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  1. Q Quite possibly and probably!
  2. Not enough TAM in the world to make that deal! Teibert is competent but has shown me little beyond that!
  3. The difference being that their city names are actually part of their team names. They aren't the Winnipeg Valour, Hamilton Forge or Victoria Pacific, at least not in the way they are referred to anyway. Add to that, a team from York Region that plays in Toronto! No wonder some people get confused. We can't expect all potential followers to be hardcore!
  4. These are rights for Spain are they not?
  5. You mean for One Soccer to pick up Bein as DAZN had done? I wonder what that would cost? I'd be thrilled though I expect One Soccer would have difficulty floating that what with their current rate structure.
  6. I hate it when people do that!
  7. It would help if they were a Toronto team! York doesn't exactly start Toronto hearts a pounding. They weren't even supposed to be here but by being here, they are actually hurting press they might get from the smaller media outlets in York Region, although, that said, there aren't any TV stations as such. There are some community channels in existence so they could try to work with them. This is the problem with not having a true Toronto team in the league. Toronto media couldn't care less! We should also point out that Canadian Press is feeding its soccer copy to entities like the Toronto Star and Sportsnet. They've cut back their staff so much that they don't even have reporters to write their own copy so it comes down to Canadian Press and Neil Davidson! Thank goodness Neil is there!
  8. Yes it is! That's my point. Kent could have done the same thing and watched both games at the same time as I did, on a desktop! One log in. One device. Multiple feeds!
  9. I watched both games on my desktop with no problem. What can I tell ya!
  10. Ya but in the last cycle, Mexico got New Zealand!
  11. There still seems to be some confusion about the deal. My understand is this: Toronto receives Patrick Mullins with most of Mullins' salary staying on the Crew's books Columbus receives: - Jordan Hamilton - $50k TAM - Import slot for the remainder of 2019 - First right of refusal for an unnamed import player.
  12. Ya, I was having this discussion with a TFC supporter pal and gave him pretty much the same answer. If he's done nothing for us and we don't want him, why would anybody else want him? Then again, we took Mullins off Cbus's hands. Let's see if he plays better than has Boyd. ... and hopefully JHams doesn't hurt us too badly in the future!
  13. A great chance for Puebla to cash in.
  14. Yes, he was on loan but he signed a new four year agreement with Puebla in June of this year. Don't know any details.
  15. It's a tough one Duane so I don't envy the position in which you found yourself. The Ciara McCormack blog shocked and stunned me. I shared it with a former member of TFC/Canadian International and the obvious frustration and horror on his face and in his body English was a very strong reflection of my own. Revulsion! Ya, realistically, we know that there are terrible men doing terrible things to our female athletes. The cases in the news seem to keep on piling up. The worst has come from the world of USA gymnastics in a case that completely knocks the wind out of one but it doesn't matter if their is one victim or one hundred. I don't have the words so I'll borrow yours. Yes, agreed. "We failed the women!"
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