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  1. Don't have the audio on but how was that not a US hand ball just prior to the US goal? Arm out clear contact in the box.
  2. Won the double, Bundesliga Champions and DFB Cup Champions.
  3. Can't believe all the bitching and moaning over David's "suffering" at Lille who are sitting in first place in their league.
  4. Kicker.de had him at right outside midfield.
  5. Seattle and Minnesota roll along. The old goat Bruce Arena knows how to get a team up in the playoffs. Vanney? Bradley Altidore Gonzales didn't show up. I quite enjoyed that. Kristan Jack picked Mavinga as MLS defender of the year a few weeks ago lol.
  6. DeRosario and Bent also had a terrible time of it in former east German city of Zwickau at the beginning of their pro careers. Tam has a lot of stories for sure.
  7. Yikes. My bad. The Cobblers had a very entertaining website back then.
  8. No Canadians involved yesterday but it was like a flashback to the late 90s as Oxford City took on Northampton Town in the FA Cup. Back then, it would have featured Mark Watson defending against Carlo Corazzin.
  9. In the spirit of the times, I am demanding a recount!! I will not concede that I have not placed first in the Voyageurs league this year!!! j/k. Congrats to "Jo Adrenaline" for winning this weird MLS Fantasy league season and also to "oldergoaler" for 2nd place finish. I came in 3rd dang. But Sunday wasn't a total loss as the Impact made the playoffs with a great 2nd half comeback against DC.
  10. I didn't see any of that in his nice run and set up for Yazici's goal in Champions League last week.
  11. Good to hear he is still playing. Was one of the players I posted about a loooonng time ago with Canucks in Germany updates.
  12. CSA didn't pursue him whereas USA and Nigeria were seriously courting him.
  13. Or one could say Vancouver sit in the place they deserve based on the ppg format.
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