. Helped by the time zone difference, it's usually the first out with the coverage of the day's action. It doesn't get too deep into its analysis, so it's easy listening. It's Premier League-centric but does offer decent coverage of la Liga, Serie A & Bundesliga. And thankfully, it isn't American-centric. It has the most varied & diverse number of analysts amongst podcasts, so all can't be idiots. I like Stewart Robinson, Marcotti, Hutchinson &
  3. CBC basically broadcasts/streams all Olympic qualifying events since they show the Olympics. Basketball is also a top 5 tv sport in Canada while soccer is not. But in general, these Olympic qualifying events get less than 100k on CBC. Ratings for any type of CBC show nowadays is below average to poor ex NHL. A few of these BB games are in prime time, so it should get more than 100k but it will not match Raptors regular season ratings. In looking back at how the women's team captured the interest of the general sports fan and beyond, it wasn't due to qualifiers being on cable tv. Even most
  4. Looking at sports podcast rankings in Canada via Spotify, Apple & Google, Spotify people aren't that interested in footy compared to Google & Apple people. As with podcasts in general and football viewing habits in Canada, foreign based football podcasts dominate. Guardian Football Weekly & ESPN FC are most popular across two of the three platforms. Top in Spotify was ESPN FC at 23, Guardian Football Weekly at 30 & Arseblog at 50 relative to other sports & rec podcasts. Top in Google was Football Ramble at 4, Sky Sports Football at 6, Athletico Mince at 7 & Ar
  5. Virtual tribute to god before Argentina/Chile match in Rio
  6. I was wondering if OneSoccer had rights to both home and away matches. But Kurt Larson has tweeted that all 14 are on OneSoccer. So, from their perspective, I would only sub license max 1 match per window or just the home matches. This will act as samplers to get people to subscribe. I hope they also consider carrying at least selected matches of the other 7.
  7. I do know cord cutters really hate cable companies. But in reading twitter comments over the past month, I see there is a segment that gets really upset at streamers "stealing" content away from the tv networks. Instead of blaming TSN/SN for dropping the rights and laying off their soccer people, they go after OneSoccer & the CSA for putting it behind a so-called paywall. These people don't seem to realize that the soccer viewing audience has been growing but since there a lot of leagues and competitions, no one or two tv networks can carry it all. And it is no coincidence that the on
  8. Aguero is not the best example - he barely played during the season, only played 90 mins once in May and played only 25% of Man City's CL minutes. As others have mentioned, the Gold Cup got pushed back into encroaching European league pre-season training. Conmebol's scheduling was better as Copa America is only a week after 2 WCQ matches. So, easier to keep the players around and then after being eliminated, they can go on vacation for 3-5 weeks.
  9. Yes, previously he was next closest. But I put Herdman ahead of Holger because he blew it on the pitch soon after the Gold Cup and the players rebelled against him for his management style. Now if Canada doesn't advance tomorrow, then they're both in the same boat.
  10. Given the strength and depth of the goalkeepers and backline, the rest of the starting 11 selected by Priestman tends to be too defensive, slow and limited in their scope. So, it's basically up to the fullbacks and wingers to create chances. The fullbacks are largely a complete package but our wingers still need to round out their game. Unlike the men, there is no world class winger. In the middle only Quinn progressively advances the ball. Fleming is far short of being the women's version of Eustaquio. So, other than when playing top 4 teams, there is no reason to play some combo
  11. They did show highlights of the match v Haiti during the England/Croatia match. They also had David on yesterday talking about players like Fonte.
  12. He has along with a bunch others have not been fans of Herdman since page 1 of this thread. Every manager should get criticisms and I do agree the jury is still out on Herdman but net net, he has been moving the men's national team on the right path. And unless it is complete disaster in the Ocho - finish last, players become disillusioned with Herdman and he crosses swords with the CSA - he won't be fired. But two points often cited in these 71 pages have proven to be wrong. 1. His women only experience wouldn't translate to the men on and off the pitch. 2. His motivationa
  13. Most of the major teams ex Jamaica are bringing a B team since they weren't in the Nations League Final 4 or in June WCQ. Mexico & Honduras are also in the Olympics. Euro players have been playing non-stop since last summer. Their pre-season training starts in July since leagues start resuming from early August onwards. So, in order to give them a vacation and rest their body & mind, they'll need to skip the Gold Cup. Some clubs also don't want their players to miss any pre-season training and some players will also want not to miss it if they're looking for more playing time.
  14. Italia 90 had a great opening ceremonies. This was one short & sweet but powerful. Love the overall passion that national team football produces. Chiellini savouring his last tourney.
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