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  1. I wonder if having a Spanish head coach for the MNT is paying some dividends. Definitely good to see young Canadians find opportunities to play meaningful games in an environment that will challenge them. Segunda B is a good level for a player like Fisk. If I'm not mistaken Racing Santander was playing in that division last season. He will be living close to Vigo, which s a lovely city, so well done for Ben
  2. Mark has played quite well this season for TFC-A in League1. Physical comparison to Atiba is actually pretty accurate. Similar body for sure.
  3. just got word that Gino Mauro, last with Minnesota in NASL, has signed a contract in Sweden with Bodens BK, who play in Sweden's Division 2, which is the 4th tier of Swedish football. here's a link that shows that he recently played a match with them. http://www.svenskalag.se/news.asp?teamID=5094&newsID=441053 I got word from his family that he has agreed to terms with the club. Good luck to Gino.
  4. with all the new players coming in, one has to hope that they are planning to loan the maximum 4 players or else alot of Canadian kids will be rotting on the bench. Guys like Bekker, Welshman, Aparicio and now Hamilton all need game time and the liklihood of that happening in Toronto is now slim and none.
  5. Stillo on the Soccer Show on Fan590 last night http://www.sportsnet.ca/590/the-soccer-show/
  6. Some news to report on Roberto Stillo. Last week it was reported that he and Genoa opted to part ways as Roberto was looking to get game time as a starting keeper. Well, he wasnt with a club for long as he has agreed to terms with Parma FC (SerieA) on a 4 year contract. He will be sent on loan to A.C. Perugia (Lega Pro, formerly known as Serie C1) where he will fight for his opportunity to start. His head coach will be former Serie A Golden Boot winner Cristiano Lucarelli Roberto had some offers to move to the UK as well but opted to sign with Parma instead. I wish him luck and hopefully, if he gets regular game action, our new CMNT coach will opt to bring him into camp with the men's team.
  7. Schools will always be there and believe me, there aren't many full rides so it would have cost him a fair bit of $$ more than likely to go the NCAA route. Going this route ensures that you are being seen by professional scouts, even if they are only pro scouts within Finland. It is definitely a long shot but that is the reality for a young Canadian footballer who has the desire to go pro. Its a crapshoot. Which is why we must address this problem with a Canadian solution.
  8. I've got a few updates: In Germany - David Kadoic (windsor native and formally of Windsor Stars and Toronto Croatia) has signed until the end of this season with SV Fortuna Regensburg (6th tier), which is where Chris Suta is currently on loan. My guess (and only a guess) is that he is hoping to parlay a short spell at this club into an opportunity at a higher level. He was a leading scorer for Windsor last year In Uruguay - 3 young men who were playing at Oakville Soccer Club in 2012 (with their Senior Men's Team) have joined the ranks of Defensor Sporting in Montevideo. Marco Rodriguez is training with Defensor's reserve side while Adam Bouchard and Nicolas Galvis have joined Defensor's academy (although they can't officially sign with the club until their 18th birthday). Rodriguez had previously been in South America (can't remember if in Uruguay or Argentina) and had been called into a U20 camp by Valerio Gazzola but didn't make the final cut. He is a very talented left footer and hopefully can earn himself a contract. Bouchard was a member of the OSA provincial program and was up for consideration by Sean Fleming for the U17 program until an injury left him out of the mix. He played for Milltown in 2011 as a 15 year old and is a very technical player who has a lot of potential to go with a huge passion for the game. I don't know much about Galvis other than what I saw of him when I caught a match he played in last year for OSC. He is young (not sure if he is much more than 16) and not particularly big but he held his own against a bigger, stronger men's team and was one of OSC's top players in that game. He was coached last year by Rafael Carbajal (assistant for U20 and U23 MNT teams), who was quite high on Galvis' potential to develop into a professional down the road. Carbajal is the coach who introduced these three boys to Defensor Sporting.
  9. I spoke to Paul a bit on the weekend at an event in Vaughan. He looks to still be in great shape. I think that if he opts to continue playing, it needs to be in a good situation for him and his family. It would be nice for him to finish up his playing career on his terms, rather than because of injury. always was one of my fav MNT players because of his leadership and winning mentality.
  10. actually, not quite true. there was interest for him in MLS but SJE weren't inclined to just give up his MLS rights to another team in the league
  11. i've heard he has been trying to seek out opportunities with club sides in Europe but nothing all that great has come from it. Unlikely he is "officially" retired at this point but unless a good opportunity presents itself, he is equally unlikely to be on anyone's roster as the 2012/2013 season kicks off. However, if he stays fit and some club finds themselves with lots of injuries at right fullback, he'll likely get a few opportunities to provide some experienced cover
  12. things are moving forward. More information will be made available when there is something significant to announce. thanks for the interest.
  13. Clarkson-Sheridan is indeed doing some good things for their athletes. They've got quality coaching professionals in place, a soccer savvy BoD and they are utilizing their contacts in South America to expose their players to fantastic opportunities. They are not alone....other clubs in Mississauga and throughout the Peel-Halton district (full disclosure: I am now Director of Senior Soccer for the district) are becoming more and more focused on providing exciting development opportunities for their players (opportunities that extend beyond trying to simply secure NCAA scholarships), which I believe is a very positive development. In fact, Positive things are happening throughout the GTA and the province of Ontario but it may not always be well communicated.
  14. I think Marc is a good coach and I hope he finds a good gig somewhere Every Canadian coach of a certain level wants to the head coach of the MNT so it is no surprise that he would indicate that this would be an ambition of his. Maybe one day he will have that opportunity.
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