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  1. Now i can see it. But i am using my ipad at this moment. I might have been using my phone the first time i read it. And yes, i do used chrome on my phone. You might have solved it.
  2. This post is appearing blank to me. Not sure why. Odd considering two people clicked “Like” 😀
  3. Good one! I might add. The infamous “Jose Bautista Bat flip” playoff game against the Texas Rangers was played at the same time as a TFC late season game whereby TFC were able to clinch a playoff berth. That TFC game, if i am not mistaken, was a sell out. If it wasnt a sell out, it was close. There are enough fans to support soccer and important soccer games. We need not worry about other events.
  4. Its not the opponent that is the biggest hurdle in Mexico city. Its the altitude. Kingston Jam - 9 metres above sea level Toronto - 76 metres above sea level Mexico city - 2250 metres above sea level
  5. The order of the opponents is tricky with this window. If the Away game with Jamaica were first up and followed by the other away game with Mexico, that would be much better. Whats going to be the effect of playing at altitude of mexico city (2250 metres) from the get go and then have to travel to Jamaica (9 metres altitude)? The two games that you have to get points in are the 2nd and 3rd matches and they are only 2 days apart.
  6. The topic of excessive numbers of foreign support at canada games has always been a touchy subject. Mostly because of that inclination to point fingers at one locale versus another. In the past (prior to last night) some singled out Toronto for this and used it as argument not to play there. From what i had observed and argued, most of cliams were either false, vastly exagerated or no worst (in some cases better) than elsewhere in Canada. This was from my personal experience. But last night. Yes. The visitor support looked to make up at least 50%. I dont know about two thirds but i wont argue it.
  7. There is a good documentary that touches on this exact topic you alluded to. Its on CBC Gem. Its about the team from Orangeville academy and their travels to the US to play in AAU basketball tournaments. I highly recommend it
  8. I agree with this. We should be thrilled with the result of the match versus the US. But its one match. We met our expectations in one of two matches. I started reading here stuff like “Our talent is approaching that of the US” or “we are as talented as the US, or are catching up to the US” and this calls for a bit of reality check. Ahem, as much as i would like to believe this stuff, anyone looking at it objectively can realise we dont. For every TB we uncover, they uncover a Caden Clark and a Br. Aaronson (sp). Overall, they have more players playing overseas a good clubs than we do. We played as well and deserved the result we got Sunday but our objective remains to get that third spot. Our real competition is Hon, CRC, Pan, ES, and Jam. Its not Mex and US. We are competeting for that third spot; thats our objective. The US has ten times our population, a more favourable climate and the popularity of the game is growing at similar pace to canada.
  9. I agree. I liked his game from what I saw last year. The one thing though, was his play at the Olympic tourney. He wasn’t poor but he didn’t stand out. I was actually thinking he would distinguish himself given that going in, he was of similar pedigree to TB. TB really distinguished himself and earned future call ups to the national team. ZBG did not and I can’t argue too much that decision .
  10. He was right in what he said but it is the game plan we needed given that it was an away game in Concacaf WCQ. When the americans go to Azteca, they will be playing (or trying to play) exactly the same way that Canada played last night. I would call him naive but he wasnt necessarily wrong because that is World cup qualifying soccer.
  11. I dont disagree with any of that. You can also look at it in another way, Honduras would have surely known that one of the keys to the game for them would have been how they deal with Davies. As he has done in europe, he did beat some players (including Najar) like a drum but in the end they have to be satisfied that they at least contained him as a group. It was Najar who delivered that ball that resulted in the header that hit the post. We could have used a few of those balls.
  12. Just watched the replay of the game. My second impressions: Johnston may have been MOTM. There were some very key tackles, interventions and clearances from him that saved the result. The Hondurans were better than I thought they would be, especially Andy Najar. And finally, regarding the coverage, the post game on OneSoccer is excellent. What a complete contrast with the booth
  13. I dont get why Larin scored so high? Was it because of the goal? When you score a goal on PK you shouldnt get anywhere near the same recognition that you get when you score a goal off of the run of play.
  14. They (Hondurans) are quick on counter attacks. We tend to think and want to believe that they are a typical side from Latin america that likes a slow build up with a sequences of short passing and patiently waiting for the decisive through ball. but thats not what you see from them of you look at their games in WCQ. And we faced them a hell of a lot in the last 20 years. Their goals against us seem to always result from direct play and out-pacing or our numbering our defenders. To me, Costa rica are more of the typical tiki-taka team that we associate with South and central america, not Honduras.
  15. I have heard some even mentioning resting Davies and possibly David for the next match so they can be fresh for the next game against ES (which is now an even more crucial game). I would agree with inserting Kaye and Osorio because in last nights game the link up play between MF and Fwd’s needed to be better. This was particularly evident in the first half. Both Osorio and Kaye can pass the ball very well and osorio is capable of delivering a decisive ball in the final third. So who comes off? Kaye in for Hutch is an obvious choice. But i can only see Osorio in for one of thw two fwd and we would play with one forward. Would be OK with that. Moreso given that i am not convinced that Larin and David have developed a good chemistry yet. You could even play Piette who was oustanding in the Nations league game versus the US at BMO.
  16. I hope it works! Because now, to straighten out the ship, a result against the US is even more important. Whereas, with a win last night, we would still have been on course with a loss in Nashville.
  17. I think you summed it up well. To their credit, they didnt bunker. So there was the chance right there for canada. Luckily for canada. Because had Honduras decided to bunker, they might have escaped with a win.
  18. Did you mean to say: replace Hutch with Kay? If you did, i am 100% on board with everything you said.. especially the last paragraph. since i was at the game, i have had no time to read all the posts. I am sure someone mentioned it. But whats with the substitutions? Swapping a defender for another defender when you are tied at home in a game you have to win? And not using all the subs? Whats with that?
  19. There is a difference with college basketball and international soccer. There is a large gap bettween the big schools from the power conferences and those small mid majors from very weak conferences. You can say that there is also a similar gap in international soccer. But the differences lie in the two sports: In basketball anyone can get hot shooting the ball and that can be an equalizer that causes upset. Whereas is soccer the big equalizers is the negative tactics like bunkering, parking the bus, or diving and similation, or bad referee decisions. i am more comfortable with kind of upset that occur because of a hot shooter in basketball than i am with an upset in soccer due to those conditions i listed.
  20. Just to clarify a little bit, in March madness, the regions that they setup are for the locations of the venues only. Not for nor based on the location of the school. Hence a school from the east coast could play in the west region. Maybe this is what you meant.
  21. I am a bit too lazy to do player ratings for matches in this forum. It requires a lot thought and revising. But i agree with these RATINGS: https://www.mlssoccer.com/news/canada-player-ratings-richie-laryea-alistair-johnston-impress-in-wcq-draw-vs-hon Except that he missed Tajon Buchanans injury. Which we could see him grabbing at his ankle midway in the first half.
  22. To get that third spot, we will need to win at home against the sides that we expect to be battling for that or third or fourth spot. And Honduras and CRC and Jam are those sides.
  23. Everyone got a result that they could live with tonight. Except Canada. Mexico got a win Jam lost at the high atitude of azteca. mexico never loses at Azteca so any points would have been a huge bonus. USA got an away draw ES earned a home draw against a favoured side in the region CRC got a away draw Panama. Got a home draw against a more heralded side. But next to canada, they are likely the next most dispointed ones. Honduras got an away result And Canada? they needed to win this game.
  24. I dont happen to think that the game needs as much growing as people think. I think the game has arrived in Canada or may have always been here. Look at the attendances for clubs in the last 10-15 years. The attandance for WCQ games in the previous cycles was good. Moreso considering that we had never played in the hex and all our matches where in the semi final round when most of the world hadnt even started work cup qualifying (ie.: we were often already eliminated two years before the actual world cup). image what kind of audiences and crowds we would have had if had more competive teams or teams of better quality. And, who would have been playing in the hex. Dont get me wrong, i am super thrilled its on broadcaster like SN or TSN. But the reason they are putting on there is because they know there is an audience.
  25. Yes. There are certain things that just wont fly when you are under the umbrella of a licenced broadcaster versus a unregulated streaming service. At least, as far as i know, a streaming service is not regulated.
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