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  1. Only Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Serbia and another small nation left to watch in Europe. LigaMX matches still a go. They already get higher ratings than MLS in the US - so this will further the gap. Two on OneSoccer this weekend for those experiencing symptoms. South American leagues still going.
  2. Why? They have much lower covid 19 cases than US or Canada (assuming everyone's reporting is legit).
  3. Reading the cpl.ca article, the lead organizer said they weren't too many women in the stands. She was the only woman in the supporters section and didn't feel included. Just because there is nothing outward about not welcoming women, it doesn't mean women will feel comfortable. There is nothing political about this. Anyway, I thought it was good move on her part. Not sure how successful she'll be. Good for Y9 to help out. I like this type of bottom up initatives with a light touch from the club rather than the over bearing top down marketing we often see from pro clubs in North America.
  4. I am ready to declare that the Canadian women's teams from senior to youth have officially entered the boring zone. Today's match was another display of their passive aggressive style of passing it sideways, passing it backwards, taking 1 shot, having no shots on target, dominated in possession and of course no goals scored. Individually, the players have largely stagnated. Collectively, they have lost their dynamic offensive nature that was more evident under Herdman. They play a variety of tactical systems but all have produced little to no goals against top 10 teams.
  5. If Tefler comes to haunt us, then any XX T&T player would have done the same if Tefler wasn't playing for them. This is a trying to reduce to regret bias. If you're saying Tefler would have been selected for Canada for the T&T matches, then you're overvaluing him.
  6. With The Season Over for The Union, DC United, The Revs, Nashville, Vancouver, The Timbers, Inter Miami, Chicago, Cincinnati, And NYCFC, Their Fans Turn To Other Pursuits “This is the earliest I’ve ever been released from this purgatory,” stated Whitecaps fan Andrew Williams. “Typically the Whitecaps wait until a few games to give up the season and let the fans go home, but this year they decided to let us all go with a residing thump. I’m going to focus on the Canucks, take in the BC Sportsmen’s Show and probably go to the auto show.” https://www.thenutmegnews.com/current/2020/3/2/with-the-season-over-for-the-union-dc-united-the-revs-nashville-vancouver-the-timbers-inter-miami-chicago-cincinnati-and-nycfc-their-fans-turn-to-other-pursuits
  7. They're slow in pace, slow in passing, slow in thinking and slow roll shots to the net. Only thing slower was the Cuban keeper - even before she was injured.
  8. I should have been more specific. I was referring to Spanish language tv in the US like Univison, TUDN, Unimas, Fox & ESPN Deportes. Football ratings on these channels is like hockey on tv in Canada. Put something on, there is always some base that will watch it. That's one of the main reasons why MLS ratings on Spanish language tv in the US is higher than English tv but it's not something to get excited about. There is a reason why Mexicans refer to MLS as a "cementary of the stars" league.
  9. And MLS tv ratings were down YoY in 2019. MLS on Spanish tv has also higher average ratings than English tv. But I don't believe Spanish networks are going to be paying up for MLS rights when liga MX gets 4-5x more along with some other leagues and national team matches. Plus MLS playoff ratings were lower than regular season ratings in 2019. This shows MLS doesn’t have a solid foundation of hardcore fans. With 40%- 50%+ of MLS teams making the playoffs means the regular season isn't as compelling to watch as the Euro league matches. The quality in the bottom half is also poor which means only hard core locals are only watching. No relegation means no need to watch to worry about facing the true agony of defeat. The saving grace has been that MLS rights are bundled with US & Mexican national team rights via SUM. So they have been subsidizing MLS.
  10. Nope. David's goal against a Serie A team and 27 scouts watching him is the #2 story by a wide stretch. And media coverage & social media buzz says it was Davies & David. Jakovic's issue (and with most players on the cusp of the national team) is being good consistently and thereby being a consistent starter.
  11. That is so on point. Tomorrow, KJ will be waxing poetically about every run of the mill MLS player and why this MLS season is poised to be the greatest ever because all the off season moves have been amazing.
  12. Same as previous two matches except Canada got exposed defensively. Canada controlled the play again but lack of creativity in midfield, no fullbacks that can attack and feeble shots or headers means no goals ex a fluky one. The days of Canada scoring due to bad goalkeeping, poor fitness levels and being unathletic are over. These 3 teams Canada played now have a number of US/Cdn born/raised players along with a number going to US colleges. So, they finally at least play at a basic level of football. This Canada team has about 11 players from the 4th place WC u17 team. But it's missing the key attacking players: Huitema, Riviere & De Filippo. In the back, Maya Antoine who was a best 11 at Concacaf u20 qualifying is not on the team. The u17 midfield wasn't that great, so even though they're all basically on the u20 team, they're again not delivering. And none of the new adds have shown any quality close to the players missing.
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