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  1. Exactly this. Larin had chances that he failed to convert. Sure, a lot of time has passed, but it doesn't change the fact that there is a significant gap in national team performance.
  2. That settles it. At least for the short term, the most important criteria in deciding to call him up.
  3. Strange, if that is the purpose of this thread, what value does your sh*t posting and name calling contribute?
  4. This is my single greatest argument with the new FIFA rules - prolongs the "will he, won't he" discussions here!
  5. You're well on your way for the purple heart of **** posting.
  6. They must be using one of those virtual stadiums as a backdrop to block out the trees and cow pastures...
  7. You're right, I do! I thought it was people that were way cooler than me (roughly 99% of the population). Turns out I'm closer to being a hipster than they are.
  8. Strange - just saw there was a video of a certain hipster couple shopping in Paris that aren't bad athletes...
  9. Despite the return of Robert(o) and the painful formatting on tables etc., this is something we should be proud of - a Canadian coaching at the highest levels. Imagine how we would feel if a Canadian born player earned a cap with the Dutch national team... Oh ****, never mind.
  10. From over here, the fact that I have look to the East to see the West Coast of North America suggests that we'll bend the rules to accept Canada as part of the western world even though it is further east. 😀
  11. I think it will be the return quarantine that makes all this unlikely. It is one thing (not easy, but possible) for the single host country to make arrangements for players coming in. There is experience of that working with the bubbles for teams. It is quite another to get Canada, Germany, UK, France, Turkey, USA, Serbia, Portugal, etc. to all agree to accept individual players returning and to be on the same page, particularly given the variable ways that Covid pops up in different places at different times.
  12. Does he provide lessons? Asking for a friend...
  13. We are either a team challenging for a World Cup spot in 2022 or a team that is worried about the minnow draw. It is mutually exclusive, we can't be both.
  14. Alphonso's arrival on the world stage is now complete...he features in my favourite football cartoon. If you don't follow David Squires, it is worth it. https://www.theguardian.com/football/ng-interactive/2020/aug/18/david-squires-on-a-wild-and-action-packed-week-in-european-football
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