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    i emailed soccer canada asking about where to buy gear that you could get customized and would have more variety and they wrote me back saying their would be more news about merch coming out in mid May. for what it's worth
  2. closed in corners and covered stands seem to be the key. Even if they are small they should consider a unique design aspect that stands out and can be identified with like the Franz-Kremer Stadion roof. trap the noise as best you can, never mind views and vistas focus on the pitch.
  3. or Blue Bombers SC since they are already under the football clubs umbrella
  4. the Winnipeg PDL club crest looks sweet!! keep it simple, inclusive and classy like Winnipeg Soccer Club I'm sure not everyone in the community always identifies with valour and war machines.
  5. I prefer the old logo but love the red sponsor on the blue stripes. It's like Athleti vs Los Blancos, ..i mean Los Rojos
  6. maybe this is a dumb question but I can't seem to find what TSS stands for?
  7. Being realistic about the challenges this new league will face is essential. However, being realistic and becoming cynical can toe a fine line. Anyone who is a Canadian soccer supporter is an optimist in my view. A more interesting discussion might be on how we build this league up. How to get bums in the seats. How will these teams be accepted by the community. Is there even a unified community? and if not maybe how can these teams strengthen that sense of identity just a thought
  8. really need to figure this out. We struggle enough on the field, shouldn't have to struggle to watch
  9. you have the choice between a Sinclair jersey and a pair of mittens. Umbro had better up their game soon. How am I suppose to be a walking billboard with this half-assed merch? TAKE MY MONEY!!! jeez
  10. is there a plan in place to reform the CIS or align it with the LTPD, CPL etc?
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