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  1. I don't see how Egypt doesn't call him next month. But I don't see how they've avoided it to this point.
  2. While I am mildly skeptical of performance in Russia, as the USMNT/American players have no real track record there, if Whoscored is anything to go by, Ennin has nearly a 7 rating in 3 games. His last 2 were 7.4 and 7.2, after a 6.4 in his debut. FTR: That's quite good. A 7ish rating would put him in the top 40. A 7.3 would put him top 10.
  3. Wolfsburg youth academy ..... there's a career dead end.
  4. Two words: Eugene Starikov. I wouldn't say he should not be a callup. I just think tapping the brakes a little on his destiny of greatness or even adequacy is warranted.
  5. He still young. He's 4ish years younger than Laryea. He can still get his shot.
  6. It's not a bad transfer. And having a great year at Brugge and moving up to a strong EPL side, for instance, isn't the worst strategy, if he's afraid to get stuck at an also-ran in Augsburg. But I think the BL would be better.
  7. Buchanan with a goal and assist in the first half. Good anticipation to pounce on a loose ball for a goal. Read the play better than the defenders and got an easy one. Assist was classic Tajon. Isolated 1v1 deep in the box, stutter stepped and found the runner (Boateng) at the far post.
  8. Through 4 games, Kennedy is the #16 player in B2 on WhoScored.
  9. Dest is the #7 right back in the world in terms of Transfermarkt value. His value is only a little bit less than that of David. Who is a goal-scorer.
  10. Oh yeah, if he goes there and gets tap in after tap in from Konrad easing his way past the right back again, then it might be a great idea.
  11. It's the Americans, too. Lately they always seem to get mentioned as submitting a bid on American prospects.
  12. I don't mean to slight Larin at all. But if Konrad plays the rest of the season like he has played pre-season and the first game, then he's going to start every game.
  13. People seem to have an unfair idea that all of these prospects have to pan out or TFC is doing a bad job. Realistically, if three or four of them do - Priso, Akinola, Marshall-Rutty, and maybe a Luke Singh as a backup - then they are doing pretty well.
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