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  1. Could make for some nice promotional nights for Athletico Ottawa: the local prodigy, who is now playing with a massive club, comes back home during vacation to support their local affiliate.
  2. If Pacific and VCF could just collaborate by tying we would be opening a bit of a gap ahead of the table.
  3. Del Campo make it 3-0 at 82rd. Me still reeling from Wednesday's game:
  4. Zapater make it 2-0 at '72. I do get the sense the pieces are stalling to fall into places for ATO.
  5. On the other hand Forge does seem vulnerable on the counter here, as Apparicio almost showed...
  6. I guess my attempt at a joke was pretty poor
  7. Literally my opening lines in my post in reaction to the game: ''I. To everyone involved in Forge as an organisation and to the vast majority of its fans, including those in this forum, congrats on the upset! Without any caveat or reservation. You played who showed up and you won. I can't say good luck as one of my club is still in the competition and I want them to be the first CPL club to make it to the final through the normal set up of the competition but godspeed!'' Believe it or not but two truths can co-exist here: Forge can deserve all the credits in the world for having done what they needed to do and for having played very well AND the mess in Montréal can have been a pretty important factor in the tie as well. Those two things are not mutually exclusive. Its almost like there is actually two teams playing and what both are doing on the pitch and going through off the pitch influence the outcome of a match or tie...
  8. I mean lower level clubs all over the world in their own cup competitions and yes, indeed they were in those games as they defeated who they played against, which is the only thing a team can do. To mention the circumstances that contributed to make that happen (when it didn't happen in previous years and wasn't expected to happen this year) isn't denying that. And at the risk of being too blunt, a lot of CPL-first fans when it come to the club game, including some who are Forge fans, don't seem to have an issue with the context of the game being mentioned, and indeed several have done so in their own posts. As of yet you are the only one on the forum who seem to feel the need to push back against that...
  9. From what I heard we lost the file when the website went dark a while ago.
  10. I'd say that the CPL is at the ''can pull off upsets if circumstances are there'' that many lower-level clubs accross the world are in when it come to the CanChamp. It can be down to the bigger club being a mess at the moment, them underestimating the smaller one too much, when its one game thing, just the inner randomness of a one-match tie playing it or some combo. Its basically the less fun, yet more accurate, way of describing what people mean when they talk about cup magic. Neither of us saw Forge having a big chance against MTL because the circumstances weren't there at the time of the draft because the circumstances to make it happen just weren't really into view by that point. Then stuff happened and said circumstances very much started to come into view (I think the first time I was worried was when I heard that Saputo had messed with Choiniere's contract negotiations), which Courtois compounded with some of his lineup choices and Forge was able to take advantage. Just like stuff happened in HFX, leading Qc Soccer insiders to start making noise about CS Saint Laurent and them turning out to be right. In neither case does it diminish the smaller club's accomplishment, as when all is said and done taking advantage of stuff like that is what smaller clubs generally try to do in Cup tournaments so in both cases they did their job, if that makes sense? Basically, the Voyageurs Cup's internal dynamic is starting to look like a lot of Cup competitions all over the place do. For me that is indeed where I get annoyed, as I am a big believer in consistency in stuff like that. CPL clubs shouldn't float proposals like the one you describe but then turnaround and make noises about Div 1 status when they don't like that other clubs see loosing against them as worse then loosing against another MLS club or when its time to argue for two spots in concacaf to be reserved for them. Right now CPL and MLS clubs are treated on the same footing for CanChamp organisation purposes and IMO that's how it should be.
  11. Basically this. Like, yes the wording might not have been perfect but that kind of hyperboly is par for the course when fanbases are unhappy about a defeat, and all over the world they generally don't tend to react well when they are beaten by a smaller club, D1 or not... Like, when all is said and done I don't think the overfocus on D1, which IMO is a bit disconnected to the reality at times, isn't really serving the league well. In this instance it lead to misplaced pride not only making Noonan like silly indeed but also to him kinda accidently downplaying the achievements of his own league in a sense... Is any of this really that unique to Canada though? All over the world you tend to have an handful of clubs dominating the whole thing, with some rare exceptions here and there sure but noting more then some exceptions... And when it come to Cup competition I would actually say the three MLS clubs are better citizens, so to speak of Canadian Soccer then a lot of top clubs all over the world. We just have to look at concacaf to see the comparaison with, of course, the whole US Open mess but also with Mexico having essentially killed its cup competition under the guise of an hiatus with no end date.
  12. TFC did lost the first CanChamp despite being the only MLS team, and some games in the second edition of the tournament as well so now all MLS clubs have fallen prey to an upset at some point. Obviously it doesn't feel good on my end right now but IMO its a good thing in the long run. These are things that happen, especially when the higher level club is otherwise struggling, and it isn't the end of the world. Nobody dies, the three biggest clubs are still the three biggest clubs, the ones who pulled the upset are welcome to well deserved rejoicing and the sun will still rise tomorrow. Its what having an actual soccer scene with an actual cup tournaments looks like.
  13. So, my thoughts on a very though night for one of my club in a generally though period for it: I. To everyone involved in Forge as an organisation and to the vast majority of its fans, including those in this forum, congrats on the upset! Without any caveat or reservation. You played who showed up and you won. I can't say good luck as one of my club is still in the competition and I want them to be the first CPL club to make it to the final through the normal set up of the competition but godspeed! II. Regarding OneSoccer doing literally everything they could to not speak on the circumstances faced by Montreal by Wheeler making sure to outline how the wheater is hindering Forge. They are supposed to be the broadcaster of the CPL, our national teams and the Voyageurs Cup, not of our national teams, TFC, Forge and some games that are of interest to them. I'd be real neat if they act like it and just do their job as journalists impartially... III. Not gonna lie, the minority of Forge fans online I saw who act as if they are now the bigger club overall and make some unpleasant comments on MTL and QC did annoy quite a bit... Annoyed on my club's behalf and as a fellow French Canadian, even if not Quebeccer, of course. Also annoyed, however, because I have enough respect for Forge as an organisation and for most of its fans that if I can imagine that if was in the shows of the laters I wouldn't want one of my fellow fans acting that way, ESPECIALLY after a big win. IV. On Montréal... Yeah, that is the bottom of the barrel. Courtois should go. It isn't entirely his fault but he should have done a better job at controlling the situation. Fielding semi-B squads, even taking the injuries into account, was especially inexcusable. Those games where the occasions to stabilise things and give the team back some confidences. Instead Courtois contributed (of course, Forge playing very well was still key) to make things far worse by his choices. I dunno who could replace him. I have soured on Bobby for reasons I stated in other threads but I wouldn't say no to Kah. Overall though, and as others have often said as well, the real problem is Saputo. More specifically, I'd argue he is exhibit A of what damages an Eurosnob who is consistently trying to force the culture of (insert European country) on a Canadian club can do when he is dead set on that idea. In many ways the problems started with the name change and rebranding (with he saw as the first step to make us a ''real club) as well as how he visibly resented people being actually attached to the name, history and iconography of a club they followed for super long, and its around that time he started pouting and be less willing to spend money on the club... His temper and micromanaging also fit in this, as my understanding is that they are way more accept in Italy then in Canada's sports culture, or indeed in the ones Nancy and Renard grew up and cutted their teeths. Like, I can't help compare how it goes with my other club: ATO. When Athletico Madrid's folks arrived they took a good hard look at the situation and how people were still mourning the Fury and where pissed at the league and did they go full-eurosnobs? Nope, instead they went ''ok, not a problem. We will meet the fans where they are and turn this challenge into an opportunity!'' From that point on they consulted with people who were involved in the Fury and Soccer in Ottawa before they showed up, honored the late club's legacy and generally tried to show they were a continuation of it to some degree. These were spanish guys sent by a massive club and they were getting it so one can hope a guy who grew up in MTL will eventually get there... In any case, I take some hope in how several MLS clubs had to get to the bottom of the barrel before spectacular turnovers in recent years. The Whitecaps, in particular, are an hopefully relevant example, with the bottom of the barel being their looses against Pacific. Hopefully we get to work and manage as good a recovery.
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