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  1. I dont know if he will be the right choice. We will have to see. On the surface, and in my opinion, i am more confident based on the fact that its not Viera. Viera got outcoached in the playoffs.
  2. Giving the keys to european coaches with little famiarity of MLS and its intricasies and peculiarities, was tried already. Carver, Mariner, Winter, Nelson...etc. Other than Moe Johnson and Preki, Vanney was the only coach with MLS roots. And he was the one who deliverred the most trophies. And he was the one who delivered the most entertaining style of play. maybe Armas wont be the best choice. We will have to see. Also, i am sure that there are some good european coaches who could come over and do great job. But they will have to accept and understand the fact that they
  3. https://www.tsn.ca/toronto-fc-to-name-chris-armas-as-their-next-head-coach-1.1576701 sounds like they have made a decsion on the new head coach.
  4. I thought he was very good. I am guessing that the club’s decision is based on what he provided and can provide based on the the money he wants.
  5. What happened to the colaborate effort that the Guardian and L’Equipe did on this list in the past? Now it seems that they are each putting together their own lists.
  6. The crowd at the CRC vs Can game, as recall, was fairly decent. Remember, this is huge stadium. But yes, after half time, a bigger crowd started artiving. Maybe my memory is playing tricks on me but i think that the salvardorans may have out numbered the american supporters.
  7. One of the other things that stands out for me about that game is that it was my first exposure (as a canadian) to the american tailgate culture. We arrived in several cars. We all parked together, we all got out out of the car and grabbed our banners and stuff, looked around, and all we saw is a parking lot full of beers, smoking BBQ’s and lawn chairs next to cars. At it was mostly if not all latinos. Apparently, tailgating is big thing in the US accross even the latino communities. I always thought that tailgating was just an NFL thing. They were stopping us to pose for pictures.
  8. Fair enough. But after you mentioned that, i went back to look for that thread. Scrolled 6-10 pages. Didnt find it. Maybe its me.
  9. He was also at the Gold cup in Foxboro in 2003. Or was it in 2004, cant recall.
  10. I am almost 100% certain that being on this squad (provisional or final) does not exclude you from being on any other senior squad. The olympic tourny is a U23 tournament that allows a certain number of senior team players who are over 23. Hence, players like Neymar can end up on olympic teams. Neymar nor his federation would certainly not ever privillige the olympic tournament over the WC and WCQ. Also, much like in FIBA, provisional squads dont really mean that much in a sence that actual team doesnt often end up looking like the provisional. At the last FIBA WC, the provis
  11. The article mentioned that Patrick Viera is in the running for the TFC job. I thought he did a poor job with NYCFC, a team who very much underachieved given the names that were on the roster. He had players like David Villa, Maxi Morales, Ronald Matarita, Sean Johnson, Jack harrison....etc heck, he even had Pirlo. But when TFC played them in the playoffs, TFC seemed to have their number. And it always seemed to me that it was tactics moreso than the player talent that was the difference. Viera stuck me as not flexible and not adaptive in his game management. Not suited for MLS fr
  12. 1) Davies - nothing else needs to be said 2) David - based on his play for the whole of 2020. 3) Laryea - He made plays that can change a game. And did that more than once. Thats very rare for canadian players. Only the two players on this list above him can claim that. 4) Atiba - for the whole body of work 5) Osorio - i always had him on this list. But i thought about leaving him off this list for this year. But, his presence made his team a better team. Showed this year that he can play multiple roles. Thats important for canada going forward. ****
  13. It is. I only realised it ten minutes after posting the link. but i still thought that there was value in posting it because it supports some of the comments in this thread.
  14. https://www.concacaf.com/en/olympics-qualifying-men/article/provisional-rosters-announced-for-2020-concacaf-men-s-olympic-qualifying-championship We play Haiti, El Salvador and Honduras. here is the provisional rosters. No David, no Davies. Not surprised. https://mcusercontent.com/78d3589fb61466b549ff752e5/files/92e7a32f-796e-42b9-af2b-f0d7166d4246/20_MOQ_Rosters_Provisional_Lists.pdf
  15. Yes. I have alluded to much of the same in the past. Its not that i dont like the olympic tournament. Plus, i agree that its good exposure. Its just that its very risky for the professional carreers for some of our top players. Clubs overseas will only tolerate so much absences due to international commitments and the players have enough international games already with WCQ, GC...etc. So something has to give or be sacrificed. And the only one i can think of is the olympic tournameent. I found the tournament (and the qualifying) fun to watch but there is another reason why i feel
  16. But the problem is that they’re not creating chances. Unless there is a set piece. The quality touches are missing and when you dont that basic fundamental, chances arent created. This was the same problem they had against that beer league team from Haiti they last faced.
  17. Well, unfortunately it does get a lot of publicity. Unfortunately, it gets more publicity that the CP male and female athletes of the year. The choices they have made for those awards rarely get the same mention as the lou marsch. But they have made more sence then waht they select for the lou marsh.
  18. The lou marsh award as been joke for while now. For me, what made me lose respect was when they named the bobsleder and then the cfl running back. Several threads back, i noted how its been hijacked by petty regionalism and journalist tring to advance their own political or social agenda. Its not about achievement in sports. anyways, i would never consider an offensive lineman in football for an athlete of the year award. Even if he was an all-pro, it would make me think twice. That position requires the kind if skills that are limited and that are mostly developed later in li
  19. That was probably me complaining about Seattle’s style of play. But i have no issues with the fact that Seattle won. They did it under a two leg format and they are incredibly consistent (their record and placement in the standings) year after year. They would not be an example of what i was reffering to above as “one day an undeserving team will win it all”. edit.: here is a good example of what i was referring to: Cincinnatti at the MLS is back tournament. They made noise at that tournament. They beat RBNY in the group stage, they advanced to the knock out stage, took
  20. It could have been 2-0 sKC at one point. I will stand by what i always said. The single game knockout format is going produce some undeserving champions. Not always, but its going to happen. Thats why i hate it. A coach of a mediocre side, who snuck into the playoff, can easily game plan to beat a much better side when its a do or die game. Thats soccer. in a sport like basketball (a less tactical sport) single game knowck might work a bit better. this format will favour or help counter attacking teams or teams that bunker. The teams with alot of talent neve
  21. I am more and more impressed with this kid with every outing. He looks legit. That second save chnaged the game so far. SKC were in control up until that point. Its the 35th minute now. Now up 2-0.
  22. Some very reckless challenges in this game. I doubt the haitian side will finish the game with 11 men.
  23. I was never a fan of that need to mimick the club names that used in europe. As long as a name has history and awareness, thats what counts. Sure, eventually i got used to Sporting Kansas and DC united ect. But at first i thought it was stupid. Clubs in europe are clubs. They are differnt legal entities and their names reflect that. In north america we have franchises. To europeans thats a dirty word, but it is what it is. Franchises can have nicknames and thats part of their brand, at first it all sounds corporate but over time, it developes. But the constant need to always f
  24. Yes and also (what doesnt ever get mentioned) his teams played an attractive brand of soccer. Not like the kick and run coaches of the whitecap with their “safety first” mantra. Or the passive counter attacking Impact who need a mistake from the opposition to have any chnace to win. Vanney’s teams tried to control the game. They wanted the ball and tried to control ball possession. They always played the ball out from the back, if the defender was pressured of if there was a fifty fify ball, they would still play it to the open man even if he was only partially open. They played to cont
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