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  1. I expect to see Gold Cup moved to a January schedule in the near future same as Africa and Asia. This will accomodate MLS, which should be, along with Mexico, Concacaf's priority.
  2. Clearly we have to just start calling him Salgadinho!
  3. I have no doubt this was already discussed, but uh....does Hamilton even have a hill over 500 metres? Let alone a mountain?
  4. I'd tend to agree with ya! But I'd suggest not bringing them here for the purposes of Canada, but just to make the MLS teams better. Just like Frei, if he so choose when the time comes he could be capped by Canada. Same situation.
  5. No surprise. I don't understand these guys....one marquee player commits and others will, then all of a sudden you have an excellent team!
  6. Your use of exclamation marks tends to suggest you might be conflicted between how you feel and what you write?
  7. Not one of my u11's (I think 24 were at training) knew the Canada result....
  8. It's no discussion gator. Don't put the score in the thread titled.
  9. +1. My assistant coach keeps asking me "why aren't we learning tactical positioning?" To which my response is - do you think the tactics in 8v8 are the same as 11v11? And he says "but they'll get the basics." I say "show me a kid that's going to remember the tactics you teach on a Thursday night come game time on Saturday" and realizes he can't. But he keeps asking me anyway.....he won't be assisting next year!
  10. I coach in a u11 league in BC. It is top tier. We did not keep scores in the first half of the season. We did keep scores now in the second half as a "cup" season. The first half was 10 games. the cup is 5 games. What have I noticed? My teams have been playing exactly the same way. Pass pass pass pass. We lost most of our exhibition games. Now in the cup we are undefeated (all 3 teams I run) barring 1 game, and I have noticed our opposition playing for victories rather than development - and teams that were playing passing games are now just "run!" "pressure!" "kick!" all game long and as a re
  11. Only got to see the first half, the goal against, and the last 10 minutes. Edgar is showing why he isn't playing in the powership. Atiba is the man! De Ro has every right to be a part of this team on this performance. That was an excellent performance and on another day we get a result. Someone said in another thread that "if we lose because our left back is weak I have no issue with that because our proper left backs are unavailable." Well, our left back was of course the cause for the goal against. Straith isn't a left back and so I have no worry there (but what a finish by the Greek
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