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  1. I'm interested to see how much of the team we keep. I'm hoping it's mostly the same, but wouldn't be surprised to see a lot of folks leave for more money.
  2. I think saying "we want to donate a trophy, because the one you selected is trash" may be the wrong way to go about it... Perhaps we should consider a trophy to honour the team with the best regular season record?
  3. Does winning the Championship qualify a team for CONCACAF? Have any announcements been made in that regard? Edit: Should've googled before posting. Yes, winner after two legs goes to the CONCACAF League.
  4. Do we know the format of the Championship? Who's hosting, is it a single game or home-and-away, etc?
  5. Reynders (Ass't Coach) suspended 45 days due to racial abuse during the VCup game vs Cavalry: https://www.canadasoccer.com/canada-soccer-disciplinary-committe-rules-on-canadian-championship-qr2-allegations-of-racial-comments--p162338 Reynders statement: Club statement:
  6. What tickets did you get? I've been having a hell of a time finding any seats. I've thus far only got Canada vs New Zealand.
  7. Just announced on Twitter: David Edgar coming to Hamilton. Edit: Helps if I include the link...
  8. Can we see how Forge does vs Antigua before we talk about being too good for CONCACAF League?
  9. In this reddit thread about Welshman leaving, one of the commenters says the following: I only know this, because I know him a little bit. Mo Babouli is on standby, if Esa departs. Bab’s is a similar player, with similar experience.
  10. They are getting absolutely demolished for it on Twitter.
  11. Jeeze, I only half-saw it live, but that yellow to Henry was fully deserved. Absolutely bone-headed move by him.
  12. Looks like supporters seats are $12. That's not bad, but I was really hoping they'd include the first round with our seasons seats.
  13. http://www.sportsclubstats.com/Canada/CanPL.html SportsClubStats puts Cavalry at 92% chance to win the league. Second best is Forge at 2.8%. But what's exciting to me is that, although extremely unlikely, last-placed York9 could still, technically, turn it around and win it all (0.027% chance).
  14. Anyone have a clip of Bekker's hit that was apparently red cardable? I didn't see it live, and haven't signed up for One Soccer yet...
  15. I saw Bekker at The Mule after the game. It's neat seeing some of the players in town, doing things. We don't get stuff like that a lot in Hamilton.
  16. I think I've mentioned my love for SportsClubStats before. I've started two pages on there for the upcoming CPL Spring Season: http://www.sportsclubstats.com/Canada/CanPL.html ^ This is for the regular spring season, and contains all games until the break http://www.sportsclubstats.com/Canada/CanPLCLQual.html ^ This is for CONCACAF League qualification, and just tracks games between Forge, Valour, and FC Ed.
  17. Got my jersey last night, and my tickets are in the app. Let's friggin go! Can't wait until Saturday! Score prediction: 2-0 Forge.
  18. The ticket thing is really a major problem. Not everyone has a smart phone. My parents don't, and I could see them wanting to come to a game or two... but it seems like to even get a single game ticket, you need to have the Centre Circle app? It seems like a bizarre requirement.
  19. Best: Forge FC, 18 W, 0 D, 0 L Worst: Pacific FC, 0 W, 0 D, 18 L
  20. ^ I posted this in the Opening Game thread, but thought I should re-post it here as well!
  21. If folks are looking for something to do the night before, feel free to swing by my bar! https://www.facebook.com/events/800361787010706/ We're at 431 Barton Street East, and have 14 taps of (mostly) Ontario craft beer. If you're wearing CPL gear, you can get $5 pints of Helles Lager from Wellington. Not a craft beer fan? We have some classic cocktails & our Macrobrew of the Month as well! (It seems like the Barton Street Battalion may be doing an event this night as well; I've cleared it with them & Jamie before posting this)
  22. Yeah, we'd love to have you! One of the brewers in town has been keen to do a thing. I'll see if we can get a discount on something.
  23. I'm surprised Halifax has so many votes, as I'm not really a fan of either of them. I'm a sucker for green, so I like both of York 9's. Forge's are both... fine. Not great. But could be worse. I really like Cavalry's home jersey, but I really hate their away jersey.
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