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  1. On the FIFA telecasts that we see, yes, that's how they do it. The broadcasters who have paid the big bucks use their own commentary crews and do their own thing.
  2. In the Voyageur's Cup? Yes, a way will be found. The CCL berth is too prestigious to be given up on. Why not the top MLS team vs the top CCL team, this year only. Could be a blast!
  3. It was a low cost network to be sure.
  4. That would not surprise me at all. When Gol TV Canada was telecasting some TFC matches a decade or so ago, they were drawing three figures at times according to a reliable source. No numbers were released for Gol TV viewership of TFC games as far as I know.
  5. That was some pretty bad luck for Daso. In the end, it did cost us the tie but we could still have won it on PK's in Australia. We were certainly even with them and for them to go on to lose to Argentina by one fluke goal over two legs .... well, we'd have been in with a shout too. It was a damned shame but Daso put in a good shift for Canada through the years and I like the guy. I'm sure he thinks about it often though.
  6. I don't know who would want to sell as they were a limited edition. I wore mine to the WWC final five years ago as subtle support for Japan. I do love that shirt. I just wish it wasn't so flimsy!
  7. I made it to that match flying out from Toronto for the week. Terrific support from the Edmonton fans.
  8. You can download their App at the Apple App store or Google Play.
  9. Thanks, you too ..... and everybody else too!
  10. You could go directly to their web site through your browser as I do on my PC. https://onesoccer.ca/login
  11. Q Quite possibly and probably!
  12. Not enough TAM in the world to make that deal! Teibert is competent but has shown me little beyond that!
  13. The difference being that their city names are actually part of their team names. They aren't the Winnipeg Valour, Hamilton Forge or Victoria Pacific, at least not in the way they are referred to anyway. Add to that, a team from York Region that plays in Toronto! No wonder some people get confused. We can't expect all potential followers to be hardcore!
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