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  1. Scott Kennedy subbed in for the 2nd half for Jahn Regensburg this morning. Down 1-0 when he went in but Regensburg turn it around in the 2nd half and win 3-1
  2. TopDrawerSoccer’s draft rankings has our top player being Constant at #30. So I wouldn’t expect it without a combine to boost somebody’s draft stock
  3. I don't see how Wheeler said/did anything incorrectly here. He said Marcelo was called up (he was) and was going to be in camp (which he would have been had he not pulled out). I guess Wheeler should have gotten his crystal ball out before reporting news?
  4. You come on today just to bash our young guys? The KID is 18 ffs. Could he end up at that level? Sure. Will he? Nothing so far has shown me that
  5. Their defence with 3 beautiful assists on his goals
  6. What a run from him on that first goal. Definitely looks like he has gotten faster or more fit because I don't remember him making runs like that as much in the past.
  7. TBF a lot of guys said no that year. It was definitely a tough era for us but our player pool wasn't actually that bad
  8. Can we put him in a time machine please? So impressive that he continues to play at an elite level at his age
  9. I don't believe we thought he filed his paperwork, just verbally committed. Corbeanu I believe has filed the paperwork
  10. Supposedly already filed his one time switch. So he's ours
  11. Lille spent way too much money on him to give up already. As long as they keep getting results he’ll still get chances (might be off the bench at this point though
  12. They do, it's about 100 metres away. Laurier does not and removing it would leave K-W without much for rubber tracks, with the closest in Cambridge. Would anger a lot of people
  13. He's playing with so much confidence and looks AMAZING right now. Love to see it
  14. Not surprised that Marmoush and Kadioglu are not interested, would be incredibly surprised if they were. Happy to have Corbeanu and Yankov on board, both are promising players! Ferreira can f*** off in my opinion. I wish we would stop collectively holding our breath that he is the saviour of our defence
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