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  1. That was a goal and finish of the highest quality!!!!
  2. Not saying it doesn't, just highlights the seedy underbelly of football agents and how easy it is to cause unrest between a player and his Club. Morelos had signed a few new contracts in the last year with Rangers which he and his reps were more than happy with. It was set to expire in 2023. I understand that scenario allows Rangers to cash in long before that but it is a side of the game that is really garbage and agents know it.
  3. Funny, but that is exactly how the process went with Morelos and Rangers. Still nothing confirmed as of right now but the rumours/stories/tweets are certainly out there from numerous sources and I would not be surprised if this transfer is pushed through in the next 24 hours. Rangers will need to get another striker or two in this week as Defoe is injured right now and might not be ready for Aberdeen on the weekend.
  4. To the tune of ‘Go West’. 😉 Village People originally.
  5. There is a Pet Shop Boys song/tune hidden in here somewhere today. 🤔
  6. Glasgow Rangers Glasgow Celtic Debatable I guess. Commonly used names but not official.
  7. St.Mirren Albion Rovers Hibernian Heart of Midlothian Port Vale
  8. Wasn’t there over 35k at the Grey Cup a few years ago? gws
  9. I agree with Cheeta. The problem I can see will be twofold: 1. Entertainment dollars available per household could be limited as families recover from weeks/months of either no or limited wages/salary/EI 2. With pretty much EVERY sport looking to either catch up or reboot a season there will be way too many options for people to choose from. CPL might get a bit lost in the shuffle. GWS
  10. It was called Shot at Glory. Starred Glasgow Rangers legend Ally McCoist (who in the movie was a former Celt*c player), Robert Duvall and Michael Keaton. Bit dodgy acting and accents but a light watch if bored to tears and nothing to do, LOL.
  11. Not on Netflix that I know but a good watch is The Damned United. And Mean Machine for a bit of levity during these at home days.
  12. "TSN will barely mention CPL unless it has something nothing to do with MLS." Fixed that for you, Bison.
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