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  1. Canadian MLS standouts thru 2 games, according to WhoScored: 10. Christian Gutierrez 14. Zachary Brault-Guillard 30 Lucas Cavallini No surprise in 2 and 3. Didn't know Gutierrez played that well.
  2. I'll be a little charitable. On the PK, the ball squirted out to the one place it could go to be dangerous. Maybe he should have shown better anticipation. And he might have been caught a little flat-footed. But I don't think it was that bad of a play.
  3. TnT is one of the richer island nations, due to oil. They're expanding the WC. I wouldn't say it's impossible for them to make it. But it won't be regular for them.
  4. There are 4 teams in France who have broken away from the field. All of the other teams have 59 goals. Lille has 51.
  5. If I had said in September that David would end the year with 9 or 10 goals, everyone here would have accused me of trolling. So I would say, yeah, 10 goals, especially after Lille paid 30 million for him, would be a little disappointing, for the entire season, on the whole.
  6. I would say that 10-ish goals and tied for 10th in the league is a little disappointing, for a guy who Lille broke their bank for and who is supposed to be making a pit stop in France before moving on to better things. Obviously he's played a lot better lately.
  7. I do care about the sportsmanship part, and not rubbing it in. But as others have mentioned, having Hex spots determined by who lets up first isn't good for competition. With a mercy rule, I wouldn't end the game. Mexico can go ahead and score 17, if they want to be jerks about it. It just isn't going to reward being a jerk in the standings.
  8. Next round is the 1 vs. 5. It could be a bloodbath of 9-0 scorelines. You have nations of 10 million plus playing islands of 50,000 people.
  9. I hate running up the score. I would hate to be eliminated because someone else ran up the score even more. I Concacaf does this again, it needs to add a mercy rule with a maximum goal differential from one game.
  10. They were second place to the USMNT for most of the Donovan/Dempsey era.
  11. Those guys aren't as good as Davies or David, IMO. The elite young players in CONCACAF are Davies, David, Bailey, and whatever Americans you want to add, plus maybe some island dual nats TBD. LigaMX will keep Mexico competitive. And I don't know who will score goals for them.
  12. Of course, DR and Montserrat might win their groups!
  13. The original plan was to have Alphonso Davies and Jonathan David playing the Caribbean vaudeville circuit for a half spot while El Salvador got a pass to the final round. Geez.
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