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  1. Herdman does deserve credit for the tie, but Berhalter as a player tied Mexico at Azteca already and beaten Tata twice in a meaningful competition. So far Herdman has yet to beat Tata and Berhalter, but has come close. Right now Berhalter is “unofficially” the best and Tata second. Edit: Herdman has done alot for the CMNT, but he hasn’t reached Tony Waiters or Holger’s level of accomplishments yet. He’s getting better but “almost” qualifying for the World Cup won’t help his status, if he doesn’t get the team there.
  2. I didn’t know Osorio was Colombian descent. Thought he was Uruguayan like Cavallini. Explains his heavy Spanglish accent. I see more and more Colombians the last 10 years immigrate to Canada for better opportunities. Glad to see more diversity in our society and obviously team too.
  3. Too soon too say if it was the right call. Its great Canada tied but it cost us 3 players against Jamaica on yellow cards, particularly Buchanan. I think Herdman should’ve subbed faster to prevent tired legs from fouling. Also first time I hear Osorio speak. Why does he speak with a Spanish accent, when talking to Canadian media?? I thought growing up here all his life he’d speaking more like a Canuck than anything eh 😛
  4. I don’t think so. Herdman is making history and he hasn’t qualified the team yet. If he comes close but no cigar, he make get some mid level team. If Canada finishes 6-8 hypothetically, don’t think so. Only qualifying to the World Cup will earn him the big payday
  5. Great road point. I don’t know if Mexico played so poorly or this Mexican team is the worst in decades because the Mexicans love to attack snd they defended way too much in this match IMO, I get the feeling Tata is going to get sacked before Herdman ever does, as the Mexican press going to crucify him. Also didn’t know Canada tied at Azteca in 1980 WCQ, wow its been 41 years since Canada got a result.
  6. He actually got his tactics right which I’ll give him kudos, but 2 points dropped in the 1st game is still the blemish so far. We have to make that up in the later windows. I’ll wait till the end of qualifying for Herdman’s final judgement, as I doubt the CSA will can him until the end. But so far, we tied Honduras at home, tied the Yanks in there casa and blew out the weakesr team in the Octo. Based on yesterday’s results, we woke up the US dragon and seems the US pounded Honduras in Honduras, something we have yet to ever do in history. Its a long qualifying campaign, but moving forward, we can’t afford to lose any more home matches.
  7. That was 1997, the lead up to 1998 WC. I was at the end of the stadium right behind the corner flag and saw Pesch being stupid. He actually hurt the player hard with the corner flag, I could hear the “Whack” against the face. He was frustrated as we were losing. The Province newspaper had rhe headline “Peschi-stupido”. I’ll never forgot that
  8. Regarding the game. Canada played great and Herdman got his tactics right. El Salvador are really rusty and bad. They have really fallen off in competitiveness the last 20 years. I remember in the 90’s they had more players in Liga MX and MLS compared to almost nil now. Shows in the players skill level and how Canada has really improved significantly over them. I’d say Honduras is rhe new El Salvador of rhe 90’s with better technical players.
  9. Problem with putting 2nd stringers is goal differential too. Canada needs to keep goal differential down. Rather they lose 1-0 with the 1st team than 4-0 with 2nd rate strikers and defenders. Either way Its Azteca. Altitude will play a factor for any Canadian player.
  10. When Herdman was hired the bare minimum to me is like every other coach we’ve had and make it to the WC. Herdman had it easier to make the final round due to Mont Vic expanding the Hex to the Ocho and Canada not facing tough competition till thr final round. So here we are and he’s not convincing anyone he’s up to the task yet. He can motivate all he wants and be a great speaker but final round results are what’s he judged on. Look at Berhalter. Just becausr he’s won a Gold Cup and Nations Cup, rhe US and fans should give him some slack?? No, its because the World Cup qualification is what all national team coaches are judged for. Why should we settle for bare minimum on coaches?? We’re going to host the World Cup in 2026, I expect we get a proven coach then, not a coach who’s never been but is inspirational. Inspiration doesn’t qualify to World Cups, ifs results, determinations, goals, tactics, odd away wins, etc
  11. Ties don’t mean much away. We could technically tie 50% of away matches, but if we don’t win at home, we’re toast. All I saw last game is the US not being able to capitalize on early chances anf vice versa with Canada, a split was a fair result. If we tie or lose to El Salvador next game, you bet more Herdman critique may come, not just by me. Herdman is a great organizational and idea guy, but tactics, coaching, jury is still out.
  12. Klinsmann was canned after 2 matches in the 2018 WCQ campaign. Granted the US had 0 points, but 2 points to show for Berhalter would be considered a disaster for a top 20 FIFA ranking nation. Don’t think the US will tolerate another poor WCQ campaign if Berhalter doesn’t turn it around ASAP
  13. So far, Mexico is going to finish 1st, Panama looks like the real deal, so I expect 2nd for them. The USA didn’t impress me, but great result for Canada today . I would think Berhalter is on the hot seat now and if the States don’t win next game, he’ll be gone soon. The States could miss the 2022 WC if they play as bad the first 2 games. So that leaves to me 2 WC spots open between Honduras, Costa Rica, Canada, USA Jamaica and El Salvador. Should be a good battle for that
  14. Esit. Wrong thread. It’ll be tough vs El Slavador. They always seems to rise to the occasion against Canada
  15. Playing 3 games a week is not good for athletes as it could cauae more injuries down the road. I remember playing a small lightning tournament round in HS with 3 matches in 5 days and on the last match, one of our players tore his achilles. That was HS. For those trying to earn a living playing the game, its harder I think.
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