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  1. I've seen TFC fans posting screenshots all over twitter and none of them show the ball to be clearly over. I don't think there's anyone to blame there, really, other than whoever decided to have cameras set up on the end line from one side only. The penalty (the run-up and the encroachment, not the call itself) was a travesty.
  2. The Shaffelburg shot was probably in, but none of the angles provided on TV showed it to be in. The Mavinga tackle was laughable, and the penalty run-up was illegal. If it wasn't then the run-up rule is pointless.
  3. Two goals from 4 matches (all as a starter in wins) in the Norwegian second tier.
  4. Yup. A draw keeps USA and Honduras back at 3 points, and keeps an ineffectual Berhalter in his job. Shut 'er down.
  5. Should we be worried about Panama? They just drew Mexico, but they don't have any players that scare me.
  6. I watched the first half wearing nowt but a towel, as I had just come in from a run. Needless to say, I know how I'll be enjoying the next 11 match days now.
  7. The thing I love about Johnston is he looks like the sort of kid you'd pick on in high school gym class, but he doesn't take any shit from anyone, and dishes out his fair share as well. Fearless.
  8. Atiba MOTM for me, but all good performance from all the boys in red. Laryea is the most confounding player. Capable of brilliance and flatulence in equal measure.
  9. Not sure that was a planned injury. His first few kicks after that pause were poor to iffy, including one that created a pretty decent chance against.
  10. Surely that's what all the teams in the last Hex would have thought going into it as well. Turned out differently.
  11. You can do that if you want. A player at this level has to make that play comfortably, though, and Kennedy never found his way back into the play either.
  12. And if they can drag him out wide he gets walked like Buchanan did at least once.
  13. Well done. Too bad about that Scott Kennedy boner. Adekugbe and Henry were immense.
  14. You're absolutely right about the giveaway. The defensive error by Mikhael was just as comically bad, only in a different way.
  15. Shades of 2019 in this match from Cavalry. Scythe down everything that moves and dare the referee to call all the fouls. To her credit she's mostly done well.
  16. Calgary's #5 surely has to be off for that challenge. I don't see how Cavalry are the ones complaining out of that exchange.
  17. One simply has to LOL at Mikhael on that goal. What was that?
  18. The strategy of getting the ball to Davies on the left seemed to be working just fine in the first 10 minutes and last 5. Not sure why they went away from it.
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