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  1. Dejan Jakovic played 90min in central defence today as Shimizu managed an important 2-1 victory over Niigata, pulling themselves one point out of relegation territory.
  2. On Saturday in Japan, Dejan Jakovic started in central defence, played 90 min, and picked up a yellow card as Shimizu S-Pulse advanced via penalties to the semi-final of the Emperor's Cup.
  3. On Sunday in Japan, Dejan Jakovic returned to the starting lineup and played 90min in central defence as Shimizu S-Pulse won 3-0. This was the team's first league win in eight matches, and they remain in relegation territory.
  4. After two weeks out of the lineup in league matches, Dejan Jakovic started as a CB in Shimizu S-Pulse's Emperor's Cup match today. He played 90 minutes and picked up a yellow, as his team beat Sapporo 2-1 to move to the round of 16.
  5. Hahaha... now maybe we know why he liked Canadians so much! SNC Lavalin paid $160M in Libyan bribes, RCMP allege Warrant alleges firm paid millions to Gadhafi son and planned to smuggle him out of Libya http://www.cbc.ca/news/business/story/2013/01/25/business-snc-lavalin.html
  6. My local soccer club does an indoor program over the winter that is half-turf and half-futsal: http://www.torontohighparkfc.com/league.php?scriptName=LEAGUEINFO&leagueID=7050&leagueInfoID=82907 Looks like a step in the right direction.
  7. Got my tickets today. (Ordered Sept 26.) Thanks again for all your efforts!
  8. Would a clarification here be useful? I saw a tweet that said at least one batch of tickets was shipped last week; from this post it sounds like the second round of shipping will not be happening any more. Was there a cut-off order date for the tickets that have already been shipped?
  9. Yup, my fears were unfounded. Barely noticed him at all, which is about the best thing you can say about a ref.
  10. Even more info on Mr. Bonilla here: http://worldreferee.com/site/copy.php?linkID=1890&linkType=referee&contextType=stats Am I the only one worried that this match will be only his third time refereeing a competitive match at the senior men's national team level? Am I being too picky to want someone more experienced?
  11. Yeah, the Wikipedia page is pretty good, and it's where I usually turn to for up-to-date info, but I figure it's a bit heavy on the data side of things; fine for a soccer geek like me, maybe not ideal for the newbies. But yeah, I'll probably pass that link along. @baulderdash77: that roster announcement video is good, thanks; I wish there was another one for this set of games.
  12. Fire Anselmi? That's crazy talk! In fact, Anselmi has been so successful in his post, he clearly deserves a promotion: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/mlse-names-tom-anselmi-as-president-and-coo/article4518326/ No really, he just got promoted.
  13. I'm bringing out some folks for the Panama game on Friday, and an issue that continues to pop up is that these "normal, non-Voyageur" people know relatively very little about the national team. Some of them could name a few players, but for the most part the CNMT is a collection of completely unknown persons. Though lacking in knowledge, my people are not lacking in interest, and seem to want to know more. Are there any good resources out there (web sites, videos, etc) that introduce the team and its members on a fairly basic level? I've seen some of the "inspirational" videos and the rec
  14. Excellent, thanks for the update! I had just been under the impression that everything had been mailed by last Tuesday, so it seemed kind of weird to not receive it by now. You probably get tired of hearing this, but you're a trouper.
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