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  1. This smells a lot like a TFC thread non?
  2. Difficult to agree with that. Head and shoulders above the rest of the centre backs in Concacaf.
  3. No joke. All remaining games boycotted by MLS players.
  4. Fantasy game is back, starting with Friday games. Note that there is a significant rule change this season in that in double game weeks the player's score is not the total from both games, but rather the best single game score from the two. Good luck if anyone is still playing lol.
  5. Checked but no new developments on a return of MLS Fantasy, despite a message indicating more news about the rest of the season is forthcoming on the fantasy website. Will keep my eyes peeled.
  6. You might be recalling an article posted some time ago on the Davies negotiations. Whitecaps refused to follow the usual custom of giving Davies the 10% of their payment from Bayern. Bayern paid Davies directly to keep him happy.
  7. Hey now. Go easy. My mom was born in PEI. I have a fondness for the place.
  8. Agree with the above. But you can't make a silk purse from a pig's ear.
  9. Yeah but Impact had 3 Cdns on the field in 2nd half of the game.
  10. You have to be shitting me? Never much liked TFC, being a long-time Impact fan, but they are approaching Whitecaps with my level of disdain.
  11. He is progressing. This season has been his most consistent, playing in 33 games. He is considered a player with lots of potential by FC Ingolstadt management. And played 90 in both of the most important games of the club's season. So I would not write him off quite yet. Under contract till end of next season. Not bad for a Calgary SWU kid.
  12. And Nurnberg break hearts here with an away goal 6 minutes into extra time.
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