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  1. I have to wonder what kind of interest this event will get this year. 1). Its sandwiched in between the concacaf WCQ windows. 2). Its at the tail end of the euros 3). There are the olympics this summer 4). There are a multitude of other events, leagues and competitions that were postponed due to covid or forced to reschedule into the summer of 2021. the summer of 2021 is going to be a crowded calendar for sports events. The Gold cup may just get overlooked. Even by soccer followers. Will it even be possible to get it on Television.
  2. I take issue with each one of those. H###### developed in Germany, not england. How has Peters developed? He was regarded as our top prospect for a while, he want to s second tier club(Ipswich). Stayed there for while then was out of the game. None of these guys have progress. Its night and when you compare to what you see with the players who went to germany. your list proves my point.
  3. I would prefer anywhere but England. No cnd player who has ever left canada to go play over there has ever developed into a better player. There is long history of this and its hard to refute when you look at the track record of players who have left canada and gone overseas. Many who have gone to Europe (but not to england) have developed their professional careers, moved to better clubs, been better able to leverage their experience to improve our MNT team in concacaf play....etc etc. Those who have ended up in england, Its been the opposite. They become squad guys, they stay at t
  4. Yes. I cringed when i first saw this thread and its title. Your points are valid but i think you missed one very important one, and thats “culture”. In canada a gifted young athlete or athletically inclined kid has many options in terms of sports. And they going to lean towards the one(s) of their dreams and their dreams are based on cultural influences. If all of our best athletes had the opportunity to earn the lifestyle peronal gratifucation in soccer that the current atletes do in say , hockey, we would be better than Mexico right now. This aint gonna happen in our lifetime.
  5. Thanks. I hope few people around the world see this thread. Cause its kind of embarrassing. I question even the intentions and motivation of the person who started this thread. yes, we can beat Mexico in any game. And maybe even at Axteca, but overtaking Mexico? Soccer in mexico is like hockey in Canada. Thats all that really needs to be said,
  6. True but that whole segment was incredibly insightfull and informing.
  7. That’s somewhat encouraging. Because it suggests that they care about the CCL this time. Last time, i didnt get this impression.
  8. Bobby Warshaw, as i recall, was always the type who steered away from controversy and criticism of players. I dont ever recall him criticizing individual players or ever passing any kind judgement on players and plays. He would focus on the tactical aspects of the game. I too am surprised to hear that any player would ever have an issue with anything he would say. That said, i havent listen to all the extra time podcast. And when i do, it tends to be during the MLS season and when i am more interested in the league (which is usually when TFC is going well).
  9. I have a feeling that, when the time comes whereby Altidore has to move on, his departure is not going to be a smooth one. There is going to be some broken dishes and chinaware. He is outspoken and at the same time loyal to the city and fans to the point that it clouds the business realities of player and club realtionships. Given his personality, i hope his next move is to a Liga Mx team and not another MLS team.
  10. Hindsight is 20-20. Were you certain at the time that they signed Frings, Mista, Earnshaw....etc. that they would be as unsuccessfull or less successful than the guys you mentioned in line 2? Frings started for Germany at world cup final game.
  11. Very well said. This is what i have been saying many times here. There are some 24-30k people that pay and show up to watch TFC. They too are canadians (the vast majority at least) and what they come to see is good product and hopefully a winning team. All the better if there are canadians to cheer for. Before Leiweke arrived, you could tell that the team was at a crossroads. The support was still there but clearly the relevance of the club was starting to slip. And remember those tens of thousands on the waiting list for Season seats? Well by the time Leiweke arrived we werent he
  12. Prior to to russia, For as long as i can recall, am pretty sure that at the world cup draws they have always had the first pot comprised of top seeded teams. The next three pots were alwys based on regions. Thus to avoid multiple teams from the same region ending up in the same group. This brings me to something i noted and began to apprecaite in the way FIFA does this. For all its short comming and suspicions around them, they do they process pretty fairly (yes i said that believe it or not!) compare to, say, FIBA. At least with FIFA, you get a sence that they cognicent of the
  13. I have some recollections of discussions here at the time we were to play them. When we were all looking at them more closely. I recall concluding even then, that they could give some teams a game. That was based on their intl results at that time. but i could be wrong.
  14. I would exclude Luxembourg from the category of “Minnow”. We played them soemthing like 12-15 yrs ago. If i recall correctly, we did win but it wasnt by any kind of wide margin. Leitchtenstien, on the other hand, a definite minnow.
  15. In cricket, fifteen of these tiny caribbean nations compete internationally under one team and one flag. Combined they make up 6 million people and hence have a competitive international side. They still keep their inter-island competions but everyone rallies behind one flag. Imagine if you could do that in concacaf? There might be cultural obstacles but that could be resolved with groupings around spanish, french and english speaking countries. If you did this in soccer you would have a WCQ competition worth watching, one that simpler due to much fewer teams, more fair, that you can s
  16. Blame Fifa for garbage like this. As for me, i have stopped two cycles ago paying to go watch matches against these kind of oppoenents. The game versus St lucia was my last one.
  17. Not to me. There are several other sides in the region that are just too small to be playing international soccer. I am glad no network picked up this game. Or any game in this round of qualifying. as for me, i stopped paying to attend these kind of games several cycles ago.
  18. No player should be judged on the basis of what they do or did in this game. This is not an opponent.
  19. Agree completely. One of the downsides of the shape we adopted (and i agree that these tactics were a necessity for this game) is that when suddenly have you the ball, there isnt that support on the ball. So yes, everyone looks surounded and suddenly trying to beat several defenders. Thats becasue you dont have the numbers going forward. with that, I disagree with some of teh comments that TB tries to do too much by himself. From the New England games and highlights i saw this past year, i did not see anything resembling a selfish player.
  20. There is still and there will always be the matter that this tournament is being held in March. That means its mid season for Central american and mexican players and it off season for Canadian and american players. European players are in mid season but It has always been a challenge getting european players released for this tournament.
  21. I have been spending the last five minutes trying to figure out who the initial for TMG beling to. Can you help me?😊 PS.: i heard of TMZ.
  22. Yes. At one point, i thought they were on par with each other. Barcelona must have thought so as well, so your impressions are not far fetched. He always had pace, But in addition to that, could still dribble and control the ball well in tight spaces. Thats what i liked. And still like.
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