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  1. Am I missing something ? That is a Larin goal.
  2. Hmm... if the plan was to start crepeau, I wonder if there is any chance we see Carducci. I doubt it, but I personally think he would do fine.
  3. I don’t think we are in the position to compare ourselves to Germany and Belgium, two of the best footballing countries in the world. Belgium got good fast because they completely re structured the way they developed talent across the country at all age groups. Of course we are going to naturally grow and create better players, but a player like Tomori would be a star cb in then MLS. So us having cbs in the MLS that hardly get minutes and tomorrow coming in and being a star the gap is still wide.
  4. A top tier EFL Championship CB ? I hope you are right, but I don’t think that is pretty soon.
  5. Yeah no problem with this thread. I keep opening the Potential roster thread to see if the real roster has been posted yet haha.
  6. I would say Cavs are up there with any team for revenue. Average around 3500 attendance, but the ticket prices are much higher then most the league. 3500 tickets at spruce is probably good for 5K+ elsewhere. Then you factor in the major pay days from the whitecaps and Impact games. Also they own their venue so no rent, all beer/food sales is straight in their pockets.
  7. No VAR. Apparently the biggest issue halting expansion is stadiums. Let’s not bring in VAR which needs more infrastructure and money. Don’t worry about VAR any time soon.
  8. I’m surprised everyone has Borjan. I think I’d leave him at his club and bring Crepeau to start and two other NA CPL/MLS/USL guys. Crepeau has deserved a game this year imo. However if we decide to start a young/weak cb mite have to bring Borjan.
  9. I mean he started Godinho in our most important game in over a year, who is now a 3 Liga player. Even at the time he was a Scottish Prem player that was getting no minutes. 3 Liga wouldn’t be that far fetched, and if he won’t call up players from 3 Liga we won’t be seeing a CPL call anytime soon.
  10. Much like Telfer, he has immense competition at his position. Although I would have no problem with him getting a cap. We need to start playing friendlies !
  11. Long story short, the security at the venue is ****. Nothing but complaints about them all year, in all sections not just supporters.
  12. Trophy given to the team with the most overall points at the end of the regular season in the nhl.
  13. Man, Y9 got dumped on. Would have been 5-1 if the refs/linesmen didn’t make so many mistakes.
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