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  1. Pardon me but I am bumping this up. Deadline for team entries for first round is 7 days away (minus a couple of hours).
  2. Hi All, I have created a Voyageurs league for any interested. Here is the link for joining: https://fantasy.mlssoccer.com/#classic/leagues/14294/join/5DUCRAUV New (very different) version of MLSFantasy game has been rolled out. Not sure I would call all these features improvements but here is the skinny: Fixed budget of $125M - All managers will have the same budget for the entire season, regardless of player prices changing No more Spring & Fall season splits - One full season long competition MLS Fantasy Champions League A new competition with 4 6-week long qualifying periods to start the season, and an 8 week long competition to end the season to see who really is the best of the best At the beginning of the MLS regular season, all entries are automatically entered in the Qualifier #1 league At the completion of Week 6, the top 50 entries in total points qualify for the FCL The remaining entries are then automatically entered in the Qualifier #2 league and start a new competition (their score begins at zero) The above process is repeated for 2 more qualifier rounds (Week 13-17, 18-23) Once qualifier #4 completes, the 200 entries that qualified for the FCL compete against one another in weeks 25-32 for prizes Changes to Double Game Week scoring - For players with two matches in one week, only their highest score from the 2 matches will count, rather than combining both Alteration to the max player price change - Max price change for a player in a week changed from 500k to 1M - Player prices react quicker to real world on-field performance
  3. Again with the 'many Cavs fans am [sic] glad to see him go' bs. Top scorer says quite a bit despite his reported shortcomings in movement and willingness to meet and greet ffs.
  4. Just stating the obvious as a Cdn team supporter who despises the Yank ladies, their coaches, their demeanour, and their supporters and have done so for an awfully long time
  5. Isn't there a USA fan girls site you can post on?? Then you can prattle on about the magnificent US women and leave us Cdn fans less aggravated with your ****.
  6. Thanks for all the info on the NBA, various other basketball entities and NZ football clubs. How far back do I have to scroll to find CPL new teams speculation??
  7. I've been on this board and its predecessors for a long time and have been a supporter of local clubs since the Calgary Storm days. You take me to task because I don't buy your 'most supporters don't want him back' comment? Get off your high horse man. I read the entirety of your post and stand by the fact that he scored the most goals on the club and that won't be easy to replace.
  8. So most supporters will be happy to see their top goalscorer gone because he didn't show enough love after the games?? Yeesh.
  9. Aird25's comment was obviously pulled out of his ass. Slaves with (unfortunately) previous owners' names settled Liberia FFS. Capital is MONROvia after president Monroe.
  10. I think Theo Bair would be an obvious choice to move up from that B squad tag.
  11. Too bad about Jeffrey. I am pretty sure he will like the Davide Xausa thread interview recently posted.
  12. Is this not the original 'unnamed trialist', taken as a moniker by one of our most prolific posters living in Barcelona
  13. Was reading up on Colyn's loan to PSV Eindhoven when I came across Chituru Odunze sale to Leicester. How in Christ does a kid born in London England, grew up in Calgary with his family still living here, become the US U17 goalkeeper??
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