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  1. The Caps are struggling badly in MLS. They’re close to the bottom of the Western Conference and got hammered 6-1 by LAFC last Saturday. Alot of fans are angry that the owners aren’t willing to spend more to keep up with the new MLS teams and owners. This result against Calgary doesn’t surprise me as they are very disjointed with no creative midfield player to make something for them. TFC to me are the team to beat in the Voyageurs Cup.
  2. We only get points if we win. What makes you think we can beat a higher ranked team within CONCACAF or outside. A higher ranked team on the other hand by beating Canada won’t get much points to boost there ranking, hence no high ranking team would want to play a friendly with us, unless there’s some incentive (eg pay all expenses here, etc)
  3. I would pay to see Canada sacrificed to Peru in WCQ match. Like to see what Davies, Cavallini, and David can do against them in Lima. If Canada are to get better, playing against CONMEBOL competition would help put a bar that they need to reach
  4. Its an aggregate scenario and I don’t like those odds away. Canada should beat the Bahamas, Cuba and Martinique’s of the world, but in the quarter-final and semi-final round, we’ll be facing the Haiti’s, T & T, Curacao, Panama and if we pass all that, play a home and a way agaist Honduras and Jamaica for the right to play a play-off. Yeah, don’t like those odds. Not playing friendlies is sure paying off right Herdman and CSA /s
  5. Honestly, I’m tired of dissecting another WCQ loss for Canada. At least in 1998, I could say well we made the Hex, how the hell did we not get the third spot to now, making the pre-Hex round and wonder how we lost to Honduras, El Salvador, Jamaica or Haiti on the road and we’re back at square one. 20 years of the same ******** and nothing ever changes for Canada sadly, we got into our hibernation and the media forgets there’s a Men’s team
  6. I wouldn’t get my hopes up TBH. Just looking at wikipedia the last 5 years, we’ve regressed so badly with friendlies. 2015 - 5 friendlies 2016 - 6 friendlies 2017 - 5 friendlies 2018 - 1 friendly 2019 - 1 friendly The trend is going downwards each year to the point that Herdman says Canada doesn’t need friendlies. Shows what the CSA thinks of friendlies.
  7. Uhmm, no Berhalter got the US to the Gold Cup Final and the Americans created more chances to score than Canada. Berhalter has a better coaching resume than Herdman and pushed Mexico to a tight game. Put it this way, I’d rather have Caleb Porter, who is probably on the lower end of MLS coaches in salaries and tactics over Herdman any day. Berhalter is way out of our league.
  8. I agree, but at the end of the day, the CSA puts so many conditions that quality coaches don’t bother or decide to retract there resume. I’m not sure how much Floro got paid, but when he got hired our program was in worst shambles thanks to Hart, and again the CSA going the cheap route hiring a guy that only coached the Halifax Donairs got us searching slightly above that regular pay level. Comparing South American coaches, most of the club ones are probably making $500K or less per year. If Canada were to poach Marcelo Gallardo from River Plate, for Herdman’s salary, he would probably do more wonders for the national team than Herdman for sure.
  9. Problem is that we’ve been making so many mistakes and rarely correcting them. After our Gold Cup success in 2000, you would’ve thought that would’ve ignited fire in Canadian players but no, we rode off the tailcoats of success, got knocked out of WCQ and rinse and repeat, until Stephen Hart took over, we got massacred 8-1. That also should’ve raised alarm bells in the CSA and throughout Canada that we are heading downwards, but nothing again happened. The media didn’t care and the CSA pretended that it never happened. So we’re back to square one again after the Gold Cup loss and the circle of mediocrity continues to haunt us. Out of all thr managers Canada has had, can’t you see a pattern that the CSA is hiring the cheapest candidates and they must work with local staff. Any other place around the world and fhe coach would want his own staff on board, so we’re stuck with mediocre candidates and status quo. If you disturb the status quo, like Zambrano tried to do, well, you get thrown under bus and fired.
  10. I give Canada no chance of making the semi-final group let alone the Hex. Based on our present form chances are we are grouped with A Carribbean nation (Haiti or Jamaica), Mexico or Costa Rica as favouries and either Honduras or El Salvador, as the Central American team based on our luck. Based on that I see no chance of snagging three points away. I just don’t see Herdman as a man saavy enough to win away, if we can’t beat a “lesser” opponent on neutral ground. If the CSA doesn’t make any changes and keep him for 2026, than they are the biggest hypocrites ever.
  11. You speak with the same defeatist attitude that every Voyageur has stated after a loss. We’re still drawing straws out of every loss. We were in control and the coach didn’t adjust in the half and we collapsed. Any other coach in the world would’ve been sacked but here we’re give the coach another 2-4 years to work. Nothing ever changes for Canada and nothing ever will. Some of us hoped we can turn the page but we’re still stuck in the late 90’s mindset.
  12. Beating Martinique and Cuba isn’t anything to be proud about. We are still a minnow and have mental breakdowns easily. Even Herdman talking about being in the semi-final is blowing up in his face. How about you take it one game at a time.
  13. If thats the case, you can kiss Qatar goodbye. I honestly don’t have faith he’ll even make it to the semi-final Hex group, probably the group stage before that.
  14. Somewhere Zambrano must be having a chuckle on Herdman’s tactics. Zambrano got us to the quarters on a harder group, IMO, and now with a better team, Canada blows a 2-0 lead and lose 3-2.
  15. Herdman has to ******* go. ******* CSA for letting go of Zambrano. Somethings never change. Epic collapse today against Haiti
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