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  1. Indeed, so what's his knock? Why hasn't he played more, and why has his career been in neutral for five years?
  2. Wait, we played games five years ago?!
  3. We're coming at this from different angles. What I said is that salaries are lower in soccer - even at the top tier. So players and would-be players opt out. So my point, to which you seem to agree, is this just doesn't happen in the top leagues of the other sports because revenue and salaries are so much higher. That was the point of the comparison! We also likely agree that minimum salaries will only increase as revenue does - and it's heading in the right direction. But this brings me back to the original point -- it's not just players opting out of CPL but also USL and MLS. We're just not at the level that a minimum salary has mid-level six digits. So some guys may value the stability of a full time job at home, rather than living a "dorm room" style life with several teammates, struggling to get by away from home -- with the constant worry of getting cut or traded without notice.
  4. Just a few years ago the developmental contract was around $12,500. Minimum salary was terrible and now it's just decent (try living on it in NYC). Investment banks pay much more, and young managerial schemes pay on par - longer shelf life. Every year you have MLS players that walk away to do something else, for more money. Chicago Fire lost a damn good player at the end of last year, Brandon Vincent at age 24, who walked away to do something else. Fire lost Christian Dean to retirement at age 25 too, who wasn't a rising star but should have been heading in the prime of his career. TFCs general manager Ali Curtis was one too, who left for an investment banking career. You don't see MLB or NHL players just up and leave at 24 and 25 years old, but happens every single year to MLS teams.
  5. That's always going to be the case with soccer in North America, even at MLS level.
  6. " Odunze – who holds Canadian, United Kingdom, and United States citizenship –" So I guess he managed to acquire citizenship before departing. Still hope.
  7. He was also eligible for the US, don't forget.
  8. Not your finest call...
  9. Because he's not connected with Toronto, Vancouver or Montreal...obviously.
  10. All talent stocked on three teams, apparently (with two exceptions). I'm usually not one to criticise too much, but this really is a joke...
  11. We'll need bigger venues, not to mention sponsorship.
  12. No one with a name like his is only eligible for Canada.
  13. Ask @Duane Rollins, and while you're at it you may wish to ask why no journalist has asked or reported on the events leading to Zambrano's firing...but all were quick to say "everyone" knew of the issues.
  14. Canadian soccer really is a sh*t show. Zambrano is ousted in a coup by the old boys, and a yes man seemingly gets the job without competition. Yes man loses, and all of a sudden he's a hothead who doesn't listen (to an old boy that installed him). It's no wonder we keep running but not going anywhere. This quote, if true, is really disgusting and yet so telling.
  15. Some of you will disagree, but the future of US soccer should be bright. They have a really strong young core, including the spine of a team, and others that will improve with a little more age (ie Long). 2022 and 2026 should be good for them...I'm just wondering if coaching will keep them down.
  16. I do always think of him and smile when I see your name!
  17. Agree. I'd be stunned if it's Ligue 1 or any other "top" Euro league... Second tier league (Swiss, Belgian, Norwegian, etc), perhaps to gain more exposure, but I wonder how much more that will be than an MLS pay packet. Hope he has a good agent who can offer sound advice.
  18. Piette reminds me a lot of Cole Skuse, on Ipswich Town. Skuse is perhaps a little more talented and not as slow, but Piette maybe more effective as a destroyer. Looks to play sideways or backwards. Bounces between Championship and League 1 - would have 50 caps if he was Canadian. Good pro, reliable but definitely not a top league player. Piette is far from the finished product and needs to keep working, and appreciate who gave him his first big payday and chance to play. If someone comes in for him, that's proof he deserves to play at a higher level where money is better.
  19. But just got a huge break.
  20. I wonder if there's out clauses in the contract - I'd have to think that there are... If I'm the CSA I would make quiet investigations on veteran coaches with a history of taking young, attacking teams to the next level. We should be a lot more attractive to potential higher level coaches than ever before. If none can be found, or are too expensive, Herdman stays (unless the players have turned on him). If we can upgrade to take us to the next level, do it.
  21. ES had the better play for the first 5 or so minutes in the half, missing a few chances. Pretty dominant in fact. Then Honduras scored (beautiful shot) and ES never looked the same. When the second went in they were mentally deflated and out of gas. I can't even say Honduras hit them on the counter attack after that because ES lost the plot and were dominated.
  22. At what point does Cuba simply stop traveling to the US for matches - is the GC prize money worth the embarrassment?
  23. I like this approach. I would rest Hutch more so than Cornelius due to age and physical fitness levels. Maybe one or two other changes. I wouldn't risk playing an entire second string, and no need to rest Borjan. We need to win - yes a draw and likely even a loss sees us advance - but we need to win for the momentum in this tourney and beyond.
  24. Here, the coaches for all these club teams are most often the poorly paid African imports to the pro HK league (with a few coaching for multiple euro teams at the same time!), and recently retired foreign (mainly African but some Eastern European) and local pros. Mixed with locals that never quite made it in the domestic league. There's the odd Englishman as well. I struggle to see any connection to the home side - but again, here it's all about $$$. Most of these teams just train, don't even play matches. All for the low price of about CND$100 a training session for the parent. But the better kids get set up with the pro teams - not quite academies but let's call them that. They're free, and training more intense. I guess the same in Canada now, the better kids go to the academies. The difference being cost, right? I don't think anyone in Canada wants to rock the boat, but you may be right, they may not even see anything wrong with it.
  25. Mate we have all the "academies" here in Hong Kong - they're all as bad as each other... FCB, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United, with each charging a fortune for training. None of the trainers have anything to do with the "real" teams (and most the kids are quite frankly terrible footballers), and it's just branding and money making. Your boys even have a regional office here, which has helped increase Asian sponsorships three fold since arrival in 2013. InvestHK likes to trumpet FCB as a model for other Euro clubs to follow.
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