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  1. This is is only true if you look at the last 3 years or so. Prior to that, we only played the occasional gold cup game and a home and away series as our first round WCQ against Caribbean minnows. All the rest were against much stronger opposition (relative to minnows and often relative to us).
  2. Important to keep this in mind - given our opposition over the last couple of years, it is easy to get an over-inflated sense of expectations. Good to be optimistic, perhaps better to be cautiously optimistic.
  3. No, it means more shady CONCACAF refs decisions.
  4. This is all really interesting. How do you account for places that went into an extreme lockdown for a relatively short period, but still took an expansionary monetary policy to support it (I. E. print money), yet eliminated covid so consumer spending wasn't really impacted over the longer term? I am thinking of NZ (sure, tiny economy), but to a lesser extent Australia (which approaches the size of Canada). And I guess until recently, S. Korea and Japan. Were they just going along with the global financial system, and lucked out that it had health benefits or that they simply place
  5. And home games for UEFA teams often mean no flights. On the rare occasion we play at home, it still means long flights even for our domestic players.
  6. Until we prove otherwise, we are a minnow. Perhaps at the top end of the minnow scale, but a minnow none the less. It's what he signed up for. So am I disappointed that he declined the call for WCQ - absolutely. Does it mean he does not have a place if he were to choose to accept it down the road - absolutely not.
  7. After watching this game, I'm much more optimistic about our chances (fingers crossed, knocking on wood, etc). Of course, as a true Canadian supporter, I am also prepared for for the potential euphoria of qualifying for the Olympics only to have them cancelled.
  8. Glad it will be on YouTube. I will watch it after I get home from watching the Blackcaps take on Bangladesh at the Oval. Sorry, had to rub it in - live sports rule!
  9. Here's a quote from a Molinaro article shortly after Herdman's first game as head coach back in 2018 that I may have altered slightly: One of the important messages Herdman has communicated to his players is that they can’t be afraid to lose. He doesn’t want to see Canada simply “grinding it out” in games, as has long been the team’s modus operandi under previous coaches. Instead, the Englishman wants Canada to force the issue on <insert> stay off <insert> the pitch, rather than simply responding to what their opponents do. Veteran Canadian defender David Edgar added: “J
  10. And then you will whine about not being able to watch live sports or go to the pub.
  11. No, I can't. And I would still back him to start too. But that is more a reflection of our cb options than anything else. I think part of the problem in assessing Henry was that we had sky high expectations because he did relatively well as a young player for terrible TFC teams and ended up at West Ham.
  12. My expertise on FIFA rules only goes up to regulation 31.2 so you got me!
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