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  1. I'm thinking they move around the CPL schedule and let Pacific play the match at home on October 6th. And by "I'm thinking", I moreso mean that I'm praying that's the case as I'm in Victoria on that date.
  2. Excited to not have to pay multiple ticketmaster fees this time 😂 Anyways, tickets secured and moved a few more pals over to 116 with me. Can't wait!
  3. I'm pretty sure the emailed codes are only for the CanadaRED list, and are not for the south side seats. The V's code should be on the WCQ tab of the V's website (not emailed out).
  4. The code from my V's membership doesn't seem to be working? anyone having this issue?
  5. He's taken the Crosby/McDavid route and worn his birth year on his kit.
  6. I saw it in reverse. I think the first 20 minutes or so were very disappointing. We looked disorganized and were lucky not to concede early. As the game went on, Forge started taking it to them but the Panamanian side made it clear they've been in these type of matches before. Frustrating little team to deal with, but we were the better side in the end. The pitch was clearly soaked, players were falling a lot easier than usual and the Panamanian's knew how to take advantage of the conditions. This looked like one of our larger crowds of the season, which was a big surprise to me considering the weather and the weekday game. The rain only came down hard for like a 10-15 minute patch in the second half, but directly before and after the match it was pouring.
  7. I often forget how young he is. Tabla is a month younger than Mathieu Choineire who is still seen more as a prospect making a breakout. He's younger than Clement Bahiya and ZBG as well. He's not what we and Barcelona hoped he would be, but he still has the potential to become a real player.
  8. I'm curious about Browne. He obviously hasn't been able to come to Forge thus far and was rumoured to be back with Independiente. Is he back with Independiente, is he still with Forge and would he be eligible when we go down for the return leg in Panama? I doubt they'd work him into the squad so last second anyways, but just an odd situation.
  9. I understand why the cheap CSA got rid of Zambrano in favour of Herdman now. Not only is he our national team coach, but he's also our Web Developer!
  10. Might be a stupid question, but does anyone know how they’re deciding the host for each round with there only being 1 leg ties. Getting ahead of myself, but hoping Pacific get to host a semifinal match.
  11. Triston Henry is the goalkeeper’s version of Doneil Henry. Does everything right 90% of the time, but that missing 10% is often a big mistake that is brutally punished. Pacius continues to look like a stud and Welshman was strong on the ball in his limited minutes. Great night in the stadium. It feels more “home-y” every game. The drum line finally moved out of 118, but still… is it too late for the club to get a refund on that?
  12. I think we've finally broke through folks... the casuals are coming... \s but also not \s
  13. I'm definitely not happy by the amount of blue in the crowd in the stands compared to our red (even in the South stands), but I will say that El Salvador national anthem gave me chills and the supporters I ran into showed so much love to Canada even prior to kickoff. It was awesome, but we can't let another fandom takeover our fortress in more contentious games.
  14. Sheesh, that's the same row as me. What kind of a dickhead do you have to be to list that ticket...
  15. On the days when Doneil doesn't make a major mistake, he's always been class. He has an ability to play 89 strong minutes, but all it takes is one major mental mistake and all of his work is for nothing.
  16. Karajovanovic well deserved to finally get his first goal. Forge needs some reinforcements, depth has been our killer and we have the Canadian Championship and Concacaf League coming up
  17. I think I'd start Crepeau away in Nashville, but we need Borjan in those home matches. He's the passionate leader on the field, and he made sure BMO stayed loud last night.
  18. I have nothing new to add to the conversation, but I just needed to echo again: 📢📢📢ALISTAIR JOHNSTON IS VERY GOOD📢📢📢 Best player on the pitch last night.
  19. I don't think I've had one coherent thought at work today. Headed on the road towards Toronto now, excited to see the lot of you beautiful humans tonight. Allez les rouges!
  20. Carl Haworth and Karl Ouimette are there too.
  21. Decided to get in on the restock, ordered Tuesday and it arrived already. Good thing, as I might need the long sleeve for tonight, could be a chilly one in the South Stands.
  22. If it's a new signing, I'm placing my bets on Anthony Jackson-Hamel
  23. Albany's season is already underway and he doesn't look to be on their 2021 roster. This is at least his second camp with the MNT squad now after being named to the America East All-Rookie squad. Have to imagine he's aiming to get a professional look, Albany recently developed another pretty good defender in the Canadian soccer circle... Daniel Krutzen in the CPL.
  24. Guelph has been quite dominant so far. That Blue Devils team that they just beat 5-0 came into the match as the second seed in the conference with 3 wins 0 losses and 1 tie. In 5 games, that is 23 goals for and 4 against. I'd note however, that all 4 goals against this season came in a match where they went up 5-0 in the 36th minute, and then used all 5 of their substitutions pretty early to give some depth players playing time. Brampton went on to score 4 goals in the last 30 minutes. Otherwise it's been all clean sheets. Jace Kotsopoulos (former Forge/York) is up to 8 goals in 5 games, Alex Zis (former Forge draft pick) and Tomas Skublak (former HFX) are both on 5 goals in 5 games as well. Artemenko has played goal in all 5 matches, while former Valour midfielder Nico Galvis played 85 mins in the first match but hasn't featured since (assumedly an injury?). I'd really like to see Zis given a chance at the CPL. I've seen him play a couple of times while in USPORTS and he reminded me of a Kyle Bekker type midfielder. Skublak was a bit of a surprise to not return to HFX after a pretty impactful year one, whereas Kotsopoulos did what he could in a few short appearances at Forge.
  25. That first half was scorching hot. Cooled off a bit for the second half, but I can't imagine that the weather helped attendance. Pacius is fitting in really well. Choiniere always has his most impactful games when he's used as a late half sub. That last goal he put in was gorgeous. Hopefully the injuries weren't too serious, Forge can't afford to lose another guy.
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