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  1. Whoohooo! A benefit for losing in the quarters.
  2. So that seals it. the goal was Herdman's fault and he should be fired! (Joke)
  3. OK, it might make us all feel better that Herdman (and the CSA) are under closer scrutiny because of the GC results. We might like to think that people calling for him to be fired puts him under pressure to perform in the Nations League. But it is important to remember the context. Reality is there are 100 people on this board doing so. There is no broader questioning of what has happened. As far as Herdman and the CSA are concerned, there is no problem. And that is the problem that we should be thinking and talking about.
  4. What have we learned in the Gold Cup? We are firmly established in the 7-10th best team in Concacaf range, which is where we have been for decades. We can count on beating, and occasionally pounding Caribbean minnows. We can count on being beaten by those above us. We can sometimes get a result against those teams that are at our level. But we are not a hex team and there is no evidence to suggest otherwise. Sure, we have potential to get there. We can have hope. That's why it is so frustrating that our coach doesn't recognize where we are at. All his positive thinking and mental gymnastics doesn't change the fact that we have not beaten anyone yet. How do we go almost 2 years without playing a team at our level? How can he get away with talking about playing Mexico twice at the start of the group stage - and assuming we are playing in the semis? How can he even mention the semis prior to playing the quarterfinal? What have we earned? Haiti was not the underdog. We are the underdog. We need to start acting like it and not assuming that results will be gifted to us because we now do yoga and think positively.
  5. Not to take anything away from David - he has been fantastic. But we need to acknowledge that he is being served up balls from a much better group of players as well.
  6. And the keeper. I hate what they're calling in the women's world cup, but...
  7. But this is arguably the first time me have played against a good team in two years.
  8. It's almost like they aren't used to playing together... The good news is that should come together by the end of the group stage.
  9. Something like the Zoo for the Highlanders rugby games - anywhere from 1-3 thousand a game, and all first-year students get the first game included as part of the "frosh" week events. https://thehighlanders.co.nz/fanzone/fan-promos/804-the-zoo
  10. I suspect there might be some disagreement that you haven't been wrong in 40 years?
  11. I guess the one benefit of not playing many games is we haven't had these "City X is best for support vs. City Y is just a bunch of bums" debates in a long time.
  12. Nope, about as likely as us annexing France and taking all their players.
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