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  1. Not yet. But like many others, he didn’t deserve this job. He put the knife in the back of OZ, and slipped into his job Hamlet style. That said, he - like Zambrano before - deserves time. It’s been a really long time since we’ve been a player in CONCACAF, and despite the very misleading romp to nations league qualifying, we still aren’t. And honestly, the nations league will likely also tell us very little. We’ll finish second in our group unless some travesty against Cuba, so the real test will be in WCQ. Like so many cycles before, we won’t know until it’s too late.
  2. I accept this argument. We can throw Wales in too after euro 2016, although they still have time to turn it around. But I suppose it begs the questions as to what you’d rather do: win a gold cup or just qualify for a World Cup?
  3. Haha, yup. Our two most successful tournaments relied on luck to get out of the groups. We had some penalty luck in 2002 too. Those groups of three. Come 2026 the World Cup is going to see how poor the groups of three are. Remember the last WC when a team went through on fair play? (I think it was Japan). Just wait until 2026, I can see lots of tiebreakers being used.
  4. Oh VAR. When you look at the White equalizer in the England USA game, it is painful that that was disallowed. Granted she was a mm or two offside, so it was technically correct, but that hurt to see. Those margins are far too small. The naked eye is a far better barometer in most cases. Now, watching Haiti v Mexico, I wanted VAR to overturn the penalty because I thought it was weak and wrong. But in the end I think I’m ok with the penalty being given. I spoke with a former WNT member, and she raves about VAR. She referenced Canada v England in 1995 WC, that had it existed Canada wins that game. So maybe players like it, and to hell with us. In the end though, why not just referee the game from a screen? Honestly, if all we care about is getting it right, then get rid of the refs altogether. But there’s more to it than that, and so we’re trying to blend refs with VAR and it isn’t working well.
  5. Osieck and Canada followed up our 2000 Gold Cup won with a third in 2002. A pretty strong run for my liking. Haiti would likely be very happy with a Holger Osieck type Gold Cup run.
  6. Just in Time-added-on as I type. 1. I notice that Rodriguez is wearing a Nike headpiece (Commentator called it a swim cap) but Mexico is Adidas. I wonder what the repercussions of that will be. 2. Qatari referee? Have I missed something here? 3. Is that Mexican Coach Martino sitting up high - not on the bench? Was he banned or something, or does he just prefer that vantage point? Tough not to root for Haiti on this one.
  7. I’m carefully daydreaming of a Haiti v Jamaica final.
  8. LOL, I just realised that there was penalties... Norway v. Australia in the Round of 16.
  9. Maybe. Maybe not. I’m done worrying about the fact Zambrano did not deserve to be fired. What I’m interested in at this point is simply that Herdman is held to the same standard.
  10. The bottom line is that Coach Herdman failed his first real test. Dramatically. We learned absolutely nothing from Nations League qualifying, and the group stage at Gold Cup, and when it finally mattered, after many preparation games and over a year in charge, he failed from 2-0 up at half. Everything went our way in the tournament, in the lead up, in the draw, and he managed to snatch defeat from the clutches of victory. But the CSA loves him and has this vision 2026 bs, so I suspect nothing will happen. Not that I need him to be fired, but come WCQ, there is little indication we’ll do any better. Remember that in his career he has now coached ONE actual away game at a CONCACAF nation that isn’t USA.
  11. Agreed. But this opponent really is the best case scenario we could have reasonably expected.
  12. Really great that we haven't seen penalties yet. With four matches left, when was the last tournament to have penalties either at this stage or for the whole thing? Edit: That was easy, the 2007 World Cup had no penalties at all, but the knockout round started with a quarter-final. Same with 2003, and 1991. But as far as tournaments that have a Round of 16, no tournament - men or women - has ever gone through to the semi-finals without penalties.
  13. Anything other than a semi-final berth would be a failure.
  14. I agree with you for the most part, but this is not something the CSA has any influence over. If European clubs want to sign our players, great, if they don’t then they won’t. The only thing the CSA has any influence over in terms of leagues is whether or not there is one here.
  15. Just imagine if these federations cared about their women. Look at what happened to the European nations when they decided that they care. At the end of the day, only one country can win. I’m actually quite happy with Canada this tournament. I’m frustrated of course, but now that I’ve had 24 hours I really don’t think much needs to change. The players are there, young one are coming through. Tactically we can improve but a coaching change can achieve that marvellously.
  16. You know, this is interesting to me. I get that things need to change, and that we all want to do better, but I think it's pretty immature to just blame the provinces for 'not getting on board.' I suspect there is lots they can do for sure, but it is far to easy to turn around and say that since A didn't work, then B was certainly the solution. The fact is that if we play a particular style, that falls on the coach of that team. If subordinate coaches don't play a particular style, then they may be hurting the program, but it still falls on the highest level coach to have their team playing how they want. And that didn't happen. The failure at this tournament rests solely on the coach and the team, and not with in some board room in Saskatchewan or Manitoba or wherever. Now, well after the fact these issues - whatever they may be - should definitely get addressed but I refuse to say that political strife caused us to play poorly and lose as we did. That's the coach. That's the players. And you know, JDV has been in his role for some time and if nothing has changed then maybe people need to start questioning his ability to make that happen. Is it not literally his job to ensure that players are developed appropriately?
  17. I was being facetious, because he was hand-picked by Herdman in the first place.
  18. If all we care about is getting it correct, then we have to take the officials off the field and leave it entirely up to VAR. I’m sorry but if this is what it has come to with so many stoppages making calls at such incredibly fine margins(in many cases) then I don’t think it’s worth it. Especially given that I think referees are not making calls, knowing that VAR will inevitably bail them out; no call is the safe call because they’ll get a second - and better - look. We can all sit and say that VAR is ultimately making the correct call, but the Cameroon disallowed goal was offside by what must have been millimetres! Technically correct, but those are the types of fine lines I think I’m ok with. Is something different at this World Cup? At Russia I don’t feel like it was used nearly as much, but I’m not really up to date on changes to these types of things.
  19. I agree with this. Referees don’t make calls knowing that VAR can bail them out. I just don’t want to hear that this is a WWC issue. It’s a footballing issue across the men’s and women’s game.
  20. But is this any different that the men’s tournament? I agree there are kinks, but at Russia 2018 it was bad too. And in the various test leagues. I think this is a problem, but I don’t think this is a case of women being unfairly treated.
  21. 1. Then which competition is the ultimate women’s competition? 2. This is not a “they wouldn’t do this to men” moment. You’re grasping at straws here.
  22. If Canada goes into the game thinking that a draw will be best because then they'll finish second is the type of thing that cases Fate to step in and have USA lose and finish second. There are no guarantees, they are both opponents that can beat Canada. This is such a superb response. We can't watch this tournament and expect it to be a carbon-copy of World Cup Russia. This has been a superb tournament so far with a higher standard than ever. And we should expect that 2023 will be even better. It's such a great era for Women's soccer. And the refereeing has been fine if you ask me. Any issues with VAR are VAR issues and perhaps we could blame the evolution of that rather than blaming female refs.
  23. Agreed. I took the bait. Looking forward to tomorrow, seeing us face our toughest challenge of the tournament so far.
  24. Give me a break. This is so unintelligent, misinformed, and disconnected from the reality of the world. When privilege starts to look like equality, it's often perceived as oppression. There is a lot of ignorance in what you're saying here. Next are you going to try to say that Christmas is under attack? Whether you like the US team or not, there sexuality is completely irrelevant. What is relevant is that they are doing all of the same things that Christine Sinclair and her teammates are doing, and that is realizing that they have to leave the game in a better place than where it was when they started. You know, the campsite rule. You call it self-serving and self-promotion, but really it is integral to making things better for girls and women around the world. Patrick, I'm sure that your life is so much more challenging than anyone else, but perhaps you should stick to watching Bill O'Reilly and telling yourself what a bunch of snowflakes everyone else but you is. Spare us from this tripe.
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