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  1. Cavalry easily handle PFC to move into the next round of V Cup. 8 Goals for 3 Against in 6 Games.
  2. Look like 6-700 in there very first home game. Pretty horrible.
  3. How does Elijah Adekugbe stack up against the other midfielders in his age group ? Kid is an absolute boss in the midfield in the CPL. Probably one of the best midfielders in the league for me at this point.
  4. I feel like Cavs are USL level and the rest of the league is closer to USL1. We just play a much more complete game than anyone else in the CPL.
  5. Yup. If the tickets were at a price they could fill the mains grandstand if would be incredible. The foot soldiers are absolutely killing it from the supporters section.
  6. The manager probably deserves criticism yes. However the team has a small bench. The veteran guys have been very underwhelming. Contested schedule with a young roster not use to pro play. PFC was definitely over rated going into the season. They definitely aren’t a top table team.
  7. Haber is horrible. Even with his goal today he completely botched 3 other great opportunities. PFC essentially knocked out of Spring split with 5 points in 5 games.
  8. PFC - 2661 - May 18 Underwhelming for a long weekend Saturday match. Cavalry attendance looks to be atrocious on ticket master.
  9. I could be wrong, but I think I seen someone post they won’t release it till the 20th.
  10. Really like Borges, could see him being the first player sold. Zator has been the best defender in the league imo so far. He’s a unit.
  11. Valour fans would have a great atmosphere if they had a 6-8K soccer specific.
  12. Have to think it’s the CPL small cap. They probably shelled out most of their cap space on marcel and Haber.
  13. Cavalry looked like a tier or two above PFC tonight. All that while only starting 5 of their regulars. Cavalry are starting to show that they are a step ahead of everyone else in the CPL. Zator is an absolute unit. Best defender In the league for me so far.
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