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  1. A Brampton CanPL club would be amazing!
  2. Struggle with OneSoccer and chrome cast every time. Miss the first ten minutes of every game
  3. Maybe they should get in touch with Adrian Cann and his project in Peterborough with L1O
  4. This commentator cant bring himself to give David a compliment without gushing on everyone else
  5. Any of these Bear Stadiums would be great. https://www.bearstadiums.com/en the 10k seater is my favourite
  6. the little "M" in the fleur de lis , (chef's kiss)
  7. Granted, Covid has been a deterrent. But these issues at the youth and senior levels have been going on longer then the past 6-7 months. And yes the US does have more money then us, But if the lack of games is really one of the main causes that is hurting our programs then we have to find other ways to make money.
  8. Is the CSA's stated position that we can't afford to play as many games as the teams we aspire to compete with? Is it part of the long term development plan to play more games? It's a bit strange you never hear much from the Canadian soccer pundits about it and the effects on the programs development
  9. Does anyone else hear John Oliver and Rainier Wolfcastle doing the commentary?
  10. finally on. appreciate the support
  11. i'm in the same boat. The contact page won't let me send either. I opened another tab and was able to. still cant get into OS though
  12. they are saying they dont even recognize my login email that i have been using for over a year
  13. what a nice day dream that was Ansem. Thanks for that
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