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  2. Maybe the best Lille has looked this season. No chances for Wolfsburg. Some chances for Lille but haven't tested the keeper yet. David had one weak shot that was just wide, 2 nice link ups with Burak and a real splitting pass to Burak (but called offside). David could have played for a foul just outside the box when John Brooks basically pushed him in the back but got up to make a pass to Burak in the box.
  3. Andi is leaving Leafs Lunch but back to guest co-host Overdrive on the 24th (the top rated radio sports show in Canada).
  4. Canada WCQs aren't appointment tv (yet), so SN/TSN promo ads are of marginal benefit. Long break between windows also tempers any momentum. Real drivers are Canada needs to continue to win, style of play should be perceived to be attractive and quality of play should be perceived to be good. Playing against nondescript footy nations like ES, Honduras & Panama doesn't help. And based on comments on this forum, even committed Canada supporters can't tolerate watching many Concacaf teams. Telling stat in the Honduras tweet was that 936k channel surfed the product but less than 1/3 really were committed to watching it. Numbers for ES match came out. It averaged 184k. Lower distribution for SN1 hurt the numbers. At the same time, US Open got just over 200k while Jays vs Yankees almost hit a million.
  5. Honduras averaged 278k on Sportsnet. US averaged 393k on TSN4. Relative to other football, these are 2-4x higher than the average Canadian MLS team game in the past few years but much lower than the playoffs/MLS Cup Finals/CCL Final during peak TFC. It's about 2x higher than the average Premier League match when it was on tv. It's in line to lower for Big 4-6 club matches. It's much lower than ratings for Euros, Olympics & World Cup football where 5-10 matches easily get over 1 million. England matches are usually the highest rated at over 900k. So, I view it as decent numbers. But in the light of the volume of twitter hand wringing, expectations of the pull of tv were unrealistic. Quite a bit of misplaced views of where soccer & Canadian men national team soccer stand in the Canadian tv sports landscape and not fully aware tv viewing/entertainment habits are being disrupted.
  6. Listening to a American Mexican futbol podcast recently, they played clips of American Mexicans explaining why they support El Tri rather than the US. Nobody cited reasons that were football related that I can recall. Instead, it was about being born in Mexico, coming together with family & friends, enjoying Mexican food/music, childhood memories, family traditions and so. There was also language familiarity and not always being considered as part of the American mainstream. Fortunately, Canada doesn't have one of it's biggest rivals' supporters base in our midst like the US. But it doesn't mean ES supporters from yesterday will switch over to Canada men after just one match. At best, maybe as a second team for some if the performance continues. The main difference from 15 years ago is that the Canadian support led by the Voyageurs don't allow the opposition fans to control the atmosphere at BMO Field. As Herdman said, better performance on the pitch helps kickstart it. We have finally a significant base in Toronto that knows what it means to be a football supporter in a stadium setting. Other cities have work to do, Vancouver is second but need more intensity. CPL is showing, it has spread to selected other cities but numbers are small.
  7. First time I have seen any video of her. Like to see this type of passion for CPL matches - let alone a women's league.
  8. Besides the quietish crowd at Nashville, US tv ratings for the match also disappointed. Spanish language ratings not available yet but match overlapped a bit with Mexico. NWSL match earlier in the day on CBS got 442k.
  9. An average of 393k watched US vs Canada on TSN. Versus the recent Euros, it would rank in the third quartile. Finland vs Russia in the morning was one of the lowest at 201k. England matches got 900k+. About 7 matches got over 1 million. Vs Canadian MLS in the past couple of years, it is on the higher end. But lower than most TFC playoff matches when they reached MLS Cup Finals. Overlapping the soccer was Bombers vs Riders which got 980k. This game is part of the Banjo Bowl and is usually one of the CFL's most watched regular season games. Another Canada vs USA match up last Tuesday (women's hockey final) got 836k.
  10. Former PSG, Nimes & French international died at age 73. In 1982, Adams was administered a near fatal dose of anaesthetic, which caused brain damage. He was in a coma for nearly 40 years. On the day of Adams' operation to repair a damaged tendon in his knee - suffered while on a coaching training camp - many staff at the hospital in Lyon were on strike. His operation still went ahead, with the anaesthetist looking after eight patients, including Adams, at the same time. Adams was supervised by a trainee, who later said: "I was not up to the task I was entrusted with." Between the anaesthetist and trainee, numerous errors were made, causing Adams to suffer a cardiac arrest and brain damage. It wasn't until the mid-1990s that the anaesthetist and trainee were punished - a one-month suspended sentence and a 750 euro fine. Since the accident, Adams has been cared for by his wife, Bernadette. “Jean-Pierre feels, smells, hears, jumps when a dog barks. But he cannot see.”
  11. It's not being cute. They don't believe one strategy will work for the whole match as the opposing teams will eventually adjust and/or the players being relied upon the most to execute will get wore down. Herdman did this with the women's team and has continued it. They have pre-set plans for every 15-20 minutes - maybe 30. They won't shift materially in every phase and not every shift will work but in the bigger picture of a whole match, it keeps the opposing team off balance. Certainly many of the opposing players will have a hard time adjusting on the fly and will need to rely upon the skills of their manager to direct them. It's also taking advantage of the various Canadian players that can play multiple positions and hybrid positions - something Herdman has regularly mentioned he looks for in player selection. People have started to notice as one question to GGG before the match described Canada's soccer as complex, unpredictable and shifty. And I believe Platt in yesterday's post game OS show also noted it.
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