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  1. Seemed Riviere was an upgrade on Chapman who often seems a tackle away from disaster. Bit scary that Buchanan pretty much deserved a red in the last minute. Otherwise, not a bad victory.
  2. Created a new 'The Voyageurs' league. It is Private (need link to join) and Open (as opposed to head to head). Here is the link. Rosters are up but still 7 days to settle. Here is the link: https://fantasy.mlssoccer.com/#classic/leagues/7800/join/ADCLCN23
  3. Anybody up for a Voyageurs MLS fantasy league this season? Starts in 8 days so if there is interest I will set up a private league and provide code for joining. After the massive f*ckery of the fantasy app new version rollout last season, hopefully things will be smoother this time around.
  4. I am one of those in the same boat. Member number #1025 - got a call last week but was driving and asked them to call back later. So I expect to have a call in the next week or so.
  5. Spain had to win, we didn't. Totally agree absence of Huitema alone would not account for the pounding but we did sit 4 starters, aside from suspended Huitema, including stellar GK and CB.
  6. Likely facing Germany in the knockout round as USA is going down with a similar scoreline to our B team effort.
  7. Three group winners from top division and best 2nd place advance to playoffs. The website coverage is horrendous. Costa Rica needs to lose for us to advance but no result yet from that CR - DR game is posted.
  8. HOLD OFF ON SIGNING UP FOR NEW LEAGUE!!!!!! Now I am not sure if our 'The Voyageurs' league is valid for fall season. I see points for today's game so I will leave as is for now. Deleted the new entry and will recreate with a starting date of next week if needed.
  9. The Voyageurs league remains intact as fall season is underway. Team budgets are reset to $100M so good luck finding 11 starters and 4 subs with that amount of money.
  10. Waiting to see how the 'fall season' fantasy is rolled out, as MLS Fantasy is split into a 'spring season' and 'fall season' this year. As far as I know, everything resets. May have to recreate the 'The Voyageurs' league but not sure as yet.
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