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  1. Yeah, that's already known. I was just adding some other players that are currently out on loan.
  2. Edit: Ignore this post, it's almost all wrong! A couple more loans according to Transfermarkt, all until the end of November: Robert Boskovic (Cavalry -> TFC2) Julian Dunn-Johynson (Valour -> TFC) Dante Campbell (Valour -> TFC2) Transfermarkt also says Viti Martinez was a trade, rather than a transfer?
  3. If Forge wins, and Antigua loses, the CAN2 spot will no longer be in last place. That being said, I don't really understand what they're using these coefficients for? Why is CRC3 (48.5 points) in Pot 1 (for the preliminary round), while GUA1 (23.5 points) is in the round of 16?
  4. Apparently he plays for NK Krk in the Croatian 3rd division.
  5. Former Cavalry player Julian Büscher is now playing with SC Bonner (Regionalliga West, Germany 4th level). His former club, TuS Haltern, was relegated from the Regionalliga.
  6. I wonder if, instead of a fine, a salary cap hit might be a better punishment?
  7. Iceland's system has 79 teams over five divisions??? That's insane for a country the size of a small city... Imagine London, Ontario having that many teams!
  8. They are almost a lock to go through, but not quite. Three straight losses, or two losses and a draw, could see them out of the tournament. http://www.sportsclubstats.com/Canada/Cavalry.html
  9. BTW, I've added the CPL to SportsClubStats again: http://www.sportsclubstats.com/Canada/CanPL.html This site attempts to figure out which teams are most likely to make it to the playoffs based on their performances thus far into the season. It's pretty clear in such a short tournament, but I still find it interesting.
  10. To be clear: From what I've heard, the 4th official made the call, not the ref.
  11. That is absolutely not what I saw, but I'm a tipsy Forge fan, so maybe I should reserve judgement until tomorrow... But for now, this is the GREATEST INJUSTICE HAMILTON HAS FACED SINCE THE 2014 GREY CUP.
  12. It hit him in the side as he was moving away, what more can he do?
  13. I completely forgot about the water break... I've been a bigger rugby fan most of my life. In rugby, the clock stops for a water break, so that's my excuse
  14. EAT SHIT, that was a terrible call. In what FUCKING WORLD is that a hand ball?
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