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  1. https://jamaica-gleaner.com/article/sports/20210921/nicholson-sidelined-broken-jaw Looks like Nicholson is out. He has scored both of Jamaica’s goals thus far.
  2. Yeah, he seems fine. He was ready to come back on the field but was already in the process of being substituted.
  3. The boys will be fired up to take on Mexico again after what happened at GC. I doubt we go into it without looking for a result.
  4. @CanadaFan123 still haven’t bought...was gonna get a pair in 303 but can’t see how many of us are in there anymore. If it’s a good group I’ll buy a couple in the adjacent section and walk over, otherwise down for somewhere else where we can get a nice little block going
  5. Hey y’all, former poster on the old board many moons ago as canadiankick97 Heading down to the Nash with my stepdad. JamboAl/VJTO...I was in Portland/Seattle in June and managed to get two free PCR tests at Walgreens. The turnaround time was about 50 hours and caused me to miss my flight from Seattle to Baku (😂😭) and a euro cup game between Wales and Switzerland but it was well within the 72 hrs needed for Canada. Not sure if it’ll be the same deal as in Tennessee. They put my address down as my friend’s who I was staying with in Vancouver, Washington. Are the majority of people going sitting in 303?? We don’t have tickets yet. Also a patio for pre match beers as a group would be nice with a small march across the river.
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