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  1. Ayo is still ahead or at least on par with Hoppe (meaning a 3rd or 4th tier American selection). Hoppe barely scored in 4th tier Germany. He knows how to finish but is rough in almost every other facet of his game. He reminds me of an unpolished Wondo. Sargent is still more valued by American supporters and his manager who just was quoted saying: I know that forwards are always judged by the number of their goals. But that's not fair and it falls short of what a coach needs to look at. Josh always gives everything and he's incredibly important for the whole construct. Now he scored, and t
  2. MLS offer basically cushions any major impact to player salaries this year despite the covid hit. But MLS gets a larger share of any spoils from a better tv contract and bump from WC 26. So the players are in a tight spot - get a pacifer today to get royally screwed later unless you believe MLS revenues will have hard time recovering from covid. I don't think most of the players are in a position (or care) to think about the prospects of future players but I also think they won't back down too easily given what they are being asked to give up. So, I think there will be a delay to the
  3. I agree, it reads like a guy pleading to his wife who just asked for a divorce. Lots of emotion but little substance offered. And what was provided is pretty weak. In a way, they're like Saputo who also couldn't really express what Impact stood for when his current management asked him.
  4. Pulisic has arrived at Donavan's water fountain drinking level with this GQ spread. Plus, usual American hype and ignorance of him being one of the best in the world. https://www.gq.com/story/americas-global-soccer-star-christian-pulisic
  5. I agree with this. They don't want to the teams competing on wages. But attempting to control draft player wages via Generation Adidas has created unintended consequences. The higher GA player wages don't count against the cap for a few years but this creates a cap time bomb later. So, if the GA player lives up to expectations, his wage increase after the GA label expires makes the player often overvalued given the cap hit. If he underperforms, he also becomes overvalued even without a raise. He is then often dumped as no other MLS team won't like the cap hit either - likely the Shome si
  6. The MLS draft is past its prime. It's looking to retire but given Garber's NFL background, he doesn't want to let go. But coaches like from the champions have moved on. “There probably won’t be a draft at some point because you’re seeing more and more people are passing in the second and third rounds,” Porter said. “Maybe you get something first round. Not to say there aren’t good players though. You can find them.” When Porter coached his first year in the league in 2013, three of the 19 first-round picks didn’t play in their rookie year. Just half of the 24 first-round picks in 201
  7. The covid vaccines so far from western firms or China aren't as effective for no or mild symptom covid. It's 80/90%+ effective for severe covid but only around 50% for less severe covid. Will have to see how effective J&J vaccine will be. So, many US states will continue to allow people in stadiums but having 50%+ full in the summer for the Gold Cup would seem risky still. Though, mostly an issue for Mexico & US matches only.
  8. Jose is now interested in MLS/US players and Davies was the one who opened his and others eyes.
  9. It feels more like Montreal. Some similarities to city of Montreal'a logo. But snowflakes also remind me of Olympics: Sarajevo 84 & Salt Lake 02.
  10. Looks like onesoccer will be carrying it https://www.livesoccertv.com/competitions/international/shebelieves-cup/
  11. If Buchanan was tearing it up playing up front, Arena wouldn't have moved him back. He didn't show enough to play a lot in 2019. And likewise underwhelmed in the bubble. Maybe started to train better as he gained playing time in the fall but wasn't delivering the expected end product. His career trajectory was looking more to be a MLS sub/part-time starter. It appears now he can be a difference maker with more space going forward playing from the back. So now looking like another Laryea. Usually when you get sent back, you don't come back playing too often further up the pitch again. For
  12. Herdman is the first corporate exec quaility manager for Canada. He's done many company speaking engagements including for the one I work for about 5 years ago. He makes a very good impression as I still have non-soccer types at work who can still fondly recall seeing Herdman speak. So no surprise he did well presenting to Arsenal. Herdman is also the first to fully incorporate psychology into the prep of the men's team. Given his forward thinking, I hope he is also incorporating full analytics assessment of the players. Some on this forum have tended to poo poo these aspects of Herd
  13. I wouldn't say Buchanan is further along in development than Corbeanu and its unclear vs Millar. Buchanan failed playing forward positions in MLS. So, he got pushed back to the back line where he has shown more promise. So, he's in redevelopment mode. Sample size is too small to say whether he can do this consistently and sample size is non existent in terms of senior national team level. Millar has played more quality matches but skillset so far shown has been narrow. Corbeanu is the youngest but has produced same or better results than Buchanan/Millar and made the bench at a much h
  14. Sportsnet's Peter Galindo looked at various men and women Euro players to see if their national team stock had risen. Galindo belives the stock of Eustaquio & Larin are up the most. Can't say Hutch's stock is up but for those who had crossed him off, it was too early. Players who have made some strides but need to step up or tidy up various parts of their game include James, Ongaro, Millar, Kennedy, Okello & Elva. Players who are looking promising are Corbeanu & Halbouni. Hoilett has basically maintained his form.
  15. Which Canadians improved their national team stock. Sportsnet article covers both men and women but women tidbits are of more interest given the paucity of coverage and discussion for them. Fleming: handed a huge opportunity in the 3-0 victory over Benfica in the Champions League on Dec. 15. She completed 34 of 38 passes, two dribbles, five interceptions and six recoveries. Evelyne Viens: on fire would be an understatement. The 23-year-old striker is averaging nearly a goal per 90 minutes with mid-table Paris this season. Viens is averaging 0.96 goals per 90 minutes while registering
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