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  1. Can we get a parrot analysis on that please?
  2. I bet their announced attendance doesn't match turnstile attendance!
  3. Which team is owned by Bob Young.
  4. Are we interested in youth caps? 16 year old Aribim Pepple of Cavalry was recently named to Canada's U-17 squad.
  5. Minatel has been an absolute stud in the fall season for Cavalry. I'd say he is a better player than Escalante overall, though Escalante's left footed deliveries are very valuable on corners and free kicks. Well deserved MOTM.
  6. Ugh, I was pulling for Valour tonight but this looks pretty unwatchable.
  7. That's Malonga for you, he wastes a lot of grade A chances. Pretty dull game but glad Cavalry got the 3 points.
  8. With Henry suspended for the next game it seems obvious that our CBs will be Vittoria and Cornelius. Probably have James and maybe Zator on the bench?
  9. I'm sure he'll be back in no time, but this Cuba player getting stretchered off evens it to 10 men a side.
  10. Johnson has been much more noticeable (in a good way) in the second half.
  11. Our attack is coming exclusively on the left from Davies. We need to get something going on the right side to balance it out. As I said earlier, bring on Millar for the right flank. Take off Larin and move David to the middle. Would also like to see Osorio on for Wotherspoon or Johnson who have been ineffective so far.
  12. I'd take Larin off at the half for Millar, put Millar on the right flank and move David to the middle.
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