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  1. "TSN will barely mention CPL unless it has something nothing to do with MLS." Fixed that for you, Bison.
  2. Don't forget the Darts, Lacrosse and endless loops of Baseball highlights. :(
  3. Gloucester Celtic from the Ottawa area has been more successful in recent years. A lot of those lads are former Carleton Ravens from the last 10 years or so. GWS
  4. Just as an aside to this point; I remember the old PDL days for the Fury and watching teams from the US showing up with barely 11 players to start the game with due to various reasons. The main one was passport/visa related issues which always struck me as odd because they knew they had to come to Canada every year for games. GWS
  5. Bison, I think it is out of necessity right now more than anything else. Not a lot of wide players available to have Carl playing at the back. Once a few of the loan players get up to speed I think we might see Carl moved to RB. Also, if/when the club brings in other attacking options before their next game April 6th, this may happen. Personally (and, obviously, my opinion only) I think he would be perfect (along with Tissot on the left, when back from injury) as a wide man of a 3-5-2. But I don't get paid the big bucks to make those decisions. Cheers GWS
  6. Decent start to the new year for the Fury. Four points from two road games. Early days yet but a far better beginning to this season that in any previous ones (NASL or USL). Home opener in three weeks. GWS
  7. It was the keeper (Beaulieu) who got injured and won't be going to the Fury.
  8. Might as well get things rolling on the current season and turn the page on the 2018 folder/topic.
  9. Arfield was outstanding today against them. Terrific performance, all over the park, winning 50/50s and could have had a goal as well.
  10. So I'm guessing not many then. Interesting, considering it is potentially a fairly large pool from which CPL players could come from.
  11. Nashville appear to be the one in big trouble, IMO. Ottawa has a home game against Charleston who are locked in at the #4 seed. Might see a weakened squad coming up here. Bethlehem has a home game against Tampa Bay who is already eliminated from playoff contention. Nashville has a home game against a Cincinnati team who have been on fire lately and who (I believe) are looking to set a USL record of some sort with a win. The issue though for a few of these teams is International call-ups; Ottawa has two away (Edgar and Sanon). Cincy , Charleston and Bethlehem are also losing a player so these three games may be influenced by that. Shall be an interesting weekend that is for sure. Anything other than an Ottawa win eliminates them. Even if Ottawa wins they won't even know if they are in the playoffs or not until Sunday (possibly late Saturday night). They play at 2pm on Saturday, Nashville play at 8:30pm Saturday and Bethlehem not until Sunday. gws
  12. First tiebreaker is actually Wins, so the Fury look good in that department.
  13. Have only seen a smattering of comments around a few other topics (mostly pertaining to CPL and draft, etc). Are there any regular posters on here who frequent University Men's soccer? Not necessarily in terms of specific players (although if any are standing out this year, please mention), more a general sense of which teams are watched and impressing this season on the road to Nationals in November? Personally, I watched Carleton for the first time yesterday against UofT and thought it was a terrific game. Ended 3-2 for the Blues, handing the Ravens their first loss of the season (after the Ravens had beaten Ryerson the day before; the Rams first loss of the year). Cheers gws
  14. LOL, no problem at all. It's the one thing that has been consistent from fans throughout this whole CPL journey; hope. Hope for a better International future, hope for a better National future and hope for a better domestic future! Edgar had a very strong game yesterday. Very vocal, commanding and alongside Meilleur-Giguere looked like they had been playing together for months instead of minutes! 100% might be a stretch right now but another month or so of 90 minute games and he could be close to a call up, IMHO. Gordon
  15. From the Ottawa Fury page: Posted 1 hour ago (edited) Bison, there was no WINK WINK intended at all. I have absolutely no inside knowledge about the CPL and have read only what is posted on here concerning it and the speculation there has been about Ottawa participation. My comment about any sort of dispersal was more of a general sense and my own thoughts regarding it; how would it be viewed if a team currently in existence (and if they ARE the final team involved) has the advantage of having these lads under an active contract and being able to keep them? Nothing more than the musings of a color commentator. Cheers Gordon Smith
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