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  1. Aird25's comment was obviously pulled out of his ass. Slaves with (unfortunately) previous owners' names settled Liberia FFS. Capital is MONROvia after president Monroe.
  2. I think Theo Bair would be an obvious choice to move up from that B squad tag.
  3. Too bad about Jeffrey. I am pretty sure he will like the Davide Xausa thread interview recently posted.
  4. Is this not the original 'unnamed trialist', taken as a moniker by one of our most prolific posters living in Barcelona
  5. Was reading up on Colyn's loan to PSV Eindhoven when I came across Chituru Odunze sale to Leicester. How in Christ does a kid born in London England, grew up in Calgary with his family still living here, become the US U17 goalkeeper??
  6. Can someone with a much deeper understanding of the game than me please explain what in heaven's name Borjan was doing taking over the free kick just inside the US's half in about minute 75'. The team was coming on well, having just scored and he decides to get involved in an important FK which leads to a ridiculous give and go over the ball . I mean his skill with the ball at his foot is dubious as evidenced these last few years so what in **** was he doing, other than putting a damper on the momentum we had to that point. Not a fan of Borjan at all.
  7. Nope nope and nope. Cup has a history of going to winner of competition amongst teams based in Canada.
  8. Cavalry were missing some key pieces, couldn't finish on their opportunities. Great atmosphere at the game. Took my 19 yr old daughter and she quite enjoyed it. BTW, I look at Mtl's roster and have a hard time at first glance seeing 3 starting Cdns. Only Shome and Jackson-Hamel fit the bill. Who was the 3rd starter?
  9. I'm not interested really but it is true that the early trophy presenters were associated with the trophy's origins, not the winning club.
  10. Or you could nominate a Voyageur who helped bring the trophy into existence . The early years of presentations did have such people, not necessarily known for supporting the winning club but rather Cdn soccer itself.
  11. What's MDS to do? They released de Jong, lost Waston, Davies and Kamara and got what exactly. Some very overhyped young Korean player, an overpaid **** forward in Montero, Bob Bradley's ******* son-in-law and Adnin (props to him) a very good outside back, but who doesn't seem to be the strongest defensively. And how anyone could abide having that Yordy Reyna on a team. My oh my.
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