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International Player of the Year 2008


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It's year end and once again the Voyageurs invite all members to participate in our annual polling for International Player of the Year.

As per tradition all submissions for the IPoY will be conducted in public, in this topic. You are welcome to edit your submission at any time up until the deadline for submissions.

The deadline for submissions is 12:01 AM (EST) January 1st, New Years Day 2009.

Submissions for IPoY must have a first place selection and can also include a second, and third place selection.

A point system is used to calculate a players points total at the completion of polling. A player will receive 5 points for a 1st place selection, 3 points for a 2nd place selection, and 1 point for a third place selection.

The player with the highest final aggregate total will be declared the Voyageurs International Player of the Year.

A couple of other rules.</u>

Only one submission per IP address. Additional submissions from the same IP address allowed entirely at the Administrators discretion.

For a player to be eligible for the Voyageurs International Player of the Year the player must have been selected for international duty at either the senior or U20 level in 2008 and be eligible to play for Canada, in accordance with FIFA laws & statutes, as of December 17th, 2008.

Previous Winners</u>

2006 Atiba Hutchinson

2007 Julian de Guzman

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Ha! And since I launched the topic I get 1st vote.

1st Place.

Tomasz Radzinski

2nd Place.

Ali G!

3rd Place.

Julian de Guzman

Yeah, I know. I'm basing a lot of my voting stock on international performance but I'm allowed to if I so choose and I do. So there. Honestly, very little to choose between these three. The Guz had a huge club season but left too much of that form in Spain and not enough in WCQing. Radz had a great year at Xanthi but is handicapped by playing 2nd tier Belgian right now otherwise to my mind he'd be the run away 1st choice. Honourable mention to Robbie Friend. Poorly utilized in WCQ. Not his fault but the reality of the past year otherwise with his club performances in Germany he'd be in my mix for sure.

So there we are. Have fun.

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He finished 2008 as the 5th leading goal scorer in the Greek Super League with Xanthi. Even though he was in the goal scoring race in Greece, he still showed for Canada (including the exhibition matches, Estonia, Panama, Brazil).

No one player gave his all more than Radzinski and made as big an impact on the field for Canada. When we fell apart in World Cup Qualifying in Montreal against Honduras, it was because Radzinski had left the field injured.

When the majority of our big names turned their back for the Mexico game in Edmonton, Radzinski led the youngsters to a stellar performance (and finished the match by bowing to the Voyageurs, with a V's scarf around his neck).

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In my submission to the CSA's fan choice, I picked Gerba for all his goals in WCQ. I'm going to let sentiment play a bigger role here:

1. Radzinski

2. Gerba

3. De Guzman

Again, I feel weird that the top 2 choices are the players playing at the lowest club level of any of our MNT regulars, but I can deal with it.

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1. Ali Gerba. Not only did he score 6 goals for us, but also he proved he doesn't just score against minnows. By far our most consistent striker.

2. Tomasz Radzinski. Still one hell of a playmaker. Who knows what might've happened had he not been injured during the Montreal game.

3. Adrian Serioux. This was a tough choice, but he was easily our best defender and really showed us what he could do against Brazil (and every opponent after that).

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