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  1. When I was saying Tajon would be a CanMNT starter in a year, it was because while he didn't impact games consistently, he had quick feet, good skill, and he made big boy plays, not just normal USMNT/MLS winger running at a defender sorts of plays. In the past few games, you see it on a consistent basis.
  2. I don't see him really being a right back with Canada.
  3. So December/January domestic camps: GK: Pantemis, St. Clair, Carducci D Laryea, Johnston, Brault-Guillard, Gutierrez(?), Miller, Waterman, Cornelius, Jakovic, Montgomery MF Piette, Kaye, Fraser, Tiebert AM Osorio, Buchanan, Marshall-Rutty, Nelson, Bair FW: Cavallini, Akinola, Akindele
  4. USMNT vs El Salvador Dec. 9. All I'm sayin'. Why not Canada?
  5. In the first game Jamaica didn't put many of their best players in until half. So it's hard to say.
  6. The good news for Canada is that Soto and Gioacchani each had a brace and apparently Berhalter mentioned Daryl Dike by name in an interview. Make of that what you will re: Akinola.
  7. Panama's first dozen players are respectable. Then there's a cliff. If Canada plays their benchwarmers, it should crush them.
  8. I said it was ridiculous not to play. But only 7 CONCACAF teams have played. OTOH, it was most of the top teams. So it's probably more accurate to say: It was unserious. Because the teams serious about winning and getting to the World Cup mostly played.
  9. Oh, great. They're going to Altidore him.
  10. This is ridiculous. Your team should be playing. Most of the other CAF contenders are. USMNT, Mexico, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Panama, Honduras - all have games.
  11. Panama seems strangely pretty OK. You might have expected Costa Rica to weaken less than Panama. Doesn't seem like that's what's happening.
  12. To a friendly. A European-only friendly. A continent where wew only have 2 keepers in significant clubs/leagues. He's filling out numbers right now. Take a pill, man.
  13. Covid is a problem. But before it at least in the USA, things were the best they've been in 20 years.
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