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  1. What did Osorio do to you? This is some weird level hatred, I didn’t love his play today either but it’s all good my man
  2. Yeah I was thinking the same thing, our quality on the pitch is getting worse every sub we make whereas there is no drop off for the Dutch.
  3. I don’t think Bombito is playing as bad as you all are making it seem, not sure which one of our right footed CBs would handle Brobbey better, he has been an absolute handful
  4. That MLS transfers twitter is garbage and not reputable. All of this arguing is most likely to be completely irrelevant
  5. It's easy to throw your hands up and say "you really think x tactic against these teams will work?" I could say you think sitting back against the likes of France or Argentina will work with our backline? We're underdogs for a reason 😅
  6. Did anyone know he had a right foot like that? I sure didn’t. If he starts using it more and became less one-dimensional that could be what he needs to take that next step.
  7. He’s a career Swiss lower league player in his first season in the Super League on the worst team with the worst defence. He’s nice to have for depth but I don’t think we should be bending over backwards to include him.
  8. I predict we will win all our games and everybody will still be negative and grouchy anyway
  9. I think it’s unlikely he ends up getting playing time but if it does happen it’ll probably be at LB. They have Montiel, Williams, and Aina all ahead of him at RB. The only true LB they have is Toffolo although Aina is known to play on both sides.
  10. Theo’s got seven league goals this season which is good for 8th in the league and only two non-Celtic/Rangers players ahead of him. Really impressed by him, certainly did not expect it.
  11. Just signed with Charlotte’s first team. I really doubt he ever suits up for us but you never know
  12. But this striker who was playing in the Finnish third tier is someone useful? You’re such an obvious troll, just stop man
  13. You aren’t believable whatsoever as a troll. Please stop
  14. Hate to be negative because I love the idea of Millar cutting in at LW/LM and Davies overlapping at LB, but we would get slaughtered down the left. I think we need a true 6 to make up for the lack of defending on that side (not knocking them) to balance it out. We talk about missing a more creative player but I think the more pressing issue is lacking a true high level defensive midfielder because I don’t think we should neuter Steph.
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