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  1. Please see all the dual US-German nationals playing for the Americans, and all the German-Turks playing for both these countries. (although it may be that they only allow duals by birth, not naturalisation)
  2. It's League 1 - that's where a lot of players come from (even Rangers) and go to after the SPL.
  3. Seriously @Kent, you really don't think Vanney as coach of TFC would take an interest in and keep an eye on his players (especially one that wasn't expected to play and came on early)? Unfathomable.
  4. No appearance. There's still hope...
  5. BBC article, featuring Gale discuss the "unknown" and giving credit to Canada for the discovery. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/49990258
  6. Will anyone else be in Melbourne for the game - and want to have a mini viewing party?
  7. Nice little article on his rookie year and rise to the national team https://www.prosoccerusa.com/mls/orlando-city-sc/orlando-city-rookie-defender-kamal-miller-making-most-of-opportunities/
  8. I don't think Vancouver would release him to be the 24th man, as it would be their choice and not a mandatory release.
  9. Nice article on our boy and his future. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/49841881
  10. No, quite clearly it's because others (like the coaches) see his immense talent and want to destroy him.
  11. Reminds me of this MDS quote (which @apbsmith posted in the Bair thread):
  12. Australia may be physically in Oceania but for FIFA is in Asia.
  13. I realize this won't be popular, but to be fair we've bitched and complained about numerous youngsters not getting the chance with the Caps, but very few have actually had that much success immediately after leaving or on a level at par with MLS. Far more Jackson Farmer's than Sam Adekugbe's.
  14. I have only seen a few matches, but I agree with you he doesn't look out of place. My larger point was with someone with his poor pedigree the team should have expected a leader - and I am not sure they got one. So this relates to your last point - he's a veteran, and I believe he should be a team leader. Team unity and leadership has reportedly been questioned (captain acting like a fool calls leadership into question, which is why I mentioned it), so my point was simply that in the face of a very poor team performance (and if in fact leadership/unity is lacking) on a team which has performed below expectations I would have wanted a team leader to have acted differently. That's all. That's a point on his leadership, not playing ability. Maybe those who mention the void in team leadership and unity are mistaken, or exaggerating - interested in your views since you've seen all the matches?
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