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  1. Just a couple of observations regarding the coverage: Maybe the most epic home match for CanMNT since St. John's '85, and we were THIS close for it not to be on television for a couple of baseball games not involving Canadian teams. Hopefully this becomes less and less an issue over time. Watching TSN Sportscentre last night and they had THREE media guys at BMO Field providing analysis. I've never seen that before for a Canadian soccer team, club or country: where the network NOT showing the game still had people at the stadium providing reports.
  2. Funniest example I've ever seen of when "the game is over" went wrong. Not a soccer example, but I think most will like it: Toronto Raptors were in LA to play the Lakers. They had a crazy lead of 20-30 points in around HALFTIME causing a very excited Chuck Swirtsky, the play-by-play guy for the Raptors at the time, to inexplicably yell out his catchphrase "Break out the salami and cheese Momma, this game is over!" He said this half way through the game. Seriously. Well, this game happened to be Kobe Bryant's epic 81 point game and the Lakers ended up turning the game around and smoking the Raptors.
  3. 👊 👊 👊 Although you are missing the obligatory "screwed over by CONCACAF ref" moment who inexplicably will be appointed for one of our matches.
  4. My random thoughts from last night: - Oso MOTM, and not just because he scored. When I see him perform the way he did last night, I'm always yelling at the TV, "Why Oso, why did you not ever develop your left foot so that you can maybe be that mythical #10 player for Canada that all Voyageurs wish for when they blow out their birthday candles?" - Johnston struggled a bit last night (for good reason), but I'm happy he was out there. His play will continue to improve with such exposure. Johnston's improvement arc has been impressive. I am also loving Miller's game and how he's improved. - David struggled unfortunately. When you have a player that does not create space for himself with dribbling, his first touch is incredibly important and it just wasn't there last night. I am betting he starts against Jamaica and am hoping his struggles will put a chip on his shoulder. - I think this is the best we can expect out of a referee during this qualifying run, especially in the first half. Perhaps Mexico could have a received another yellow or two, but for me a referee that (generally) keeps his cards in his pocket makes Canada better off in the long run. Regarding Laryea's yellow, I hate it too, but I see it as a "We have to learn" moment. Instead of getting up and standing over the Mexican pointing his finger and exacerbating the situation, if he goes all CONCACAF, falls after getting kicked and yells at the ref while pointing to his knee, at minimum, he's eligible for Sunday. It sucks, and it's easy for me to say, I know, but I look at Davies and what he faces every game, and he's stays cold-blooded throughout the 90 minutes. - Watching Canada win the possession game in the first half reminded of the 4-0 shellackings we used to get in the 90s at Azteca, where it would be an accomplishment if we got a shot on target. Loved the performance last night and the god feelings from last night puts an extra jump in the playes for the next two matches. :-)
  5. I noticed that too. I know I'm pushing it here but it did remind me of that famous photo of Maradona vs. Belgium 😄 .
  6. As a result, I have become paradoxically even more nervous for this weekend...
  7. That's why I would prefer top 3, so that the regular season champion gets a direct bye, making finishing first even more of a reward. But if playoffs with top 4, or a system you suggest pushes the league forward in terms of marketing and exposure, its all good to me.
  8. Cornelius played 90' in Panetolikos' 3-1 at home to AEK yesterday. If he sees action this weekend, I will be slightly concerned of his ability to clear crosses in the air away from goal. I watched the first half of this match and the two goals AEK scored in the half came from crosses into boxes headed in by players directly behind Cornelius. He's been victimized this way in a previous match as well. 😞 I am guessing Jamaica and Panama at least will be bombing the ball in... Edit: The highlights. On closer inspection, might not be as bad as I thought. Also, Cornelius was a "fingertip" away from getting his 1st goal in the 78th. 🙂
  9. Crazy schedule for Forge. I think there was a midweek match originally scheduled at that time which they will have to postpone. Same goes the week before when they travel again to Central America.
  10. As unfair as this seems, it does make sense. Otherwise, the line-up to appeal CONCACAF referees' decision would stretch for miles.
  11. But you can record matches to watch later in the app or on the website.
  12. Cornelius played 90' in yesterday's 2-2 away draw against Lamia.
  13. I've had an opportunity to watch most of all of his matches thus far with Panetolikos. I am happy to say it appears his club has written his name into Starting XI with ink, so I do expect him to see action every week which is obviously better than sitting on the bench or "taxi squad" in Vancouver. I think he's played well overall but has had some issues with positioning. Hopefully, he will be able to adjust that as he gets more used to his teammates. What I do like about him is he does very well to remain standing when defending and is not diving all over the place to make the tackle. He also always has his head up with the ball looking to make the forward pass and does try to find opportunities to dribble up field if it's there on occasion. 🙂
  14. Cornelius subbed off for the first time in the first three matches (85') in a 2-1 loss. Fun Fact #2: Cornelius faced off for most of the second half against Diego Biseswar, the big hair #10 that played for Surinam in their qualifier against Canada and the Gold Cup.
  15. Cornelius starts for Panetolikos in their league match at home to PAOK. Probably his biggest test thus far in Greece, though PAOK has struggled offensively to begin the season. Fun Fact: Cornelius faces former NYC player Mitrita.
  16. Cornelius plays 90' in Panetolikos' 2-1 away win against Atromitos.
  17. I'm sure you'll find a lot of agreement among TFC supporters, myself included. I think "trying to save my job" is also at play here. 😞
  18. Not quite. Encroachment by both teams results in a retaken penalty, regardless of who encroached first and whether a goal was scored.
  19. As someone who also follows the team van't Schip currently manages, I'll take a pass, thanks. If we thought Benito Floros' starting XI was out of left field... 😄 He did lead them to a big win the other day, so there's that.
  20. I think it's unfair to compare ratings with the Blue Jays. Keep in mind that the entire Rogers media empire is one big marketing tool for the Blue Jays. It is not uncommon to tune into news680 on the radio and hear a news story on what Guerrero Jr. had for breakfast (I'm not really kidding). With coverage like that, casuals will know when the team is playing. A more appropriate comparison would be basketball, and in particular the Raptors, IMHO; a sport and team that is not as established here as baseball and hockey. And what we learn is something we all know: if you win, they will come. 184K the other day seems a little disappointing but I remember the Raps getting consistently less ratings WITH Vince Carter back in the day. In fact, Raptor fans would complain (and I was one of them :-) ) that the American media cared more about the team than the Canadian media. But once they won that title, they've been everywhere.
  21. Feels like he is starting his 100th straight game he is eligible to play in. And he'll go 90.
  22. Derek Cornelius starting in Panetolikos' first match of the season, at home to Asteras Tripolis. Goes the full 90' in a 0-0 draw.
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