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  1. Agreed, I don't mean to take anything away from Cav. In my mind he is our #1 striker. I'm just wary of the fact that we often overestimate where we sit, performance, etc. and then act surprised when outcomes don't go our way against real competition.
  2. I don't think it is fair to bring up striker form in the context of the MNT. The vast majority of our goals have been against teams where I could reasonably provide someone of Cavallini's skill set with the service to pot a bunch of goals. Not a dig at Cavallini, but more a comment / caution against reading too much into the performance of any of our recent goal scorers. 6 of Cavallini's 11 goals have come in games we have won by 5 or more.
  3. Someone should tell the CSA that this is one of the reasons to play friendlies...
  4. I have never been so invested in the results of the El Salvador team thanks to this bonkers qualification process. Maybe it's a secret ploy by OneSoccer to up the viewership for concacrap matches? I'm a Cuba fan, DR fan, any other random minnow that can pull of an upset against a rival on any given day. I liked the old simplicity of just cheering for Canada.
  5. I'm not so sure. If he was such a good motivator, I would expect more mental strength from the team so they don't completely fall apart when face with adversity - I'm thinking second half vs. Haiti, Borjan screaming at teammates and 2nd minute today
  6. We made it so they didn't really miss Pusilic, Bradley et al.
  7. They have every year but 2 in since 2006 - Auckland City and Team Wellington both lost in the semis this year to teams from New Caledonia. Not saying it is a great league, it isn't. But they NZ teams have dominated the OFC champions league since Australia left. Speaking of NZ - up 1-0 vs. Ireland in 30' in Dublin...edit:lost 3-1
  8. Agreed. It feels eerily like the Haiti game... I need to keep reminding myself that as a CMNT supporter, I am a lot like Charlie Brown lining up to kick the ball. Lucy won't possibly pull it away again this time will she?
  9. True. But it's more about me clinging to the mythology of a bilingual country.
  10. What about me, part of the anglophone population? I'm also offended that more effort hasn't been put in by the CPL to use french. Someone earlier listed off the population of francophones. What about the million(s?) of others that are bilingual?
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