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  1. https://twitter.com/garyalsmith/status/1811225868598903259 looking like a couple suspensions likely for Uruguay
  2. Colombia had 5 goals on 7 shots. Excluding the penalty, then 4 goals on 6 shots. That is one heck of a conversion rate.
  3. Hell yeah !!!!! Love seeing this https://twitter.com/BenSteiner00/status/1809433073110442349?
  4. Good read on the state of football in Venezuela https://www.nytimes.com/athletic/5615753/2024/07/05/venezuela-copa-america-baseball-soccer/
  5. For anyone who attended the Peru or Chile game, was the stadium experience like this? this is totally unacceptable for a major tournament
  6. For what it’s worth, betting odds have shifted in favour of Canada. They are now slight favourites for the match.
  7. If Canada can win on Friday, and then make it to the 3rd place match, that would be $2M + $5M USD in prize money. That should cover expenses and then some for the fall windows. Of course, the organizers need to also pay on time.
  8. Is it possible her exclusion from the Olympic squad was due to her change of clubs? Can Liverpool request that she not participate in the Olympics?
  9. There will be a good showing of Venezuelan fans for this game, if today's match in Austin was any indication: https://twitter.com/FUTVEEnglish/status/1807562689507717483
  10. The Peru Chile game was hosted at the stadium. The Peru manager complained about the surface, hinting it was responsible for an injury. Looks like they removed the artificial surface and installed grass: https://www.wfaa.com/article/sports/soccer/att-stadium-grass-field-copa-america/287-235f4de8-ffa0-49b2-bb39-0db30715f3dd Maybe with additional time it settles in more for good playing conditions next week.
  11. Just saw a sign at a tram stop. There will be shuttle busses to the stadium from 18:15 onward for the game. The busses are at the La Cité du Vin stop, which can be accessed by tram B.
  12. If there are already plans on Facebook, please update the thread. In the meantime, at Place de la Bourse, there are two pubs called “Wall St” and “Charles Dickens”. Both are right next to each other if one doesn’t work out. Large patios, easy to find, and I assume are sport friendly. All the outdoor seating are those round bistro tables you see at most dining establishments, so might have to huddle a bunch together. Based purely off the website, Charles Dickens may be more accommodating. thewallstreetpub-bordeaux.fr 7 Quai de la Douane charlesdickenspub.fr 9 Quai de la Douane It’s easy to get the tram to the stadium from these spots.
  13. I'm catching the Rotterdam game first, and will be taking the train to Bordeaux afterwards. Yeah, let's hope there's some additional transit after the game. Looking forward to the game and meeting everyone who attends. I'll be checking the forum, and can do whatsapp also, but I don't have facebook. Bought an eSim but looks like I need to be in Europe first to get it activated.
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