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  1. Are we sure that Gutierrez has no future with Chile? I looked it up. They started a 36 year old domestic player at left back in the semifinal at Copa America last year. They just got Sebastian Soto, a USYNT player with Telstar in the Dutch 2nd, a spot on their qualifying roster. Would starting and doing decently in MLS be enough for a look there?
  2. I was thinking he was 27 or 28. He's only 25.
  3. He will be an interesting data point for the level of CanPL.
  4. Over on BigSoccer, we were discussing Canada on a USMNT forum thread, and I said I think there are three guys who are lock starters for Canada - Davies, David, and Laryea. Others said Borjan, and that's probably true right now, but I could see him challenged in the not-distant future. Arfield is if he's fit.
  5. FYI: Aaronson is apparently headed to RB Salzburg and probably to the BL in a couple of years. He's one of the top prospects in MLS. So it's not the end of the world to be beaten by him.
  6. And Brendan Aaronson welcomes him to MLS. 😜
  7. Needs to command his box better. Both goals were rebounds where he either needs to catch or punch better. Will come with time. Good shot stopping ability.
  8. Whoscored ..... 82 Jonathan Osorio 105 Samuel Piette 126 Richie Laryea 135 Zachary Brault-Guillard 151 Mark-Anthony Kaye 161 Alistair Johnson 195 Thomas Hasal 233 Dejan Jakovic 246 Derek Cornelius 264 Raheem Edwards Gutierrez's rating would be about 160 with more game time. St. Clair in the 170s. Cornelius was near the bottom last year, so ..... glass half full there. Also, after his goal and assist game, Piette was briefly the top dog, at #63.
  9. IF that car crash goal happened in MLS ...... just sayin'.
  10. Americans do not overestimate Josh Sargent, despte the fact he's been fairly productive in terms of minutes played in the BL. There's a general feeling that so far he's a notch below our other top young players. He's had a good preseason, so people are feeling cautiously optimistic again.
  11. Watching that goal, it tends to confirm my observation that the difference between CanPL and USL versus MLS versus top leagues is less a matter of skill than what's between the ears. Bonehead gift, strong finish. Looks like he's reasonably athletic.
  12. I was never really comparing leagues. Only saying that starting in the LIgaNOS isn't historically the the certifier of high quality that some people think. Eustaquio might not beat out Piette (who has been hainging around #100 on WhoScored most of the season, FWTW). He might be a lot better than Piette. I just don't think "playing in Europe" in this cases is necessarily a sign of a clear bump up in quality that some seem to think. .
  13. Obviously the top three teams (Porto, Benfica, Sporting Lisbon) are above MLS level. I assume Braga is generally a step above. OTOH, two guys who were starters on lower LigaNOS teams came to North American leagues and didn't catch on. So there's that. I just wouldn't get super excited about starting at a lower level team in Portugal. More of a wait and see.
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