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  1. Correct. From what I can piece together... The Singapore football association didn't push it through. Couldn't state to immigration authorities that he'd be a regular for team and benefit, which killed it.
  2. Yes. Looked like he had some promise around 2015-16 and actually received a call up when he was at Wednesday but never featured. Now on the decline and miles away from the national team. He would have some caps with us but in retrospect not a great loss. Wonder if there's any regret with the switch...
  3. Not surprised. Happens every game of Football Manager, but I think to Dominican Republic. 😂😂😂
  4. Different person, much younger and more promising. No relation, at least not close if any. The Canadian Lavery hasn't been called up to NI in years - switching wasn't a good move for him. Like Teal's move, but worse.
  5. Agree, he's more likely to get stuck in the lower level. My guess is he won't take a chance holding out/trialing for an MLS contract (although iir he's a league-wide domestic) if TFC is not interested in re-signing him at a lower salary and will sign with a USL team -- but happy to be proven wrong.
  6. Cool. I have to spend a few weeks a year in St Louis so will hopefully be able to provide a report on a match or two -- wonder if Paris Gee is returning to Stl too?
  7. Tom Heward-Belle called up to the Australian U23s for the AFC Championship (which also serves as Olympic qualifiers).
  8. Why do I feel they'll f*ck this opportunity up, lose the FIFA points on the table... and it will cost us in the end. Sigh.
  9. BCM

    Levi Andoh

    Does anyone remember seeing Levi Andoh play for Thompson Rivers University in 2018 - thoughts? Not a great pedigree (left TRU after one semester to sign with an English 9th Div club) but my team, Ipswich Town, is signing him in January. https://www.twtd.co.uk/ipswich-town-news/37369/trialist-andoh-to-sign-in-january
  10. I'm pretty sure he qualifies for England too 😝
  11. Please see all the dual US-German nationals playing for the Americans, and all the German-Turks playing for both these countries. (although it may be that they only allow duals by birth, not naturalisation)
  12. It's League 1 - that's where a lot of players come from (even Rangers) and go to after the SPL.
  13. Seriously @Kent, you really don't think Vanney as coach of TFC would take an interest in and keep an eye on his players (especially one that wasn't expected to play and came on early)? Unfathomable.
  14. No appearance. There's still hope...
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