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  1. I might be in the minority here, but I think every single away kit looks better than their home kit. I absolutely love the York 9 map. All three blue & black kits look great, too.
  2. Former Valour player Josip Golubar has moved from Austria's SV Neuberg to NK Varteks in Croatia's 3rd tier.
  3. Frano's gone https://northerntribune.ca/forge-fc-giuliano-frano/ And I think this was posted already, but that mentions that Monslave might be heading to Guatemala, as well.
  4. Yikes... Indiana has less than half the population of Ontario.
  5. We still need the following berths: Two from Costa Rica Two from Panama Two from Guatemala Three from the Caribbean (Jamaica, Haiti, and Dominican Republic) Technically, one of the Caribbean berths is supposed to be a playoff between the third place from the CCC and the best from the CCS, but I expect the CCS will just be cancelled outright From a quick google, most of those countries don't seem to be doing great wrt the virus right now... Still, it was supposed to start in July, so I've got my fingers crossed.
  6. Wow, looks like it's Emilio Estevez to ADO Den Haag (Netherlands).
  7. Jeeze, this guy's been everywhere. Started with TFC (only one appearance), played in Finland, then Edmonton, back to Finland, down to Colombia, Guatemala, back to Finland AGAIN, Sweden, then recently had stints for Vaughan Azzurri and Ottawa Fury.
  8. Anyone else feel the logo looks very... American? The red stripes on the shield just screams USA to me.
  9. I have heard a third-hand rumour that the schedule will be coming out this week. Accurate? Who knows... but my fingers are crossed.
  10. I somehow missed this before. I hope this goes through. Have the St Pierre et Miquelon teams ever played in the French Cup? Edit: I answered my own question. In 2018-19, the islands were represented by AS Saint Pierraise, and joined during the third preliminary round. They were defeated 2-1 by ALC Longvic in the 7th tier. In 2019-20, AS Îlienne Amateurs represented the territory. Again, they joined in the third round, and again they were defeated by a 7th tier team; This time, FC Lyon, by a score of 5-1.
  11. I'm all for rumours... I'm just not a big fan of "something big is coming" tweets. It's not saying anything, it's not even hinting at anything. (This isn't an issue I have with Nef in particular, just that style of tweet in general)
  12. The 2020 CFU Club Championship (which qualifies one team to the 2021 CONCACAF Champions League & three teams to the 2020 CONCACAF League) kicked off last night. Waterhouse (Jamaica) 0-0 Cibao (Dominican Republic) @Kent - Do these games affect your club ranking/index, or is it only CCL/CL games?
  13. Imagine if the 8th team they announce isn't Ottawa...
  14. I was curious, so I looked it up. Source: https://www2.deloitte.com/be/en/pages/technology-media-and-telecommunications/articles/deloitte-pro-league-press-release.html "The average yearly gross salary in G5 is €323,000, well above the K11 (€187,000) and the Proximus League (€90,000)." I'm not sure what the G5 and K11 leagues are. Now, if the average is €90k ($130k CAD), I don't think it's unreasonable that a team targeting promotion would pay considerably more than that.
  15. I will say, I'm not fully opposed to an MLSE-owned team... I just don't want TFCII or anything like that. If it's a completely new team, that just has the same ownership group, bring it on. Same with the other two MLS teams. That being said, I don't really see that happening.
  16. Don't mind me, I'll just be over here, crying about Gorgeous Borges 😢 Best of luck to him in Belgium, but the team now has very large shoes to fill.
  17. The link describes Frano as the "alternative captain." That surprise anyone else? He was our yellow card leader last season...
  18. I'm interested to see how much of the team we keep. I'm hoping it's mostly the same, but wouldn't be surprised to see a lot of folks leave for more money.
  19. I think saying "we want to donate a trophy, because the one you selected is trash" may be the wrong way to go about it... Perhaps we should consider a trophy to honour the team with the best regular season record?
  20. Does winning the Championship qualify a team for CONCACAF? Have any announcements been made in that regard? Edit: Should've googled before posting. Yes, winner after two legs goes to the CONCACAF League.
  21. Do we know the format of the Championship? Who's hosting, is it a single game or home-and-away, etc?
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