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Off the Woodworkx Breaking News Edition Klopas out, Biello In

Aug 30 2015 06:45 AM | Canadian Soccer News in 24th Minute

(photo credit: Montreal Impact)

Today on this Breaking News Edition of Off the Woodworkx,

Kevin was joined by Jonathan Tannenwald of Philly.com to talk about the dismissal of Frank Klopas has the Montreal Impact's Head Coach and the nomination of Mauro Biello has Interim Head Coach of the club until the end of the 2015 season.

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Mauro Biello replaces Frank Klopas as interim head coach

Aug 30 2015 04:59 AM | Canadian Soccer News in 24th Minute

Montreal Impact's Press Release

MONTREAL – The Montreal Impact announced that Mauro Biello has been named interim head coach of the first team, replacing Frank Klopas.

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Toronto FC vs. Montreal Impact Match Preview - Beat Montreal

Aug 29 2015 01:22 PM | Michael Crampton in 24th Minute

Beat Montreal at BMO Field. That’s something Toronto FC have already done twice this season. Even if the rivalry is probably a little overstated, it’s still something worth doing for its own sake. This time, it would have the added bonus of heaping pressure on the Impact.

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Episode 123 - The AFTN Podcast - "There's Still Time" (Championies - A Voyageurs Cup winning celebration with Bobby Lenarduzzi, Carl Robinson, Zachary Meisenheimer and more)

Aug 28 2015 09:20 AM | Michael McColl in AFTN

They've only been and gone and done it.

Vancouver Whitecaps are your 2015 Canadian Champions and the celebrations went on long and hard in Canada's soccer city after Wednesday night's Voyageurs Cup win.

AFTN has been there for the heartbreak, so it's about time we're there for the joy as well! We look back at the win over Montreal and hear from both coaches, the Whitecaps' Carl Robinson and the Impact's Frank Klopas, along with Montreal players Eric Kronberg and Callum Mallace.

Amidst all the celebrations, we grabbed a couple of exclusives for you, our loyal podcast listeners, and we chat with two men that have been through the years of disappointment into the competition to get to this point, Whitecaps President Bobby Lenarduzzi and Curva Collective's Zachary Meisenheimer.

But Wednesday's win is already in the past, so we look forward to Saturday's match-up with Houston Dynamo in MLS action. Who will play in this one after a busy few days? Can the 'Caps get their first win in Texas? We'll soon find out.

And there's still time to look back at what's been a hectic but fairly successful month of August for the Whitecaps so far, with the help of Carl Robinson, David Ousted and Tim Parker.

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Report and Reaction: About Damn Time? Damn right!

Aug 27 2015 10:00 PM | Michael McColl in AFTN


Those were the first words from Russell Teibert as he met the media after Vancouver Whitecaps won the Voyageurs Cup for the first time in their history. From 2009 to the freak storm in 2011 to other close calls, the Whitecaps have experienced their share of heartbreak in this tournament.

There would be none on Wednesday night.

While a lot was naturally made of the players and how much they wanted it, the greatest joy has to be reserved to the many supporters who have waited so many years to see their club raise the trophy.

It’s doesn’t make the previous heartache suddenly better. And no, we’ll not forget. But now we finally have our moment and it’s going to be the first of many more to come for this talented squad and manager.

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Two Solitudes Soccer Podcast #101 Whitecaps Talk with Jorge Mendoza, USL Prospects and Canadian Review

Aug 26 2015 06:26 PM | Canadian Soccer News in 24th Minute

Today on the Two Solitudes Soccer Podcast,

Duane and Kevin talked to Jorge Mendoza of From The Backline, Vancouver Whitecaps Podcast,

They also talked about the more promising USL prospects for the 3 Canadian teams

Plus, the Canadian Review!

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The Story Behind the 'C' in Cyle

Aug 24 2015 09:59 PM | James Grossi in 24th Minute

In the course of preparation for a feature on Cyle Larin for MLSsoccer.com there were several interesting points that had to be left out of the final draft, sacrificed to the cutting room floor. As such, over the coming days, ahead of Canada resuming the World Cup Qualification campaign against Belize on September 4, those threads will be fleshed out here at Canadian Soccer News.

The first, the story behind the unusual spelling of his first name: Cyle with a 'C'.

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Episode 122 - The AFTN Podcast - "There's Still Time" (Breaking That Curse - Dallas postgame and Voyageurs Cup Final preview show featuring Kendall Waston and Tesho Akindele)

Aug 24 2015 06:45 AM | Michael McColl in AFTN

It could be some week for Vancouver Whitecaps.

Saturday saw the team bolster their MLS playoff hopes with a huge win over Dallas and they'll follow that up on Wednesday with the Canadian Championship Final second leg at home to Montreal Impact.

We look back at the 'Caps 1-0 win over Dallas. A win that temporarily saw them move back into first place in the Supporters' Shield race. There's the highs, the lows and we hear from both head coaches after the match, Vancouver's Carl Robinson and an exclusive chat with Dallas' Oscar Pareja.

Still in the Dallas locker room, we have one on one chats with defender Matt Hedges and debutant goalkeeper Jesse Gonzalez, and the Texans' Canadian Rookie of the Year, Tesho Akindele, talks about the game, his own personal season, his decision to pledge his international future to Canada and the recent Gold Cup.

It was the Whitecaps' 10th clean sheet of the season and one of the key men behind that stat is centre back Kendall Waston. We hear from the big man about the win, the 'Caps defence and look ahead to Wednesday's Voyageurs Cup final with Montreal and the possibility of Waston playing against Didier Drogba.

And there's still time to preview Wednesday's big Cup Final. Will the Whitecaps finally break the curse? We'll soon find out.

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Toronto FC vs. Orlando City Match Preview - Maybe Not Lose

Aug 21 2015 10:29 PM | Michael Crampton in 24th Minute

If you were to base your opinion on the collective wisdom of the TFC-internet, the storyline regarding this weekend’s match versus Orlando City is clear: Toronto FC faces a “must win” game.

Two-straight multiple goals losses, and three losses out of their last four matches have brought back all the old TFC fears. According to the doomsayers, the Reds have begun their annual collapse,* and are on the cusp of missing the playoffs for the ninth straight season.

What this analysis forgets to do, however, is have a deeper look at the standings in MLS’s Eastern Conference. Yes, Toronto sits a mere three points ahead of Orlando and New York City. But they’ve also played two less games. This significance of that is not that the Reds have games in hand, it’s that the pack is running out of games to catch-up in.

So, while the game is decidedly not a must-win game for Toronto, it may just be for Orlando. For TFC, the more important thing is simply not to lose. Which is convenient, because defeating any opponent three times in one season is never very simple.

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REVIEW: Locus United Lite ball

Aug 21 2015 07:44 PM | Duane Rollins in 24th Minute

The issue of concussion prevention in youth sport has become increasingly important to parents and sport administrators over the past few years. In soccer, there has even been a call to eliminated heading all together below the age of 14.

To many that seems like a step too far. Then again, it wasn’t long ago that we as a society used to tell kids to “chin up, you just got your bell rung is all” after head injuries. Things change. Usually for the better.

Still, most would rather find a solution that both reduces concussion risk while still maintaining the skill of heading as part of a child’s development.

Enter Locus United, a sports equipment manufacturer in the Toronto area. They have created the Locus United Lite ball, which is a quality, game playable ball that is considerably lighter than the balls that are typically used in youth soccer.

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Two Solitudes Soccer Podcast #100 Episode Live Special at Whistler's

Aug 20 2015 05:48 AM | Canadian Soccer News in 24th Minute

Today on the 100th Edition of the Two Solitudes Soccer Podcast,

Duane and Kevin had the pleasure to be joined by a few voices you have heard before on the show and a couple of new ones to talk about Canadian Soccer for the 100th time!

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Olympic pathway known; likely roster

Aug 18 2015 08:14 PM | Duane Rollins in 24th Minute

Canada’s path to the Rio Olympics is now known. After a live (!) draw today, Canada was placed in a group with USA, Panama and Cuba.

The instinct of many will be to dismiss Canada’s chances, but it should be remembered that Canada has consistently been competitive at the youth age group level in CONCACAF and has made the semi-finals in the last two Olympic cycles.

The two finalists will automatically qualify to Rio. The losing semi-finalists will play off for the right to face Colombia in a last chance playoff next spring.

There is little doubt that this is Canada’s deepest u-23 pool in memory. It is highly unlikely there will be a single amateur player on the roster – that’s a given at u-23 in most of the world, but a new phenomenon here.

CSN has identified 39 players that are realistically in consideration for selection. The bolded players are those we believe to be likely additions to the roster, italics indicate players on the bubble. No highlighting are players we do not expect to be involved, unless there is significant, unforeseen issues.

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New York Red Bulls vs. Toronto FC Match Preview - Future Unseen

Aug 15 2015 05:11 PM | Michael Crampton in 24th Minute

The New York Red Bulls are a good team. One of the few in the Eastern Conference. They comfortably completed a first season treble over their new crosstown rivals from the Bronx last weekend. That brought their unbeaten stretch in the league to five, with four wins during the run.

Toronto FC have never won at Red Bull Arena. Their defence can’t stop opponents from scoring. They were comprehensively defeated, at home, in their last match versus Kansas City.

Pessimism about the Reds’ chances in New Jersey this weekend is more than justified. That doesn’t mean that another loss is inevitable. Part of that is just the nature of sports, soccer in particular. Part of that is TFC. If there is anything that following the last two years of TFC should have taught, it’s that Toronto has become anything but predictable.

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Two Solitudes Soccer Podcast #99 The Gretzky Show and the Voyageur's Cup

Aug 14 2015 06:04 PM | Canadian Soccer News in 24th Minute

Today on this very special and absurd edition of the Two Solitudes Soccer Podcast,

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Confirmation that North Mississauga Soccer Club received training fees for Doneil Henry

Aug 13 2015 03:12 PM | Duane Rollins in 24th Minute

It appears that the USSF is standing alone in opposition against the “Solidarity payments” FIFA mandates be paid to youth clubs that train players prior to them moving into professional academies.

This is an issue that came to the forefront after ESPN reported that the Seattle area club Crossfire Premier was seeking relief from FIFA after MLS and USSF blocked Spurs from making the payments. Initially there was some confusion over whether MLS was blocking the payment, or if it was the USSF.

We can now say with certainty that the issue is with the governing body. We know this because it has been confirmed that North Mississauga Soccer Club received the payment from West Ham United after the Doneil Henry sale. The CSA is not stopping such payments.

The club’s technical director speaks to the benefit of the payments in a YouTube video after the jump:

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Off the Woodworkx 2015 Amway Canadian Championship Final Post-Game Edition

Aug 13 2015 05:16 AM | Canadian Soccer News in 24th Minute

Today on this Voyageur's Cup Final Post-Game Edition of Off the Woodworkx,

Kevin gives his thoughts and impressions on the 1st leg of the 2015 Amway Canadian Championship Final between the Montreal Impact and the Vancouver Whitecaps.

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USL Radio #15 Baby 401 Derby Edition, FC MTL-TFC2 Post-Game Show

Aug 12 2015 11:43 PM | Canadian Soccer News in 24th Minute

Today on USL Radio,
Duane,Kevin and Tristan D'Amours gave their thoughts on the Baby 401 Derby, their thoughts on the progression and development of the 2 MLS 2 sides this season in USL and their thoughts on the future of those two rosters.

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Jock Math: Should Bendik be starting?

Aug 12 2015 03:51 PM | Duane Rollins in 24th Minute

Joe Bendik is divisive. There are some who believe that he is a great shot stopper that is providing TFC with real value in the goalkeeping position on a below average MLS keeper salary. Others, however, believe he is one of the club’s most glaring problems and that Chris Konopka should return to the starting position.

Today, the Toronto Sun’s Kurt Larson wrote an article calling fans and pundits to task who are blaming Bendik for the club’s recent goals against woes. Larson talked to several former teammates of Bendik and suggested that he is well respected by those in the game.

You can read the full article here but a quick summery is that Bendik doesn’t make errors and that he’s “good in the room.”

Larson did make reference to fact that Bendik might be statistically under-performing in save percentage, but suggested that you could “pretty much” dismiss those numbers because they failed to take into consideration the quality of shots he faced.

It’s the subjective position of CSN that Larson’s position – that blaming Bendik for the team’s failings is BS – is both correct (he’s far from the biggest issue) and also a tad bit dismissive of the idea that he might be under-performing. Kansas City’s second goal Saturday should to be troublesome to even the biggest Bendik backer.

However, we don’t like to live only in the subjective here. We sought out to look at Bendik’s numbers in a little more detail today to assess how he compares to Konopka and the rest of the league.

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2015 Amway Canadian Championship Final Preview- Kevin on From the Backline Podcast

Aug 12 2015 04:12 AM | Canadian Soccer News in 24th Minute


Kevin had the pleasure to appear on the latest From the Backline: A Vancouver Whitecaps Podcast with Mark Dailey and Jorge Mendoza to preview the 2015 Amway Canadian Championship Final between the Montreal Impact and the Vancouver Whitecaps that starts Wednesday night at Stade Saputo!

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Two Solitudes Soccer Podcast #98 Sandwich Board Brawl with Nick Chavez, Supporter Culture and Canadian Review

Aug 11 2015 06:06 PM | Canadian Soccer News in 24th Minute

Today on the Two Solitudes Soccer podcast,

Duane and Kevin talked to Nick Chavez of Soccer Newsday about the incidents in New Jersey the past week end, the supporter culture in New York and about the atmosphere at Yankees Stadium.

Duane and Kevin also talked about the supporter culture, hooliganism and if we saw last week end was actually hooliganism.

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Episode 121 - The AFTN Podcast - "There's Still Time" (At The Four Front - RSL postgame and Voyageurs Cup preview show)

Aug 10 2015 07:02 AM | Michael McColl in AFTN

Vancouver Whitecaps are on fire! They're the form team in MLS right now and Saturday's 4-0 rout of RSL cemented their place at the top of the Western Conference.

We're back with our first postgame show for a long time, picking over the win against Real Salt Lake and the last few weeks of action.

Head coaches Carl Robinson and Jeff Cassar give us some thoughts from Saturday's match and we also look at who's been excelling, what depth charges have risen and who has sunk, and whether the quiet transfer window was in fact a good thing for the Whitecaps.

And there's still time to look ahead to Wednesday's Canadian Championship Final first leg and hear from two of the 'Caps Canadians, Russell Teibert and Sam Adekugbe.

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In The Cold Light Of Day: Whitecaps’ depth need to impress soon or be left pining for the fjords alongside Erik The Viking

Aug 08 2015 03:45 AM | Michael McColl in AFTN

The MLS summer transfer window has come and gone and the final bits and pieces are just filtering through, once all the i’s crossed and t’s dotted.

There was never going to be a big splash by the Whitecaps but I did think they’d be a little bit busier than they were on the attacking front.

Some people seemed desperate for the ‘Caps to make a big move just because others around them are. Wrong thing to do. Mid-season additions are hit and miss and Vancouver’s had mostly misses. Also we’re talking about a team sitting top of the West here. We’re not exactly struggling.

Yes, we could do with someone to help out Octavio Rivero up front, but we have the best back seven in MLS as far as I’m concerned. Other teams adding players does not guarantee them any success, nor do it mean the ‘Caps will freefall by not doing so.

We’re ticking along just fine and dandy right now, but can always be better.

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Toronto FC vs. Sporting Kansas City Match Preview - Absences and Returns

Aug 07 2015 09:11 PM | Michael Crampton in 24th Minute

Toronto FC faces Sporting Kansas City Saturday afternoon in the only scheduled meeting of the clubs this season. After years of three matches per season, Sporting have moved to the Western Conference and are no longer rivals with the Reds for a playoff position.

Currently occupying fourth position in the West, to the Reds third in the East, it is easy to overlook SKC’s relative success. Having played one less game than Toronto, Sporting have three more points and their 1.7 points-per-game is tied for third best in the league. They’ve also advanced to the U.S. Open Cup semifinals and will host Real Salt Lake next Wednesday in a rematch of the 2013 MLS Cup final.

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TFC rescues Herc

Aug 07 2015 03:57 PM | Duane Rollins in 24th Minute

Herc Gomez is finally back in MLS.

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Off the Woodworkx IMFC-RBNY Post-Game Edition with Klopas, Marsch, Bush, Duka and Oduro

Aug 06 2015 05:15 AM | Canadian Soccer News in 24th Minute

by Kevin Laramee

Today on Off the Woodworkx Post-Game Edition,

Post game comments of Frank Klopas, Jesse Marsch, Evan Bush, Dilly Duka and the man of the match for the Impact, Dominic Oduro!

Plus, Kevin gives his thoughts on the game!

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