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  1. Just checked and they will be playing at Cuscatlan in San Salvador. With playing at home, Refs showing home favouritism and beating them at home. Don’t like those odds. According to the spanish commentator El Salvador is undefeated at home. edit: El Salvador is maybe 1 quality striker and a #10 away from challenging Mexico and USA. They actually remind me of Peru in the 1990’s. Play very technical but lack quality players. They showed flashes of brilliance and obviously breakdowns too. If El Salvador is not 3rd than 4th for sure. The El Salvadorean commentators were saying that Pinto, the CR coach that took them to the quarters was approached by El Salvador. Seems this coach will be sacked soon.
  2. Always Canada relying on other results, nothing changes. El Salvador got lucky on that goal, but the football gods would rather El Salvador be in the Hex than us. TBH, If El Salvador ever get a quality striker they should be 3rd best in CONCACAF. They missed so many chances in the 1st half. And the way they protect the ball and make good passes, which Canada would incorporate more of that style in our game.
  3. So how about that Herdman, eh. Such a genius coach that everyone was raving about a month ago and now..... He won one battle but lost the war, too bad, so sad. Herdman gets no passing grade
  4. I’m saying this unofficially based on Glasscity’s quote. Plus in the Langley Advance times, has quoted about alot of sports events happening in the LEC. The work on the field has been hush, hush as it wasn’t quoted in the papers but I’m assuming that the CanPL proposal group wants to keep everything hush, hush for now
  5. I was gonna mention that there isn’t much to do around that area, or within walking distance. The mall, movie theatre, bars and Red Robins are about a 10-15 minute drive north of Hwy 1, walking distance probably 25-30 minutes as its not really pedestrian friendly. I’m assuming that by having a serious tenant there might encourage more transit around that area or commercial shops. When McCallum got elected he pretty much shutdown all stadium projects around Surrey and would prefer towers and residential areas. Township of Langley welcomed the CPL with open arms.
  6. Let’s see, the V board was in lala land after we hammered Cuba and now we won 1-0 after playing 10 men, after Cuba bunkered most of thr match?? Sure, lets pat ourselves in the back. All I care is how we do against the US because that’s our measuring stick to see if Herdman learned anything from his Mejico and Haiti meltdown. Now the real competition begins.
  7. Yeah and out of all those 3, how many have qualified to a World Cup in recent memory. Can only think of T & T in 2006, but thats mostly thanks to Jack Warner. After the Copa America, Ecuador, who have been to 3 World Cups in recent memory, who had only hired there head coach last November, canned him after the Copa America fiasco. Paraguay also fired there previous head coach after 5 months on the job with lacklustre results and hired an Argentine prior to the Copa america. Should’ve stated good FA’s are the ones that part, while the cash strap ones and minnows ala Canada, and other Central american countries, have to tough it out.
  8. In any other FA, he’d be canned for bad results leading up to WCQ or bad GC results, but since this is the CSA and they are too cheap to hire anyone else (not that they could afford it, anyways). We are stuck with him until the end of WCQ, regardless of Hex or no Hex. Unless they beat or tie the US, I don’t expect Canada to make it to the WC, the long road to qualifying.
  9. Wake me up when we play and beat the US on Canadian soil and in rhe US. Trashing minnows, got us nowhere prior to the Gold Cup. Until Herdman can beat the US, Mexico, Honduras, Panama, Costa Rica, and Haiti away or at home, these wins are moot. Great we have 3 points, but thats it.
  10. I use to live in the Valley but know that the better paying job are still in Vancouver. Many Surreyites don’t travel to Langley and even most people from Langley don’t consider themselves Metro Van citizens. Valley FC will be honestly be competing more with the BC Lions demographics than Whitecaps fans TBH. The heart of the BC Lions fans are thr Surrey, Langley, Abbotsford and Chilliwack, which is pretty much the Valley. If they can scoop some of those fans, might make it more sustainable for the team. edit: I’ll agree that more and more “families” particularly blue collar are moving towards Surrey, Langley, Valley area. The urban yuppies and rich asians are the ones that live in Metro Van. Every inch of land there is worth too much for a family to grow
  11. Buble is from Burnaby. Has no links to Fraser Valley. Can only think that Ron Toigo, Rob Friend and probably one more investor are leading the charge in Langley. Will be interesting to see how crowds get there as the rumoured skytrain expansion to Langley and Willowbrook won’t complete until 2025.
  12. Bob Lenarduzzi is out as president, according to a news1130 headline. He’s slowly being let go from the club.
  13. I cringed when I heard Herdman lump the J-league with Brasil and Argentina, seriously, the man is too deluded or know **** all about the men’s league. I would put the Brasilian league in Tier 2 because the league exports more players straight to Europe than Mexico, MLS, Argentina and Japan. The Argentinian league should be Tier 2 but because of the economic crisis that affected the country in the last 20 plus years, more and more, has struggled to keep the better talent on home soil. It took MLS almost 20 years to start raiding Liga MX and outbid then for better talent, why, because there are better deep pocket owners that own NFL franchises that can compete. Regarding Japan as a Tier 3, I’d put them actually as a Tier 4. Just seeing the last Copa america how Japan struggled with there U-23 team on some matches means they still got along ways to go, but getting better each year. MLS to me is tied with Liga MX in quality but behind Brasileirao and Argentina Primera. In term of financial might, MLS comes in 3rd behind Brasil and Mejico for now.
  14. I would’ve though Dos Santos would’ve learned from TFC’s early years with a heavy Canadian roster not helping in MLS play. I do want more Canadians playing for rhe Caps senior squad but right now they have bigger issues to deal with and fix.
  15. The Impact and Whitecaps are kinda in the same boat with cheap ownership, except Saputo isn’t crazy to let his club sink so badly. I think TFC will offer a better test than the worsr team in MLS, because they made alot of good signings. Guess we’ll see how the best team in CPL does against the “best” Canadian MLS team
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