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  1. Met her partner in a Starbucks in Edmonton prior to the first game of the WWC. Nice fella.
  2. Pretty close to mine. For personal reasons, would have Tam Nsaliwa in place of Hastings. On the bench, Ledgerwood for Aunger, Hastings for Valentine, David for Mobilio and Hirschfeld for Dolan .
  3. There are worse places to be isolated. Have you been to Ottawa in March?
  4. Pretty cool. I lived down the road from Saarbrucken as a teenager. Huge for them to get to the last 4.
  5. Made it public. Let me know how it goes. Although from your PM you may have other issues with your login.
  6. Bump. Need some players boys. Follow the link posted on Tuesday Feb 25th. Players have to rejoin the team as I dropped the old league 'The Voyageurs' which was defaulted to only 4 players.
  7. My god what a horrific team. The only player with any quality is the central defender Rose.
  8. Let's try this again. If you already have an MLS Fantasy team, you just use the link to be (hopefully) added to 'The Voyageurs' league. https://fantasy.mlssoccer.com/#classic/leagues/15516/join/6364ZC4T If not, sign up and create a team, then join the league with link above
  9. Some bs with the new format has kicked us in the cojones. By default, our league size was only set to 4 teams. And going through the FAQs on the new game, I see that once a league is full (i.e., in our case, 4 players for god's sake) the league will not accept any new players. SO ---- I will drop and recreate the league with a much larger max size. Those of you with existing teams will be unaffected but you will have to rejoin the league. I will post the new join up link shortly.
  10. There was some default league size setting which I have changed. Please try again.
  11. Pardon me but I am bumping this up. Deadline for team entries for first round is 7 days away (minus a couple of hours).
  12. Hi All, I have created a Voyageurs league for any interested. Here is the link for joining: https://fantasy.mlssoccer.com/#classic/leagues/14294/join/5DUCRAUV New (very different) version of MLSFantasy game has been rolled out. Not sure I would call all these features improvements but here is the skinny: Fixed budget of $125M - All managers will have the same budget for the entire season, regardless of player prices changing No more Spring & Fall season splits - One full season long competition MLS Fantasy Champions League A new competition with 4 6-week long qualifying periods to start the season, and an 8 week long competition to end the season to see who really is the best of the best At the beginning of the MLS regular season, all entries are automatically entered in the Qualifier #1 league At the completion of Week 6, the top 50 entries in total points qualify for the FCL The remaining entries are then automatically entered in the Qualifier #2 league and start a new competition (their score begins at zero) The above process is repeated for 2 more qualifier rounds (Week 13-17, 18-23) Once qualifier #4 completes, the 200 entries that qualified for the FCL compete against one another in weeks 25-32 for prizes Changes to Double Game Week scoring - For players with two matches in one week, only their highest score from the 2 matches will count, rather than combining both Alteration to the max player price change - Max price change for a player in a week changed from 500k to 1M - Player prices react quicker to real world on-field performance
  13. Again with the 'many Cavs fans am [sic] glad to see him go' bs. Top scorer says quite a bit despite his reported shortcomings in movement and willingness to meet and greet ffs.
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