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  1. From what I’ve seen of Bassong at Cercle Brugge, he hasn’t looked fantastic, just invisible, because he doesn’t play (on a pretty bad team too). if we are playing with a traditional LB it’s Sam all day for me
  2. Ummmmm no David is not as good as it gets as a target striker because that is not a role he plays... Also, what do you mean especially Cavallini? The guy is easily our best target man, he's scored against Mexico, the US, Haiti. Not to mention he's had a pretty good club career so far. Automatic starter in my opinion.
  3. You guys? Why are you here?
  4. I’m not a big fan of him coming in. I’d rather have that spot go to a guy who’s always dreamed of playing for the NT, rather than some guy who wishes he could play for Israel
  5. Yeah, I think everybody needs to pump the brakes a bit. Not easy to come back from the kind of injuries he's had and even if he does become healthy, you would think he would have seriously lost a step speed and agility wise.
  6. He was subbed off at half time (with the rest of the 1st teamers). Was 1-1
  7. I really feel bad for every Fury fan out there. But holy f*ck get Mark Goudie as far away from Canada Soccer as possible. He doesn’t understand anything
  8. Probably because he is f***ing English. You expect the CSA to know about every kid in the world with some tie to Canada? We are going to miss some kids that are 14,15,16 years old. Why didn't they call him up to more games? Because he didn't want to be called up, he would rather play for the country he's lived in for 99% of his life. You expect every player with some random connection to Canada should automatically want to play for us but that is not how it f***ing works. Unsurprisingly kids who spent all of their lives living in Italy or England want to play for those countries instead. Acting as though some U15/U17 friendlies is going to want to make some English kid give up his dream to play for Canada is bananas. I hate to say it but there is nothing we could have done to get Tomori. The only way he would play for us is if he was 100% not good enough for England (and likely Nigeria).
  9. I don't even understand what John and the CSA are supposed to do to entice him. Is he supposed to be up late into the night trying to call Fikayo and crafting love letters for him? I'm sure Fikayo knows that the CSA wants him. How about we relax and let him decide when he is ready? Spoiler alert though: we are probably his third choice and I doubt we ever see him representing us on the international stage.
  10. I think everyone hoping/expecting a 4231 is going to be disappointed. Why would we go out in a formation we have yet to use? I get we have a lot of options in attack and David has been playing underneath the striker for his club but I don’t see it happening. I wouldn’t be surprised seeing Davies at LB again and a front three of Hoilett-Cavallini-David
  11. A 352 definitely changes how the wingers play. I think Davies is more than up to the task in that formation but Hoilett is another story
  12. The problem I have with that is our midfield could get exposed. Both guys like to push forward, you could put on a more defensive option in Eustaquio/Piette but then Kaye is probably on the bench.
  13. Leeeettttttt'sssss gooooo! Looking good so far. N'Sa has been a huge part of this having a great game in midfield so far
  14. That is where I got my information from. "Of course. I think it might be thought that I am just one of these "Canadians" on paper that has some other citizenship that is my primary one but no... Canada is my only nationality,the only country I'm eligible to play for"
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