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    I have an investment firm and acted as an advisor for about 25 years. My first MNT exposure was in 1982 when Canada almost made it to Espana 1982. Took my infant son to the Gold Cup in Seattle (2005) and met a few players (Hume, McKenna, Grande, etc. and coach Yallop). A Winnipeg Jets season ticket holder, and has supported Hutchinson's PSV Einhoven, Stalteri's Werder Bremen, and De Guzman's Hanover 96.

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  1. The Stampeders! Canadian AM radio gold. I think almost every K-Tel album had a track from The Stampeders. Good idea. I think I'll play nothing but Canadian bands in the car today ...
  2. I absolutely know how you feel. Never liked Honduras. Never! They get all the breaks: the refs (Archundia!), the corruption (who declares a national holiday to harass the Canadian team in their hotel), the heat, etc. I'd rather cheer for Costa Rica or even Panama than Honduras. I'd even take great joy in seeing Honduras crash and burn in all past World Cup matches. I also hope TODAY is the day we wipe out the damages of four years ago. I hope this is our time.
  3. Nicolino's on Pembina is confirmed for Winnipeg V's! See you all there at 4 pm on Friday. I'll have the usual roster sheets for reference.
  4. Winnipeg Viewing Party will be confirmed tomorrow. Most likely it will be Nicolino's on Pembina, as they have hosted and accommodated the V's for the past matches, including the Olympic matches involving our bronze medal-winning women's team.
  5. At the start of the Gold Cup I was hopeful that at most, we surprise a few people, reach our goal of getting past first round, AND scoring some goals. With this exit, I've resigned myself to the following: (1) We are confirming our FIFA ranking. Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, and Panama have progressed. We regressed. (2) Our players are not that good. But some are very promising (Larin,Akindele, Osorio, Teibert), and some are solid (Jakovic, Edgar). (3) We have a long way to go, to play a good complete match. Floro needs to schedule camp and get lots of friendlies to refine our transition offence (we don't have one, really.). But the Costa Rica match produced a more attractive display in many instances. I'm okay with that. (4) The only thing we should expect is effort from our players. Expecting great execution will only bring disappointment. I'm not leaving the Floro bandwagon, as I don't know anyone who is better suited to transform this team in a short time frame. We tried Hart, Mitchell, Yallop, Fonseca, Osieck, Twamley, Lenarduzzi, Miller, Bearpark, and Waiters. The problem is not always the manager.
  6. Thanks Joe. I haven't seen that Fifth Estate episode in decades. Fighting song sounds like it was an Irish Rovers-country song. But I guess Canada (CSA?) hasn't learned much by trusting American leagues (ie. MISL, in this case) for helping and developing Canadian players. (Yes, I do recognize the significant role that the North American Soccer League had, but you all know what I mean.)
  7. No worries. The fact that Vittoria said and felt that way at the time goes to show his true allegiance at the time. If he changes his tune, that's up for the coach to decide. BTW I found it strange about any comparison with Radzinski, who snubbed the MNT in the early 2000s. While part of that is true (he didn't like Holger and preferred to concentrate on club football), he did play in the GC 1997 for Canada before returning to the MNT when Yallop was coach. Radzinski had quite a few people upset that he refused some MNT call-ups, but it's important to note that he was an elite player and that his return benefited Canada a lot.
  8. The article was written in 2007 during the U20s, if recall correctly ...
  9. Wow, surprised at some of the comments on this thread but I do feel everyone's entitled to their own opinion. My mine is this: Congratulations on your retirement Kevin. I will always remember your first goal (@ a friendly in Winnipeg in 2000), and your excellent Gold Cup in 2002, scoring a brace against Haiti. I'll remember your headers against Germany and Portugal, as you have a knack for the goal when you're up front. Just like most MNT players there were several low moments, but the one I remember was the 2005 GC where you had to sit out the final match against the Americans because of a red card in the previous match. You looked gutted not to play, but like Iain Hume you had the class to sign my son's hat as you appreciated the all the Voyageurs showing up in Seattle. Thank you for that and your time in Canadian colours.
  10. Not afraid. We just refuse to acknowledge anything his non-Canadian a** has done. Anyone who turns their back on Canada deserves that treatment. That includes a certain U20 keeper, a certain player emotionally-attached to the Czech Republic, a KC striker who's not called up to the US roster, etc. BTW, the thread is about Junior ... Not Voldemort, beetlejuice, etc. ;-)
  11. MOD ALERT : This thread is heading into a direction involving the UNMENTIONABLE one. Please discuss that in the World Soccer section, or better still, stick to the topic: Junior Hoilett. Thanks everyone.
  12. Well, Voyageurs are just looking forward to a happy ending so ... :-D
  13. Like in the past WCQ against Jamaica, where certain players were seen celebrating at parties/clubs? ;-) What we need are players WHO JUST ABSOLUTELY HATE LOSING. If they want to be with some friends after a poor match, perhaps it would be advisable to keep it very low-key, as losing or trying a home match is disasterous. But having JDG2 and Junior can only help our chances at qualifying, and at the very least, perhaps bring some confidence to our squad. When I look back at the 2007 Gold Cup and saw a confident Canada play against the U.S., I thought anything was possible.
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