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  1. Since this thread deserves a resurrection. He has started to earn himself some good minutes for Cavalry FC. I really like watching this kid play. He has been playing RB and his overall game is very sound. He is extremely fast, a great dribbler, and great vision and crossing ability. He has also been sound defensively. With the major question marks at Canadas RB position he deserves to be monitored. If not for the Senior team give him a shot in th U23s perhaps.
  2. They can’t just make their own rules when it comes to working near live lines. I work near power lines and they instruct us to keep at least 7M away from them with our equipment. So raising their cameras mite just not be allowed at the moment.
  3. How do selections for ages like this work ? Does the CSA actually have the scouts to identify the young talent around the country ?
  4. York is horrible because it’s pointed at an empty bleacher, but at least I can follow the game. PFC is brutal because of the angle. Cavs and HFX translate the best on tv.
  5. The camera angle is not really a mediapro fault. The power lines restrict them from raising the camera until the club pays for it to be moved.
  6. I mean maybe ? But the fact is they are a team that struggles to win. People pegged Cavalry as one of the worst teams for player quality going into the season. With many people hitting them with a “pdl” team branding. However Wheeldon is the best manager/coach in the league and that “pdl” team is the top dog. I personally think people were overlooking the Cavalry player quality, but I do think Wheeldon is a huge huge part of their success.
  7. Yes I agree. Cavs/Forge are on another level then the rest of the league. None of the other teams have been able to really take a step ahead of the others yet. Valour is cementing theirselves at the bottom however.
  8. I mean that is a pretty important piece of the team. So no they aren’t haha.
  9. I keep seeing HFX fans trying to argue they are a top team in the league, closer to Forge and Cavs then the rest. I continue to not see that. PFC however is starting to put it together, but they need a bandaid sponsorship man is that team injury prone.
  10. As a Cavs fan I think he would be very hard to replace, so I don’t want to see him leave. At the same time I’d like to see him have success at the highest level he can. Also think he would be great for our National team one day.
  11. Gale first to get booted. Wheeldon the first to go up a level.
  12. Man reading this and all I can think of is York 9 games. Literally look so bad on the league because of the camera angles. Well Y9 attendance is putrid regardless but a completely empty stand is brutal to look at for new spectators.
  13. A Gen IX guy told me there was that many and he was at the game, but meh could careless lol.
  14. Gents record transfer out was 9M. David should break that.
  15. Nothing to do with what they sell for, I’m talking purely on their ability to play the game. In that sense I believe David is and will continue to be a better player then Davies. Both are great young stars for Canada tho of course ! And yes I can’t think of team I’d rather he went to then Ajax. That is literally the perfect team for him. He will consistently get European football and they develop players with the best of them.
  16. I agree, but I think the majority of people think the opposite.
  17. Yeah. Apparently the onesoccer crew packed up and left during the weather delay. That is pathetic.
  18. Everyone said I was crazy when I said he could for for 20m+. I truly believe he will be a better player then Davies when it’s said and done.
  19. Gent won 2-0. Don’t think David had any points.
  20. Bold strategy cotton, let’s see if it works out for them.
  21. I’m perfectly fine with another Killie loan. He really started to rack up some minutes at the end of the season there last season. They are currently on Europa League games. Looking forward to see how he gets on this year.
  22. I really don’t like Langwa that much. To me he is over hyped. Sure he looks decent going forward, but he has a lot to be desired defensively. He is very mistake prone.
  23. Yes but I said I’d be fine with Borges if the guys ahead of him are in bad form or not getting minutes a few posts earlier. In that situation I’d agree bring Borges.
  24. Yes but why ? A game that important we should have our best players on the field and bench. If let’s say Davies is playing LW and gets injured during the game I’d rather have someone that we know can play at that level ready to come off the bench to replace him.
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