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  1. I'm right here. Let the record reflect that I'm not the person who started this conversation.
  2. I expect Holgate to be there. There was a group of Jamaica-eligible players that met with Southgate back in the Fall to discuss NT prospects, plus Grealish. Most of those players were called up soon thereafter. Holgate met, but was not. So it seems like he was at minimum keeping his options open. I think D. Gray supposedly met with Southgate at that time, also, and didn't get capped. It's harder to say about the rest of them. I would be surprised if Toney commits now. But we'll see.
  3. Really, are Panama that much better than Canada? I'll go with a wash between Bailey and Davies. Davies is the bigger talent, Bailey having the better year. So that's close Given that West Ham is looking at possibly taking Larin to replace Antonio, I would assume the next three are Canada. But Antonio and Reid are close. Probably a wash. Kemar Roofe over Scott Arfield. Hector and C-ship level partner over Vitoria and Question Mark. Morrison and Johnson and vs. Hutch and Piette or Kaye? I would say wash, maybe slight advantage to Canada, especia
  4. Suriname has a lot of youngsters at top academies, among the best in CONCACAF. They could get better over the next four or five years. And Riedewald is only 24.
  5. They could probably win two of the groups - El Salvador, Trinidad and compete against Curacao and Panama. They could easily be better than Curacao, at least in terms of player quality/club pedigree. I think Curacao 2019 was a little overrated. Curacao have 2 championships players who have been down relative to 2019. Their EPL guy never really played in the EPL and is on Unattached United right now. They have a guy who has had a little bit of success in Portugal, and is currently in the second tier there. Then they have a lot of Dutch players at places like Waalwijk and also Middle Easte
  6. Their best recruit, on paper, is Sheraldo Becker. WhoScored has him at #94 in the Bundesliga. So mid-level starter, roughly. That's probably somewhere in between Eustaquio and Larin as far as this year's performance. So, there are maybe 3 Canadian players having better years than Suriname's best player. Then it's Larin and Atiba a little ahead of Donk. So Canada should have five of the first six guys. Then it's Arfield and Borjan. After that, their players are actually pretty weak, despite some nice club names. The Erredivisie is a good league. But the group of players they have
  7. Is David better with Weah on the field? They always seem to be celebrating together.
  8. They would probably be favored in the TnT-El Salvador group. Maybe. They also might not have a lot of cohesion since they have never played together.
  9. Currently, Suriname does not seem to have the upper level of player that Canada has, especially without Riedewald. By club pedigree, you probably have to go four or five Canadian players down to get to a comparable player to the best of the Suriname team, i.e. Donk and Becker are probably pretty comparable at club level to Larin and Arfield and Atiba. When you go further down the list, you start getting into: who's better, an MLS starter vs. a starter at the lower end of the Eredivisie.
  10. Canada should still win. But I do wonder: are they going to get any of the ones who don't need to do a one-time switch? OTOH, they don't have a Big 4 or France player committed right now, do they?
  11. Chill out. I meant it in jest.
  12. Oh, come now. There's at least one more Canadian who scored in the Pokal. And deep down, you know who it is. Come on. Say it.
  13. Yeah, but the next time we play them full strength, we'll beat them. Especially with the Jimenez situation.
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