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  1. Karina Yao has been a beast at Cavalry while on loan from Montreal, so they wont even have to look too hard!
  2. I was there for that one. The weather ended up being pretty mild for mid october. I'm pretty sure I got by with just a sweatshirt, toque and voyageurs' scarf. Contrast that with Grey Cups that I've been to at that same stadium where it was much colder, where frequent bathroom breaks were necessary to keep warm even with a full winter coat on. Of course it was still quite cold for the Mexicans, I recall Gio dos Santos in particular running down the wing in front of us with long sleeves and gloves. That was our best result of the whole round and it happened after we were eliminated a few days prior.
  3. lol, the commentator in this game defending Salvadoran fans throwing piss bags at players, saying they're water bags
  4. Well as long as we are not bound by the constraints of time then I want a 2007 Julian de Guzman in midfield!
  5. I'm afraid Commonwealth has had field turf since 2010, but the other reasons are sound enough.
  6. Yes, I wish we had hypothetical wins (or a win, since winS would be 6 points) against teams we haven't played away yet instead of actual draws that have happened in reality!
  7. I've been using onesoccer pretty much since it launched and yesterday was the first time it didn't work for me on my phone or computer. Couldn't log in, it kept saying ïncorrest password", even though my browser and phone have it saved, and I even reset it twice. I assume it had something to do with more traffic than their servers could handle, which is complete garbage. Ended up watching a bootleg stream in spanish for the first half (just like the bad old days!) before I found out about the free youtube stream. Unsurprisingly, the "Contact" page in their Help section wasn't working either so they also made it hard for people to complain.
  8. It's also nice to have a post game show at all. Thinking back to the infamous 2007 Gold Cup semi where we got like one replay of the blown call on what should have been the tying goal, 30 seconds of Forrest and Dobson in disbelief and then that's it, good night!
  9. I have absolutely no inside info, but it's possible that was just a leg cramp. They can hit you really sudden and painfully, and he seemed to be favouring his calf after.
  10. Sounds 3-4-3 to me Buchanan--Larin--David Davies--Hutch--Eustaquio--Laryea Miller--Vitoria--Johnston Borjan
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