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  1. Do we know when we’ll see a roster?
  2. I lost my blue in a move and I’ve been upset for going on 10 years now
  3. following the latest news, I’m thinking about it now. Still 20%
  4. This was definitely meant for the shirts. Now I suspect it pertains to the people who designed them.
  5. Just bumping this monkey paw shit right here
  6. It looks like the mid 80s had a baby with the mid 90s and then peed on it.
  7. If I lived in Toronto, I certainly would buy a city package of a bunch of games. I honestly don’t understand anyone who wouldn’t want to see as many games as their financial situation would allow no matter who’s playing in them, and as long as it’s not at the same time as our lads. I also think that any comparisons between an under20 tournament in 2007 and this tournament is like comparing apples to colonoscopies.
  8. It's funny because in dollar column, It's not even all that big compared to other things on the docket. But you're right, in terms of the background and hype around stadiums, it's massive.
  9. You don’t see how those loops make the whole product look cheaper and less polished? It’s a turn off. But if you think casuals don’t matter, how do we make soccer bigger? The casuals in Canada watch hockey, the casuals in Italy watch soccer. The casuals move products and elect governments. The casuals are the bell weather for success. And games may not be free on tv, but they’re accessible. It’s easier to stumble across something on a basic cable tv package, or in a bar, rather than paying a months subscription fee or having to text your footy knowledgeable friends about how to get access
  10. I’m not conflating, I just may not have explained it properly. Obviously if you compare two different eras one shit and one good, you’ll get different results. I challenge you on the marketing. TSN took the WJHC and turned it into must see tv. It was an after thought tournament until they got their hands on it. Good marketing can inflate a mediocre product. If TSN cared about putting marketing dollars behind it, with their pulpit and platform, they could have created a massive buzz behind this run. Onesoccer could not even preemptively answer people’s question: “where do I watch the games”, because their pulpit was dog poop. And I disagree with your last point. I’d far rather have games properly marketed, and available to the most people possible on par with major sports news, than a boutique pay for play channel with extra repetitive vignettes to kill time in 3 hour pre game show.
  11. The irony is that Sportsnet and TSN - with a minimal amount of marketing that they weren’t willing to do- could’ve made the men’s and women’s national teams exciting to their viewers, while onesoccer centred their whole network around marketing the men’s and women’s national teams within an inch of its life and because nobody liked their service, they weren’t able to attract viewers.
  12. I went to bed early and this thread got spicy. 🌶️
  13. Anyone know what the largest viewership ever was on a one soccer-only broadcast? And since the answer is probably a WCQ, what the largest viewership was for a CPL game?
  14. But I think you touch on a super important point: they promised it, and it sounds like they didn’t pay it. it feels like we don’t really have a sense of what these things are worth.
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