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  1. Osorio is 32- there is no guarantee he will be on the team in 2026. I see Choiniere as Osorio's eventual replacement on the national team, whether sooner or later.
  2. Canada has played one good game under Jessie Marsch so far and that's France. That Argentina game was not good, so many give aways that could've blown us out of the water. Against Peru, the same story. Plenty of terrible give aways and zero shots on target. Not a good half from Canada, tighten it up and at least test the keeper
  3. Larin probably has 3 of the top 5 goals all time for Canada. Hastings, DeVos, and Larin with winning goals against Mexico, the USA, and now the goal to take us to the Copa. Whatever happens with the rest of his career, he is an all time legend.
  4. Jaden was born in January 2007, and Jonathan got his Dutch passport in February 2008. My guess is since Jonathan was in the process of obtaining Dutch citizenship, he never filed any paperwork to obtain Canadian citizenship for his son. Why would he? I believe Jaden is currently ineligible to play for Canada. However, I am not 100% certain he cannot obtain a passport. A citizenship lawyer would know that answer. Nevertheless, considering Holland's strict rules regarding citizenship, there are many reasons why he may not want a Canadian passport. It's not 0%, but it isn't good.
  5. Probably a poor move for Herdman. I think his inspirational style is more suited for international football- a guy who can motivate a group of players for a short group of games together is probably more beneficial than a tactical genius in International football.
  6. Let's get a Newfie on the team. I will be the first to buy his Canada jersey!
  7. Russian football is not a business- teams are funded by billionaires, local governments, and private and state-owned companies. Russian teams are money pits and only go so far as state or sugar daddy funding will take them. I used to pay $5-20 for Spartak tickets for RPL games in pretty decent seats. Maybe $100-$200 if there was a top-tier team in the Champions League. 80-90% of their revenue comes from their sponsors. The top three teams are Zenit, CSKA, and Spartak. Zenit is Sponsored by Gazprom, CSKA by Rosneft, and Spartak by LUK Oil. These are/were the top-three largest companies in Russia. Russian Railways, which sponsors Lokomotiv, is the 5th largest company in Russia. So these teams are generally in the top-4 of Russian football, with Lokomotiv firmly the 4th place team. Russian railways' revenue is one-third of the oil giants, so it's easy to understand why they are in 4th place. The problem with the other teams is that funding can be unpredictable and short-lived. For example, Rubin Kazan is sponsored by TATNEFT, an oil company from Tatarstan. Tatars are a Turkic-speaking Muslim group located in European Russia, and they had some vanity sports projects in the 2000s-2010s designed to bring awareness to the region. The government and TATNEFT decided to fund sports, and they won the RPL in 2008 and 2009. Once these projects were finished, funding was reduced, and the team became average again. TATNEFT only has one-seventh of the revenue of the oil giants, so they couldn't continue their funding for long. I will never forget my first game in Russian football- I watched Salut Belgorod play Dynamo Moscow in Belgorod in the Russian Cup. Salut was a first-league team and upset Dynamo Moscow. The Dynamo fans tried to tear up seats and were pissed. However, Salut Belgorod disbanded a few weeks later because their sponsor didn't have money and walked away. It is weird- government officials say they need a good team, throw money at it for a while, and then stop. So it isn't like quality is being built in the league, just random spikes due to an injection of cash. Samuel Eto'o played for a team in Dagestan for a short time now that team is in the fourth tier of Russian football. Players from the top three teams get sold to some of the best teams in Europe, and our Richie Ennin is playing in Hungary after starting in the RPL. I think that is a fair assessment of Russian football. BACK TO THE TOPIC OF Amir Batyrev We should watch him, it is like a player starting in league one in the UK IMO
  8. No, I watched the Russian league for like 8 years in person when I worked in Moscow. The Moscow teams and the Zenit are/were top teams, every other team is just not that good.
  9. Great career, great guy, and gave his all to our program. When he found this program, it was a mess- it is less of a mess now, and he has left it in the hands of world class players. His play was a part of that.
  10. Antalyaspor please and thank you
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