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  1. I suspect there might be some disagreement that you haven't been wrong in 40 years?
  2. I guess the one benefit of not playing many games is we haven't had these "City X is best for support vs. City Y is just a bunch of bums" debates in a long time.
  3. Nope, about as likely as us annexing France and taking all their players.
  4. And given de Guzman's recent comments re: CPL, I'd be really happy to see this happen.
  5. And there is over 314k people in BC alone that speak both english and french (10M in Canada). Doesn't compare to any other language. If the CPL is serious about being a national league, that can't be ignored over the long term. It is nice that they appear to be recognizing that.
  6. I think we have a disagreement about what is "young". In my view, Piette is a young talented midfielder - he's 24.
  7. I don't think Piette gets the credit he deserves. He was one of our best players in the 2017 Gold Cup (one of the last times we actually played a competitive game) and game in and game out is solid for the Impact. We still haven't seen the best of him yet! (apologies to whoever it was that started that thread) I'm not saying he should necessarily replace any of those players above on the field, but he deserves to be added to the list, he is consistently in form. He just happens to be stuck behind Hutchinson.
  8. Touche (can't figure out how to add the accent)
  9. I had to look very closely to see the fine print, but only FCE, valour and forge are eligible.
  10. This. This. This. Arfield is arguably our best player at the moment. There's no scenario where he doesn't start.
  11. No, he's the anti-Philly-Jawn guy.
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