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  1. It's tough watching the team struggle so much inside the 18. Scoring is laborious, and we really don't look threatening. It reminds me of our first season, where our backline was rarely letting in more than a goal per game, and yet we couldn't get the W very often because our front couldn't finish the job. 3 goals in 7 games (well, there is still extra time left in the Eddies game I'm watching now). Less than 0.5 per game. We will be bottom table again if we can't resolve this. I miss Golden Boot winning Garcia!
  2. Guys... guys I feel good. We might do this. Thank you Larin!
  3. Honestly first thing that went through my head. I almost hope so because the alternative has gotta be devastating for the player.
  4. Wow I love to see it but man... I hate to see it.
  5. Wow... halftime thoughts. We are all over them. So many chances. Our attack really is pretty spectacular. That was a phenomenal header on the line by the Haitian defender, otherwise we potted one. A goal or two will come in the second half. We just need to maintain our defensive focus. We had them rattled. It's a shame we didn't capitalize.
  6. Davies and David just work so well together. That's like 2 or 3 phenomenal setups already.
  7. Yeah probably the scariest player on the field to be carrying that around.
  8. Would have been a weak penalty but I would have taken it. Damn it Doneil.
  9. Waking up after last night and I'm just so happy. Excited to get two more games - this squad is definitely something special and I have a strong amount of confidence we'll move into the Top 8. Were we jittery? Yes. Was it as clean as we'd like? Definitely not. But damn did they win despite that, when older iterations of this team would have crumbled because of that. With dominant wins like this in these "must win" games, this team is only going to get more confident.
  10. Is that hugely unpopular? Larin has definitely been on the lower tier of Canadian players for me in 2021.
  11. That goal was foolishness but man do I love it.
  12. And that's a goal! Davies looks okay - I can breathe. Thank fuck. Man I love that guy. Davies... we are so lucky to have another 15+ years of him.
  13. It's just pinball inside the 18. This is definitely sloppier than I had wanted to see.
  14. I just threw up in my mouth a little bit... wow.
  15. I don't know how I feel about this formation but I like how dominant we look in these first 10... let's get a goal and ease the nerves. Please.
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