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  1. Hopefully better researched and verified than some of the past signings ...
  2. Yes, that's one of the things I was referring to...the purported CV didn't match the reality of the real CV. Valour and the league looked very bad...
  3. ...which was kinda obvious at the time, with the CV/wikipedia page not exactly in line with the reality.
  4. He was being utilised a bit up top last season, I believe. Looks like it may have continued this season.
  5. I've been for paid membership for a long, long time. Would have solved many of the issues Jamie seemed to be having on the old site.
  6. I've had it happen - a few years ago. Same story. They have a video. I sure have interesting taste, they say. They cite my password, but I used it for several sites so didn't know which one was breached. I would find it very unlikely to come from the mods or anyone associated with the Vs
  7. Great idea @MrsC Sending Canadian football love from Hong Kong!
  8. Fact is the league depends on philanthropy and sponsorship - let's ask, will sponsorship be at the same level that is was in the past year? Industry is hurting so I doubt it. Ultimately, this hit will be shared between the owners and the players. I expect reduced operating budgets and (if conditions persist) a lower salary cap. If the players can't accept that, most may have to soon return to semi-pro or USports soccer. I hope to see increased fan support (when it's possible!) to help the league and the players.
  9. It should be very clear by now that there won't be enough space in the calendar for the 7-35 tournament (or Hex) to run as scheduled. It's also very likely that FIFA windows will be reduced to play postponed league matches. This isn't business as usual guys. Expect some massive scheduling compression - which may help us or further hurt us - but it's pointless to even try to change things up now until the health situation becomes clearer.
  10. I appreciate that, my V brother. Solidarity in good times and bad!
  11. Well let's get a drink when things settle. There is a distinct difference in attitude between "locals" and "expats", and although in the latter category I have been here a long time and am influenced from the former - but I am sure you agree it hasn't been a joyful place to be this year. Schools cancelled since January (the great home schooling experiment -- my kids haven't actually been to school since November) and internet rumour induced shortages. If you're in an industry where you can work from home, firms and the government still advise to work from home. And as you said, others are splitting days. Retail sector is in dire straights because there's no tourists and HKers are for the most part avoiding restaurants and shopping. These measures are working but psychologically it is taking a toll. I would also give credit to the people for being uber vigilant (they remember SARS and took quick action), not the government. They deserve credit for shutting the schools, but they didn't handle the border issue well at all (and it's not even shut, only certain crossings -- several thousand people still cross via SB and the airport every day). No need to bore everyone with more HK talk - happy to DM if you want to discuss. Anyway, I hope it can be contained in Canada without these measures. But again, be vigilant and safe.
  12. I'm living through this hell in Hong Kong, don't confuse this with the flu - the territory has been in state of panic for more than 8 weeks now, with everyone in masks and living in isolation. We go out every few days for groceries (and deal with runs on essentials), that's it. And we only have a hundred or so cases. This is basically a lost year. Sports will return. We can then continue to lament how we should have and could have won matches, done better and will soon be a rising power. Until that time, be careful and stay safe everyone.
  13. I can't see any point in this whatsoever. They could save the money and just sign him during the season if they need him (unless the release clause is time limited).
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