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  1. Was sad to hear he is battling cancer.😟
  2. A good candidate for coaching the new Laval team (whenever that happens).😁
  3. TSN " Canada's Sport Leader". What a joke.
  4. I've said it before a Mtl island based team would be setting itself up for failure. It would be seen as the little brother semi-pro team to the Impact (FC Mtl). An off island team (Laval) would be seen more of a competitor (rival) Laval vs Mtl thing. And the Canadian angle doesn't work here in Quebec unfortunately.
  5. Anyways it's nice to hear AD is back to full training.😎😁
  6. Out of curiosity, when you say "cooperating closely" does that mean letting the MLS Cdn teams send their reserve teams to play in CPL top division?
  7. I have that one.😎
  8. To deflect the shots UT is taking I'm going to say "none of you guys know anything about anything".😁😄
  9. Didn't know where to put this but anyone else noticed that this game is nowhere to be found on "Predictor" list of games.
  10. I've always said that people are like sheep, when they see that tickets are scarce or sold out everyone wants to go. We need more of those signs.
  11. Took your advice, had my daughter install it yesterday and so far so good. The only thing I noticed different is that they only show a 2 day schedule. Thank u thank u very much.
  12. I have a feeling that some WCQ games (Canada) will be on one of the major networks.
  13. Yes I knew the answer (we have the same problemo here) but I still find it sad that it happens to this extent. I won't go any further.
  14. I've been following MNT since the early 80's and I don't think I ever saw the true disappointment and real brotherhood that this team had after this game. They actually expected to win this game and it showed after the final whistle. Previously it would of been "Oh well we tried our best and at least we didn't get embarrassed" and never really expected to win. This will bode well for us in the future.
  15. Lol same thing I did, put it on about 3 hrs early. Audio was about 5 seconds before the action (annoying) but didn't want to take a chance of re starting just in case.
  16. I actually liked the music.😁
  17. I hope he sticks around too but as a loosely translated Italian saying goes "money can make blind people see", meaning the right ($$$) offer comes along and ..............
  18. Missed the pre-game show and never got to watch on my tv (Chromecast) finally got to work on my computer which froze 3 times and had to reset. On the tv could only get the recorded shows nothing live. Want to invite people over to watch future Canada games but it's always a crap shoot with these guys. I do not understand how a company could operate in this manor.
  19. I know this will be a tough game but how many times did we hear this this year before each of our games except teams like Cayman etc?
  20. I don't get it. If I recall a lot of people wanted Tesho called in because he was, let's say, scoring lately. So Theo missed 2 great chances It's ok for a MLS journeyman (as you call him) to miss his 3 great chances? Isn't it a strikers job to score? What if we were losing and he missed those chances, would you be still be saying he did his job? Meanwhile you're telling me not to judge a player by that short time on short notice but you are doing exactly the same thing.
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