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  1. So shameless spinning from people in the media supposedly “in the know”. Claims that Zambranos tenure were a “disaster” cannot be substantiated at all by what we’ve seen on the pitch. I even saw someone claim it’s good this happened before it was “too late”. Too late for what? To miss the Hex again? There’s clearly a huge gap between the perceptions of the governing structure of soccer in this country of themselves, and the reality of the national team. I have absolutely zero confidence that Herdman will deliver. Can someone name a single equivalent anywhere in the world, where a national team was being managed by someone with zero playing experience and zero coaching experience at any level on the men’s side? Truly amateur hour and an embarassment.
  2. The wikipedia list you've linked has not been updated for sometime. Looks like it dates back to 2012. Just from a quick glance Algeria, CIV,Ghana, and Nigeria no longer have the managers listed. In fact in Nigeria's case it's listing a manager who has since passed away (RIP Stephen Keshi). Most African FA's aren't exactly models, but in terms of managerial terms, they change managers quite often. This list helps prove that.
  3. Egypt has missed out on the WC on the last day of qualifying, for pretty much every cycle since 1990. Many people do not watch/could care less about African football but as a long-time watcher, I believe CAF WCQ and AFCON qualifiers are amongst the most difficult in the world. Just see how many former AFCON winners have failed to return the tournament this year. Minor correction though, Cote D'Ivoire has made the World Cup three times (2006,2010,2014).
  4. Their result in Accra was equivalent to our defeat to Honduras last cycle but it overshadowed the great work he did otherwise. He broke through tons of young Egyptian talent on the NT, playing in Europe now. He'd be a great choice if interested.
  5. Say what you want about Stephen Hart, his Canadian teams were the only ones I've watched which showed any element of technical aptitude.Now he's in the Hex after a few impressive GC runs. Funny how things work.
  6. Hutch with another incredible outing. Check out this beautiful assist that won Besiktas the match in last minute of the match. Besiktas is clear at the top of the league and clicking on all cylinders. Atiba playing a huge role in this and has played a full 90 in nearly every match.
  7. Have watched every Besitkas match since September as I'm living in Turkey and Atiba's form has been absolutely spectacular. There is wide agreement that he is one of the best midfielders in the league this season and is sure-fire bet to play 90 minutes every match. Very good news for us next month.
  8. Just got back from watching Besiktas play Ankara's local club. Disappointing 1-1 result for Besiktas but Atiba was in fine form, as usual. Played a full 90 minutes and was by far the best midfielder on the pitch this evening. Almost scored a goal in the air as well: [url="https://twitter.com/turkishgoals/statusl %5Battachment=658:image.jpg]
  9. Haha, great idea will try to do it and will post photos from the game.
  10. I'm in Ankara and got tickets to watch Beskitas this weekend! Atiba has a good reputation here among the Besiktas supporters Ive gotten a chance to speak with.
  11. Currently in Ankara and Besiktas plays the local club in 10 days. Will definitely attend to see how Atiba does in person.
  12. That was very painful to watch. Ricketts has zero football IQ and even less technique, the less of him the better. Same goes for Bekker, how on earth does he start? Apparently this is the first time El Salvador hasn't lost to North American comp. at a Gold Cup opener. This was our chance and we blew it. If we get a similar performance against Jamaica this tournament will be over before we know it. Jamaica has looked better as of late and is a stronger team than El Salvador.
  13. I remember reading Vurnon Anita to Curacao was under review by FIFA, was it already rejected? It'll be interesting to see how their experiment progresses, granted they do not draw us.
  14. Anything less than 4 goals is a disappointment IMO.
  15. Curacao is part of the Netherlands. Its not dissimilar to how Scotland and Wales have their own national football teams. Plenty of people with roots in Curacao live in mainland Netherlands hence the squad Kluivert was able to call up. Kluivert himself has Curacaoan roots through his mother.
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