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  1. So who thought that after two match days Zambia would have scored more goals than the US? And they would have the tournament’s leading scorer? This has been a strange tournament so far. (But I suspect it will end with the usual result.)
  2. So the US needs to beat Martinique by six goals to overtake Canada in the standings. (Or by five goals if the score is 7-2, 8-3, 9-4, etc.) If they beat Martinique by less than six (or five) goals, a draw for Canada against the US will win the group. Go Martinique!
  3. Up 2-0 against Haiti early in the second half of a Gold Cup match ... we have them right where we want them, yes? 😀
  4. Ditto - I can’t remember the semi-final at all, either. But the other two games - well, yeah!
  5. To be pedantic, Hastings actually scored his “golden goal” in the quarterfinals. Canada had to win another two matches to capture the 2000 Gold Cup. But, agreed, it was one of the most iconic moments in our soccer history.
  6. Just for fun, here are the total number of wins, by each country in the Octo, in all six editions of the Hex (from '98 to '18): United States: 32 Mexico: 30 Costa Rica: 29 Honduras: 16 Jamaica: 5 El Salvador: 4 Panama: 4 Canada: 1
  7. Up 2-0 against Haiti - we've got them right where we want them, yes?
  8. No, just a random runner dude - a tall guy named Chris. We hung out a bit at Fury matches and at a Gold Cup match in Philly years ago. I should have stopped to say hi but didn't want to interrupt your conversation. Anyway, nice to briefly see you. Back to the thread at hand...
  9. Totally off topic, but was that you rocking the Norway jersey on Queen Elizabeth Drive this morning? Not sure what to think about that big diagonal stripe... (Not a stalker, honestly!)
  10. Well, so much for my "Planning for Your Retirement" webinar scheduled for 6-7:30 pm on Monday. Guess I'll have to keep working for a couple of extra years so I can watch this match.
  11. Back in 1985 there were no FIFA match days where clubs had to release their players for international matches. Waiters had to negotiate with individual club managers in order to get his players released for World Cup qualifying. Several Canadian internationals were playing in the Major Indoor Soccer League at the time (Dale Mitchell and Tino Liettieri among others), and it was difficult to convince their clubs to release them. My favourite Waiters quote was his comment on the difficulty of negotiating with MISL managers, explaining what approach he should have taken. I'm paraphrasing, but he said something like: "At the start of the season, we should have had a meeting with the club managers ... and shot them all!"
  12. Their club logo is awesome! I wonder what the story is behind the logo? Do they come from a pork-producing region? Maybe their players eat a lot of bacon?!
  13. If I'm reading the information on the Wikipedia page correctly, it looks like Canada will need to beat the US in the semi-final to qualify for the U-20 Women's World Cup. Four spots are available for CONCACAF members, and Costa Rica and Panama get two of them as co-hosts. Only the semi-final winners qualify and the US and Canada are on the same side of the bracket.
  14. And a nice appearance by Olympique_de_Marseille at the very end of the Honduran online broadcast! Nice 'stash! Thanks for being there, supporting our ladies.
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