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  1. If I'm reading the information on the Wikipedia page correctly, it looks like Canada will need to beat the US in the semi-final to qualify for the U-20 Women's World Cup. Four spots are available for CONCACAF members, and Costa Rica and Panama get two of them as co-hosts. Only the semi-final winners qualify and the US and Canada are on the same side of the bracket.
  2. And a nice appearance by Olympique_de_Marseille at the very end of the Honduran online broadcast! Nice 'stash! Thanks for being there, supporting our ladies.
  3. 148 pages, 3676 posts, and we have confirmation!
  4. Here's a long and interesting article on OSEG's finances and their involvement in Ottawa's sports scene: https://ottawacitizen.com/business/local-business/ottawas-abysmal-year-in-sports-why-its-so-difficult-to-build-sustainable-teams-here For those who don't want to read the whole thing, here are some highlights from the article relating to Ottawa Fury FC (with a couple of comments from me). OSEG is trying to increase the number of visitors to Lansdowne from 4 million to 5 million by 2022. Fewer than 20 per cent of those visitors need to be sports fans. OSEG generates most of their money from the rent paid by retailers and restaurants at Lansdowne. The new Ottawa Blackjacks franchise in Canadian Elite Basketball League will begin play at Lansdowne in 2020 and pay rent to OSEG. An Ottawa rugby league team will likely start up in 2021 and also pay rent to OSEG for playing at Lansdowne. (As also mentioned in the Le Droit article, a soccer club not run by OSEG would be welcome to pay rent and play at Lansdowne.) OSEG-owned Ottawa 67s and Redblacks collectively generate less than one-quarter of the annual revenue of the Ottawa Senators. Financially, the Redblacks are close to breaking even. In future, OSEG is counting on the Redblacks to account for 30 per cent of OSEG’S total revenue; the 67's just 2 or 3 per cent of their revenue. Ottawa Fury’s value, based on the fee paid by USL expansion teams in 2019, was $10 million. According to OSEG, If the Fury had joined the CPL their value would drop to $1 million. OSEG was concerned the CPL might not be around in a few years. Fury lost $2.5 million every year since the club’s inception. In 2008, Ottawa was a contender for one of two MLS franchises to be awarded in 2011. Senators owner Eugene Melnyk unveiled plans for a 20,000-seat soccer stadium in Kanata, near the Senators arena. The City of Ottawa agreed to co-finance the stadium if the new Redblacks CFL team could play 9 games a year at the stadium. Melnyk refused, not wanting to share the stadium with a CFL team, and the deal was killed. (So maybe Melynk can be blamed for Ottawa not having an MLS franchise, though it might have been a long shot to get one. Portland and Vancouver were awarded franchises for 2011, Montreal got their MLS franchise in 2012.)
  5. Al, you likely already know this, but for others following this thread, a pro basketball team with no affiliation to OSEG will be playing in an OSEG-run facility next year: https://ottawasun.com/sports/basketball/blackjacks-get-ottawa-back-in-the-pro-basketball-game From the article: The CEBL’s 20-game, spring-summer schedule for 2020 will be announced Nov. 26 in Toronto, but sneak peeks include the BlackJacks starting on the road before playing a home opener May 14 against the Hamilton Honey Badgers. That will be the first contest under a multi-year rental agreement for TD Place arena TD Place arena is where the OSEG-owned Ottawa 67's play. If this can happen for a basketball team, it can certainly happen for a soccer club, whether or not OSEG is involved.
  6. Ditto for Ottawa, despite a few technical difficulties at the start of the match. There were more people at the Senate Tavern interested in watching the US-Canada match than watching the Sens' game – a first, for sure.
  7. I travelled to Costa Rica in 2013. I loved the country and "la pura vida" then, and I love them even more now after their win over Curacao. When I was there, in December 2013, the draw for the 2014 World Cup had just taken place. Ticos/Ticas (residents of Costa Rica) were grumbling about being drawn in a group with three previous World Cup champions (England, Italy, Uruguay), the first time three former champions had been in the same group. Yet, Costa Rica won the group, won their next game and went on to the quarter finals. ! I've always had a soft spot in my heart for Costa Rica, even more so now.
  8. As you say, that plan is from 10 years ago. Who knows if that party is still interested. I really shouldn't say this, but as someone who has worked in a professional capacity (non-soccer related) with both OSEG and Claridge, I would by FAR, FAR, FAR prefer a potential Ottawa CPL franchise to be in the hands of OSEG. And as JamboAl says, it's pretty much Lansdowne – and some kind of relationship with OSEG – or nothing when it comes to a future professional soccer franchise in Ottawa
  9. Who remembers the 1990 World Cup home and away matches against Guatemala? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5dtAwViE9o https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Df_h37QyilY Mexico had been banned from participating for qualifying for Italia '90 for fielding overage players in a U-20 (or U-23?) tourney and the US wasn't yet a CONCACAF power. Canada's path to the World Cup looked really easy until... This is so painful to relive...
  10. Good times! I was at that game, too, and virtually all of the Pioneers/Intrepid matches over the years. My user name is taken from the Ottawa Intrepid mascot, Treppy, whose costume I later saw in Bill's Joke Shop on Bank Street after the team folded. That tells you all you need to know about the professionalism of the league... The "stadium" in Aylmer was ridiculous to travel to by public transit. I remember thinking I could have gotten there faster by canoeing across the Ottawa River from my parents' house in Nepean. A couple of Pioneers/Intrepid memories: the Pioneers playing Sheffield Wednesday in a friendly at Aydelu Park; the first (only?) international player, Joey Jones from Wales; Paul James, player/coach for the Intrepid, punching and breaking an opponents' jaw in front of the stands at Terry Fox. Still, it was great to have professional soccer in the area for a few years. But you're certainly right about the abysmal attendance and the scrappy goals.
  11. What, exactly, does "suspending all recognized supporter group privileges" mean? Cancelling buses to away matches? Not allowing supporters' groups to have discounts on tickets? Does it really have any effect at all? Similarly, "banning XXX from matches"? Really? How does that work? If I was banned from a match, what would stop me from buying a ticket at the gate, in cash? Or having a friend buy a ticket for me?
  12. Don't think anyone has talked about this yet: With one table of 34 teams, each playing just four matches, there are going to be a lot of teams tied on total points at the end of qualifying. If the next tiebreaker is goal difference, there will be no reason to take it easy on the weakest teams. If you're up by 5 or 6 goals at half time against the likes of Monserrat or USVI, better not take your foot off the gas in the second half, as that could cost you on goal difference. This doesn't apply just at the top, but throughout the table as teams try to qualify for Leagues B and C. And I would think qualifying #1 in the table would put a team in a better position for the Gold Cup "draw" than qualifying #10. Or qualifying #1 would be better than qualifying #6 when it comes to seeding for League A. Even teams virtually assured of qualifying should try to fill the minnows' nets. Could get ugly, but I don't know what the alternative is. Can't really throw out the results against the lowest-ranked X number of teams like they do in UEFA, when there's an unbalanced schedule. /Treppy2/
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