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  1. Different ownership groups now (Foothills vs Spruce Meadows) so am not sure if any formal arrangements between the CanPL side and the USL2/PDL side. Perhaps someone more in the know can comment on this.
  2. Surprised that noone has posted the fact that the Calgary Foothills FC USL 2 / PDL team, from which came the nucleus of the CanPl squad, has managed to win their PDL division again.
  3. The atmosphere at the game was great. I don't see any other teams being led out by 'dragoons' or whatever they were, but it was pretty cool. The vibe around this club is an order of magnitude better than the last 2 professional efforts in Calgary (Storm and Mustangs), which I was pretty close to.
  4. Elva Caniggia has moved from Wurzburger Kickers (3rd division in Germany) on a free transfer to FC Ingolstadt (relegated to 3rd division this past season).
  5. Your emoji-laden inane rambling about ******* linesmen really gets to the heart of my first statement. Of course a German England final could happen.
  6. What a **** show this forum has become. How about that WWC??? England and France look decent but I worry those annoying American girls will walk away with the hardware. I think I will be cheering for my teenage home.
  7. I think this link is still valid if anyone else wants to join The Voyaguers mls fantasy league for the second half of the season. Spring season has ended so all teams reset to $100M for the new fall league which starts with next week's matches. Note existing members of the league don't have to re-register.
  8. You're wading into dangerous waters here. But you've watched a lot of football and quite rightly take the holy FIFA rankings as gospel. I am not taking that bet as I assume the Swedes have a touch of class.
  9. Let's get some perspective here indeed. The story of that match is the absolute lack of sportsmanship shown by the USA. Great example for all the young girls aspiring to be on the world stage.
  10. Totally true to form for US to celebrate pounding of a lesser opponent. Makes you love them doesn't it.
  11. Forge FC is ranked #1 in today's 'power rankings', despite having dropped 7 pts in 7 games. Calgary is 5-0 (with an away win over Forge FC) and drops to 2nd. What mind fuckery is this??
  12. Seemed Riviere was an upgrade on Chapman who often seems a tackle away from disaster. Bit scary that Buchanan pretty much deserved a red in the last minute. Otherwise, not a bad victory.
  13. Created a new 'The Voyageurs' league. It is Private (need link to join) and Open (as opposed to head to head). Here is the link. Rosters are up but still 7 days to settle. Here is the link: https://fantasy.mlssoccer.com/#classic/leagues/7800/join/ADCLCN23
  14. Anybody up for a Voyageurs MLS fantasy league this season? Starts in 8 days so if there is interest I will set up a private league and provide code for joining. After the massive f*ckery of the fantasy app new version rollout last season, hopefully things will be smoother this time around.
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