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  1. BMO may have a higher attendance cap by September, based on Doug Ford's comments this afternoon. Said the Province is close to moving to step 4, and that details of next step of re-opening will be released soon.
  2. Do we have any indication of when the host venues will be announced?
  3. His NT record may be underrated at this point. So where is he going to play next season?
  4. AFC isn’t far ahead of CONCACAF, but Qatar’s been impressive to me. They were unlucky not to get 3 points against Panama and have looked more organized in the back since that game. I think they’ll make the final (hopefully against us)
  5. Almost guaranteed Qatar will get to the semifinals if they get this result. Run of good form for almost two years.
  6. Looks like (fully vaccinated) Americans will be able to cross the border by August: https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/canada-us-border-vaccinations-1.6105110
  7. Worried about how our CBs will handle Dike. Looks impressive so far and probably should be their first team striker.
  8. That was actually a very well-taken penalty.
  9. Wow this is an embarrassment. Federal Government essentially forces both teams to walk back their announcement, saying theyll only allow double vaccinated players and staff. https://toronto.citynews.ca/2021/07/14/toronto-fc-to-return-to-bmo-field-host-fans-on-july-17/ At this point, this is all politics ahead of an election. Feel far less optimistic about September after seeing how they’re handling this.
  10. I wasn’t very impressed with Honduras last night. Haven’t watched them for a while admittedly, but I’d be disappointed if we didn’t get three points in September.
  11. Can’t say I didn’t tell you 😛 They’re a very solid side. I’d argue they were even uncharacteristically poor defensively, usually look far more organized in the back. As I mentioned earlier, the core of this team has played together since childhood and has benefitted from exposure to quality training at Aspire and in Europe, prior to returning to the domestic league. Their federation showed foresight/patience, uncharacteristic for the region, when they decided to focus on continuity and familiarity both among the players and their management. Their manager has been with the same core group for over a decade, first at Aspire, then the youth NTs, and now with the men’s side. I’d argue Akram Afif( reigning AFC player of the year)may be the most technically gifted player at this tournament. Definitely good enough to play in Europe, but incentive isn’t there considering how good he has it in Qatar.
  12. Grenada very unlucky to not be up. Managed by a Canadian as well (and former NT assistant)
  13. Why isn’t OneSoccer showing the Honduras game?
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