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  1. What are you trying to do? After all my hard work trying to convince people to be positive and not worry here you are trying to bring them back. "Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in."😉
  2. A little off topic but this reminds me of the last time Canada played at Saputo stadium (you know that game that all the fans went home in a couple of taxis 😀). During pre game warm up Davies was sitting at the end of bench (outside of the bubble) about 6' away from me, I called out to him a couple of times (wanted to take a selfie) but did not respond to me.☚ī¸
  3. Haha I think I have that same T-shirt.
  4. I know everyone is waiting for my crystal ball 😀 to come out and here it is, 3-1 for the good guys. Don't worry, be happy.
  5. I wonder how they calculate his salary concerning the salary cap? For example if he's making 100k in Spain is it going to count in Ottawa's cap?
  6. I wasn't going to say this but my Dr. Phil in me is too strong. So I can't help you if you don't realize you have a problem. Who is willing to admit they were too scared of Suriname and are willing to admit they were wrong? 😁
  7. I hope I don't have to read too many comments of how dangerous it's going to be going to Haiti, covid, flights to Haiti and back to Chicago blah blah blah. We are going to crush them these 2 games. It's time to stop with the excuses and play like we're a top 3 team. As we get closer to game time I'll take out the crystal ball.
  8. Congrats to Rheo for guessing right the 4-0 score. I guess I'll have to fine tune my crystal ball after my 4-1 prediction.😀
  9. Sorry I was out tuning up my crystal ball. I know a lot of people are nervous about tonight's game but I'm more nervous about One Soccer and if I can watch the game on my TV instead of my computer.😀 Anyways back to my crystal ball. First half finishes 2-0 Canada. Second half 2-1 (just to make us a little nervous) 3-1 (relieves a little of our blood pressure) 4-1 (everyone can breathe now) See you all in the OCT. (i know there's another round to go).
  10. Found it funny(and sad) that both TSN and Sportsnet both reported the game at the 42 minute of the hour long sportsnews.
  11. His new nicname is THE BRO. Get it?. Keep it up.
  12. I had to watch the game on my computer. Could only watch taped shows on my TV, no live shows.
  13. Same with me now, won't connect to tv again. Not the first time. If I wasn't a big CMNT fan, I would of dumped these guys a long time ago. Pitiful just pitiful.
  14. I like to refer to my belly as relaxed muscle.😀
  15. If we still can't have games in Canada with fans (all sports) by September, someone please shoot me.
  16. With all due respect, a lot of people here are worried we can't beat Suriname and now we hope Bermuda can beat them?
  17. I bought a carton of milk this morning and Alex's picture was on it.😀
  18. You're right, it's just that I read it on Sportsnet and didn't pay attention it was from CP.
  19. According to Sportsnet Ayo and Luke will not be called to play any games, they're only there to train. ☚ī¸đŸ˜•
  20. Isn't Brazil doing very bad in covid cases?😕
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