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  1. Shameless Plus Alert, but the last 7-8 min Stephen Hart talks Canada vs. Panama tactics http://youtu.be/lIWbnOffeX4?t=18m1s
  2. The Footy show Interview in full - Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbe7RbE-Dz0 Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lnrOyvNfmXQ
  3. Just a shilly heads up, that the FULL INTERVIEW will be on The Footy Show tomorrow on theScore @ 6:00 & 10 PM ET
  4. Stephen Hart talks to James Sharman after the St. Kitts match and talks about what needs to improve for the next round. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ee2xePzSYJ4&feature=channel_video_title
  5. Yea, that was my intention.. I don't even remember writing screaming. Work is over, my mind is off
  6. Guys, stop looking past the 25-yard screaming from Dunfield and watch the game, he was actually REALLY bad in the centre of the park. A few really bad give aways, bad passes, he doesn't deserve the start. I agree DeGuz has been poor as of late, and has done nothing to win the job, but he is a better option than Dunfield.
  7. Hey guys, before I start, I will give you a warning. Yes, I work for theScore and it may come across as shilly, but as you know I normally do not push the product on the Vee's. Heck sadly, I dont have time to post as much as I would like to, but alas here I am. If you didn't catch the Footy Show last night, we had Stephen Hart in on Tuesday to talk tactics with Kristian Jack. The television version was a 4min shortened version, this web version is 11min of awesomeness. Not that there is much to go up against, but this has to be the most insightful segment even done with Can
  8. http://www.thescore.com/buzz/articles/140944-win-support-local-soccer www.thescore.com Did my best to get it up on our website, and it is there. Obviously you know by the "talent" in the video that we (theScore) do care deeply about our national team, we just don't have the means to go out and get that contract sadly.
  9. They are if they are hindering the league from growing...
  10. 1. Josh Simpson 2. Atiba Hutchinson 3. Adrian Cann
  11. I think that "trade bait" ship has long sailed BBTB, anyone who has watched him in the last few years knows that he just doesn't have it. No pace, terrible first touch. If after 4 years of pro soccer he cant get it now, i just cant see him getting it. Even when he was playing with the states at the milk cup, i saw nothing outstanding from him. But hey, if we can get something for him... im all for it And personally, I do think Nicholas Lindsay is the big up and coming prospect @ TFC and not Fuad.
  12. Not to mention that Queiroz was responsible for the USA's Project 2010 report which for the last 12 years has been their building block towards winning a world cup. He looks to have some interest in the North American game so it wouldnt surprise me. BUT, he might just be another consultant.... so lets not get ahead of ourselves
  13. After last year, I did hear rumors of him being looked at as a Gen Ad player if he was to up his game to the next level. But at this point, I doubt he will be asked to be put on the list because Vancouver has the 1st overall and wont use it on him. But stranger things have happened
  14. For anyone whos looking for a Friday night drink / hangout..... (saw a few guys asking in the thread) U-sector has there outdoor league friday nights @ lamport stadium and then usually after they head out to the pub for drinks. So if you show up to Lamport friday @ 10 you can figure out the plans for the night.
  15. Deguzman was great yesterday, a nice calming influence in moments where we needed to be calmed down. After watching myself in a hissy fit durring the spurs/young boys match and seeing Palacios on the field and then watching Deguzman about 4 hours later. I found myself saying a few times, seriously id rather have Jules then Palacios on the field for Tottenham. Obviously the competition is different and such, but the touch and the possession that jules keeps on the field is just incredible. Which is his job, his job is also to spread the ball around the field and he has done that at a fa
  16. Because North End Elite are in section 127 for TFC games and want to stay there for the Canada game, seems fair...
  17. Yea, not to party poop on some peoples parades... but yea, its pretty much GA in section 113.
  18. There is a chance he has changed his mind since speaking to me at the NCAA Combine, but he told me that he was committed to Canada and that he wants to play for the same team that his dad played for. Im not to worried about this, he has a really good head on his shoulders. That being said, if he does turn down calls to the national team. I will be the first one to start jumping off the bridge
  19. Without fans, there is no pro sport or sponsors. It's imperative that we fix this so we can move forward, the Voyageurs have created a trophy to crown the Canadian Champion and sure there needs to be a private backer who is Nutralite which earns them the right to help present the trophy at the end but it should be a joint affair. If sponsors supersede the creator and the actual tournament then maybe Nutralite should of handed off the Championship to the Head of BMO. There needs to be more respect for the group and originators of this sport, it didn't spring up 2 years ago... its b
  20. Exactly what I meant, thanks Hombre... From his wiki it says "After suffering another knee injury, Feyenoord will not be offering De Guzman another contract and he will leave the team this summer on a free transfer." I know it is wiki, but i had read in other spots the same thing.
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