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  1. I have to say the Manitoba Voyageurs are the most interesting lot of posters to read.
  2. PFC's stadium is the worst given the low camera used because the team didn't have the foresight to get going on with hydro in removing it. They were overall lax in getting their stadium ready. Depending on the day, the glare off the plastic pitch is so bad that it gives me a headache watching it for 2 hours. Have to wait for replays to see how goals actually went in. Crowds have been sparse and pretty lacklustre in generating atmosphere. Second is Clarke stadium. The plastic pitch looks really bad on tv. The stands look really disjointed and ugly. Having sparse attendance and weak atmosphere doesn't help either. Unfortunately, on and off the pitch, it is the least watchable team as FCE seems to run like it was during the NASL days. Yes, the stands on tv are empty with York9, but it has a grass pitch in good shape and the lighting is up to 2019 standards. It gives me the impression I'm watching a match from a Eastern Europe stadium with better lighting - not ideal but at least, it looks like something from a first division league.
  3. For a tourney that will run at least 2 weeks, it won't fit under any FIFA window. If they hold it during the year end holidays or next June, then they'll get the Euro players. Since this won't happen, player releases will depend on each player's club situation.
  4. Zlatan had some great etherings this week. His Ferrari comments got the most play but there was more but MLS media was scared to touch it. CPL should use his comments in their marketing. The best of the best was: "Dream? No, I don't need to dream. When I was young, I was dreaming. Now I'm in the dream. Now I am the dream." To Zlatan, 50% of soccer is mental. Mental toughness, that is. Which is something he thinks American soccer players lack. This lack, he believes, is institutional and largely explains why MLS has always stood in the shadow of the international game. Because you don't make money in soccer," he tells me. "In Europe, I can pick two clubs that make money. The rest don't; they do it out of passion. Here, with the sports, you make money. That's it. And I think with all the rules you have here, you are not boosting up the soccer."..."The budget things. The salary cap. You cannot bring in players you want. They have more rules here than I have in my home." "I will tell you that of all the places I've been in my life as a professional, this is the most difficult." "MLS is not the level of Europe, to be honest. Before, I played with players either on my level or close to it. Which makes the game connect easier. ... Here, I am like a Ferrari among Fiats. And it can happen that the Ferrari can become the Fiat, or the Fiat can become the Ferrari. I had the same issue with the national [Swedish] team, though not as much. I said, 'I don't accept it. I don't accept when the ball doesn't arrive, or arrives too late. I want them to come up to my level.' All of this makes me slow down a bit. The game here [in America] could be so much faster, so much more tactical, so much more rhythmic." Here, you can lose five games and it's still, 'Don't worry, we are in the playoffs.' So why even play first eight months of season? No, I don't accept. To be best, you have to be best every day. You know, in Euro, if you come in last, you go down to Division 2. That is pressure. ... So last year, we fight for six position to go to playoff, but came in seven. If we had made sixth position, people would have said we had a 'good season.' I say, 'Fighting for the sixth position? That means we had s--- season!" We need to fight for No. 1, not 6." https://www.espn.com/soccer/major-league-soccer/story/3901444/zlatan-has-something-to-tell-you-i-dont-need-to-dream-i-am-the-dream
  5. Based on his CPL play, Triston Henry is no promising talent.
  6. People not using their tickets seems to be an issue given the email sent out. For Sunday, there may have been more of an effort to get a warm body in an already sold seat. In one instance, a holder of season tix in 3 different places in the stadium was trying to cajole his relatives from nephews to grandmas to fill the seats. If blood relatives couldn't make it, then anyone six degrees separated were brought into the mix.
  7. They basically got many of the companies Greenpark deals with to come on board with York9. For instance, TD is the banker for Greenpark. That's why York9 has the most well-heeled sponsors. Probably Forge would be second. A source has told me the owners have allocated xx millions of their money for the club. So, talks here of folding due to attendance concerns are premature - more likely to pull the plug because members of the family involved lose interest.
  8. So the Fury actually aren't good for Canadian football if they prefer not to exist rather than join the CPL? They rather die by their own sword rather than being captured by the enemy? What has got De Guzman so irked about the CPL?
  9. Not every player who scores a wonder goal should get capped. Not every player who could suit for another country needs to be Canada capped. At best Tefler is on a Canada C team. This ain't yours 2010 Canada's team anymore. Time to upgrade your standards.
  10. OneSoccer also has scheduled u17 tournament final at 1800 on Sunday. Appears to be the City of Vaughan International Soccer Cup. https://torontoazzurri.com/u17-invitational-international-soccer-tournament/
  11. Good weekend programming. CSL in the mornings. CPL during the day. LMX in the evenings.
  12. Is John Herdman's son Jay Herdman? There is a Jay Herdman on Whitecaps u15 team. https://www.eightysixforever.com/2019/7/1/20644755/vancouver-whitecaps-development-report-june-2019
  13. David only non Mexican and American to make best 11. Surprised no players from Haiti or CUW keeper was selected. And you have wonder about the list when Bradley makes it over McKennie.
  14. I didn't think it was a penalty when I first saw it. I also thought Morgan embellished it as she has done all through the tournament. But in the end it was a weak foul but high boot being dangerous tipped it. It was a dumb play by the Dutch player as Morgan was going from the goal. I think the players are going to have to adjust to VAR and stop making low probability, high risk plays in the box anymore along with keeping their hands to the side. Tougher for the women since they don't play in leagues using VAR.
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