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  1. They take their sweet ass time dont they? Some of us have families we're trying to escape from.
  2. On Canada Day no less. You sound like every parent who's kid wasn't good enough to make a team so you hold a grudge against Canada Soccer. Cite your sources or **** off.
  3. They both messed up. Sorry, you want me to blame Godinho for the lack of friendlies? Like, for not calling himself? I'll blame Godinho for an idiotic tackle and sub par backpass. Put simply Borjan does not have the luxury of playing the ball the way "likes" in every scenario. Especially with new teammates. Poor back pass, but very manageable. Also, please don't quote me when I didn't say what you have in quotes. There is a quote button for this purpose. Thanks
  4. There was a play in the first half where he backed up almost all the way to his goal line in order to take as much time before blasting it to half. No doubt he was thinking the same thing. Utterly inexcusable. He had plenty of time to clear. That move was pure ego.
  5. This. The Americans are pretty flawless when it comes to this. However it might not matter. It's hard to take three days off for a game in a tourney you might not of heard of. Short of the fly in fly out crowd, we won't get the buses from NY CHI and CMB. It's kind cool for us. Thanksgiving Monday into a game on Tuesday. Way easier to justify travel to Toronto for a free day for Canadians.
  6. I smell a bet! I think we are under 20K. It's a tuesday in the fall.
  7. I actually don't think the penalty was that great. 1. Not a lot of pace 2. Didn't get it all the way to the corner, it just looked that way on the live angle. 3. Instep hit telegraphed where it was going. Sinclair aside, it was poor. Tough beat.
  8. I mean, it's on a Tuesday. I don't think we should expect more than 20. Probably 15 if the marketing isn't great.
  9. Halifax is closest to England. We win.
  10. Or calculate an uber or lyft price before you come.
  11. I normally dont fly with airlines where the flight attendants rap instructions on what to do if you're on fire while drowning, but a cheap flight is a cheap flight.
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