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  1. I would rather a guy like Tajon go to a team like Sporting over a team in England. Sporting will actually care about his development and give him time to adjust if he does have issues adapting. He’d be thrown to the wolves in England and while I think he would succeed, if he doesn’t have the best of starts he could get glued to bench
  2. I would argue he’s very far away from accomplishing that. I can also say if St. Clair signs with a Premier League side to be their starter, he’ll be our number 1
  3. Anyone know how long it takes for the replays to be posted? Wondering if it’s worth it to avoid having the result spoiled
  4. I know it's not the strongest side but this is a different Cyle Larin then we've seen in a Canada shirt in the past
  5. They are yeah. Not sure how long it takes for them to available but replays are on OneSoccer
  6. I feel like I'm gonna sound like a broken record at this point. On paper means absolutely NOTHING in CONCACAF. How many times have we looked better on 'paper' and not gotten results against central american sides? The US looked pretty good on paper last cycle and how did that work out? I don't know about you guys but I'm never sleeping on a CA side
  7. They had him on the DM list. Patrice Bernier was a guest helping with that list. Worth a listen tbh
  8. He’s gotten bold recently and just attempts to troll us now. Just ignore him
  9. Can someone sell me on Dias. I get that there is a ton of potential there but I’m not sold that he is going to be a star on the team. I mean he just turned 18 and will be playing against men 3/4/5 years older than him who have been playing in first tier professional leagues. I’m not even sure that we are going to line up with a #10 anyway
  10. While they are attached with those sides I think it’s disingenuous to say they are Serie A/ Ligue 2 keepers
  11. I’m saying a “better squad” on paper is so irrelevant in CONCACAF. How many times have we had a better squad on paper only for us to go down to Central America and get trounced? There is no way I’m more scared of Suriname than I am of a CA side. Thats why I say looking like. I didn’t say we are a top CONCACAF side. You can see the excitement we have for this team now. Definitely haven’t seen this level of optimism in quite a while. Maybe we are setting ourselves up for disappointment but we have every right to be disappointed if we lose to Suriname and get knocked out o
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