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    I have an investment firm and acted as an advisor for about 25 years. My first MNT exposure was in 1982 when Canada almost made it to Espana 1982. Took my infant son to the Gold Cup in Seattle (2005) and met a few players (Hume, McKenna, Grande, etc. and coach Yallop). A Winnipeg Jets season ticket holder, and has supported Hutchinson's PSV Einhoven, Stalteri's Werder Bremen, and De Guzman's Hanover 96.

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  1. The Stampeders! Canadian AM radio gold. I think almost every K-Tel album had a track from The Stampeders. Good idea. I think I'll play nothing but Canadian bands in the car today ...
  2. I absolutely know how you feel. Never liked Honduras. Never! They get all the breaks: the refs (Archundia!), the corruption (who declares a national holiday to harass the Canadian team in their hotel), the heat, etc. I'd rather cheer for Costa Rica or even Panama than Honduras. I'd even take great joy in seeing Honduras crash and burn in all past World Cup matches. I also hope TODAY is the day we wipe out the damages of four years ago. I hope this is our time.
  3. Nicolino's on Pembina is confirmed for Winnipeg V's! See you all there at 4 pm on Friday. I'll have the usual roster sheets for reference.
  4. Winnipeg Viewing Party will be confirmed tomorrow. Most likely it will be Nicolino's on Pembina, as they have hosted and accommodated the V's for the past matches, including the Olympic matches involving our bronze medal-winning women's team.
  5. Nice turnout for Winnipeg at Nicolino's last Friday! About 35-40 people came to watch; despite the result and short notice, lots of new fans! For Tuesday night, Nicolino's on Pembina (2077 Pembina Hwy) will again host Winnipeg V's. Hope to see you there!
  6. Doug, Nicolino's on Pembina will open just for us on Friday night! so for Winnipeg: Nicolino's on Pembina - 2077 Pembina Hwy. They are normally closed for Good Friday, but because of the Canada match they'll be open for us V's!! See you all there.
  7. Hey Jamie, care to print these for the V's? Copyright is ours anyway.
  8. I know what you mean. Nicolino's have been good to us, and will offer sound for our match right after.
  9. Yeah for most places, but Nicolino's has always been good to us. Besides, we have some "pull" there. Reservations for 9:30 pm, kick off will be about 9:45. Whatever, they'll show both gigs.
  10. Absolutely welcome. Hopefully the turnout will be good; we had about 22 last time. There's a Jets game, but we'll head on down right after.
  11. We have scheduled Nicolino's on Pembina for Winnipeg, starting 9:30 pm. The game will be shown, but the sound will be on right after the Jets game. I'll be at the MTS Centre too, but we'll head on down to Nicolino's after the hockey game.
  12. I would agree, but really, based on past history with Latino refs (especially Archundia) it could have been worse. While he could have dished out more yellows, I'm glad no phantom calls were made in the box that normally goes against us. Playing in that f-upped pitch was a disgrace. It's almost like when Canada played in Estonia under poor playing conditions: getting a point is not a bad result.
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