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  1. I think everyone hoping/expecting a 4231 is going to be disappointed. Why would we go out in a formation we have yet to use? I get we have a lot of options in attack and David has been playing underneath the striker for his club but I don’t see it happening. I wouldn’t be surprised seeing Davies at LB again and a front three of Hoilett-Cavallini-David
  2. A 352 definitely changes how the wingers play. I think Davies is more than up to the task in that formation but Hoilett is another story
  3. The problem I have with that is our midfield could get exposed. Both guys like to push forward, you could put on a more defensive option in Eustaquio/Piette but then Kaye is probably on the bench.
  4. Leeeettttttt'sssss gooooo! Looking good so far. N'Sa has been a huge part of this having a great game in midfield so far
  5. That is where I got my information from. "Of course. I think it might be thought that I am just one of these "Canadians" on paper that has some other citizenship that is my primary one but no... Canada is my only nationality,the only country I'm eligible to play for"
  6. That’s what he said a few months ago
  7. I am 23. I have watched failures from 2010 qualifying on. I thought today would be the start of something new. I was 12 when I started watching failures. I don’t blame anyone but I accept we we will always hurt me.
  8. Tajon? He’s a winger
  9. Oh so we are trying to get a result... Would have liked to see this personnel from the start
  10. Man stop. Akindele is not the solution to this performance. It’s not like Teibert has been playing bad at LB tonight anyway
  11. Could be the three at the back everyone has been clamoring for Larin-Cav Kaye Davies- WJ-Teibert-ZBG Cornelius-Hutchinson-Henry
  12. We have three and it looks like Hutchinson will also be playing some CB for us. Maybe not what I would have done but I don’t think it’s ridiculous
  13. Zero idea how reliable this website is but apparently Ajax have some interest in our boy. https://www.nieuwsblad.be/cnt/dmf20190531_04438466
  14. Pretty sure that people were absolutely screaming for Aleman to be included and to be played so he could be cap-tied. Ended up being kind of irrelevant
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