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  1. I saw this, was on my side of the pitch. Their reaction made me think the ball may have gone out of play on the Davies goal, though replay clearly showed it wasn’t the case.
  2. Don’t leave us hanging. Guessing you’re implying it will be moved West because of big Jamaican population in Toronto?
  3. Quite the turnaround for Jamaica and makes our point look better in retrospect. Wonder if Bailey and Antonio end up showing up for the November window now that they’re alive again?
  4. Just ran into entire team in lobby of Delta where I’m staying for the night. Pleasant surprise.
  5. Tonight was by far the best atmosphere I’ve ever experienced at BMO. Overwhelmingly red and incredible supportive home crowd. Only way is up from here and it really pleased me to see so many kids at the game. They’ll grown in a world where this team is a force. What a night for us and for future of football in Canada.
  6. Can confirm this happened, witnessed it right in front of me in section 106. Entire section went wild but ref was clueless and so was linesman who wasn’t paying attention to obviously heated exchange. Even prior to spit #10 was throwing elbows in his back and playing extremely dirty. Love how firey Laryea is, he didn’t give him an inch. They almost fought a final time well after the final whistle when players were about to do their lap thanking supporters. Looked like even CONCACAF officials had to come on pitch to get Panamanians to the tunnel.
  7. Mix of both probably. Curacao, like Suriname, has a ton of Eredivisie players and was managed by Hiddink and Kluivert at the time.
  8. There used to be one Panamanian supporter who posted on here. Anyone remember his username? Curious to hear where expectations are at on their side for this game.
  9. Mods can feel free to move to world football. But for those interested, he just assisted Egypt's second goal. Having quite the start to his international career.
  10. Honestly have to disagree with the assessment that a point in Kingston is a good result. Jamaica’s depleted with major camp problems and had no home support. It was by far the easiest away match we will have in this cycle. As well, we’ve already dropped points at home. Results today show how easily our competitors can gain ground.
  11. By far the worst performance of the cycle. A costly two points lost in context of Panama’s win too.
  12. What a goal on his debut!
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