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  1. Obviously I'm on a high because the team I support won, but this game really makes me think of the potential of this league. Pacific is really good. Someone please correct me if I'm seeing this wrong, but this was very good footy for a couple of teams spending less than 2 million a year all in.
  2. I'm here, attendance is decent, and 2 beautiful goals! Fuck I love having our own league.
  3. I was at Forge vs Independiente and was the best attended match that I've been at. Numbers were not declared and I think they were pretty much giving tickets away. Crowd was good and loud though.
  4. Good job Halifax! Only got home to catch the last 30 minutes but they looked good. Was Forge's passing shitty all game?
  5. Didnt work for me either. Kept saying error. Tried to ignore the result but gave in and watched the highlights.
  6. French fries it is then. Hopefully not fried in beef fat if you are picky like me!
  7. I was at one game at York but only baught beer. Cashless and for some reason you were not allowed to bring alcohol to your seat. I'm one of those annoying plant based eaters so I cant comment on the food. Had a great time though and I'll be back!
  8. ^Same with me for Forge games in August. Had alot of backcountry camping plans for August (poor me!) so I've missed more than i usually would. Schedule has been pretty nuts but it is what it is. I try not to look too far ahead but I'm already looking forward to, hopefully, a normal weekend based schedule next year.
  9. The pitch in Calgary looked really good too. At least on TV anyway. Oh to have grass or a hybrid everywhere in the league... maybe some day.
  10. I often remind friends who are MLS fans reluctant to give CPL a chance to either remember or look up some 05, 06, 07 MLS games/videos. CPL quality is doing just fine 3 seasons in.
  11. Decent but kinda quiet. 2019 I was on the other side but they have us all on the east side now and unfortunately you cant hear The Battalion as well. If they announced the attendance I missed it taking a pee. I would guess 2500 but it's hard to tell in such a big stadium.
  12. Arrrrhhhhh!!!! If you can't score you can't win! Not what I wanted but a really fun night. Got to sit by York's Isaiah Johnson's (#44) family which was cool. Wanted to constantly ask them the dirt on the past year and a half but I behaved. All I got was Johnson was disappointed that Telfer left. Deserved win for York. Attendance wasn't announced but it seemed decent. Probably looked empty on the TV as usual though. I'm very appreciative that I have a team to support but man, they were not considering footy when they designed that stadium. As for the game... couldn't buy a goal tonight. Great defense by York. Bit of bad luck hitting the woodwork and now I've seen Borges get blanked on the spot twice at home! Anyway... I'm gonna stop now and enjoy my buzz. CPL FOREVER!!!! Johnston
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