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  1. You are probably right - however if as stated above, if Olympique Lyon or Marseille were part owners like Atletico Madrid are for Ottawa, I wonder if the Olympique name becomes a possibility. Would be a great name, great jersies too and would be a superb derby with the Impact.
  2. I agree with this... Concacaf also does not want the US, and perhaps rightfully so for monetary reasons, to be upset - and perhaps not Mexico either ... can you imagine if we did get either those teams and we found lightning in a bottle and upset them before the octagon (unlikely but not improbable with our newfound studs), As aside - not a bad 80's movie, the Octagon with Chuck Norris
  3. Mission Accomplished - Neuker Loves it!!!!!!
  4. If I was a jaded Canada soccer supporter I may take your response as sarcastic ... lol That said, it's Concacaf and whatever "draw" is decided it will be flawed ... I was only trying to shed light on those lower seeds need some thought to how this all comes together ...
  5. I think we are being a bit myopic with our formats of top 8 and forgetting the remaining 27 Concacaf teams ... I could actually see them going with top 12 ... three groups of four with winners moving on to World Cup and second place finishers along with the sole survivor of the 13-35 pool having a play-off to determine 4th place and who plays Oceania for final berth. In ideal situation groups based on latest FIFA rankings (April 2020) would go as follows Group A Mexico (1), El Salvador (6), Panama (9), Haiti (10) Group B USA (2), Honduras (5), Curacao (8), Trinidad (11) Group C Costa Rica (3), Jamaica (4), Canada (7), Antigua (12) Of course they could also switch 7 and 12 into Group A and 9 and 10 into group C, or do their so called "blind" POT selections. Regardless I am good with any of the above and even any of the old systems - just equally anxious and excited to see our guys in action again.
  6. Maybe instead of trying to figure out who gets in Hex they can use this time to draw up a proper qualifying procedure to implement as this one is completely tainted whether Canada is in the Hex or not.
  7. Impressive research ... big thumbs up!
  8. Stating the obvious, whether we make the Hex or not, its good we are playing meaningful friendlies as this team needs to learn to gel as a unit, develop a cohesive yet flexible defensive shape. Backing in and just making the Hex is not enough - we need to be ready for the expected adversity - both paths will be difficult , so very glad - even if we lose games in the short run and don't make the hex, more important to keep in mind, the long run we need to get better as a team ...
  9. Anyone who has played any high level of sport learns never engage in goal differential and who are we going to play next scenarios. The key, which I am sure JH has them focused, is play the damn game and focus on that and only that - the rest will take care of itself. As fans we should do the same - otherwise, it lends itself to a hole lot of hurt later when when we thought we should win by X but instead we lose by Y and we don't make the next round. Never count your chickens before they are hatched. Stay focused at the task at hand.
  10. I was about to write the same ... Pulisic was very upset about being pulled in Toronto ... would not be surprised to see Greg Vanney named next coach soon after which I think would make Bradley and Altidore happy as well ... not to mention the US Soccer fans
  11. Sometimes ugly wins are good - especially as we head into play the US. I thinks we have suffered from overconfidence in the Haiti game, and perhaps a strong result would have done the same against the US which will require a complete game. With Airfield, Holliett and Cavallini back it should be a pretty amazing game against the Yanks - looking forward to the next series.
  12. This board is spot on. This result will absolutely humble Herdman. I was a Zambrano supporter but I have since moved on - and losing is okay but the decisions tonight were bizarre. I am not posting anything new - and agree the tourney brought many positives with ball movement and offensive flair ... But ... We did not adjust to them attacking our right flank, and others were right - Piette should have been subbed in after half and focused on smart defensive play ... People who shared about Cordova are correct ... The lack of friendlies to build a defensive cohesiveness are correct ... Taking out Cavallini and putting in Morgan was absurd ... And Osorio sub was unnecessary ... I feel bad for Milan - its possible the kick to the head in the first half may have had some negative effect (could it have been mild concussion??)
  13. To address better preparation concerns for these U20 and U17 Championships, would it be unreasonable or too expensive for Soccer Canada to run in Canada a one-week 4 team / 3 game tourney about 6-8 weeks before the associated Concacaf tournament? Has it been tried? Could be set up in new CPL region (say Calgary and Edmonton or Hamilton and York) and play a double header on Saturday (Canada vs Team 1, 2 vs 3), on Wednesday (Canada vs 2, 1 vs 3) and on Sunday (Canada vs 3, 1 vs 2), hand out a trophy to winner. Canada gets in meaningful games while rotating players to prepare for upcoming Concacaf, a week should not be too expensive and at the same time, building up some domestic exposure for the team, working practices and schemes throughout the week. It seems like our competitors are getting in more meaningful pre-matches and scheduling the odd friendly does not seem to be working nor does attending the Toulon and like tournaments 4-6 months prior. This is not to discount going to the Toulon tourney, but to be adding to it. Thoughts?
  14. Meh ... I wouldn't get too worked up ... he worked in David, Cornelius and Millar, that's pretty good ... he got Cavallini and Larin "both" involved something past coaches didn't. The rest will come ... Rome was not build in a day and while I was previously suspicious, Herdman did follow through ... I think those other players will be introduced in the future ...I am going to sit back and enjoy the ride
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