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  1. Who cares why they are there? This is a juvenile response that is the equivalent of a having a wank on a message board. Wank in a stadium with a flag > wank on a messageboard anyday.
  2. Victoria - solid squad Edmonton - surprise package that no one expects Halifax - Imports keep this team alive Hamilton - Sigma FC v2.0 flops under weight of pre-season expectations Calgary / Winnipeg - both weak PDL teams with weak imports York "9" - playing in front of no-one in the biggest market takes its toll
  3. What is he up to now? Still in Germany?
  4. 100$ for a youth jersey? That's bananas.
  5. Great shirt let down by a weak logo, but probably the best in the whole leage
  6. Bush league. The question is, does the "9" stand for how many games this club lasts or how many fans at their home games?
  7. I read in one of the previous articles that he was looking for something close to Manchester or Newcastle. If so this fits the bill re: the latter. Given he's been playing USL, this level doesn't come as a shock.
  8. Isn't it saying that they're bringing Yilmaz in, which increases the likelihood out Larin out?
  9. This makes sense. This does not. Because he's no longer on board. Whether he's coaching the UK women's team or the Canadian men's team, the end result is the same - they lost him from the women's program. It's a loss either way. If they had always wanted to hire him for the men's team, they would have when they hired Zambrano. Herdman may end up being a failure but the whole conspiracy against Zambrano is simply not logical. Obviously Zambrano didn't fit, regardless of whether that was his fault or the CSA's.
  10. https://www.sofoot.com/milan-borjan-ayez-foi-en-lui-463719.html
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