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  1. Maybe not with Liam, but it seems like you have something personal with the parent. It's not the first time you've brought up the fact that you perceive there to be a problem with a parent contributing to this forum and how that clouds all of our judgement (e.g. below where you raise it unprompted).
  2. I am just as excited about this as when I find out there is someone playing in the Cypriot 2nd division that may have a Canadian grandfather and is still undecided on their international football career! In all seriousness, I really appreciate all the work going on behind the scenes. Thanks.
  3. Speaking of the Voyageurs, I am looking forward to seeing the results from the survey.
  4. My 11... Borat LarryEh Addagedude CornonCob Victoria Pistachio Kanye Ontario Dave Dave Larry
  5. 1 Davies 2 Hutchinson 3 David 4 Arfield 5 Borjan
  6. I agree! This thread is some serious twilight zone sh×t! David is the key player on a team at the top of ligue 1. He is doing fine, his team is doing fine.
  7. Yes, I wouldn't go so far as to say the injury was a good thing, but provided there are no lasting effects, certainly a silver lining that he had a bit of a forced break.
  8. You never miss an opportunity to antagonize people, post inappropriate content and derail all posts to make them all about you. Pathetic.
  9. What is to be lost if the CSA were to say: "Unfortunately, due to health concerns, our planned friendly with country X has been called off." Is that commercially sensitive?
  10. AYE! Can we also implement some sort of system where Spurs Flu gets some sort of shock whenever one of his posts contains the words "covid" "pandemic" etc.? When they stick to football, the posts are good, when they don't...I'd rather read about Robert's latest analysis of the Dutch programme.
  11. I think this is the silver lining at least for CMNT. Not all our games will be against teams like Cuba, and if he can figure out how to make things happen out of nothing, it will only help him score the winning goal against the run of play against Mexico whenever we do WCQ again. I'm reaching here for something positive...
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