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  1. So if there is a 42 year old player that is tearing it up in USL that is slightly above what the CPL has to offer at the time, he should be called up because you should call the best players possible, even if they are unlikely to get any playing time?
  2. If CPL gets pumped up, it will make his job easier. I highly doubt there are any USL players that are going to be difference makers when it comes time for World Cup Qualifying
  3. Its a funny meme, but I would rather Herdman call up guys from CPL rather than USL even if the USL guys may be better. Makes more sense to raise the talent level of CPL than give a couple of caps to USL players imho
  4. Having a preseason will help him get more minutes I am sure
  5. 1. Davies 2. David 3. Tabla 4. Millar 5. ZBG 6. Brym 7. Bair 8. Shaffelburg 9. Bassong 10. Nelson
  6. I feel like that wouldn't make a lot of sense. Kacher has primarily played as a left winger which is where I would assume Levis was playing since they have Motou for left back. Maybe Gale is deciding to load up on wide players this year since having tons of CMs didn't seem to work last year
  7. A tournament like this we need some depth and while I don't think he would be a starter, I think he would have logged some decent minutes for us
  8. Is there a Montreal in France? Maybe its like that time Dasovic tried recruiting a guy from Edmonton in London lol
  9. It will be nice to have more Canadians with professional experience if two more clubs are added to CPL next season
  10. Saw this on Debystar site http://derbystar.ca/epages/7ff61653-ed08-4db8-a63c-b639831fd105.sf/en_CA/?ObjectPath=/Shops/7ff61653-ed08-4db8-a63c-b639831fd105/Products/7198-1005
  11. That would make very little sense if the CPL had their salary cap in USD
  12. In fairness we all thought the level would be lower. Clearly it is higher than Singapore where Issey was ripping it up and not far off Scottish Championship where Haber was putting up lower numbers
  13. I think the key this year is that teams seem to be getting better foreign players thanks to the new scouting system. Generally I think there are a number of players that are high quality foreign players coming in with very few that don't look great based on previous resume. One that stands out for me is Zetterberg from FC Edmonton. I don't predict he will be great
  14. Agreed. We can't call up every single person that is available for another nation just in case. Otherwise we'd be calling up Justin Springer in case we were to ever play St. Kitts..
  15. Yep. Missed that he had a brace against them
  16. I didn't realize half of his goals were against Valour lol
  17. Novak scored 6 goals in 1,113 minutes last season. If he could keep up that rate and play as many minutes as Terran Campbell for example, he would have had 12, which would have put him at second in scoring behind only Borges
  18. I was a bit too, but I guess if Henry goes down injured, they don't want to toss in a young keeper that isn't ready
  19. I think they are going about it the right way. They were a top team last season, retained their core (minus Borges) and I feel like Bobby is going to give chances to the Sigma kids/give chances to other players to step up this year (Novak, Zajac, Choiniere etc). If they start to fall behind Cavalry and lose ground to York, then they will be able to add a player later
  20. Any early predictions for this upcoming season? I am predicting the golden boot winner will be Jair Cordova
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