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CPL Best and Worst teams in 2019 with overall record

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Sorry @MtlMario, apparently the first tiebreaker is total wins rather than goal difference, so HFX did indeed finish bottom of the combined standings. 

Edit: Here is the article describing the rules:


In the instance of a tie in the final table standings for either Spring or Fall, the following tiebreaker procedures will be implemented to determine a winner:

  1. Total number of wins
  2. Goal differential
  3. Goals for
  4. Away goals differential
  5. Away goals for
  6. Home goals differential
  7. Home goals for
  8. Coin toss (tie of two clubs) or drawing of lots (tie of three or more clubs)

Should the same team win both the Spring and the Fall portions of the season, the winner of the Spring half will take on the team with the highest cumulative points total across both halves.

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