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  1. I think he just won't play in any pride games. Happened last year too.
  2. This was 3 days ago. Not sure if this was already posted.
  3. Being there, I thought it was a pen but have not seen a replay. One of the worst games I've seen York play. They are a different team when Babouli is on the pitch.
  4. Injured this season. I see him walk with the rest of the team down the east touch line at the end of a game. He is limping and one of his legs seems constantly straight. Just what I've observed and haven't heard anything official. As for the other 2 years I don't know.
  5. Yeah that's a tough one. Ottawa, Vancouver and Cavalry. Didn't realize it was 3 games. Thought it was just for one. On the bright side you do have the best defense in the league right now.
  6. Oh I agree. Not the best referee by any stretch. If I was a Pacific fan I would be pissed with this game.
  7. He hit the forge player in the chest. Rules are rules but that's a weak red.
  8. Not a big crowd at all. Toronto Rock game on but I doubt there is much crossover.
  9. Got the home jersey. Prefer the alternate but I'll stain it in 5 minutes.
  10. https://www.instagram.com/p/C5E64vTus5r/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet&igsh=ZDNlZDc0MzIxNw== New Forge jersey
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