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  1. Lots of over thinking going on here. The key question is which venue in Florida will we host games.
  2. I've got a book suggestion for you if you're interested - "How to make friends and influence people" by Dale Carnegie.
  3. Sorry, I am not sure of your intention, but this is one of my pet peeves - if Larin signs with Man City tomorrow, he doesn't magically become a different or better player.
  4. I have never been sold on Herdman. I didn't like the way he was hired, I didn't like his buzz words and motivational Ted talk style, I didn't like the too cute by half approach to tactics. But... he deserves a lot of credit for changing the mentality. The short clip of an interview with him from Soccer Canada after the Suriname game had me convinced that great things are ahead. And I have been cynical about us for decades. It is different this time. I think the players believe it. And I have come around too. For the love of god it has to be!
  5. ... or has it just begun (in deep Silent Lucidity voice).
  6. Or who was instrumental in their team winning Ligue 1...or the Turkish league... When it comes to the CMNT, I am generally pessimistic. But some of the comments here are over the top. Suriname is a good Caribbean team, that's it. I'm sure the fans of no other team with serious expectations of making it to the Oct would be this worried.
  7. Agreed. There is no way they get picked ahead of Hoillet. You don't pick a team based for WCQ on potential, you pick based on winning in the present. I think some people are playing too much FM and starting to think it is the real world!
  8. That is what I was expecting. But watching the whole video (granted they are selective highlights) I was impressed. Lots of creative play and some great touches, all under threat of leg breaking tackles, which makes it even more impressive. He certainly can play at this level.
  9. Argh! - I can't join because the system will not be able to ship my membership to NZ!
  10. This really needs to be much more visible - I have on occasion done the informal donations in the past but I wasn't aware that an formal membership was now possible. Great news.
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