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  1. According to Transfermarkt, Amanda has played a total of 4 minutes since his red card suspension. 😟
  2. Yes, more competition on the men's side and going back for several decades as well. For the women, USA and Canada have been the top teams in CONCACAF since international women's soccer began. I would also add that our women haven't really had to go to Honduras to play an afternoon game with tens of thousands of opposing, jeering fans. A different kettle of fish from Canada's men.
  3. Puerto Rico, FIFA member despite being U.S. Citizens, seems a strange one as well. Makes me think you can become a FIFA member unless your "parent" country objects.
  4. Ah, Guatemala 1988 ... the beginning of a 30 period of Canadian soccer mediocrity from which we are only now emerging.
  5. Just watching off the onesoccer website in a laptop browser. Anyway, glad it's working for most people.
  6. Trying to watch the Edmonton/Ottawa match. Feed keeps stopping every few minutes. Error message sometimes displayed: "This video file cannot be played. (Error Code: 232001)". I have to reload the page to get the stream working again. Very annoying! This was happening occasionally when watching the WCQ but now much more frequent.
  7. Germany Caniggia Elva in at 70th minute in 2nd leg of 2. Bundesliga qualifier with his team up 4-2 on aggregate. Final 1-3 (4-3 agg.) Ingolstadt promote to 2 Bundesliga.
  8. Elva into the game in the 82nd. Ingolstadt up 3-0 ... and win 3-0. Elva's team in a strong position for the 2nd leg. Hope they get it done this year ... and then that he continues to have a significant role with the team.
  9. So Larin's multi goal game a few games back was the difference (goal difference) for the Turkish title?
  10. I remember buying those. 25 cents ... no tax ... hahahahahahahahahaha
  11. That's quite a poster! Commemorating the MNT's last success in both Olympics and World Cup. Love the shirts. Much better that many that came after.
  12. Of course. Brain shutdown on my part. Interesting to see where the league goes from here, expansion wise.
  13. Great! Hadn't heard about this. Nice to see CPL arriving in my hometown, Guelph. Hope to catch a home game at some point.
  14. And maybe that thread should go in the 'Players" sub-forum. Many thanks for these interviews!
  15. I was wondering whether TV5 was based out of Lille. They do seem to show Les Dogues more than any other L1 team and the announcers were quite alarmed when Lorient had one of their better chances.
  16. I'm glad I watched to the end
  17. How ironic would it be if JDG ends up owning a CPL team?
  18. Would your family member be interested in giving a first person account of the CSL from a player's perspective? I haven't come across much of this. Might be interesting addition for @ThatOlCeePee 's site if he is amenable.
  19. Could OneSoccer/CPL/CBC make some games from last year available on CBC, say Saturday afternoons, over the next few weeks? People might appreciate the chance to see some sports as a break from COVID-19 coverage. Also, a chance to show off the league ahead of the 2020 season (we hope ).
  20. Nice logo. Along the lines of early artwork that was posted. Not a bear or beaver in sight 😀
  21. Don't quite understand Julian's problem with the CPL but at least he's consistent. I wouldn't like to think he'd say anything to support the position of whoever his current employer happens to be.
  22. Early days yet for foreign investment but there is a concern the CPL starts looking like a scouting/marketing league for big foreign clubs. That said, I trust the CPL management to consider this as they grow the league.
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