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  1. To add onto everyone’s points about Montreal, it’s not lost on me that there is a constant possibility of the Rays is being moved out of Tampa and into Montreal for 2027. That certainly complicates things if the government is holding conversations about 2 stadiums, but would be ideal if something was built and then retrofitted like we saw for previous events around the world.
  2. I guarantee, after all this, someone is getting mugged in Vancouver. 😂
  3. This is a really good question. We keep saying there’s no other option but Vancouver, but is there?
  4. "We've got a great show tonight 'Jet Lag Reduction" is here *applause* Stick around we'll be right back"
  5. The game against Jamaica would be nice at the Grounds. You could get 10K in there easily. Assuming we are still in the hunt, it's going to be a massive game. There is a real chance that Panama and Jamaica could be dead and buried by those last two games.
  6. I get Vancouver for January, it makes sense for us. I just hate how it's gonna prime a ton of Americans to do Seattle game / Portland game and have massive road support in YVR. It wouldn't be so much of a sting if I wasn't certain they'll put us in Colorado or Texas in September to limit our travel.
  7. called your shot! (Like Junior knocking that one off the post to himself on purpose.)
  8. Then there’s Dave Suzuki but he’s no good at sports (Beat, 2, 3, 4) (Beat, 2, 3, 4) THESE ARE THE DA-
  9. Being a eliminated in the first round of CONCACAF qualifying by a South American country full of Europeans would be peak Canada.
  10. Just checking in to say this is awesome. that’s all.
  11. “Deep into injury time now, as Herdman’s side settles down into their Suez defence.”
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