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  1. I’m really not liking how much Herdman plays down to opponents. Yes I understand that conditions sucked and it’s a 2 legged series. I just think with the difference in talent of the squads we should not be parking the bus on 1 goal 50 mins in. Also not a fan of how long it took him to make subs. Not trying to harp on Herdman too much but he still doesn’t instil a lot of confidence in me as a armchair coach haha. Either way we have a lead going into the next game, and should be able to get to the octo. Let’s get it done.
  2. If we are talking about the player to lead the line it’s Cav every time. He is just better suited for it. Larin goes invisible when he is alone up top. I do like Larin on the wing tho. Also I think Cav just meshes so well with David, and can create space that Larin simply cannot.
  3. I know this guy is a troll. But since I was just doing some calculations out of curiosity before reading this post. I will post them here. If you remove the start of his season up until he scored his first goal he has been on 20 goal pace since then. However he didn’t really hit form until 12 games ago. Since then he has been on 25 goal pace. Now if you add 1 of the multiple own goals he has lost out on that number only goes up. So I think it’s safe to say he would be good for 18+ goals next season, however I hope he leaves Lille personally.
  4. He is playing CB in Serie A in 2023 on my FM save just saying haha.
  5. I honestly don’t think that he was a kid that needed a lot of convincing. Unlike some of the other dual nats we are chasing he seemed to want to play for us as first choice. Regardless of team quality. Which is very nice to see.
  6. For me based on limited viewings of most guys. 1 - Corbeanu 2 - Dias 3 - Rutty 4 - Flores 5 - Baldisimo
  7. I think so. However I wouldn’t say he is a sure starter. Trafford, Klomp, Yao, Norman. The position will be competitive for the Cavs.
  8. People want to sport to grow, but don’t want are players to play with flair... it’s flair players that will bring new fans. It’s exciting and fun to watch.
  9. Yeah the skill is evident. Needs to get stronger but he has some pretty great potential. Also love his compete level. Biello wasted him this tournament, hope he comes back. Hope Biello does not.
  10. The coaching has been beyond bad. I said it after the second game when we switched tactics at half and they didn’t work at all. Now tonight it was enough worse ? Why were we in a defensive shell for half the game ? Biello honestly confusing the fuck out of me. It’s like he was just hoping Buchanan would carry the offence on his own. Dias should have started no creativity attacking. Biello should never coach a Canada squad again.
  11. I’d start Brym on tablas wing and Bair at CF. Tabla to the bench.
  12. I personally think wingers should be scoring threats too. He does seem to be a good service man tho, which is great.
  13. I’m just curious about those who watch a lot of his games, why does it seem he can’t score goals ? I’ve always like Liam and it seems like he has the ability to score but he just doesn’t.
  14. Puts him in the 3rd slot for Canadians. Him and Eustaquio will probably see big bumps in their market value after this season. They have Eustaquio listed at 4.4, I don’t see him going for less than 8-10.
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