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  1. Halifax is closest to England. We win.
  2. Or calculate an uber or lyft price before you come.
  3. I normally dont fly with airlines where the flight attendants rap instructions on what to do if you're on fire while drowning, but a cheap flight is a cheap flight.
  4. I look forward to seeing how many TFC fans moonlight to chirp the impact.
  5. I look forward to when another Under 15 team celebrates all over the the USWNT.
  6. It certainly seems like they are loose and dreaming big. Hopefully I'm mentally recovered enough from past scars by our first game to dream big too.
  7. Big mistake not including both in the package. Qualification one Wednesday at home, and then sell tickets and play the next week? That always should have been included. Also, those 6pm AST kickoffs are dreadful. Halifax should push back against that next season.
  8. I hope that happens after next Wednesday
  9. Also, just to tie it all together, Donald Sterling had to sell the Clippers because he repeatedly said racist ****. We are going to equate a court side push with that? (as some have suggested this guy sell his shares) Half a million bucks and a year ban is perfect.
  10. I don't know a single person who reads moby dick with no enthusiasm
  11. CSA logo is fermented cat poop.
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