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  1. “Deep into injury time now, as Herdman’s side settles down into their Suez defence.”
  2. I would love this but I feel that If we are lucky enough to get to the four or five nil mark, it will be about playing tight and not letting anything though. Tactics pictured.
  3. I think Concacaf's past screw ups have sufficiently prepared them for this big screw up. It's nice to see that level of consistency and growth.
  4. Home to Honduras, Away to USA to start. (assuming we blah, blah, blah)
  5. While the government is spending stimulus money, can we have that stimulus NWT stadium we've long talked about?
  6. You just know we are gonna host Honduras at home first.
  7. If there was, we found a way not to make it,
  8. I'll add that I now have two singles for this. $15 each
  9. It's falls into a lazy anti american sentiment that is all too acceptable and is one of the worst qualities of us as Candians. I've decided to draw attention to it. If it were any other country people would raise a fuss.
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