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  1. I suspect he's just a body for training camp. He's mid-20s, 5'4" and not much of an offensive performer at the usl2 level.
  2. I think if you take the Nef article out of the equation it's simple - Valour makes 100K+ on a teenager who wants to go to Chile anyway, keeps the goodwill for later and opens up a roster spot for a striker (hello Ben Fisk!)
  3. Looks like May 2nd for our home opener vs Ottawa! https://twitter.com/Ryan_Brandt/status/1230513159250669569
  4. Agreed. Galan looks like he stuck around Winnipeg all winter so he's probably staying with the team.
  5. I wasn't thinking penalties actually. I felt he was a superior goalie overall.
  6. Bye-bye Janssens. I'm guessing he'll be a benchwarmer with Aird & Fordyce there.Hopefully he's on a couple year contract so that next year he can step into a starter role. Maybe it's me, but Gale seems to really be able to recruit young talent well. If the older players can take a leadership role this could work.
  7. I would guess Farago & Janssens is due to waiting to get the transfer of Pantemis from IMFC. Thomas will be gone, and I would guess the rest have multi year contracts
  8. I agree they were a huge portion of the attack, however last year Valour's offense was only ranked 5th. The god-awful FC Edmonton offense scored only 3 less goals over the entire season. In that light, the talent brought in in aggregate should outperform last years squad in total goals scored.
  9. Frankly, I'm not really concerned about the goals per se. Bustos & Petrasso only had 11 combined last year meanwhile Attardo & Paolucci had seven. Add in Aird, Fordyce, Antwi, Waters, Campanile and a healthy Musse I think we actually upgraded the firepower.
  10. Agreed - now that the MLS CBA is done I bet over the next week we see a ton of loans happen. That being said, I like Janssens last year - I felt he was far and away better than Farago although Pantemis would be a definite upgrade.
  11. I gotta say I'm pretty happy with the revamped backline: 2019: Murrell, Mitter, Arguinarena, Thomas, Le Bourhis, & Garcia 2020: Jean-Baptiste, Levis, Soto, Geffrard/Thomas, Le Bourhis & Garcia I am cautiously optimistic about Valour this year. I think the defense will be a lot better and will offset the offensive losses of Bustos & Petrasso. Right now I have York9, Forge & Pacific in the top tier, Cavalry & Valour mid-table and Wanderers, FCE & Atletico fighting over the wooden spoon.
  12. I disagree. I think Gamage lacks a sense of 'even-handedness' in his articles to the point he comes off as biased against Valour. Nef is often right but his 'rumors' are often things which are pretty obvious, are flat out wrong (which he then deletes) or click-bait.
  13. I believe Ryan Brandt said he (probably) still signed to Valour. Neither keeper lit it up last year but Janssens was significantly better than Farago. Farago was the *ONE* local player I was hoping would depart this season. I don't want a Pavelec situation here.
  14. I posted that before they announced who owned FCMB
  15. My guess is that it's to start stocking FC Manitoba.
  16. I think you're right but they won't get the Fury treatment - I think they are at a high enough level above the CPL and have existed in that league a lot longer than the CPL has been in existence that they won't get forced. That being said, I agree that VWFC & IMFC's owners might look and think that they will make a lot more money if they sell their MLS franchise and start in the CPL. Especially if the transfers continue.
  17. To be fair, nobody had any idea how good the CPL was going to be last year and nobody knew how the teams would gel. And frankly with Gale's experience with the youth teams he should have that eye for talent.
  18. Maybe a good place to get back on the radar then? And if nothing else, 40+ games in MLS is nothing to sneeze at
  19. Yes, but his main worth is the attack and Pacific is pretty loaded there. Plus they could be facing a cap crunch if they sign Bustos.
  20. Does that make sense? They have a lot of firepower as-is
  21. I don't think I would want my name attached to that article either!
  22. I don't think he has to be. LBG was a central midfielder and it looks like Fordyce been employed as a central midfielder most of the past two years: https://www.transfermarkt.com/daryl-fordyce/leistungsdatendetails/spieler/35192/saison/ges/pos/7
  23. Looks like he's considered domestic. And maybe they're looking at slotting him or Galan back a bit more into a defensive role?
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