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  1. Pros are she knows the players especially the younger ones, Cdn landscape to get new players and system of play (if she is planning to keep it). Had experience with England senior team as they were taking great strides - maybe learned from Neville. Knows Concacaf but not that big of deal in women's side. Can get guidance from Herdman. Cons are first senior head gig. And not exactly impressive results as Canada youth coach - though how much determined by focus on development vs deploying tactics/players to win is uncertain. Don't know what her strengths are other than youth player development & setting up development pathways. Usually looked over worried and uncertain on the sidelines. So looks like a longer term hire. Inexperience means growing pains as she learns on the job. Will need to see how much she has advanced since leaving for England. Will want to see player comments. Better choice than Wilkinson but not the best available. She says she has evolved.
  2. Huitema article in BBC. The lines I liked were: She joined a boys' team aged 10, because playing for a local girls' team "wasn't competitive enough". "It was unheard of at the time. I remember everyone giving me weird looks when I showed up at training. I'd turn up to matches and I'd hear people say, 'Why's there a girl in a jersey?' The Canadian realised just how much potential she had a few years later. Aged 12, she travelled with her squad to a tournament in Seattle. In one game, she scored a consolation goal in a 7-1 defeat against a team called Surrey United - making such an impression, several opposition coaches approached her dad. Huitema's big break came while she was on international duty at the Algarve Cup in Portugal. A representative from PSG was in the stands and it took just 20 minutes to convince them she was the real deal. "I still think to this day I'm playing catch-up, these women are some of the best players in the world. When I came in I was pretty atrocious, my touches were going everywhere. I'm sure everyone was so frustrated with me because I just couldn't hold my own," she says. "I met Neymar for the first time like a couple of weeks ago and I didn't even know how to react. I tried to play it off cool but I definitely didn't. I feel like I'm turning red right now even just talking about it," she says. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/54639496?xtor=AL-72-[partner]-[gnl.newsletters]-[headline]-[sport]-[bizdev]-[isapi]&xtor=ES-213-[BBC News Newsletter]-2020October27-[top+sport+stories]
  3. If you want to keep up on headline news in one spot, twitter is considered the site/app for it. But you can use also apps like https://www.fotmob.com/. In the app, you can set favourites for leagues, clubs, nations and/or players and get notifications. I have favourited about 40 players in the men's pool to notify me when in starting lineup/goal scored/match rating. But there are many more metrics to choose from. For this Forge match, you would have gotten a notification if you had favourited Forge (I have favourited all CPL clubs), any of their players or Concacaf League.
  4. Good point KJ made about every match matters in European and world football leagues. Unmatched by North American leagues is the celebration of a goal especially when you're away supporter. And the lows are really low and again unmatched by North American leagues. In North American pro sports leagues, the validity of a match can be questioned. Too many games are meaningless. KJ views regular season of North American leagues as more of a pre-season. The actual sport is seen in the playoffs. But yet, people pays big bucks to see regular season games. So in MLS, a loss can be shrugged off. It's just becomes a night out. Complacency is his biggest worry for the MLS. If fans get too complacent, MLS will die of boredom or never taken seriously as a top league. Wants to see pro/reg and at least less teams in playoffs or split season for MLS to get to the next stage. 2016 playoffs between Impact/TFC was the closest KJ saw the North American soccer matching European football culture - wants to write a book about it. I also think this applies to the endless CPL discussions about appealing to the casual North American sports fan such as by wanting more teams in the playoffs. Maybe nice boost for teams in the short run but you're basically chipping away at the fabric of the league over the long run. This discussion starts around 30 mins.
  5. For a Cdn website, sportsnet has the broadest coverage. https://www.sportsnet.ca/soccer/
  6. This is typical of American sports coverage - focus on the positive and ignore or gloss over the negatives. It comes from media rights holders not wanting to burn the leagues they cover and erode their ratings. Political coverage is similar since there is usually no push back against what politicians say as seen in UK & New Zealand. And the supporters are the same. Lots of gushing over young players even over hockey assists and with all touches videos. But some are finally learning since they have seen most of their hyped young players never pan out for most of this century. Article also fails to mention Reyna got a yellow card.
  7. With Atletico Madrid likely to sit deep since that is their DNA (probably not right tactically vs BM) , Davies is a better choice than Hernandez for tomorrow. And Hernandez can play on the weekend. Regardless, Davies has competition now which is good in the long run for him & Canada since he has lot of room to round out his game. But in the short run, it will mean not starting every match and minutes will depend on his form. He's been below average to marginally above average this season but not seeing flashes of brilliance yet.
  8. Coupland just stated that in an article: “I think it’s also about representing the stripes and representing Atlético Madrid,” Coupland said, signaling to the Atlético logo on his team jacket during an interview with the Sportspage over Zoom. “They have unique values and a unique way of thinking,” Coupland said. “Every time I step on the field, I’m very proud to say that I’m playing for Atlético Ottawa, a team affiliated with Atlético Madrid. That’s a really strong feeling for me.” “I’m 16, there’s youth teams until U19 (at Atlético Madrid). Having that opportunity to potentially go play over in Madrid with the academy is something that is achievable and if I work towards it, it’s definitely somewhere that I could see myself playing in the future,” Coupland said. https://sportsottawa.com/2020/10/14/teenage-midfielder-antoine-coupland-reflects-on-his-first-season-with-atletico-ottawa/
  9. A bit surprising to hear it from a MLS broadcaster but KJ basically tears apart MLS regular season - compares it to FI qualifying. He starts around 1:50.
  10. Stylewise, I actually like Larin over Cav. And I think Larin's upside is greater but that doesn't mean anything if he doesn't deliver it on the pitch. But another thing Cav brings that has rarely been seen on Canadian national teams is intensity. Often, on paper, we are more talented than most Concacaf teams ex Mexico/USA. But we regularly lose to them because their players play the qualifers as if it is life or death. As Herdman said last week, when he asked the players why Canada often gets beaten, the response is they wanted it more. Playing meekly is a more apt description of Canadian football style. And Honduras/Guatemalas of the world are just an example of one level of intensity. Mexico is one notch higher. And I would say 7/8 of the 10 Conmebol teams play with the most fervour in the world.
  11. When TFC started out, they went after the hardcore base rather than than the casuals that MLS 1.0 was based on. They were a bad team but still were one of better attendances in MLS. They're spending big money because that is the business model of MLSE. And they believe they'll get their ROI from upselling the hard core base and expanding it in the long run (but will need help from the overall growth of the sport and MLS being more viewed as a top 5 league). MLSE also has a number of teams in its stable, so some TFC gains are cannibalizing sales from other MLSE teams. The hard core TFC base do care about developing Canadian academy players and seeing them get minutes in MLS. So, if not deemed ready for MLS yet, as others have mentioned, TFC needs to get into the loan game to see if they'll sink or swim. It's what every other major football club does but instead they manage TFC player development like it was the Leafs or Raptors situation. Winning gets casuals into TFC in the short run as evidenced by the TV ratings when they got to the MLS Cup. However, since MLS isn't the pinnacle of the sport, if these casuals stick with the sport, they also add other football leagues to their diet. Most casuals haven't stuck around. MLS Cup ratings fell to 1 million last year from a peak of 3 million. And regular season TFC ratings are again below 100k and being matched by the CPL this year.
  12. Stating it is "ridiculous" is actually ridiculous. History shows Cav overtook Larin on club form a couple of years ago. Cav has always outperformed Larin at the national team level. Larin has only closed the gap this year at the club level but he hasn't surpassed Cav. If you think he has, it isn't to any significant degree. Larin now has to show he can close the gap at the national team. He has it show it in training to Herdman or as sub to the rest of us. He can't no longer be missing the net on breakaways or missing tap ins for Canada. Cav is also a better sub in many situations since he is more of a different striker compared to David than Larin. So like Cav did one year ago today, he came in as a sub for David and scored.
  13. Looks like they became homeless a couple of times when rent was behind a month or so. Landlord locked doors - which today isn't allowed but was it allowed 10-15 years ago in Ontario? No relatives to stay with, so lived in car & shelter. Ayo was on provinical team. Couple of his club teammates got selected for u15 Canada camps. So Brampton youth coach steered Ayo to the US - nice to look out for Ayo but sounds like a story from the past century when youth coaches were a stumbling block to the national team program.
  14. Also Impact - Bologna. But nothing yet for Canadian players.
  15. Cav has also produced for the national team. Not at outstanding levels but there is something to look at. While Larin, even when he is good form in the MLS, has underperformed to being non-existent for the national team. So I would need to see Larin at least at 75% of David's Belgium club level to move him ahead of Cav if Larin doesn't deliver much coming on as a sub for Canada. David still gets the start ahead of both if playing with one striker and want to get all our top mids on the pitch.
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