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  1. yup. I mean, I don't know what you think this is, but I'd describe it as textbook marginal... which kinda characterizes 95% of the back-and-forths on here for the past 20 years. 🤣 If the argument is "no criticism of Herdman is warranted" we have a come a long, long way.
  2. Well said. The purpose they serve is insurance. It worked out, but the gamble of not having bodies is bigger than concerns having too many that you can't play. Thats a luxury Canada will have for years to come. If I'm honest, I don't buy the latter as a real problem. These are big boys, they don't need kid treatment. Any experience is good imo.
  3. I'm so glad no one besides the die hards and chattering classes are talking about his skelaton squad selection, because it means we won. But he can't pull that shit again. Full roster are a must. We need bodies and cant call people who can't come / can't play. Get anyone: Tesho, Arfield, Tabla, Ian Hume, Terry Dunfield, Bob Lenarduzi, the polkaroo, whoever. Huge three points tho. His subs were great, his lineup was great but ill never understand calling guys who can't play
  4. Sadly I gotta miss this one guys. Everyone in the house got sick. If I were there, id be wandering around BMO early - discretely - with a coffee cup. full of coffee. and nothing else, rather than pre drinking coffee at a bar.
  5. So many longtime Vs will be spread out across the south. Might make for a more coordinated louder voice.
  6. I won't lie, I was worried I wouldn't be able to get em there for a minute. But as always thanks to the people behind the scenes doing good work. I'll also be in 116. "It's obscure section, you've probably never heard of it... but we love it."
  7. Thank you to everyone involved with making this happen. I’m sure it was frustrating and nerve-racking. Flights booked. Tickets booked. Wife angry. Let’s take six points and make 15,000 sound like 55,000 Allez les rouges
  8. To add onto everyone’s points about Montreal, it’s not lost on me that there is a constant possibility of the Rays is being moved out of Tampa and into Montreal for 2027. That certainly complicates things if the government is holding conversations about 2 stadiums, but would be ideal if something was built and then retrofitted like we saw for previous events around the world.
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